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You Decide – How Much Longer Will Spider-Man Remain “Superior”?

Awhile back, we asked you all how long you thought Superior Spider-Man would last. 76% of you thought it’d be done by issue #24. Well, there are already reports of the book lasting until at least #25, so we thought it’d be a good time to ask again how long you all think it will last!

Read on for the choices!


It will last until Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in theaters.

I think the assumption that the ASM 2 movie is the natural point for when this ride ends is an inaccurate one. Marvel is already planning on bunch of Peter Parker-centric titles in the Fall and Spring of next year and I’m sure that’s just the beginning. As long as there’s a Marvel Knights or Peter Parker: Spider-Man mini or series available when next summer swings around, Superior will still exist as the primary status quo.

I think my favorite theory I’ve heard so far is 38 issues as an homage to Lee/Ditko. But that would end things early next year. Don’t see it. I don’t think it’s permanent but between the last Raft arc and the start of the Shadowland arc, there’s already a sense of this thing being elongated from a pacing standpoint. Not for nothing, Superior lasts as long as sales, interest and controversy remain strong. That could be 50 or even 100 issues from now…

Far too long. I stuck it out til issue #14 and then I’ve had to realize I hated the book. Of all their characters, it seems to me that Marvel has worked the hardest to ruin Spider-Man for me than any other character. I know “Superior” seems to be immensely popular, but to me it’s insulting crap. I’m done. I doubt I’ll touch another new issue of Spider-Man ever again.

Given Dan Slott’s history as a huge Spider-Man geek, my guess is that he will end the series at exactly issue 33, in a sort of mirror to “The Final Chapter,” where Ditko and Lee wrapped up the Master Planner storyline (which featured Ock) and gave us one of the original Spider-Man’s greatest triumphs.

Spider-Man 2 is out in April. So either the new #1 will launch in March or April for Peter’s return, or around December or January with about 2 issues per month so they can rush out a new HC/trade for the movie.

The correct answer is…

Who cares?

Until they need a new #1 issue for a book, which happens every few months it seems.

I love that there are people saying that this is a permanent change. Just like the death of Superman.

I have been thinking about doping SSM too, but I will certainly pick up what ever title Peter Parker returns in (and the Superior issues with Spider Man 2099).

My only fear is that we will get Amazing Spider Man no. 1, vol. 3, and not Amazing 701.

They’re actually going to have Galactus eat both the Ultimate and 616 universes, and start all over DC style in a few years. In a new universe where Otto Octavius has always been Spider-Man, Miles Morales is his apprentice, and Peter Parker is the Deadly Doctor Octopus.

Like every1 else said, I see it lastin till roughly the 2nd movie cums out. So roughly issue 36 or theresabout.

Jeff R. that’s a scary thought…. and I can actually see Marvel doing something like that…*shudders!*

JC: When attempts at internet shorthand go horribly wrong…

For what it’s worth, the current storyline feels very much like the end of Act 2 to me, and may be setting up the climactic Act 3. We even know who SpOck will likely clash with in the big climax.

Daryll B. : Actually, the more plausible [and thus scarier] version of that scenario is that the rebooted universe is the marvel Movieverse. But at least that would end Suprior in the process.

Oz the Malefic

July 31, 2013 at 4:33 pm

Peter Parker is dead, let him rest.

It will last until people stop being bothered by its existence. A cursory look at Dan Slott’s Twitter feed proves that comic fans are absolutely absurd in their behavior about the creation of SSM. “OMG DAN SLOTT I HATE YOU AND I’LL NEVER BUY YOUR BOOKS EVER AGAIN” turns into “Well, see, I actually bought the first few issues, and it turns out this is pretty good.” And these are the exact same people! Such utter nonsense. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Then, when the sales drop, Peter will come back. However, for some God-unknown reason, nerds keep rage-buying SSM, which just keeps the fire burning.

I’m really enjoying the run, so for a long time hopefully.

Seconded, zahid. We love Petey, Dan loves Petey; Petey will be back. Let’s have some fun in the meantime.

I predict Peter Parker will be back soon enough. But I predict “Superior” will be with us for a while.

That’s right, I’m calling it: there’ll be a stretch of time between Parker’s return and Doc. Ock’s death (or return to status quo), during which there’ll either be two Spider-Men (three if you count the Scarlet Spider … if he’s still around) or (in my opinion, less likely). As a general comic book rule, if a character takes on an alternate identity for any significant length of time, the alternate identity takes on a life of its own.

Jeff R. Your theories scare me! Please tell me they aren’t true and you made them up! And I love Superior Spidey! It’s a new take on the character and it still keeps me surprised and entertained! Just when I think it couldn’t get anymore shocking, Doc does something crazy! I love Parker. We all do. But come on, something new needed to happen, something fresh. MARVEL doesn’t hate their characters, especially Peter Parker. If its the same old thing year after year with Peter having struggles with girls and school and work and family and throwing comedic quips at every villain he encounters, then it would get boring. I love what Dan and MARVEL have done with Superior Spidey. If you don’t like it, the. Don’t buy it! Parker will return but I hope it will be a long, LONG time til he does. We can always catch Spidey in his cartoon show, movies, and other short comic series. MARVEL doesn’t decide what characters die. You do, if you keep Parker in your heart and mind, then he isn’t gone at all. KEEP CALM AND READ SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN!

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