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Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 23-29 June 2013

Let’s see what’s on the agenda this week, shall we?


We’re not done with Man of Steel stuff, as Tom Scioli eviscerates it. It’s a bit stream-of-consciousness, but still fun to read.

Speaking of Superman, Kyle Baker put his thoughts about Man of Steel into a game. I wonder how he feels about the movie …?

I mentioned this briefly, but Boom! bought Archaia. I really like Archaia’s comics, but their scheduling has been for crap for a long time, so maybe this will help them get it together. Good for both of them!

This story about trying to find press quotes about Before Watchmen isn’t quite as “shocking” as I think Rich Johnston thinks it is, but it’s still pretty funny how lukewarm the quotes DC uses are.

I didn’t read all of this interview with Alan Moore, because it’s really long and I’m not as in tune with my inner druid as Moore is, but the parts I read were worth it, so maybe you can make it through the entire thing!

Chris Sims checks out the best letter column names ever. One of these days he should check out the best letter columns ever, but this is still fun. I’m still wondering who I can talk to at DC and Marvel to get letter columns included in collections. There has to be someone!

Man, the 1990s were something in comics, weren’t they? In case you done forgot, here’s a list of the worst “Bad Girl” action figures of the 1990s. Hellina, nooooooo!

Steve Bissette tells people that it’s okay to publish his portion of 1963 on-line for free. Apparently there will never be anything done with that series as long as Moore is alive, so he’s perfectly fine with people throwing it up on the Internet, as long as they cite the copyrights correctly. Too bad. 1963 is a pretty great series, but everyone seems to be awfully grumpy about it.


I don’t watch Shark Week on The Discovery Channel, but this is a pretty excellent commercial for it.

This is an interesting article about how networks are finding new revenue streams, some of which are obvious but some of which are fairly interesting. I’m sure our savvy readers already know about this stuff, but if any of this frees the networks from the tyranny of the Nielsen ratings, I’m all for it.

This is a brief but interesting retrospective on the 10th anniversary of The Room, the cultural impact of which shows no signs of abating. I’ve never seen The Room, much to my eternal shame, but I’d certainly like to. I just don’t have enough friends in my immediate vicinity who would go along with the whole experience.

Someone made the Homer car, and it’s glorious. Here are some photographs of it, and here’s the web site for it.

This is a few months old, but I just saw it: the last known photographs of famous people. It’s a bit depressing, but still interesting.


Here’s a story about a girl who was not allowed to try out for her 7th-grade football team because school administrators said that the boys were beginning have “impure thoughts” about her. She’s played football for years, but that’s not important! It’s a Christian school, so, as the article points out, you’d think the administrators would take this opportunity to shame the boys who are having impure thoughts, because they’re so impure, but that would be too logical.

This is a story about female legislators introducing bills to regulate men’s health. This is an idea I fully support, so I hope we see more of it!

Read all about Christian Domestic Discipline. It’s as disturbing as it sounds!


Here’s a map of marine dead zones, in case you want to be depressed. Man, human beings suck sometimes.

A teenager named Bamboo Flute stabbed his father, and didn’t immediately offer up the defense of “THAT GUY NAMED ME BAMBOO FLUTE!!!!” I’m sure he’ll get around to it, and I’d totally acquit him.

There’s another week in the books. It feels a bit light this week, but that’s because I was doing the reviews and time got away from me. That’s okay, though – I’m sure there’s something here to entertain and delight! That’s the wonder of the Internet!


‘A teenager named Bamboo Flute stabbed his father, and didn’t immediately offer up the defense of “THAT GUY NAMED ME BAMBOO FLUTE!!!!” I’m sure he’ll get around to it, and I’d totally acquit him.’

The very definition of justifiable homicide.

no wonder the kid wound up snapping and stabbing his father with a name like bamboo flute. the kid proably snapped from the teasing . and the room can’t believe its been ten years already since that interesting but a little messed up mind game film came out . for i managed to see it .

