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There’s a new book about Transmetropolitan out!

Why should any of you care? Well, because Transmetropolitan is pretty keen, that’s why. Plus, our very own Canadian ex-blogger, Chad Nevett, edited it. Plus, it has a bunch of essays by smart people like Julian Darius, Patrick Meaney, Ryan K. Lindsay, Sean Witzke, Johanna Draper Carlson, Sara K. Ellis, Jason Michelitch, and a few others whose work I’m unfamiliar with (sorry!). Oh, and … well, me. Yes, I have an essay in the book, but I imagine it’s only in there because of those compromising photos I have of Chad. I mean, there can’t be any other reason! I wrote something that I’m sure will cause everyone to realize that everyone else’s essays are really, really good, and I encourage you to go buy the book, even though I haven’t actually read it yet. I will bet money that it’s quite awesome! Here it is on Amazon! So if you’re interested in reading a lot about Warren Ellis’s and Darick Robertson’s nifty cyberpunk-ish classic, go check it out! [Edit: As noted in the comments, you can get the book on Kindle, too – here’s that link!]


Been waiting for this to be announced. Should be good.

Before I’d totally have supported Chad’s book, but the sour, pissy, passive-aggressive way he ended his time here always left a sour taste in my mouth. I wish him the best, but I can’t see giving him my cash.

Never cared much for Transmet, but books are nice. They have my permission to exist.

@ T.

The end of the Chad Nevett tenure was WEIRD, right? I wonder what the heck happened there.

Ian: Well, I hope it’s good! I’m looking forward to reading it.

T.: Buy it for the contributors! We need to eat, too! :)

buttler: I’m glad we have your permission! :)

Boy, with comments like that, I can’t believe Chad ever wanted to close comments on his pieces!

@ Brian Cronin:

Seeing Chad’s comments closed was just a reminder that despite happily debating comics for years with some folks on this blog that I don’t really know any of y’all. Chad always gave me the impression of being a guy that enjoyed rough & tumble argument. For example, he pulled a comment of mine to retort to in one of his ‘Random Thoughts’ posts. The idea that he could his feelings hurt that badly enough to turn off his comments was surprising and the tone of his pieces really seemed to shift thereafter.

It is a shame that it ended like that. His Random Thoughts pieces were often a blast to read.

Boy, with comments like that, I can’t believe Chad ever wanted to close comments on his pieces!

Oh come on, man, SERIOUSLY? Far as I remember, and in fairness maybe there was something I missed, no one was especially mean to him at all until he just started acting weirdly hostile and standoffish at the end. And again, I could totally be wrong, and if so, I apologize. Maybe there were tons of mean or rude comments that you guys were deleting and I wasn’t seing, but to me for the most part he was very warmly received in comments until one day he suddenly just flipped on the commenters one day with little explanation, and started saying very rude things about the commentariat as a whole.

It’s weird when someone cultivates this faux-friendly, folksy tone to their articles, starts them off with “Get excited!” then one day just explicitly declares in a standoffish way that he’s sick and tired of commenterss, tired of blogging, tired of everything, and actually says anyone who doesn’t like it can go stuff themselves, then after that immediately go right back into that faux-friendly, folksy tone and that same “Get excited!” voice like it’s a gathering of friends. It’s just very insulting and patronizing to explicitly tell readers you don’t like their opinions and feelings and that you view them in a confrontational, unpleasant way, but then come right back the following weeks expecting them to be excited about your opinions and view you in the same way they viewed you before. And I’m not saying this to be mean. I was a big fan of Chad’s pieces and loved reading them. I really mean it as constructive criticism, and I hope it comes off that way.

He did more to create a negative attitude toward him from commenters here than vice versa as far as i can see. And I think he really needs to see his role in creating his own world, because in life that’s something that will keep biting you in the ass over and over again if you don’t learn that. I say this from experience, because I would always antagonize people and then wonder why they were acting antagonistic toward me later on. That may even be why Chad’s behavior in a way pains me so, because I see much of myself from a few years in it and it’s like an unflattering mirror in some ways I guess.

I’m not saying Chad didn’t have a right to not want comments anymore. It’s his article series and his right. He’s not obligated to leave us a voice to respond to him, and we’re not entitled to have a chance to respond to him either. But if you ARE going to remove the comments, there’s simply no need to be nasty, passive aggressive or insulting to the commentariat as a whole when doing it. There’s no need to say things along the lines of accusing the commentariat of dragging him down and explicitly throwing in their faces that you don’t give a fuck if it bothers them because that’s his right to do so. Then he gets upset when people respond to the tone he set with a similar tone, not realizing how much of that very commenter behavior he was actually creating himself. And again, this is a lesson I had to learn myself the hard way, including on the comics internet, so I know what I’m talking about.

What people were complaining about wasn’t about his shutting down comments, but the WAY he chose to do it. Similarly, if he was so disillusioned with the comics blogosphere and CBR, he could simply have stopped writing and ended it on a good note, instead of just doing week after week of increasingly mean-spirited, cynical rants against CBR and comic book sites and comic readers. He just seemed to have this strange desire to be treated nicely without having to treat other people nicely, and again, I’ve learned from experience that the world simply doesn’t work that way.

