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Flippin’ through Previews – September 2013

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Man, it’s the 300th issue of Previews! Where were you when you bought that first issue of Previews, 25 years ago, and breathlessly realized you could order comics from the monopoly itself? Oh, those crazy days of 1988! But let’s live in the here and now and see what’s going on this month!

Is she getting ready for the Roller Derby?

Is she getting ready for the Roller Derby?

Dark Horse:

Ghost returns with a new #1 on page 38. I wasn’t too impressed with the previous series, and I wasn’t sure what happened to it – I guess Dark Horse is doing the old “series-of-mini-series” models for it. Anyway, I bring it up here because Ryan Sook is doing interior art, which is a pretty big thing. I wish Sook did more interiors, but I guess we have to take what we get! (6 November)

I know you’re already buying The Black Beetle (page 44), because you’re not crazy, but Francesco Francavilla adds a bonus back-up in this issue – the Adventures of Little Black Beetle! Man, I’m sure that will be groovy! (27 November)

On page 50, Amala’s Blade is offered in trade. I read the Dark Horse Presents story and enjoyed it, so I decided to wait for the trade of the mini-series. It’s a pretty neat story with very cool art. (22 January)

Bettie Page is PISSED!

Bettie Page is PISSED!

John Ostrander and Jan Duursema are back with Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi on page 63, which is nice to see. I get this series in trade, but I’m glad to see the series is continuing! (20 November)

The latest volume of The Manara Library (page 73) features “The Borgias” by Manara and Alejandro Jodorowsky. I haven’t loved everything I’ve read by Jodorowsky, but man, he’s a wacky writer, and him cutting loose on the Borgias with Manara painting the art is something I need to see! (22 January)

I wonder if there will be nudity in this

I wonder if there will be nudity in this


I don’t get DC and this whole “Zero Year” thing in Batman (page 82). It’s a flashback, but it’s also a crossover? Some of DC’s comics must really be in the toilet, sales-wise, if they’re forcing a crossover that takes place in the past on some of them. And, because I must always mention this when he appears, I still want the Riddler to be a consulting detective like he was ever-so-briefly in the Old DCU. He’s so much more interesting as a detective than a villain. (13 November)

I know others have mentioned this, but the art drop-off from Jae Lee to Brett Booth in Batman/Superman (page 114) is … pretty steep. Sheesh. (6 November)

Superman's eyes are burning because HE JUST SAW THAT COVER!!!

Superman’s eyes are burning because HE JUST SAW THAT COVER!!!

DC is launching a new Harley Quinn series on page 115 (as you can tell by the cover of this month’s Previews). The zero issue features art by a bunch of good artists, but who’s going to be drawing the ongoing? Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are writing it, but unless Conner is drawing it, I imagine it won’t be that good. Conner is a rare artist who can draw cheesecake without it feeling too skeevy, and that’s probably what this book needs. (20 November)

On page 134, DC offers a trade of every Batman/Judge Dredd crossover for 20 bucks. That’s not bad value. I’m pretty sure the only one I’ve read is Judgment on Gotham, the first one, so I don’t know if the others are any good, but it’s still not a bad price if you’re interested. (1 January)

Planetary gets collected in a giant Omnibus that includes the three specials (page 135). It’s $75, but damn, that’s a good collection. I’m very tempted, even though I know the bigger the package, the more dicey the binding.* (22 January)

* Yes, TWSS. I know, I know.

Also on page 135, there’s a trade of the Creature Commando stories from Weird War Tales. I don’t know if I can resist this! (15 January)

Dang, I’m going to have to buy Scooby-Doo Team-Up (page 139), aren’t I? Sholly Fisch writing a Scooby-Doo/Batman and Robin team-up book? Yeah, that’ll work. (20 November)

Hell.  Yeah.

Hell. Yeah.

Hey, you know how last month DC solicited the new Sandman? Well, this month they solicit a “Special Edition” (page 141) with everything the regular issue contains, plus a ton of extras, all for $5.99. What a weird marketing strategy. Presumably, if you want to buy this, you’re buying it for more than just the story, because Williams’s art is so cool. So why wouldn’t you pony up a bit more to get a bunch of stuff about the artwork? Man, what a bizarre way to do things. (27 November)

Story continues below

I have never gotten around to getting the rest of the DMZ trades I don’t own, and now DC is offering longer trades (the first 12 issues in this one) in hardcover. I don’t know if I should just start getting these or try to find the other trades. Decisions, decisions … (15 January)


Phil Jimenez is drawing some of Transformers: Dark Cybertron #1 (page 158). Wait, what?