Tom Fitzpatrick

June 30, 2013 at 3:32 pm

So, what? Are we supposed to hope/pray/wish for Alan Moore’s untimely demise sooner than later?
What exactly would be published with 1963 after Moore’s death?

And so as far as putting up on the internet, Mr. Bissette’s work goes, how do we know which is which? 1963 was one of those rare Alan Moore’s stuff that I haven’t read to this day.

Speaking of kids being name Bamboo Flute … has anyone got wind of what Kim Kardashian named her kid?
North Wind.
My local paper printed a short article of the 5 worst named celebrity kids: The Frank Zappa family all unforgettable names. # 3 on the list has “Crimefighter” for a middle name.

Amazing that NONE of the list has killed anyone, yet.

I think that Hellina figure actually appeared in an episode fo Buffy’s sixth season, where the titular character sees it in the Trio’s dungeon/Warren’s mom’s basement, and taps the ridiculously exaggerated chest in disbelief and revulsion.

Travis Pelkie

June 30, 2013 at 4:50 pm

I think Rich got on the Before Watchmen pull quote thing because he works/worked in advertising, and finds those sorts of things particularly interesting, especially since he’s (probably) on the anti-BW side. It is intriguing to see how lukewarm the quotes were. Hell, they could have quoted Brian and Chad and gotten more rave reviews, and they didn’t love it unreservedly.

If Rich would acknowledge who gives him story tips, you’d know who told him about that Bissette story *cough cough*. Actually, I just look at Bissette’s website a lot, and thought the story was really interesting, particularly the part that Bissette is working on a book about Moore. It’s so weird that Moore wouldn’t negotiate on 1963, and who knows why he broke with Bissette.

As I understand, Bissette owns The Fury and N-Man.

1963 was so damn good, though. But I doubt even after Moore’s death would we get a 1963 collection any time soon. It would just muck up the rights issue even further.

I’ll have to look at a bunch of these links. I have no idea what the Room is, f’r instance.

Tom: Didn’t she just name her “North,” so that her name is “North West”? North Wind West wouldn’t make any sense, damn it!!! :)

Neil: That’s awesome.

Travis: Someone mentioned Rich’s interest in the Before Watchmen thing in the comments – was it you? It’s still sad they couldn’t get better ones! And that’s pretty funny about the Bissette tip. Poor Travis – working in the salt mines for no credit!

The Room is a horror movie that is, apparently, one of the worst movies ever made. But it has a huge cult following, including many Hollywood stars. They do midnight showings like Rocky Horror, and I’d love to go with a group of friends.

Travis Pelkie

June 30, 2013 at 5:13 pm

I think I just said about the Before Watchmen thing….oh, do you mean some other time? Probably. It was one of my bete noires, so I probably babbled something about it.

Hey, I’ve tipped Rich off to a couple other things that I probably should have tipped Brian off to. In Threshold 6, written by Giff, there was a “one punch!”, and in the Green Team #2, we saw Brother Power the Geek.

Travis: Sorry, I meant in the comments to Rich’s post. Whoops!

Travis Pelkie

June 30, 2013 at 5:28 pm

Nah, I spend enough time here, I haven’t registered for the BC forums.

That’s why I like it here so much, I don’t have to do much work. Too bad the email responder thing doesn’t work anymore. It mystifies even BRIAN!!!

The Room is not a horror movie. It’s a “drama” about a man whose fiancée has been sleeping around.

Cass: See, that’s because I haven’t seen it! I’ve seen it described as a horror movie, so I just went with it. Someone is obviously misunderstanding what a horror movie is, unless they mean the horror of it being so bad! :)

The best way to watch “The Room” is with the Rifftrax commentary and if you think that movie is lame, step right up to the horror that is “Birdemic” which is available as a VOD.

And if you don’t know what Rifftrax is, it’s a continuation of Mystery Science Theater 3000 by the 3 leads from the Sci-Fi years of the show. It’s the home for tons of bad movie goodness.

I didn;t think it was shocking at all. But I did also think it was funny.

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