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Flippin’ through Previews – August 2013

ShaolinCowboy_1 (2)

So many other people look at the solicits when they show up on-line, but I don’t go in for that new-fangled stuff. Print RULEZ, man!!!! So let’s check out Previews #299, because we can always find super stuff in there!

Stacy London?

Stacy London?

Dark Horse:

Look, I really, really, really love the fact that Shaolin Cowboy shows up on page 36, and that it’s a new ongoing and that it’s a great place to start reading if you missed the older issues, but let’s be honest – how often is an issue going to come out? I mean, I love Geof Darrow’s art and want to read this, but do I want to wait two years before the second issue comes out? Decisions, decisions … (9 October)

So much violence!

So much violence!

Francesco Francavilla brings us a new Black Beetle mini-series on page 40 called Necrologue. If you happened to miss the first series, well, that’s too bad, but now you have a chance to jump right in! (23 October)

If you’ve been anticipating Dan Jolley and Leonard Kirk’s return to an actual Bloodhound series, Crowbar Medicine gets solicited on page 41. I don’t know if I’m going to pick this up, but it’s nice that they got the rights back and do what they want with the character! (16 October)

Shannon Wheeler’s short stories from Dark Horse Presents get collected in a single issue, Astounding Villain House, on page 47. They’re not bad, although the solicits call it “the funniest superhero comic on the stands,” which might be stretching it just a tad. (30 October)

The second trade of The Massive is on page 49. I’m still buying this, and it’s taking its time getting good, but this trade is where it started to take better shape, so if you were disappointed with the first trade, this is better. Just in case you’re curious. (18 December)

Victor Santos, who’s not a bad artist, gets his webcomic Polar printed as a hardcover on page 50. I haven’t read this, but it’s a spy comic, so it’s right up my alley. I’ll have to check this out on-line to see if I want to pick up the book, but it is only 18 bucks for 160 pages, so it’s not a bad deal (unless you consider paying anything for something you can read for free a bad deal). (11 December)

There’s yet another Conan mini-series on page 52 called Conan and the People of the Black Circle. On the one hand, Fred van Lente is writing this. On the other hand, Ariel Olivetti is “drawing” this, and Olivetti is one of those select few artists whose work I will not read no matter what. You might like this, though! (23 October)

Elfquest Special: The Final Quest is offered on page 54, as a one-shot prologue to the final series. I’ve never read Elfquest, but I guess it has a good reputation? Anyway, here this is. (9 October)

Alex de Campi shows up on page 67 with Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight, a bunch of short stories that mimic grindhouse cinema. I’ll probably wait for the trade on this one, but it’s not a bad idea, and de Campi is a pretty good writer. (2 October)

Why must the Bee Vixens be so sexy?

Why must the Bee Vixens be so sexy?

Last month Dark Horse offered Violent Cases, and now they’re bringing Signal to Noise, another olde-tymey Gaiman/McKean book, back into print on page 74. Like Violent Cases, this is another book I haven’t read in probably 20 years, and I remember exactly nothing about it. It looks cool, though! (11 December)

The fourth Grendel Omnibus on page 74 includes Past Prime, a novel written by Greg Rucka. I’ve never read that, but I guess I will when I pick this sucker up. Let us hope Grendel Tales Omnibuses are on the horizon! (4 December)


Well, I want to read Justice League 3000 #1 (page 92), and I might, but I fear that even the Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire team will not be able to resist the evil influence of the DCnU. Resist, gentlemen, resist!!!! (2 October)

Who cuts Superman's hair?

Who cuts Superman’s hair?

I cannot stop laughing at the idea of a Superman/Wonder Woman ongoing (page 93). I’m not sure that’s the reaction DC wants, though. (9 October)

Story continues below

I also cannot stop laughing at Damian: Son of Batman (page 94). The idea that this is showing up in stores cracks me up, because DC, as usual, wants to have its cake and eat it, too. “Wait, he’s dead? Well, let’s do a series with him anyway!” Of course it will sell like crazy, and we’ll get Damian back even sooner than scheduled. Sigh. (30 October)

Batman #24 (page 108) is listed as 64 pages, which of course means far less in actual story, but still – it doesn’t list anything but the main story, and no artist beside Greg Capullo. If Capullo does draw the entire story and keeps up with the schedule, that’s pretty impressive. It’s Joe Eisma-esque, I’d say! (9 October)

In Batman ’66 #4 (page 125), Batman and Robin head to London because “hats are being stolen from England’s famous Beefeaters.” Frankly, if this doesn’t guest-star The Beefeater, Parker and Case will have missed the boat! (16 October)

Michael Morice or GTFO!

Michael Morice or GTFO!

Well, it took DC 25 years, but they’re finally getting around to collecting Mike Grell’s Green Arrow, beginning on page 135. I’ve always wanted to read this series but haven’t been able to find many issues, so I hope the television series continues to do well so that Grell’s run can eventually get completely collected. That would be nice. (27 November)

Joe Kubert Presents is offered in trade on page 136. I’ll be picking it up! (13 November)

Just underneath that, DC collects the entire Joker series from the 1970s. DC is weird. I mean, that’s cool that they’re collecting it, but they collect some weird things and leave others out in the cold. (27 November)

Remember when comics were called 'magazines'?

Remember when comics were called ‘magazines’?

