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3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 060!

Hey! It’s our 60th Episode 3 Chicks Blue Brown Final2sized


Inside this episode! A review of Scott Peterson and Annie Wu’s Batman Beyond #27 and a review of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers #8. Geoff Boucher of Entertainment Weekly joins us to talk about SDCC 2013 and everything SUPERHERO MOVIE! Links: Wired – We Don’t Need No Stinking Wonder Woman and Forbes – Wonder Woman Movie Will Deliver Big At Box Office for Warner Bros

3 Chicks Review Comics is a podcast featuring female comics lovers and bloggers Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass and Kelly Thompson from She Has No Head! Tune in to CSBG every other Monday at noon as we review comics and discuss hot topics of the week. In addition to the blogs above, you can also follow us all on twitter as well: Kelly and Sue.  Special thanks to Nik Furious for our awesome 3 Chicks theme song.

*As always beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the books in question!

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Looks like I should check out the Batgirl issues of Batman Beyond. I haven’t been paying all that much attention to the Beyond verse but this sounds really interesting.

Fascinating discussion with Boucher. I had to laugh that he saw TDKR before DC brass did. I really can’t say I blame Nolan for insisting DC is kept back. I’m not impressed with DCE’s current management to say the least, nor do I have much confidence that any input from them would result in a net positive.

I don’t know what is going on with that CW Wonder Woman show? However, I personally think a Smallville like show is currently Wonder Woman’s best bet in live action.

Thanks ladies for another informative (not to mention fun) podcast.

I think it’s awesome they made batgirl black, and overall has a great feel for me for future issues.

Happy 60th! Another great interview.

Thanks for discussing Batman Beyond. I purchased a digital copy and it felt a little light. Now I know why.

I agree about SDCC vs. NYCC. The last couple of years in particular it seems like more (and better) comics news has been coming out of NYCC.

Kinda sucks the amount of times Kelly was talked over, glad to hear it was a skype issue..

Great episode, as someone who has worked in the film industry and currently writes about film I find Boucher’s take on things utterly fascinating and informative. Sometimes as comic book fans we forget how these studios work, but it’s really not that difficult to understand how or why certain things happen once you’ve taken a step back and try to look at things in a different light. Geoff is so level-headed about everything that it’s a pleasure to take that step back together with him in order to understand how things really work in the industry.

Also wanted to add something about YA – I have to admit it’s currently my number two from Marvel (after Hawkeye) which basically means it’s my second favorite superhero book right now since I’m not reading DC anymore and the only book I like more than Hawkeye and YA at the moment is Saga. I get what Sue says about certain characters not getting enough development, but I also adore Wiccan and Hulkling so I can’t complain, and I think Kate still gets many great moments between this and Hawkeye. I have never experienced the kind of disconnect Kelly talks about because as a new Marvel reader I came into the Marvel Universe through the first volume of YA, so my favorites right from the start of my Marvel experience were Billy and Kate. One thing I wanted to add to your discussion though – I think that it should be pointed out that Billy and Teddy are currently the only – and, I think, first? – gay superhero couple in a big two book that is the focus of an ongoing series (and one that has that magical and money making word AVENGERS in it). So, while I adore Kate and I really like America and Noh-varr too and would love to see more stuff with them, I still think it’s pretty impressive and important that Billy and Teddy are pretty much the leads in this. Of course I would be even more happy if we had like 4 different solo YA-related titles so we could get 22 pages of each character every month, but that’s just me. For now though I’ll be happy to sacrifice a few panels of the other team members if it means that a major comic book company is finally publishing something amazing and successful with gay kids not just part of an ensemble but actually in the spotlight.

Kelly, you got steamrolled in this episode!! :( other than that really great, hearing Geoff’s stories was super entertaining and i loved hearing the three of you dissect the superhero movie business. fascinating! i never get tired of hearing about all of DC’s movie blunders and how they’re almost comically stumbling cluelessly along on that front. i don’t even care about these movies really but it’s so interesting to hear about the ins and outs of it.

and thanks for the shout-out on my comment from your last She Has No Head! and i’m adorable?!? awww, thank you! :3 but yeah, everything does seem to get lost in the shuffle at SDCC except the most biggest stuff, and it’s impossible to find out about the rest unless you’re already looking in that niche/fandom (my TMNT news, for example). i feel like at this point a large aspect of it is logistics, like even if all the news was somehow equally visible and someone wanted to give everything it’s due, it would be physically impossible to report on all of it. i think keeping the comics news stuff (at least the bigger stuff i guess) for NYCC or C2E2 or whatever seems like a better bet for everyone.


July 30, 2013 at 8:38 pm

I don’t think WB really has any idea what they’re doing with the DC live action franchises. Most of the info on the Batman/Superman movie suggests that it’s going to be Batman vs. Superman. That seems like a really cynical decision to me. Plus I don’t really see how the dynamics between the two characters will work. Batman is supposed to be the dark broody hero while Superman is supposed to be the boy scout. But MoS’s Superman isn’t a boy scout, he’s dark and broody and has fewer lines of dialogue than Batman. The fact that Superman has killed makes it harder for him to get the moral high ground against Batman, unless they make Batman into the Punisher or something.