Greg, I apologize to you. You’re right, I shouldn’t say anything bad about the book, because there are contributors who, like you say, worked hard on it and need to eat. Sorry.

T.: Well, I don’t think any of us are getting rich from the book – I was just joking! But I do hope you change your mind and pick it up – I think it’s a good line-up of essayists!

Weirdly enough, a guy I used to know was a model for Spider Jerusalem’s editor. (Not for his personality; just a visual reference.)

Haha, I didn’t literally think anyone’s getting rich from it, I was just using the same expression you were. But my point remains, it wasn’t right for me to hijack the thread and say anything that could be interpreted as a reason not to buy the book.

Damn, there goes my get-rich-quick scheme of contributing an essay to a book about Camelot 3000.

New plan: Skull the Slayer essays. That’s where the money is.

@ Greg Burgas:

Sequart is my second favorite comic site behind this one. I am happy to support.

T.: Well, I thought you were joking, but I’m never completely sure! :)

buttler: I’d totally buy a book with essays about Camelot 3000!

Dean: Cool. I hope it’s a good read!

I could totally be wrong, and if so, I apologize.

Apology accepted.

Apology accepted.

So I guess this is your way of telling me that I AM wrong about something? If so, why not just finish the thought and say which part I’m wrong about?

So you mean there WERE actually a slew of negative meanspirited commenters attacking his articles that the rest of us didn’t now about because they were being deleted right away? If so, that sucks, but would he not just say so? Or even if he doesn’t feel obligated to give a reason, why go as far as to say antagonistic, spiteful things to the commentariat as a whole, many of whom apparently didn’t even have any idea there were people trolling him. I’ve been a fan of many blogs where comments were shut down because a few jerky commenters ended up ruining it for all the other commenters, and people are usually pretty understanding, even if they regret the change.

It doesn’t change the fact that there were far more tactful, mature ways to handle his situation and that his poor responses and reactions to a lot of things actually created far more ill will among readers than ever originally existed in the first place before he changed. Maybe I’m alone in thinking that, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

I’m fine with just accepting your apology.

I thought Chad closed the comments because he was like “Man, people sure make stupid uninteresting comments on my stuff, I’m tired of dealing with this crap”, and bam, he shuts the comments. In my opinion, that worked well with his mean crabby Canadian persona he had on this blog, and it was actually pretty entertaining to read :-). So he was just fuckin’ with us, cause why not? He was leaving the site anyway. No big deal or anything.

I’ve enjoyed all the SeqArt books I’ve read, and just bought this one. I’m looking forward to reading it while getting scraps from your mansions. Remember, I prefer the bones to have a few shreds of meat still on them.

I’m fine with just accepting your apology.

Well, I’m sure you would be, but that specific apology was offered under the implicit condition of knowing what I was wrong about, which obviously you’re under no obligation to share and I’m not entitled to receive, so I guess we’ll have to settle for an impasse on that one. Fair enough. But otherwise, I can only judge people based on the information I’m given and how I see them interact with people, and based on those things I stand by everything I wrote. However I WILL apologize to you, personally, as proprietor of this blog, for any perceived disrespect toward YOU that you may feel I had by bringing this up. That sincerely wasn’t my intent, and I do hold you and this blog in high regard. It’s why I’ve commented here for years. And with that, I promise I’ll drop this topic, not just in this thread but all future ones.

And of course, I still stand by the apology to Greg for the derail. By the way Greg, do you know if this will eventually be available on Kindle?

@ T.

I bought it on Kindle last night. Seven bucks toward the the Burgas mansion fund.

Ah, I see Dean. The Kindle purchase is a whole different link. Greg, maybe you should add that to the original article for people like me who only buy on digital now to reduce book clutter?


And I’m buying a copy after all myself.

So: “Shot in the Face”?
Can I assume the next one will be called “Waving and Drowning”? Then one on the campaign and one that’s a collection of your columns and then the whorehopper’s contract is sated and it’s back to the mountain.

Dean: Thanks for the information and for the contribution toward the mansion! I’m just hoping it gets made into a movie – that’s where the real money is! And I will add that to the post, T. – thanks for finding it.

SB: Sounds about right! :)

Maybe my memory’s bad, but I don’t recall Chad’s last few months here as particularly hostile towards anyone.

Congrats on getting published, Greg! (Chad too if he ever reads this.) I’ll be sure to check out the book whenever I get around to finishing Transmet.

If you read Chad’s last post at his blog he basically says the end was kind of his fault and pretty much apologizes for the end. After 7 months I think everyone should just move on with their lives. If you can’t accept his apology and move on with your life 7 months later, I believe the problem is no longer Chad’s.

A new book, or a new *comic* book? Transmetropolitan was a comic book.
I dunno if it could work as just words… Also, are the same people making it?

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