The Judas Coin gets offered in softcover on page 137. This is a phenomenal comic – the art, obviously, is stunning, but Simonson’s story is pretty cool, too. Pick it up for 15 dollars! (6 November)

As much as I’m looking forward to Sandman: Overture (page 142), Gaiman succumbs to silly hype in the solicits. He’s quoted: “I should warn you: one of the Endless dies on page five.” Really, Neil? You’re falling into that trap? First of all, as we know, the Endless can’t really “die.” Second, if anyone has read the series, they know that one of the Endless has died before. So this is just obnoxious pandering to bloodthirsty fans. It’s annoying. (30 October)


Jim Zub and Andy Suriano take over Samurai Jack on page 158. I’ve only seen a little bit of the television show and none of the comics, but that’s a pretty good creative team, so this might be something to check out.

This always looked like a cool cartoon

This always looked like a cool cartoon

IDW is ambitiously publishing every Star Trek story in chronological order by stardate in Star Trek: The Stardate Collection volume 1 (page 171). This is really weird. I guess they have the rights to every Star Trek comic ever? Is that the deal? I’m not interested in this, but it’s an interesting idea.

On page 174, we get a collected edition of The Colonized, which has looked like a cool book when I’ve seen it in the store. Has anyone been reading it?


Pretty Deadly #1 is solicited on page 188. A Western starring Death’s daughter isn’t the greatest hook, but Kelly Sue DeConnick isn’t a bad writer and Emma Ríos is drawing this, and the preview pages look absolutely stunning. So yeah, I’ll be picking it up. (23 October)

Rios can draw, yo

Rios can draw, yo

As dumb as the protagonist’s name is in Velvet (page 192) (that’s her name and the name of the comic), it’s Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting doing “Miss Moneypenny kicking ass,” so yeah, it’s a must-buy for me. Plus, Epting is colored by Elizabeth Breitweiser, not Frank D’Armata, so that’s a big bonus! (23 October)

Halloween Eve, the last comic Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder did together, could have been better, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try Rocket Girl (page 200), in which a teenage cop is sent back in time from a high-tech, futuristic 2013 to 1986 and discovers things are a bit odd. Reeder’s art is quite good, and the story sounds cool. We shall see if it’s a good comic, shan’t we? (9 October)

Story continues below

Three (page 202) boasts a fine creative team – Kieron Gillen, Ryan Kelly, and Jordie Bellaire – and it’s about a class war in Sparta back in the good old days of the fifth century BCE. Yeah, you won’t be able to keep this away from me. (9 October)

Someone's been reading their Thucydides!

Someone’s been reading their Thucydides!

John Layman has been telling me about his plans for a Chew Smorgasbord Edition for a while, and it shows up on page 209. It’s $100 for the first 20 issues plus a bunch of extras. That’s a bit much, of course – 5 dollars an issue – but it’s still cool that they’re able to do this. I skipped the “Omnivore Editions” because I knew this was coming, so I might have to pick it up! (9 October)

I thought Gods Hates Astronauts had already been solicited, but there it is on page 210. I haven’t read a lot of it, but I read the first bunch of pages, and it didn’t really grab me. Yes, I know everyone is creaming their jeans over it, but maybe I just didn’t read enough of it. I’m still tempted to get this. (9 October)

For 10 dollars, you can get Lazarus volume 1 (page 211), which collects issues #1-4. I liked the first issue, and the second issue was even better, so that’s pretty keen. (9 October)

Planetoid finished a while ago, didn’t it? Well, on page 212 there’s a trade. I’ll probably get this sucker. It looked pretty neat when I checked out some of the single issues. I think everyone’s favorite commenter, Travis Pelkie, thought this was good, and if you can’t trust Travis, who can you trust? (2 October)


As you know, I have “awesome” fatigue, and reading Marvel’s solicits wear me out. I know a certain Marvel editor (let’s call him the Candyman, because if you say his name five times to a mirror Tony Todd shows up behind you and guts you) wants you to be worn out just by reading the solicits because that means you’re so dazzled by the awesome that you just can’t wait to read the actual issues, but man, they exhaust me AND they make me want to skip the books, because they’re rarely as awesome as the actual solicits. Of course, I’m old. But still.

The “Infinity” solicits are actually kind of boring, because they’re so vague as to be meaningless. Then we get Mighty Avengers #2 (page 18), in which we learn that the one hero who can stop a bad guy from “killing New York City one block at a time” is “at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.” I mean, that sounds awesome. Then I look at the three black-and-white pages accompanying the solicit and remember that Greg Land is drawing this. Pass! (Yes, I know I’m being a dick to Al Ewing. He didn’t have to work with Greg Land, though.) (2 October)

Another Al Ewing book, Avengers Assemble #20 (page 23), also has a cool solicit: “A giant naked man punches a Quinjet” and “an eight-year-old girl fights a centaur at the heart of an atom” are the first two items. I doubt if the book will be as cool as that sounds, though. Maybe? (16 October)

Ugh, the trade dress for events always is teh sux

Ugh, the trade dress for events always is teh sux

Meanwhile, Hunger #4 (page 30) promises “the death throes of a universe!” Yes, that sounds cool, but either it’s a lie or it’s not the universe in which most of Marvel takes place, so who cares? (2 October)

Over on page 39, we find out that in Scarlet Spider #32, “Kaine’s life is being ripped apart piece by piece,” with “his body broken, his soul is next.” I mean, that sounds really neat, but you just know it’s not going to be as dramatic as that. Sigh. (9 October)

I will say that Matt Kindt (who is currently writing 77% of everything Marvel and DC publishes, plus does his own comic on the side that kicks almost everything’s ass) and Marco Rudy doing a Marvel Knights Spider-Man mini-series is pretty cool (page 40). I mean, it’s 4 bucks a pop, so I’m not buying it, but it’s still pretty cool. (2 October)

Back to bitching: Captain Marvel #17 (page 42) is promised as “THE special oversized issue to end all oversized issues!” It’s 40 pages, which means probably 28-30 pages of story. So, yeah, I don’t believe you, solicit text! (30 October)

Story continues below

Maybe they just mean it's that awesome, but why bring up the double-sized nature of it, then?  Cool cover, though.

