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Week of Cool Wolverine Comic Book Moments – Wolverine Faces the Hand for the First Time

All week long we will feature brand-new Cool Wolverine Comic Book Moments in celebration of his recent film. Here is an archive of all the past cool comic moments that I’ve featured so far over the years.

We conclude our week of cool Wolverine moments with a suggestion by reader Trevor W., who wanted me to feature the first encounter between Wolverine and the Hand from Wolverine #2 by Chris Claremont, Frank Miller and Joe Rubinstein…

The evil ninja organization The Hand was still a pretty new addition to the Marvel Universe by the time the Wolverine mini-series came out in 1982. It had only been introduced in the pages of Daredevil by Frank Miller a year earlier. Wolverine has dealt with them a number of times over the years (by “a number of times” I mean a LOT of times). His first encounter, though, came in the beginning of the second issue of his mini-series and it was quite a doozy…


What an amazing display of sequential storytelling by Miller and Rubinstein!! The panel designs, the layouts, it is just amazing.

And the badassery of “I’m the best”? As the reader who suggested it noted, “It was established that Wolverine was animalistic in his previous bouts, but this fight showed that Wolverine was more animal than man, he was a ferrel force of nature.”

Really striking stuff.

Okay, that’s it for a week of cool Wolverine comic book moments! I hope you enjoyed ‘em!


Man you have more strength than I do, if I saw the word “ferrel” I would’ve ignored any part of that e-mail.

But yeah, Claremont’s Wolverine is the stuff that everyone should aspire to.

The Brood planet bit is my favourite though.

Love Miller’s pencils, but this would be so much better without Rubinstein’s inks. Claremont’s writing here though is flawless.

Some of Claremont’s writing is proving timeless. The Wolverine mini is a great example of that…

That opening splash is so…godlike…

Steve – I agree. 70s Claremont was very good but is very dated and 70s sounding. Late 80s and onward Claremont writing started becoming a parody of itself, especially with all the catchphrases and increased writing tics. But this in-between era of Claremont I think is really the most timeless, what I call the Claremont “sweet spot.” I’d say around the end of Byrne’s first run, post-Phoenix, up until the Mutant Massacre. Around the time of the Mutant Massacre is where the unintentional self-parody began I think.

Love Miller’s pencils, but this would be so much better without Rubinstein’s inks.

Miller is really being mis-credited as “penciler” here. He was more the layout artist and Rubinstein both the penciler and inker. Sort of like the last year or so of Daredevil where Janson was really penciling AND inking the book with Miller just doing layouts. Miller’s layouts are, of course, amazing, but it is a bit of a shame to see his co-artist sort of get the short end of the stick when it comes to credit.

in the Movie they are not referred to as the Hand.

i wonder why?

DOes it have something to do with the DD movie rights?

Man, I was hoping this was the first time Jubilee had told Wolvey to “talk to the hand”, and being the crusty old curmudgeon that he is, he would have had no response to it.

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