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Committed: Survey Results – How Do Comic Books Impact Relationships?

Here are the results of the survey I posted last week. Thank you for all of your help and input, the next survey will be coming soon…

(Click the image below to view a larger version.)




July 10, 2013 at 11:44 am

I like that 1% of the participants have partners who don’t know they read comics.

“Why is the door locked?”
“Oh, umm,.. nothing,.. just shooting some heroin”
“Thank God, for a minute I thought you might be reading a comic!”

Sonia, that’s another nice infographic!

Cerebus 209 includes the absolute best expression of what it’s like trying to introduce comics to people.

Girls I’ve dated only seem to respond to Sandman and Strangers in Paradise. NTTAWWT…but it’s still frustrating.

Sonia is to infographics like Michelangelo was to putting stuff up on ceilings.

I could, and indeed have, stared at this most of the day.

Let’s put these skills to practical use! Your mission Sonia, should you choose to accept it, involves developing infographics correlating medical costs and insurance payments to wtf my doctor actually did. I want to see some bar charts and body parts asap, lady!

I have no idea what information that graphic conveys when I first look at it. It’s a nice design but it doesn’t work for me as an info graphic.


July 11, 2013 at 9:58 am

It seems pretty clear to me. It only took me a moment to read a little and get the general gist of what the graphic was trying to convey. It would seem almost impossible to create good iconography for some of the more nuanced question/answers. I think she did a good job of translating a lot of information into an easy to read graphic.
Just my opinion of course.

Great graphic!


July 11, 2013 at 12:02 pm

My fiancee doesn’t have a problem with me reading them but she definitely doesn’t care to even touch them. She has more of a problem with me reading too many and spending more money than I can afford.

@G_Money…: Same boat, dude.

Nice infographic!! I’ve done the survey with my girlfriend (of course each of us has made one) and.. we want more!! :D
– Unfortunately we were too late for the first one, is there any way to keep update with these surveys?

My wife always shows some interest, as long as it’s not just capes and guys. She loves books like Preacher, Saga and right now, likes the all woman X-Men book.

I like how 18% of the site is basically admitting to being virgins.

Surjorimba Suroto

July 11, 2013 at 7:25 pm

very interesting! Any info on the nationality or residence of those 1975 respondents? Since this survey might be an open survey using internet, anyone in this Earth can participate.

Back in High School I got beat up because I liked Batman and disliked football (the european kind). Ah, the early 90s were a really weird time.

Does “Not Applicable” mean that 16% of people who responded have never had a romantic partner?

I hadn’t noticed the “current or most recent” proviso for the partner question, and put n/a as the current partner is nonexistent. Previous partner was independently interested in comics (not irrelevant to why we partnered in the first place).

Hey LighteningBug: In the main; yes, (apart from people like Chris N, so let’s assume about a 2% error margin). We know from the previous survey that a fair amount of respondents are under 16, and while the people answering this survey aren’t necessarily the same ones, it is reasonable to assume that a fair amount of them are too young to have yet had a girlfriend or boyfriend. Then if we factor in people in their early 20’s who might have already had sex, but not yet established a relationship, it is reasonable to assume that they also answered “not applicable” to that question.

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