Maybe they just mean it’s that awesome, but why bring up the double-sized nature of it, then? Cool cover, though.

The solicits for Captain America: Living Legend #1 (page 48) is puzzling. “Andy Diggle and Adi Granov send living legend Captain America on a one-man mission into the heart of darkness – in search of another!” Another what? Living legend? That seems to make the most sense, grammatically, but what the heck does it mean? I’m just wondering. (2 October)

Kieron Gillen is changing things FOREVER in Iron Man #17 (page 52). How often has Iron Man been changed forever in the past five years? Man. (16 October)

Over on page 59, FF #13 asks the question: “Is this the beginning of the end of everything?” Let me answer that for you: No. (23 October)

Fantomex Max #1 (page 75) says that it has “all the uncensored action you could ever want in a comic … and MORE!” If it’s not more “uncensored” than Faust, I want my money back. (2 October)

I do not object to Francavilla drawing every cover

I do not object to Francavilla drawing every cover

Journey into Mystery may be canceled, but you should still get the second trade offered on page 89, because it’s a really good comic. Too bad no one read it! (23 October)

On page 108, we get a Spider-Man: Life in the Mad Dog Ward trade. I’ve never read the sequel to the first story, but the first three-issue story is pretty cool. It’s probably easier to find it in the back issue boxes, though. (23 October)

Is it the back of the book? Why, yes, it is!

Antarctic Press offers a trade of Crawling Sky on page 244. Unless I missed it, the final issue hasn’t shipped yet, but it’s not a bad little horror comic, beautifully drawn by Brian Denham.

Page 250 has Old City Blues volume 2 by Giannis Milogiannis from Archaia. I liked volume 1 but didn’t love it, so I’m not sure if I’m going to get this. Nice art, though.

Blue Angel is offered on page 272 from Arsenal Pulp Press. This is the lesbian love story that was made into a, I guess, controversial movie? I seem to recall there being some controversy about it at Cannes. Anyway, the comic is supposed to be brilliant. Let’s hope the translation doesn’t mess it up!

Wait, isn't this about the cool aerobatic planes?

Wait, isn’t this about the cool aerobatic planes?

Battling Boy by Paul Pope shows up on page 320 from First Second. I think we can all agree that this will be awesome. At least I hope so!

Hell yeah!

Hell yeah!

Ray Fawkes has a new graphic novel, Spectral Engine, on page 329 from McClelland & Stewart. It’s a ghost story! But it sounds like a lot more, too. Fawkes is a fascinating creator, so give this a look!

Oni offers Letter 44, a new ongoing written by Charles Soule, who’s writing Swamp Thing these days. It sounds like a sci-fi horror thriller kind of thing, which is fine with me. It’s also one (1) thin dollar for issue #1, so there’s that. (16 October)

Don't worry - be happy!

Don’t worry – be happy!

Well, that’s odd. There’s not really anything of major interest after “O” – there’s good stuff, of course, but nothing that I haven’t mentioned before. So I guess I’ll wrap up here. Thanks for reading, and enjoy checking out the giant slab o’ comics that is Previews!


Tom Fitzpatrick

July 25, 2013 at 5:13 pm

Awww, isn’t that cute? The little Chihuahua playing with that dismembered hand. Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, David Lynch’s film, Wild at Heart or The Lost Highway. One of his films anyway.
BTW, I wonder, how long did it take Geof Darrow to complete the 3-issue HARD-BOILED?

Not that I care, one way or the other, but why won’t you read Ariel Olivetti’s work?

I second the GRENDEL TALES Omnibus! Too bad, though, Grendel Omnibus vol. 4 will NOT contain the Batman/Grendel Vol. 1 and 2. Dammit!!

Fantomex MAX: It kinda rhymes, doesn’t it?

“Not that I care, one way or the other, but why won’t you read Ariel Olivetti’s work? ”

Was wondering the same thing myself. What’s wrong with Olivetti?

Tom: Yeah, I hope that Darrow is referencing Wild at Heart (I’m pretty sure it was Wild at Heart). That would be weird if it was coincidental. Hard Boiled took over two years to come out, but who knows how much was Darrow (probably a lot) or Miller (which isn’t out of the realm of possibility).

I imagine DC won’t allow the Batman/Grendel reprint, although why they wouldn’t is beyond me.

I used to like Olivetti quite a bit, but recently, he’s been doing fumetti backgrounds that look absolutely terrible, and his foregrounds are sloppy and look poorly Photoshopped. It’s really ugly, and I can’t even concentrate on the story because the art is so bad. It’s too bad – back when he first showed up, he was quite good. Not any more, though!

I like the more vague descriptions for Infinity; they make me more curious. It comes off as simply a complex story, as opposed to “THE PENTIULTIMATE CHAPTER IN THE SHOCKING SERIES THAT WILL ROCK THE MARVEL UNIVERSE FOR YEARS TO COME!!!”

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 25, 2013 at 7:23 pm

As for Olivetti, I’ll take your word for it. I’ve only seen some of his work – House of M, I think. Can’t remember.

