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50 Greatest X-Men Stories Master List

You all voted, now here are the results of what you chose as the 50 Greatest X-Men Stories! In addition, if you’re so inclined, we also did a Top 50 countdown of the greatest stories featuring X-Men stories (like Wolverine, X-Force, X-Factor, New Mutants, etc.). Click here for that top 50 list.

Click on any story for a write-up on that story.

50. The Phalanx Covenant (Generation Next: Uncanny X-Men #316-317, X-Men #36-37, Life Signs: X-Factor #106, X-Force #38 and Excalibur #82 and Final Sanction: Wolverine #85 and Cable #16)

49. The Trial of Magneto” Uncanny X-Men #200

48. “Wounded Wolf” Uncanny X-Men #205

47. “Magik” Uncanny X-Men #160 (plus the Magik mini-series)

46. “I, Magneto” Uncanny X-Men #150

45. “In the Shadow of…Sauron” X-Men #60-63

44. “Imperial” New X-Men #118-126

43. “World Tour” X-Men #114-121

42. “An Age Undreamed Of” Uncanny X-Men #190-191

41. “Rise and Fall of the Shi’Ar Empire” Uncanny X-Men #475-486

40. “Professor Xavier is a Jerk!” Uncanny X-Men #168

39. “House of M” House of M #1-8

38. “Earthfall” Uncanny X-Men #232-234

37. “From the Ashes” Uncanny X-Men #174-175

36. “He’ll Never Make Me Cry” Uncanny X-Men #183

35. “Blood Feud!” Uncanny X-Men #159/X-Men Annual #6

34. “The Rise of the Phoenix!” X-Men #101, 105, #107-108

33. “A Green And Pleasant Land” Uncanny X-Men #235-238

32. “Here Comes Tomorrow” New X-Men #151-154

31. “Second Coming” X-Men: Second Coming #1-2, Uncanny X-Men #523-525, New Mutants #12-14, X-Men: Legacy #235-237 and X-Force #26-28

30. “X-Tinction Agenda” New Mutants #95-97, Uncanny X-Men #270-272 and X-Factor #60-62

29. “SuperNovas” X-Men #188-193

28. “Crossroads” Uncanny X-Men #269, 273-277

27. “X-Cutioner’s Song” Uncanny X-Men #294-297, X-Factor #84-86, X-Men #14-16 and X-Force #16-18

26. “Torn” Astonishing X-Men #13-18

25. “Mutant Genesis” X-Men #1-3

24. “Dancin’ in the Dark” Uncanny X-Men #169-170

23. “Demon” Uncanny X-Men #143

22. “Magneto Triumphant!” X-Men #112-113

21. “LifeDeath” Uncanny X-Men #186, 198

20. “Planet X” New X-Men #146-150

19. “The Sentinels Live!” X-Men #54-59

18. “Second Genesis” Giant-Size X-Men #1

17. “Riot at Xavier’s” New X-Men #134-138

16. “The Brood Saga” Uncanny X-Men #156-157, 162-167

15. “Fatal Attractions” X-Factor #92, X-Force #25, Uncanny X-Men #304, X-Men #25, Wolverine #75 and Excalibur #71

14. “Fall of the Mutants” Uncanny X-Men #225–227, X-Factor #24-26, and The New Mutants #59-61

13. “Asgardian Wars” X-Men and Alpha Flight #1-2, New Mutants Special Edition #1 and X-Men Annual #9

12. “Messiah Complex” X-Men: Messiah CompleX”, Uncanny X-Men #492-494, X-Men #205-207, New X-Men #44-46 and X-Factor #25-27

11. “Inferno” New Mutants #71-73, Uncanny X-Men #239-243, X-Factor #35-39 and a ton of other issues

10. “The Proteus Saga” X-Men #125-128

9. “Unstoppable” Astonishing X-Men #19-24, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1

8. “To Have and Have Not” Uncanny X-Men #172-173

7. “Mutant Massacre” Uncanny X-Men #210-213, X-Factor #9-11, Thor #373-374, New Mutants #46 and Power Pack #27

6. “Gifted” Astonishing X-Men #1-6

5. “E is for Extinction” New X-Men #114-116

4. “God Loves, Man Kills” Marvel Graphic Novel #5

3. “The Age of Apocalypse” X-Men: Alpha #1, Amazing X-Men #1-4, Astonishing X-Men #1-4, X-Men: Omega #1 plus a bunch of tie-ins

2. “Days of Future Past” X-Men #141/Uncanny X-Men #142

1. “Dark Phoenix Saga” X-Men #129-137


Tabulating these stories, which every time you do the lists, are often voted for in various configurations, is a real monster. I don’t know what else you do, Brian, but hats off for the effort here! I’m guessing you get at least 2,000 voters for this X-Men list? Maybe upwards of twice that? A half an hour of watching you use the system would be engaging. You must love it or no amount of breaks would make the task tolerable. Honestly, I could do one of these and I think I’d be done a long time. Thanks for trying to honestly keep everyone’s votes.