Obligatory: Hey, what about Otherworld, Jimenez????

Obligatory: Hey, what about Otherworld, Jimenez????

IDW is reprinting The Maxx (page 162) with new scans of the original art and new coloring. Man, that’s weird. I own one trade of the series, and I never really felt the need to get any others. Perhaps I’ll give it another chance.

Speaking of Sholly Fisch, he’s also writing Mr. Peabody and Sherman #1 (page 167), which unfortunately “ties into” the new animated movie, but still – that’s pretty cool.

So, Mr. Peabody is a demon, right?

So, Mr. Peabody is a demon, right?


As usual, Image has a bunch of new stuff, so on page 188 we find Black Science by Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera. It’s about a scientist and his team trapped in a weird, unreal dimension trying to get home. Remender usually starts his comics well, so this should be good for a while, but I’d feel a lot better about this if Dean White wasn’t coloring it. White is a very good colorist, but he does tend to smash the individuality out of pencil work, and Scalera’s harsh lines look extremely smoothed out in the preview. (27 November)

It's not Frazetta, but it could be!

It’s not Frazetta, but it could be!

Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten reunite for Umbral on page 192, in which a thief witnesses a massacre and bad things happen from then on. It’s a “dark fantasy,” in case you’re wondering. I like both these creators, so I’ll check this sucker out. Oh, hey, I just noticed I’m quoted in the preview section. That’s pretty keen. (13 November)

I’m not sure if I’m willing to dive into yet another historical comic that features weird monsters, but Manifest Destiny on page 198 does sound intriguing. Lewis and Clark explore the West and find monsters! I’ll have to think about it. (13 November)

Holy cow, on page 205 Bad Dog #5 gets solicited. I haven’t been buying this series, but the fact that it’s getting offered again gives me hope for Four Eyes and The Great Unknown. It would be nice to see those series again! (27 November)

The final issue of Gødland is offered on page 206. Man, I can’t wait. (27 November)



There’s a trade of Miniature Jesus on page 210. The final issue isn’t out yet, but it’s been pretty neat so far. Plus, it’s Ted McKeever, so you know it’s weird! (20 November)

The first trade of Sex shows up on page 211. It remains an enigmatic book, but it’s still intriguing. Plus, it looks really good – Kowalski and Simpson are really doing well on the art. (27 November)


You know, I don’t always take the obvious shots at Greg Land, but let’s just look at the two different covers for Mighty Avengers #3 (pages 6-7) and wonder why a) two covers exist; and b) why the better one is the variant. (6 November)

This is brilliant ...

This is brilliant …

... this, not so much

… this, not so much

Page 13, Uncanny Avengers #14: “Daken has his revenge.” Wait, what? Isn’t he dead? This is why superhero comics shouldn’t kill characters off. Because then it won’t be absolutely stupid when they inevitably return. (27 November)

So Avengers Arena is “ending” with issue #18 (page 14). Of course, it’s Marvel, so we’re told that “it’s also the launch pad for what comes next!” Sigh. Can’t something just die and we all move on? (27 November)

Boy, I’m annoyed with the solicit text of Superior Spider-Man Annual #1 (page 23): “This ain’t no regular Annual, buck-o! This one counts!” Yes, I know the solicitations are somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but to state that all that matters is that it “counts” is depressing. No word on whether it’s, you know, any good, just that it “counts.” Jeebus. The sad fact is, this shit works. (13 November)

Nova celebrates its “100th issue” on page 37 with Nova #10. I’d laugh, but it would become crying too, too easily. (20 November)

So there’s Joey Q and the other Marvel PTB sitting around the giant table made of freelancers’ bones in the conference room wall-papered with Jack Kirby’s skin, and they’re shooting the shit. “Say, you know what we need?” one of them says. “A new fucking X-Men book. I mean, there are plenty of adjectives we haven’t used yet. ‘Constipated,’ ‘Timid,’ ‘Nauseated’ …” He trails off because he’s terrified of the unholy light in Joey Q’s eyes, and he thinks he might have gone too far. Joey Q stands up, his backward baseball cap shining with eldritch energy, and he walks over to the young editor’s chair and gazes deep into his eyes. “You, sir,” he says, his voice cracked with emotion, “are a MOTHERFUCKING GENIUS!!!!!! Holy shit, another X-Men book! Why the fuck didn’t I think of that? I mean, we were publishing 782 of them and we just canceled, like, two, and we just can’t handle the pressure that comes with having so few X-books in the rotation! I mean, Paul O’Brien might actually get to spend some time with his new son! The answer was SO SIMPLE! I was too busy crushing Gary Friedrich’s soul into a tasty, satisfying tincture that I drink to keep myself young to see it! Any other great ideas, son?” And the executive, feeling suddenly bold, says, “Maybe it could star Wolverine?” Joey Q’s baseball cap explodes off his head, revealing his horns, and he shrieks, “SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!! Another bold move! I’m pretty sure that if we can figure out a way to get Wolverine into those Oz books Shanower and Young do, he can actually star in over 1000 comics, and putting him in our new X-Men book will be just another brick in the wall! You’re a young man with a lot of promise, I can tell. You’ll go far at the House of Ideas!!!!”