Something else about that Darrow drawing: That guy with the chainsaw, reminds me of that psycho killer in Utopia (UK BBC series). If you haven’t seen it, see it — it’s bizarre to say the least. There’s a scene that takes place in a comic book store that’ll chill the blood in your veins!

Well, now I know whatever became of Donna Troy. She’s on that Captain Marvel cover!

I’m also sad Journey into Mystery is cancelled. I read the first Sif trade, and thought, man, I wish DC would let someone write a Wonder Woman comic this cool.

Thank you thank you thank you — never would have seen the Samurai Jack listing without your blog! Such a great cartoon series! All four season are available on dvd and are well worth checking out — awesome graphics — beautiful experimental techniques, humor, action and great music scoring. Also cartoon homages to Lone Wolf and Cub, Mignola (zombie episode), Alice in Wonderland and others. All wrapped up in a beautiful palette of colors and Japanese inspired backgrounds.The series won four Primetime Emmy Awards. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

I have never been a fan of the Giffen/De Matteis/Maguire JLI, so my expectations for JL 3000 were certainly not high.

That cover still manages to disappoint me, though.

Stephen Conway

July 26, 2013 at 3:43 am

Regarding “Sandman: Overture” and the claim that one of the Endless dies, seeing as it is meant to be a prequel comic I guess we’ll either see Delight turning into Delirium or Destruction leaving his position.

Oilvetti on Batwing kept me coming back…think he did some art in one of the Nu52 War titles–only good thing in them.

The really weird thing about Superman/Wonder Woman is that Geoff Johns himself has said the relationship “will not end well”. So what happens to the series after that? Twenty pages of awkward silence every month?

I doubt Gaiman was personally responsible for that solicit text. (P.S., Stephen Conway, the Endless that dies is probably Despair.)

I just now noticed Pizza Dog on the Captain Marvel cover.

Jake Earlewine

July 26, 2013 at 6:23 am

I don’t see anything listed here that I want to read, even if it was given to me for FREE. I still think DC has lost its frickin’ mind and Marvel isn’t far behind. Here’s what looks good to me in Previews:

Black Beetle — Francavilla is my favorite “new” artist. What a sense of design he has! What a storyteller! (But this one WAS listed above, wasn’t it?)

Captain Midnight — I enjoyed the “0” issue. I like heroes that are HEROIC — not “dark”.

Triple Helix — John Byrne did many of my all-time favorite comics, like some of the best X-Men and Fantastic Four comics ever published. I’ll buy the first issue of this and see if I like it. He’s earned that much.

CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013 — How could I pass on a Richard Corben story about an “underground” artist?

The Shadow Now — I’ve been enjoying Dynamite’s pulp heroes, who unlike the characters from Marvel and DC, have not been serially abused by decades of stupid editorial manipulations. Dynamite seems fresh.

Wayne Vansant’s two GN’s, Bombing Nazi Germany, and Grant Vs. Lee. I enjoy Vansant’s documentary-style approach. I love historical accuracy and it’s obvious Vansant cares about this subjects.

Thanks for the column, Greg. I always enjoy it. And I agree with you about Olivetti. Besides, after reading a couple hundred Conan comics in my lifetime, and all the Robert E. Howard books, most of these new Conan comics seem so “blah”. The only way I could be tempted to read another Conan comic is if it was drawn by a top artist — and no, that doesn’t include Jim Lee, Rob Liefield or Frank Cho.

Rich: No problem. I don’t know when I’d get a chance to check out Samurai Jack, because I’m so busy, but maybe I’ll get a DVD for the kids and watch it with them!

Stephen: I’m with Michael. In the series they mention that Despair has “died” and been replaced, like Dream, so it’s probably that aspect that’s going down!

Marc C: That’s cool. I’m obviously not in the majority regarding Olivetti’s art!

Michael P: Ha, I hadn’t read that. I would totally read a Superman/Wonder Woman comic with 20 pages of them avoiding talking to each other, followed by a “War of the Roses” style break-up. It would fit right in with DC’s current tone!

I agree that Gaiman didn’t write the solicit text, but they actually quote him, so if he didn’t say that, I’d imagine he’d be pretty peeved!

Jake: Yep, I always make sure to note when Francavilla’s stuff is coming out!

I haven’t read Vansant’s books. I should check them out!

I’m glad you like the column!

I think the dog carrying the hand is a reference to Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo.

Greg, did you ever do write-ups on the Grendel Tales series? I reread a few lately and the only one that wasn’t junk in one way or another was Macan & Buikovic’s fantastic Devils & Deaths, which is a great comic on its own terms.

Part of me wishes I had waited on the trade for Joe Kubert Presents (The Angel & the Ape farce stuff wasn’t my bag), but, being a cheap bastard, if I wait for the trade it usually means I won’t actually get around to buying the thing (Which is why I haven’t read Chew, Mind MGMT, Prophet, etc….).

” I’m obviously not in the majority regarding Olivetti’s art!”

Meh. Different strokes for different folks.

“The only way I could be tempted to read another Conan comic is if it was drawn by a top artist — and no, that doesn’t include Jim Lee, Rob Liefield or Frank Cho.”

Who in their right mind thinks Liefeld is a top artist?

My first thought wasn’t Stacy London, but Claudia Black. What a babe! :)

Aside from Wonder Woman, I’m not reading any of the DC New 52 titles any longer. That said, given the creative team, I may pick up Justice League 3000, budget permitting.

Definitely looking forward to Rocket Girl. I contributed some $$$ to the Kickstarter fund raiser. Amy Reeder is an awesome artist.