As for Wonder Woman, I think it’s held back a lot by stereotypes of comic book movie fans. They see how surveys show that the vast majority of DC Comics readers are male and they make their decisions based on that data. I don’t think they see comic books as being in the same domain as sci-fi or fantasy so movies like Aliens, Terminator, The Hunger Games, etc., don’t figure into their decision.

If they are going to make a live action WW adaptation, I would really like to see a 10 to 13 episode per season TV show on a cable network, preferably HBO. Similar sci-fi/fantasy shows with female leads like Orphan Black, Lost Girl, Continuum, etc. have been quite successful.

@Maya K: You definitely should check out BB – now that I’ve read issues 27, 28, and 29 which complete the Batgirl arc I am REALLY pumped about it. A great little story and so exactly what I want to see in DC’s regular comics – I’ll take it digital first and “Batman Beyond Universe” if I have to! So good!

@Hernan: Yup, it’s awesome to see a woman of color in the mask. Scott Peterson is the guy that made it happen before, and he’s apparently the only guy who can make it happen again. All hail Scott Peterson! He will lead us to the promised land!

@blu girl: Yes! Pick up the other two parts – it’s great!

@Nick O’G: Yeah, were trying to figure out what’s going on. I think it actually might be an issue with my headset. New headset is being ordered…we’ll see if that helps.

@Ciro: Absolutely agreed on Geoff’s thoughts. I found his perspective fascinating and informative and I agree about the “levelheadedness” – we can ALL use some of that.

Yeah, maybe it was because of the audio problems we are having, but I was really terrible on reviews this week – just not articulate and focused. I feel like really dropped the ball on both reviews. BUT! At least where YA is concerned I tried to redeem myself here:


@Ross: Yeah, thanks. Like I said above, I’m hopeful it’s an issue with my headset as I’ve only noticed it as a recurring problem since I got this headset (which I didn’t like anyway) and it seems to be exacerbated when we have on someone connected through phone (instead of skype). So yeah, working on fixing it, I hope.

Agreed on news for SDCC. That was definitely the premise (or something) of my thoughts on SDCC in general. It’s okay that it’s evolving into something else, but that makes me think comics should just let it go a bit as far as being a place where they announce/debut stuff. Too much, too easily lost.


@Kingofmadcows: Agreed across the board. I don’t know how, tonally, you do a Batman vs Supes given what has been shown right out of the gate with Supes. I HOPE they don’t go that way. I’m also never a big fan of heroes fighting each other anyway. It usually comes off as “Oh, well, if we’d just had a conversation that wasn’t fucking LOADED with ego maybe we could have avoided all this.”

Like, the fight in Avengers between the supes (Cap/Thor/IronMan) really works because it’s cool to watch and funny, but ultimately it DOESN’T last too long and they come off as douchebags for being unable to communicate and not try to fight one another. So I’d hate to see DC/WB go that route as the CONCEPT for a whole movie. :(

Agreed on WW. I don’t think they look at it the right way, and so they let a lot of inaccurate preconceptions hold them back.

I think a really smart, dark, violent WW movie on a cable channel with short seasons would be AMAZING. But I think we’re even further away from getting that than anything. Too bad.

As Geoff said in the cast – how years ago he just wanted a GOOD superhero movie and now he’s asking for a GREAT superHEROINE movie. — It’s a lot to ask, and I should try to be patient and reasonably realistic. :)

Hay, 60th episode and I am almost commenting on time…Go Team Chicks!

I am with Ross on the steam rolling…luckily it is rare with you Kel.

Not a lot to add…so maybe noting just a few things I found interesting:

My skepticism of Geoff as a guest was utterly dissolved. I love the indside baseball, behind the scene perspectives. I have really been studying up on it these past few years…It’s a sickness…recognizing Editors & Producers names. He backed up some stuff I had heard or suspected, plus added a few new tidbits.

I share many of the critiques of DC Entertainment, but Geoff Johns, Dan Dido & Jim Lee are about as good a team as they have had running things in terms of clarity of direction and artist/writer relations. They generally know the characters as well as you can. We simply disagree on what that direction is, who is implamenting it and what characters deserve focus. What has been surprising, given the direction I heard they got from Diane Nelson, is the level of risk taken by the films. Dido was instructed to be bold in taking risks by her.

Meanwhile WB has given Nolan the rains, which post Man of Steel seems to be to be a terrible idea (just as many people who disagree with me on the direction of the comics, will disagree on the approach to Man of Steel; which I am speaking of through hearsay). Batman has been done well in grim realism, campy lightheartedness & saturated creativity. To Nolan’s credit, he stuck to his gut there.