Story continues below

Oh, by the way, Amazing X-Men shows up on page 50. Wolverine is in this comic. (6 November)

Marvel executives lose sleep over the prospect that somewhere out there, comics exist that don't feature Wolverine

Marvel executives lose sleep over the prospect that somewhere out there, comics exist that don’t feature Wolverine

For $125, you can get a nice harcover Omnibus of Captain America #1-12 by Simon and Kirby, which clocks in at 848 pages (page 74). I know these are available in other formats, but if you’ve never read the series, this is probably a nice package. (19 February)

There’s a Phalanx Covenant trade on page 79. These are … okay, I guess. Well, the ones I read, at least. I hate the Phalanx with every fiber of my being, though, so I’m a bit prejudiced. Still, for nostalgia’s sake, these are comics some people fondly remember. (5 February)

It's all techno-organic and shit!

It’s all techno-organic and shit!

The Brubaker/Fraction Immortal Iron Fist gets a giant collection of their entire series, which I might have to pick up. It’s $40, and these are really good comics. (11 December)

All right, gird up your loins, because it’s time to head into the back of the book!

On page 250, Ape Entertainment has a few nifty-looking books. First, there’s The Black Coat: The Blackest Dye, a new Black Coat story! Yay! I’ve been a big fan of the Revolutionary War spy comic for years now, and I’m glad that Ben Lichius was able to get together another story. The art is by Dean Kotz, who’s quite good. Down on the bottom of the page, Run Like Hell is offered, in which a dude tries to get out of Hell. I don’t know the writer, Jeff Dixon, but the artist, Karl Slominski, is really good, so I might have to check this out.

Buy this book, people!

Buy this book, people!

I don’t know if Occupy Comics is any good, but if you’ve been wondering about them, Black Mask Comics has a trade on page 278. I’m sure it will be very earnest.

Steve Niles is writing Ash and the Army of Darkness for Dynamite (page 298). I’m not terribly interested in this, but if you are, there it is! (6 November)

Dynamite also has Legends of Red Sonja on page 302. This is an anthology with a framing story by Gail Simone and tales that tie into it by people like Nancy Collins, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Devin Grayson. It’s not really a “bold new experiment in graphic storytelling,” as the solicitation text claims, but it’s a cool idea. Remember: it’s not exploitative if women write stories about a metal bikini-clad woman, it’s empowering. So join them in their empowerment! (6 November)

She's all about practicality!

She’s all about practicality!

Drawn & Quarterly offers Beautiful Dreamer by Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoet on page 320. It’s a “dark fairy tale” from two talented creators, so I’ll probably pick this up.

Tune Book 2: Still Life shows up on page 327 from First Second. Derek Kirk Kim is still writing, and Les McClaine is drawing it. I really hope Kim can continue this, because I know it was in some financial straits.

Oni has a hardcover, tenth-anniversary printing of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Lost at Sea. I’m not sure if this is worth $25, but it’s quite a nice comic. I like it much more than the first volume of Scott Pilgrim, for instance. (24 December)

Tom Fowler isn’t drawing the new issue of Quantum and Woody, which is sad (Lee Garbett has gotten better over the years, but he’s no Tom Fowler), but Valiant does have the trade of the first four issues on page 369. At $10, it’s easy to choose to read this! (6 November)

There’s the usual weird stuff further back in the book, but I won’t go into that. Enjoy paging through Previews so you can find all the good stuff within. Don’t just settle for Amazing X-Men!


I’m of the opinion that WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN is the best thing Aaron’s written–far better than Thor: God of Thunder and what I’ve read of Scalped–and if he can recreate that magic alongside Ed McGuinness* I’m very, very sold. Don’t knock it!