Finally, if you did not get The Judas Coin by Walter Simonson when it came out in hardcover, then absolutely pick up the softcover edition. It is, honestly, one of the very best things DC has published in years. Here is a link to a review I did of it:


Layne: No, I skipped Grendel Tales. I like them a lot more than it seems you do, but they’re just solid comics, but nothing brilliant. That said, I do think an Omnibus (or two) would be pretty keen.

Yeah, it’s probably a reference to Kurosawa more, because of the comic itself.

Ben: I’m unfamiliar with Claudia Black. I shouldn’t be familiar with Stacy London, but my wife digs What Not to Wear. What can I say?

All I ask of Justice League 3000 is that it be set in the same alternate future as Camelot 3000. Is that so much to ask?

Greg: Claudia Black is an Australian actress who appeared in the sci-fi television series Farscape and Stargate SG-1. Here’s a pic of her from the later show: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a2/ValaMalDoran.jpg

Nothing on the newest volume of Empowered?? Not only does it look like Sistah Spooky has joined Team Emp, she’s enlisted our hapless heroine in her quest to save her girlfriend’s soul from the depths of hell. After the one-shots from Adam Warren, I cannot wait to pick this book up.

Out on a limb . . . Despair dies on page five. I’ll bite . . . what did the original Despair look like? As ghastly as the one we’ve gotten to know? Jill Thompson can try and try, but she can’t make Despair look cute.

Stupid question: is Pizza Dog/Arrow/Lucky missing an eye? I got his story in the latest Hawkeye TPB, and I thought he just liked winking.

Travis Pelkie

July 27, 2013 at 2:51 am

Planetoid finished a while ago, didn’t it? Well, on page 212 there’s a trade. I’ll probably get this sucker. It looked pretty neat when I checked out some of the single issues. I think everyone’s favorite commenter, Travis Pelkie, thought this was good, and if you can’t trust Travis, who can you trust?

While I agree that one must trust my judgment in all things comics related, I did not in fact read Planetoid. This is what happens when you do Flippin’ in the middle of the week, sir!

Lotta things I’ll wait for the trade for. Especially Dynamite. Yowza, there’s a lot of good stuff from them.

The best/funniest/most interesting things I noticed:

The Deadpool Taco fan t-shirt on, I think, pg 418. hee hee

Ok, was I crazy, or was that Avengers Endless Wartime GN on the cover of the Previews not listed in this month’s book, but LAST month’s?!?!

And DC has, near the back of their section, a listing for the Authority HC v2, issues 13-29 (the Millar/Quitely era), and the first listed writer is…Grant Morrison. Who, as far as I know, only ghost wrote the one issue of the book. But is now the first listed writer on the HC. So apparently DC is acknowledging that GMozz ghost wrote that issue. So they’re going to sell a book on his name recognition (apparently because Millar won’t play ball with them anymore, probably because of these very issues) based on 1 ghost written issue. Unless of course GMozz ghost wrote more. When I mentioned something about it as I had Art Adams sign my copy of the issue (27, I think), he had forgotten that GMozz had written it. So maybe he did write more, since even the artist didn’t know that Millar hadn’t written that one?

I think the Grendel omnis were done, from the language on the solicit? Maybe?

While I think naming everything “Justice League” (same with Avengers at Marvel, btw) is dumb, I am totally nerdin’ out for JL3000. ooh baby

You may laugh, but I’m digging on that Damian mini too. I enjoyed the Future Batman stories, and if this shows us the “origin” of Future Batman, I’m in. Unless my re-read of the GMozz Bat run over the next several days (before Inc.13 comes out, natch!) sours me on the whole thing.

Man, I don’t know what’s taken so long for DC to finally collect that Joker series. They put him in every other damn Batbook, why not his solo series? (Oh, probably not enough gory deaths…)

I dunno, I found Gaiman’s hype for the new Sandman amusing. It’s also possible that he’s high off the smell of the mad cash he got from Marvel for Angela and he’s being goofy.

Ooh, the Colonized was pretty good. I actually just finished up reading it the other day. I bought it mainly for the amazing Dave Sim covers, but the story is decent. Some fun alien and zombie stuff. It’s not great literature, but the story’s kinda fun and the art is nicely cartoony.

I’ve been waiting for word on the Chew Smorgasbord editions, but 100 is a bit more than I was thinking it might be. However, I do believe that the solicit insinuates that it’s a larger page size, so it might be worth it on that level (since Guillory’s art is groovy). If Layman’s reading this, tell me why I should shell out that kinda cash for this version, and not go for either the trades or the Omnivores.

I missed Lazarus 1, but figured the first trade would be one of Image’s lovely 10 buck deals. I was correct. Of course, this is the ONE cheapo trade of theirs with just 4 issues, not like most of them with 5 issues, or some with 6, like Bedlam. Ooh, Bedlam!!! Being a 6 issue $10 trade after I bought all the singles at 3.50 a pop!!!

Crawling Sky was supposed to be a 5 issue thing, I thought, but the solicit says the collection is only 1-4.

Well, Blue Angel won the big prize at Cannes. Not sure how much the “controversy” played into it, but that’s why it’s being republished under that name.

Hot damn, Battling Boy! And is the implication of “volume 1″ mean there’s more to come? Don’t forget the Road to Battling Boy companion volume from Picturebox.

Since Rich is glad for the Samurai Jack listing, let’s let him know about the SJ Classics GN listed on the next page.

Jason, I do believe that Pizza Dog is missing an eye, from what happened in Hawkeye #1.

As to the Sandman suppositions: Didn’t we see Despair’s original personality in the Endless Nights book, in that story where Dream is involved with a star? And did we meet Delight then? I can’t remember, it’s been awhile since I read that.