My journeys took me far away from my comics collection (and will again next year),. Until I make it home to dig back into them next month, for eight years this has been my way of “reading” most comics, much like the old index comics that brought me window-side visions of comics I then could never hope to afford or find (the long box treasure hunt days).

Thanks also to commenters for edifying us on what makes your favorite stories “click.” Even with the bickering, the communal aspect of one big lunch table remains refreshing. If I didn’t want any bickering at all, I’d never have picked up another Marvel Comic, no?

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Somebody can double-check, but I see

Claremont – 60%
Morrison – 10%
Whedon – 6%
Other since 2003 – 10 %
Pre-Claremont days – 6% (Thomas 4%, Wein 2%, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby 0%)
1991-2003 – 8%

Crossovers account for 20%
Named storyarcs including crossovers 42%.
e.g. Days of Future Past, E for Extinction, Gifted etc.

I include that statistic because I feel like named storyarcs are just easier for people to remember and that votes may be biased toward them.

And because crossovers are almost invariably my least favorite part of X-Men. I like the entire Claremont era except for Inferno and X-Tinction Agenda.

Personal stats:
Stories I am pleased are on the list – 70%
Stories I have read – 87% (Read half of a few of these choices, but got too bored to finish)
Stories I count among my least favorite X-Men stories – 16%

I wish I could recall my votes. I normally record them, but this time I had to make my decision quickly and while traveling, so I just posted them.

I think they were:

1. Giant-Size X-Men #1
2. God Loves, Man Kills
3. X-Men #150
4. Days of Future Past
5. X-Men #251-252
6. Lifedeath
7. X-Men #207
8. Mutant Genesis
9. Fall of the Mutants
10. Fantastic Four vs. X-Men

I think I remember my top 4 and #10 and I think #5-9 are correct, though almost certainly in a jumbled order.

Yeah, yeah. I know Dark Phoenix isn’t on my list. Sue me. I think it’s a great story, but I just have no interest in the X-Men ever being in space. I like them earthbound and dealing with mutant issues.

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Please fix the links. Master list only goes to #7 and most current posting is only the top 3 spots. I’m curious about what was 4-6. Thanks!

I’ve only collected 1 X-men series in the last 15-20 years and it was the Morrison run, and I still got 26 on the list.
Everything else falls in Giant Size1, Uncanny 94-250 area.

I am impressed by these results- somehow I missed the poll.
The only major disagreement I have with the voters is the over-representation of c. 1990s cross-overs, and that Fantastic Four vs. X-Men didn’t make it. Well, at least Onslaught didn’t make it, but I don’t feel Inferno, X-Tinction Agenda and X-Cutioner’s Song are any better.

These characters sure don’t feel like they have been around for 50 years, but I haven’t the read the X-books much at all after Whedon, with the exception of Peter David’s X-Factor.

So when are we doing the spinoff list?

My list:

1. E is For Extinction
2. Imperial
3. New World’s
4. Riot At Xavier’s
5. Murder At The Mansion
6. Assault on Weapon Plus
7. Planet X
8. Here Comes Tomorrow
9. From The Ashes
10. Gifted

Disappointed that none of Millar’s Ultimate X-Men made the list.

I would be more interested in 100-51 as this race was kind of a no-brainer

messiah complex
second coming
house of m
e is for extinction
mutant massacre
fall of the mutants
dark phoenix saga
riot at xaviers
genosha rogue and wolverine

I don’t remember the order, but stuff that was on my list that isn’t here included a couple of Jeff Parker’s delightful X-Men: First Class stories (“The S-Men” from #6 and “The Littlest Frost Giant” from #5), plus Claremont’s X-Men/New Teen Titans and X-Men/Micronauts.

nice to see some 90s stories i enjoyed as a teenager get some love. everybody rags on the 90s, but i loved Fatal Attractions, X-Cutioner’s Song and Generation Next. (and Bloodties!)

Byrne & Austin the Lennon and McCartney of the x men.
beautifully written and drawn comics bar non (my opinion) funny I cant stand the x men at this time and completely dropped all titles saturation of the market? crap stories?? too much “I’m the best there is”. ah well saving a lot of money not paying out for trash. Long live Clairemont , Byrne and where are you Terry Austin “inker extraordinaire love you guys.

Surprised that the X men /teen titans apokalips Now wasn’t on the list

Yoga Nandiwardhana

August 4, 2013 at 9:30 pm

I would put Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire a bit higher on the list. after Claremont, the X-Men hasn’t done much intergalactic missions and Brubaker done it nicely.

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I don’t understand why whedon is always on the list…Astonishing X-Men was decent, but nothing really good…just a nerd masturbation story…

[…] honour of the 50 Greatest X-Men Stories (and the 50th anniversary of the X-Men), Comic Book Resources has done a countdown of the 50 […]

Brian, I know this is trivial for you but the “E is for Extinction” trade includes the New X-Men Annual 1, which is consistent all throughout its TPBs releases (sometimes, New X-men 117 is included as a transition to the second New X-men story, Imperial).

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