*for the first arc, because Marvel

You really hate Marvel and DC don’t you? :P

Elpie: Sure, I don’t have an issue with the creative team. I like Aaron and usually McGuinness is okay. I just find it hard to believe that Aaron pitched this – this feels like an editorial decision, and as Aaron isn’t a dumb person and wouldn’t turn down money, I’m sure he’s fine writing it. It’s just annoying. Plus, I like to believe that’s how decisions get made at Marvel. Don’t take that away from me!!!!

Drew: Yes. Yes I do. :)

That cover is the first time that I’ve seen anyone draw nuHarley’s costume without it looking stupid. Amanda Conner has a rare gift for making stupid costumes look good.

Man, I really gotta get onboard the GODLAND train before it’s “too late.”

Good gravy, the first thing I thought when I saw that Harley costume was “Where are her skates?” Glad I wasn’t the only one.

I may be dredging up a horror here, but what’s the difference between Red Sonja in a metal bikini and Conan in a loincloth? I get the idea of impractical outfits, but it ain’t like she came from a realistic universe to start with.

P. Boz

I get your point, but the real answer is, what’s the difference between battle scars on Conan and scars on Red Sonja?

P. Boz asked “what’s the difference between Red Sonja in a metal bikini and Conan in a loincloth?”

Chafing. Much much different chafing.


In theory I should take you to task for not featuring more of the back of the book, but this whole issue seemed a bit skimpy and blah, so it’s ok. (He wrote, before this mess below was typed….)

Dark Horse:

I am bad and decided to trade wait on Black Beetle. I get so far behind on my reading, I might as well wait.

I do believe I’ll go for the Amala’s Blade trade (cuz it rhymes!), as well as the Captain Midnight one and the X one. Maybe.

No comment on Clown Fatale?


Actually, I think part of the reason the DC books are crossing over in flashback are that most of them would play a role in Forever Evil’s storyline, so it’s actually a smart move — we don’t see what’s going on with most of these characters in the present, but we keep getting stories of them. Possibly the most intelligent planning move of nu52 that I’ve seen.

Mind you, it’s a low bar to get over.

I’m tempted on Action. I met Aaron Kuder a while back (like, March, before Diggle started/left Action) at a local con, and had asked him his next works after GL New Guardians, and he told me he’d be on Action. Just took awhile.

You forgot to mention with the Batman/Superman book, it’s horizontal!!! Fuck yeah, bitches, I’ve been waiting since the Spider-Man/X-Force McFarlane/Liefeld crossover for this kinda action, fuckers!!!!!!!

Ow, I hurt myself with the sarcasm!

Unless I heard wrong, I thought Amanda Conner was in fact drawing the Harley Quinn ongoing. And damn DC for putting in all those awesome artists for this zero issue! How can I pass up Cooke, Pope, Simonson, Baltazar, Kieth, AND OTHERS!!!!

I’ll probably go for that Batman/Dredd book, as I was tempted a while back when it was in HC. And oh, that Planetary omni is tempting me as well, as is Creature Commandos.

I’m all over that Scooby-Doo Team-Up. It’s a new bimonthly series! Fuck yeah, DC!!! Sholly Fisch was, swear to god, best thing about GMozz’s Action run. It got somewhat better as a whole as it went along, but the Fisch backup stories were uniformly very good stuff. I do find it interesting that on page 149, we’re told that the Scooby Doo book being reoffered is to coincide with “Scooby-Doo Meets Batman and Robin”. Did someone at DC realize that teaming up Scooby with all sorts of cool characters is like printing money, and changed it to a general Scooby Team up book?

Man, I would love it if Damian-Robin was in it and decapitated Scrappy Doo.

(No, I’m kidding, but I just spoiled issue 2, I think)

I’m not sure with that Sandman book if it’s the whole issue 1 plus the bonus stuff or what. It says the gatefold is “in its original form before coloring”, as well as the part about translucent lettering, so I’m wondering what exactly the difference will be, and if they’ll be including this stuff in the eventual collections. DAMN YOU DC, I HATE YOU AGAIN!!!!


I dunno about buying the Maxx again (hopefully they’ll be collecting these remastered issues?), but I do know I want the audio version!!!

Mr Peabody and Sherman is tempting for Fisch, but ugh, I didn’t know they were doing a new movie of it. Yuck.

Hmm, guess I’m mostly tradewaiting anything from IDW. But Thumbprint by Joe Hill HC (pg 177) was a decent comic, although I’m not sure it’s worth 22 bucks for the HC, even with the original novella included.