That’s a lot of typing. If I see something else neat I’ll mention it.

Ben: Thanks!

Jason: I’m not a huge fan of Empowered, so I don’t mention it too often. I’ll point it out every once in a while, but not all the time.

Travis: Huh. I thought it was you. Oh well. I’m going on vacation on Monday, so I wasn’t sure if I had time this weekend to get the post up, which is why it appeared so early. Sorry!

Yeah. the Deadpool taco shirt is pretty funny. I ought to go through the non-book stuff more often, but it’s usually so much crap that I get discouraged. Maybe next month!

That’s why I used the back cover of Velvet instead of the front cover with the Avengers book, because it already got solicited!

I skipped that text for The Authority. That’s pretty funny. I guess DC isn’t pretending anymore!

This is the last Omnibus of Grendel stuff that Wagner wrote, yes. I asked him at a con this year if there are any plans for Grendel Tales, and he said there weren’t right now, but he would like there to be. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

I’m not laughing about the quality of the Damian mini-series (although I don’t know if Kubert can write a comic), just its existence. It might be awesome, for all I know.

Sure, Gaiman might be having some fun. That’s entirely possible!

The only thing I can say about the Chew Smorgasbord is that it will have a lot of extra crap at the end. If that’s your thing. The next time I get lunch with Layman I can ask him for specifics, but that won’t be for a few weeks at least!

Yeah, I had to look through my records for Crawling Sky #5, but it was never solicited. I do think it originally claimed to be five issues, but maybe that was a misprint. Either way, I’ll have to do some sleuthing to find out why the final issue has never shipped!

For your Sandman questions: Yes to both, unless I’m completely misremembering!

Travis Pelkie

July 28, 2013 at 2:33 am

Cool on your comments, man, and enjoy the vacation! (The snarky bastard in me cannot stop me from typing “from what?”. Damn you, snarky bastard!!!) (Snarky bastard knows you can take a bit of ribbin’ at your expense. Snarky bastard’s an asshole.)

Cool about Chew. I do like extra crap, because I did read the trades with 1-20, but iirc, the back matter was sparse to non-existent there. If I interpreted the bit about “oversized” as meaning “larger page size”, it should be worth it as well, plus, slipcase! I hope you get a chance to report back before I have to put in my order through my shop guy. (Or else I’ll have to be evil and buy from … gasp! … an online retailer for cheaper!!!) I enjoyed his Mars Attacks run and I’m mostly liking Detective (ask him if he plans on being on that for awhile still). Plus, one of the Chew trades included a dedication to Dave Sim, so Layman’s way cool with me for that. And he am funny when I see his comments on Bleeding Cool.

Other fun stuff I saw in Previews:

The A+X listing about Chaykin writing and drawing “the sexiest story in A+X history with Emma Frost and Black Widow!”

The Marvel Now What?! special looks like it might be funny. Lookit that Skottie Young cover!

If I hadn’t hunted them all down as back issues, I would have gone for the X-Men: X-Corps collection of the Joe Casey Uncanny run. Damn you Nevett!!!

If you’re into Underground comix at all, the Dark Horse/Kitchen Sink Books release of the best of Comix Book (pg 72 in the catalog) looks great. In 1974, Marvel published a bunch of underground artists in this comic, and it sounds like a cool collection. And Denis Kitchen is back! My favorite story about Comix Book is that Stan Lee was nervous about Marvel publishing these underground artists, so his credit was apparently “instigator”. To have his cake and eat it too, so if it was a total flop, he could say, hey, I only instigated it, but if it was a success, he could say, hey, I instigated it!

Oh, did you notice in the solicits for a few of the DC digital first books, it’s their last issue? Ame-Comi Girls, Arrow, and worst of all from our perspective (as I believe you’ve been digging this book a lot too), Legends of the Dark Knight. Ahhh! Anyone know if the digital first “issues” are continuing, but they just aren’t in print, or what?

That new Coffin Hill from Vertigo sounds a bit like the Westwood Witches. And Hinterkind sounds like it was better when it was called Fables. (oh, snap!) (Damn snarky bastard strikes again!)

Ex Machina looks like it’s going to be collected in a few bigger trades. Presumably about 5, as this first one collects the first 11 issues (of 60, and maybe a few specials?).

If you were like me and never found the issues in the back issue bin, AND missed it…last year? 2 years ago? The Vertigo Resurrected collection of the Extremist by Milligan and McKeever is coming out again. Presumably because of Milligan’s new Vertigo book (which sounds like it’s at least thematically tied to the Extremist). Man, I wish we could get a Plastic Forks collection.

Man, right after I read and love the Rocketeer/Spirit #1, I see that Paul Smith isn’t drawing issue 3. Dang!

I’m probably going for the Judge Dredd Year One trade for the cool Dave Sim covers. They better be in the collection, IDW!!!

I know you read the DC THUNDER Agents book, but have you ever read the original stuff? IDW had a trade solicited 2 months back, but here’s the 100 Penny Press version of a few stories on page 176.

Anyone read Vitriol the Hunter? Was that any good?

The CBLDF Liberty Annual sounds quite good. Corben! And the Thought Bubble Anthology has Elephantmen and Judge Dredd together!

Rogues pulls a big 2 move with a “volume 2 #1″ trick. Ah, if it’s a new mini each time, it’s good jumping on and off points. Gargantuan sounds cool too. (242)

Page 243, The Misadventures of Salem Hyde by Frank Cammuso sounds cute. He’s a great cartoonist (Max Hamm, Fairytale Detective) and a nice guy.