However, changing the fundamentals of Superman, putting him in the hands of a glorified fetished stylist (Snyder) in a supposed attempt to make him more realistic and relatable misses the point of Superman. Despite being the other he represents the best of us. Despite all his power, his heroics come from his ability to navigate impossible ethical dilemmas. No other time in American history has the world need that Superman. The one Donner & Singer embraced.

Yet none of this Nolan direction comes from risk, it’s origin is fear. I love the Oscar politics point. He honestly doesn’t seem to care much for comics. I am not a proponent of Comics ever being seen as one note, child’s play. But in the broadest terms there are still particulars to DC Superheroes that always embraced the fun. Even in Frank Millers work…there is humor. Nolan seems to want to ring that out of the DCU.

As a Marvel fan (more then DC) I am actually surprised Marvel figured out the balance of reality & humor in it’s Science Fiction films, before DC. It’s remarkable, because the characters in Marvel typically are motivated by paradoxical crisis, while DC’s heroes are far more accessibly iconic, whimsical and surface.

The biggest challenge they face is how to depict Diana, given the complexity of the intent in her creation (Feminist Icon and S & M Passives Subliminals) her somewhat contradictory symbolism in branding (Feminist Fetish) and her now contradictory revisionist origin. As a fan of strong female role models, odd behind the scenes production process & conflicted character (ala Marvel) I hope they have the balls and intellect to bring Diana to life in Sue’s lifetime. Warner Brothers long head fears and new Noland driven “realism,” will likely continue to put her off or add to a trinity that is far less and far different then the characters aught to be. Funny thing is, in Marvel’s hands, I could now see a fun and all inclusive film being created staring the Amazon.

As much Diana dissevers to be first, I am an X-Men fan first. Geoff’s prediction on the Dark Phoenix (although Jean is a number of notches down on my favorite female mutant list) could only be more enjoyable if it was a Disney/Marvel not Fox production included in his prediction. The first Superhero Comic Book I ever read was Claremont & Miller’s Wolverine Limited Series #4 at age 9. In that sense Yukio was my second introduction to female heroics in comics (Elf Quest’s Night Fall was my first…what I knew of Wonder Women was based on the Super Friends). This quickly lead me to the X-Men, including Jean (through X-Factor #1). My first reading of Phoenix was as Rachel, being hunted by the Hell Fire Club. Even so, having seen the imperfect, less poetic, version of the Wolverine & Uncanny X-Men Japan story on screen, I am actually quite excited about X-Men: Days of Futures Past. Perhaps I am primed for a flash back, given the wonderful All New X-Men. Perhaps I was not as enthused by X-Men: First Class, because we were so burned by X-Men Last Stand & Origins Wolverine or that Marvel had on their own was creating better films with less interesting IP from the Avengers. Spider-Man also has twice set the bar higher then the X-Men have reached. Maybe, I am ready to adjust my perceptions of First Class. Never the less, I am now siked about the X-Men at this moment and quite tolerant of differences in the story from comics to film. As long as the essence of the characters are depicted accurately in a smartly presented well conceived story. Particularly if they get a female led film out there first. Most of my favorite female characters in all of comics (including Fantagraphics & DQ) are mutants. So it would make sense to me.

I don’t need to comment more on the excellent products we have coming from Marvel Film and the smart approach they are taking the SHIELD. It seems to me Black Widow could happen still. If Joss and Johanna have a fraction of the power Noland has over at WB, then it will happen I bet. For my money She-Hulk should get the nod. A Jennifer that channels the Byrne, Fraction/Allred & Lee/Buscema approaches would be fantastic on film. Yeah, she is a statuesque hot green Amazon or a female hulk, but she is also a fantastic lawyer, intuitive leader in the Avengers, an absolutely refreshing romcom character and an intelligent educator. I vote for “The Jen.”

As to journalism in Entertainment, Comics, Film and Superheroes…thank you Geoff…for being a fan enough to take this seriously…and not to seriously.

And Kelly…one of these interview has got to result in a film deal.

Funniest (or saddest) thing about all this energy and thought about films based on Superhero IP, is I forever wish the economic and popular paradigm of film and comics was inverted and that the actual minds and hands that created these characters were suitable compensated. This would include a copy right law that would benefit inheritors and give some creative control to to the original cartoonists. As adipose to exploitation of the medium and it’s creators. I care for diversity, equality and respect in our culture, but am troubled by my own conveniences in consuming and voicing advocacy for film, even if it were the best possible Wonder Women, Phoenix, Black Widow, or my favorites; Shadow Cat, Big Barda and Batwomen movie.

I am sure there was more…but I can’t remember.

Thanks again.

I never quite know how to feel when a legacy mantle is given to a character of a different race. It seems like those mantles always drift inevitably back to whomever had them in the Silver Age. Even when a clearly better character inherits the role (e.g. John Stewart, Ryan Choi), they are inevitably going to be displaced.

It seems like that is the sort of thing that the nu52 should have fixed. The argument for bringing back the always problematic Hal Jordan was that he had organic connections to the villains and supporting cast of Green Lantern. Wouldn’t a brand new origin be an ideal moment to change that?

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