If anyone missed the Mars Attacks the Holidays and Classics Obliterated one shots, they’re collected in one book as MA:The Human Condition (pg 181). Well worth it.

I’ll bring up the Crow:Curare, even though the third and final issue isn’t out yet. It’s a decent book but it’s brutal subject matter. (pg 183)


Yeah, I might tradewait Black Science. But huh, a guy named Grant deciphers Black Science and is now a lost living ghost. One might say…Invisible. Ahem.

Wow, I’m always surprised when anyone tries to sell comics with quotes from you. But I think I’m in on Umbral. I got the first big Wasteland HC, but haven’t read it yet (shelf of shame, I hates you but I loves you!!!).

Manifest Destiny sounds neat, and might be low ordered, so if it hits big and I’m not into it, I can at least make some mad cash off it :)

I’ve been digging Riley Rossmo, so I think I’ll go for Strangeways.

Yay Bad Dog! I dug that book, but damn, I’m so far behind I haven’t even read #4 yet! Oy! And it has a special place in my heart for reasons I ought to get into sometime, but I’m so unmotivated.

Do you think I should just go for the Godland Finale, even if I haven’t gotten the entire rest of the series? I have bits and pieces, but I dunno if I should wait for the whole thing or what. Guide me, man!!!

I haven’t kept up with Sex for awhile. Nor have I read the comic for a few issues (yuck yuck yuck!!!). But 10 bucks for 8 issues? Fuck yeah, indeed! I might get this anyway just to see the collected look of the book.

I’d been waiting for the Storm Dogs TP, as I missed the issues, and it’s here on pg 212. Yay!

Prophet drawn by Dave Taylor!

I’m tempted to switch to trade with Morning Glories. I like the book, but I’m starting to get annoyed at the back matter, because I need it too much to know who’s who and WTF is going on. Oy me!

Marvel Marvel Marvel:

On that Mighty Avengers cover, that Spider-Man is totally jizzing web fluid, isn’t he?

And while that cover is all sorts of awesome, that Land cover isn’t really horrible, actually. It’s just so bland in comparison. If it wasn’t Land, we wouldn’t even be mocking it, ok?

And interesting that the full cover you show here has Superior Spider-Man listed as a character. It’s rumored that this “Spider Hero” is the Ultimate Spidey come to 616.

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe! Lucky us!

Man, I’m going to be getting a Deadpool Annual! BTW, issue 15 went for the drama, huh? What a cool series. Also, pg 83 has a Deadpool HC of 1-12 that anyone fool enough to miss it the first time around can get. So good.

If I never hear “techno-organic” again, it’ll be too soon. Oy.

If I hadn’t snagged Immortal Iron Fist for cheap in the back issue bins recently, I’d be going for that trade.

And that Wolverine by Aaron trade is tempting, because the Manifest Destiny mini was really good stuff. But I have a good part of the rest of it.

pg 93. Complete Mini-Marvels trade. Sold!!!!!!!!! (And another reminder of something I should write up for here at the blog. Must…stop…thinking…about…GMozz…Batrun…post…too…much…to…ponder…won’t…ever…get…it…done!!!)

By god, back of the book time!!!

Apparently the Archaia/Boom merger hasn’t gone through quite yet, at least by press time, as they’re still listed separately.

New Pirate Eye one shot on 242. The first 2 were decent enough, so I’ll go for this. That “The Golem” GN on the same page looks interesting too.

I’m interested in that Run Like Hell too, so if you say the artist is really good, I’ll probably go for it.

Did you get Moon Lake vol 1 from archaia? It sounds interesting, as does v2. pgs 252-253.

As does the Joyners in 3D and Syndrome (254-255).

Archie yet again does kick ass variants that you can directly order. Paul Pope on the Fox 2, Tim Seeley on Afterlife with Archie, Fiona Staples on Archie 650, Phil Jimenez on Kevin Keller, Chrissie Zullo on Life with Archie. Hot damn!

pg 278 does have Occupy Comics trade. Just read issue 3. It’s decent enough stuff, especially if you lean that way politically, but the big names mostly just did pinups. Alan Moore does an interesting essay about the history of comics and how they have been subversive over the years. The last part certainly doesn’t dispel the “Alan Moore is a grumpy old man about new comics” notion, but it’s a pretty good read. It’s certainly been the most interesting part of the 3 issues.

278 also has the Legend of Molly Doves with Alex Nino art! It sounds interesting, about a Time Travel Machine and a young detective.