Man, Archie is kicking ass, huh? This new Dean Haspiel/Mark Waid The Fox book sounds full of awesome! The worst part is deciding which awesome cover to get! Afterlife with Archie sounds like it’ll be good, and Betty and Veronica has a variant cover by Stephanie Buscema. Last month there was an Archie Thor parody with a Walt Simonson variant cover! Plus, you apparently can order the variant on its own, so way cool, Archie!

Aspen’s Trish out of Water sounds like it might actually be pretty good. I think I’ve got all the 10 for $10 books so far, and they’re hit or miss (the first one, Legend of the Shadow Clan, was probably the best), but they are just a buck, so there’s that.

That Uber enhanced HC sounds intriguing, because half of it is back matter. The book so far has been…ok. It’s about the Nazis finding a way to make superpowered beings and how they prolong the war with them. The art’s rough in places, but the story is intriguing. I did drop the singles at my shop, so I probably won’t bother with this, but it is tempting.

All Crime #2. Yes! (272)

Bleeding Cool mag is just 1.99 for the mag and a special Shadowman issue. Flashbacks to Wizard and Hero Illustrated, man!!! (274)

Dunno if you’re into Spongebob at all, but the lineup for #25 looks really good. Michael T Gilbert and Stephen DeStefano!!! I can’t pass it up! They do a good Halloween issue, as last year’s with Steve Bissette and others was cool. (278)

Suicide Risk’s first trade is a $10 one! I’m in, man! Even if it probably is only 4 issues. Damn you, Boom, spell that out! Image, Marvel and DC are quite good at saying what issues their trades contain. Dynamite, Avatar, Oni, are decent, but sometimes IDW and Boom are bad. I gots ta know!!!

The Standard 4 (pg 292). This book is really good.

pg 312, Peter Bagge’s Woman Rebel, the Margaret Sanger story looks interesting.

pg 316 gives us Divas, Dames, and Daredevils, Lost Heroines of Golden Age Comics. Sounds interesting, and a decent deal for 240 pages for 17 bucks.

I want almost every single thing Fantagraphics has offered. I may go for that Donald Duck Christmas box set. Oh my. And the Peanuts stuff, Pogo, new Jim Woodring…. I’m drooling!

If you’re like me and missed the Zot B&W collection, it’s available again on page 324. If you detest my comments, blame Zot and Scott McCloud, as his Zot online strip for CBR back in the day (2001?) introduced me to CBR, and eventually here. Aw!

325 — Neil the Horse complete comics stories. If I hadn’t gotten almost all of these comics a while back, I’d probably jump on it for sure. Cute early Disney-esque style.

The Monsterverse stuff on 329 looks interesting.

331’s The Rock Thrower sounds neat, about a baseball scout trying to sign a Palestinian rock thrower due to his ability to accurately throw at Israeli soldiers. New Paradigm’s Watson and Holmes 1 was pretty good, too.

Was the Sixth Gun Sons of the Gun book something I can get without having read past the third Sixth Gun trade?

Oh, those PS Artbooks collections are SOOOO tempting, but in the end cost just too much to go for. Considering that Phantom Lady one, though.

pg 344: Zombo: You Smell of Crime, and I’m the Deodorant. Such an awesome title! Anyone know if this is the beginning of the Zombo story? I saw a bit of it in the 2000AD FCBD book, and it looked cool.

The Department of Monsterology on the same page sounds ok, but I did notice that it has the same artist as Numbercruncher, so now I’m thinking I might go for it. And that HC is offered on 348.

Which also has the Garth Ennis presents Battle Classics book that sounds neat, with Ennis introducing some of his favorite war stories from Battle!

pg 362 gives us the complete Uzumaki. I think that’s one I hear about as being totally super awesome. Is it worth the 28 bucks?

And what about Death Note Black edition on pg 363?

And 368 has the silly title to a manga of “No Matter How You Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!”

If I had copies of Yummy Fur or knew more of Chester Brown’s work, I’d be more interested in the Ed Vs Yummy Fur book on 378.

Damn, that’s a lot of babbling about comics! This is why it’s an all month ordeal for me to choose what to order — I have such eclectic tastes! (Or omnivorous. Or undiscerning. Take your pick.) Thanks for reading, Greg!

Travis: Believe me, I know I don’t need a vacation. My wife, however, wants to get away from the heat, so we’re just going to northern AZ for a week to enjoy nature. We’re staying at … a cabin in the woods!!!!!

I don’t know when you order stuff, but I probably won’t talk to Layman for at least a week and a half – school starts on the 7th, and I was planning on getting lunch with him at the end of that week. I’ll try to remember to send him a message on Facebook asking about it, but I might forget by the time I get to the end of your comment! And yeah, he’s a big Sim fan – he’s been posting his Cerebus original art on Facebook recently, and it’s pretty neat.

Yeah, I should have mentioned the Comix Book thing. It looks keen. Sometimes I just glaze over things a bit!

I know Legends of the Dark Knight, anyway, is going to trade right away instead of the single issues continuing. I think the Ame-Comi Girls is definitely cancelled, but I don’t know about Arrow.

I own the original issues of The Extremist, sir! It’s a Comic You Should Own. Look it up!

I’m disappointed with Paul Smith’s absence on the Rocketeer book too. I’ve heard that Smith is a bit of a flaky dude, so who knows what happened there.

I’ve never read the original THUNDER Agents, no. It’s something that I’d read, sure, but I don’t feel like I need to go get it right now.

I like Uber quite a bit, even the art (although I don’t love the coloring; I saw White at the Phoenix Con, and his rough pencils are really good). I will not be getting the giant hardcover, though, even though I like backmatter. That’s a chunk of change for so much extra stuff!

I’m not into Spongebob at all. I’ve heard good things about the comic, but I have an irrational hatred of the show, and my kids don’t even watch it all that often. When they do, though, it really grates on me. That transfers to the comics, unfortunately. I look at the solicits and it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

I would imagine the Suicide Risk trade is for 4 issues. GIven Boom’s pricing, it might even be for 3 issues!

Well, I won’t get caught up on The Standard now, but I wonder if there’s a trade coming. I’ll have to investigate!

Oh, I definitely own the Zot collection. You really need to get it. It’s brilliant.

Yeah, The Rockthrower does sound interesting. And I did enjoy Watson and Holmes #1.

Sons of the Gun is a decent mini-series. It really has nothing to do with the main title – if you know a little about the evil general and his evil wife and his evil minions, that’s all you need, because it’s about the minions. It’s not bad, and Brian Churilla draws good horror stuff.

I don’t know anything about that Zombo book, but I’m glad you pointed it out to me. Ewing and Flint? Yeah, I’ll get that.

Holden’s art on Monsterology might tempt me, but the story sounds fairly pedestrian. I’ll have to think about it.

You’d have to ask manga people about manga. My knowledge is woeful!

Thanks for the tips – I tend to go over this even more closely when I’m ordering, but I might have missed some of those things!

Travis Pelkie

July 28, 2013 at 4:52 pm

School starts in early August in Arizona? How cruel! Did the kids get out in May, at least?

Yeah, I usually put my order in at the end of the time period, which is probably at least the middle of August, so that’s cool. Thank you sir!

Hey, that’s cool about LDK. I kinda wish I’d waited until the first trade on it, since it ended up being cheaper. By the time they get to the ones I won’t have, I’ll forget about it ;) (and damn, does that mean 11-13 in print will be in a trade with several stories that will be digital only? Hmm, maybe I won’t buy those ones in singles.)

I figured Paul Smith was just slow, as he was flaky back in the XMen days, but after the Golden Age and Leave it to Chance, there was an interview in Wizard where he said he’d wised up. I thought there wasn’t an issue solicited last issue, so I figured it was just him being slow.

Yeah, whenever the Standard comes in trade, get it. Awesome stuff.

I looked it up, and it appears that this Zombo is the second collection. But that’s such a great title.

Back to cutting down my list to an affordable amount. It’s so hard!!!

Have a nice, safe vacation, dude.

Yeah, the kids get out the Thursday before Memorial Day. The theory is it’s better for them to be really hot at the beginning of the year than at the end!

I’m taking my computer, so I’m sure I’ll have at least one post this week!

Greg, if you liked stuff like Garth Ennis’s WAR STORIES or BATTLEFIELDS, Nick Adadzis’s LAIKA or Grant Morrison’s WE3, or Marvel’s THE ‘NAM, you may want to have a look at two that escaped your keen eye:

DOGS OF WAR GN (by (W) Shelia Keenan (A/CA) Nathan Fox at Graphix) — Dogs of War is a graphic novel that tells the stories of the canine military heroes of World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. This collection of three fictional stories was inspired by historic battles and real military practice, and each story tells the heroic adventures of a soldier and his service dog. Based on the real-life roles of military dogs that served as Red Cross rescuers, messengers, scouts, search-and-rescue teams, sentries, and mascots, Dogs of War captures both the adventure and the devastation brought on by war, as well as the celebrations of life and friendship between boys and their dogs.

BOMBING NAZI GERMANY GN (by (W/A/CA) Wayne Vansant at Zenith Press) — Meticulously researched and illustrated, Bombing Nazi Germany tells the story of the first and second generations of airmen, soldiers, and politicians from both sides who sought to bomb the enemy into submission. Vansant traces the development of the wildly controversial Strategic Bombing doctrine in the 1920s and 1930s, the early stages of WWII and the dominance of the German Luftwaffe, and the eventual 1942 involvement of the United States’ 8th Air Force and its vast fleet of B-17 and B-24 bombers. Vansant also illustrates the lesser-known perspective of the brave German pilots five miles above the earth who fought not to protect Hitler’s Reich, but their homes and families.

At $13 and $20, I’m preordering both. (Copy-paste © Diamond or something.)

OTOH, are you sure you want to bother with derivative made-for-TV-like stuff like COLONIZED (that’d hardly get printed if the writer didn’t happen to be the editor-in-chief), while you’ve still not tried a unique piece like UZUMAKI, which is like Lovecraft adapted by Cronenberg? That $28 hardcover looks like a steal (if they don’t change the price in a Previews Update), but you also have the $10 volume 1, or even its free 32-page Halloween giveaway to make yourself a favor.

I’ve read about a thousand volumes of manga of all stripes, including about two hundred volumes of horror/fantastic, and I think there are three visceral stories that stand out above the rest in that vein: Shintaro Kago’s ABSTRACTION, Hideshi Hino’s PANORAMA OF HELL, and Junji Ito’s UZUMAKI. Of course, there’s plenty of great stuff from other authors (Kazuo Umezu, Jun Hayami, Usumaru Furuya, Junko Mizuno, etc.) — but there’s only one UZUMAKI, Greg.

Simon: I thought about both of those WW2 books you mentioned, and I still might get them, especially because Nathan Fox draws the first one. We’ll see.

Thanks for the information about Uzumaki. I’ll have to check it out.

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