You’ve been getting the Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm book, right? How is that? I’m thinking of getting the 2 volumes there on page 287.

Hey, Campfire’s Julius Caesar GN on pg 294 was not only written by Shakespeare, but the art’s by him too!!!

297 — One of my favorite books of the last year, Scam, concludes with a double sized issue 4 (presumably collecting what was to have been issues 4 and 5). I’ve been wondering where these have been, so it looks like the sales weren’t quite good enough to go 2 issues with it. Thankfully, ComixTribe (who are pretty good) is publishing the last issue so that those of us that got 1-3 don’t have to buy the trade to get the conclusion. Plus, bonus, I get the ending for just one payment of 3.99!

And Westward 6 is on pg 356. Thanks again for pointing that one out!

Dynamite stuff always looks cool, but I’ve decided to tradewait most of it. Too many cool covers to choose from most of the time. And the Spider concludes with issue 18.

Note on that pg 320 book — it appears from the art that the solicit title is wrong and the book is called Beautiful Darkness. Sounds ok.

New Beto book on pg 324, Maria M. Plus some old ones re-solicited on 325! Yay!

pg 328 has the new version of the Crow. I flipped through it when it came out and it looked cool, but I’m not sure it’s worth getting a new version of just yet.

And 329 has Avi’s City of Light, City of Dark GN, which I’ve read years ago and don’t particularly remember, but it’s cool that it’s available again.

330 Metabarons Ultimate Collector Edition is tempting.

pg 332’s Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg sounds intriguing. Stories of a forgotten civilization predating us. Oh, and no pressure, but it’s apparently not unlike Chris Ware or Kate Beaton’s stuff. You better not suck, Greenberg!!!

336 Mysterious Strangers trade — apparently the first 6 issues for 20 bucks. Decent stuff, and Roberson gets a look from me for a lot of his stuff based on how he left DC ;) Oh, and he’s a fan of Kage Baker’s Company stories too.

pg 343 Tezuka The Mysterious Underground Men HC sounds nicely bizarre, with a talking rabbit helping to save earth from an invasion of humanoid termites. And, y’know, Tezuka.

Oh, that PS Artbooks Collectors Pack is SO tempting!

If you dug New Deadwardians and the artist INJ Culbard, the adaption of Lovecraft’s Shadow Out of Time by Culbard is on pg 349.

pg 354 Accident Man HC! I remember reading about this years ago, but never saw it. It sounds delightfully deranged, but then, it is Pat Mills, Tony Skinner, and Howard Chaykin involved.

388 has a bio of Alan Moore, if you want to learn about Ol’ Grumpypants.

402 has Alter Ego’s Comics Buyer’s Guide tribute, and 404 has an issue of Screem with MST3K’s 25th Anniversary. Oh yeah!

521 has Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special

523 has the complete Guild on DVD. Anyone know if this is any good, beyond Felicia Day in that outfit?

See, this is why I love Flippin’. It gives me a chance to babble on and on and on……

Another fucking X-Men comic.


Oooh, now I get it.

Daken isn’t coming back. The story is about Logan doing the “wrong thing.”

Dean: I think it looks good because Conner drew it. It’s still a silly costume, unfortunately.

P. Boz: I’m not a huge fan of Conan’s loin cloth, either, but what really cracks me up is the metal part of the metal bikini. That just seems so silly that it’s hard to get past it. But yeah, Conan’s clothing strains credulity, too.

Dang, Travis! Part of the reason I didn’t get too into the back of the book is because I’ve already mentioned a lot of the stuff and I don’t want to repeat myself. But I’m glad you stepped into the breach!

All right, to your points (or at least some of them):

Clown Fatale looks terrible. Or at least dumb. I’m just getting old, I guess, so the idea of “sexy!” meets “something goofy!” doesn’t necessarily do it for me. If it’s a good hook, maybe, but not if it seems like it’s just that, and that’s what Clown Fatale feels like. I could be wrong, though!

I guess that’s why DC is doing the flashback crossover, and I guess that’s not a bad idea, it just seems odd. I don’t know why, it just does. I don’t need to explain everything!!!!

Oh, horizontal comics. You’re so Nineties.

I think I’m insulted that you think a quote from me isn’t a good selling point. I’m so influential!!!!!

Strangeways is another example like Clown Fatale. I’m sure it will look superb, and I might get it just for that, but, I mean, bog-men and werewolves and demons? That’s not really grabbing me. Again, I guess I’m getting old.

According to Casey, the final issue of Godland is a bit separate from the rest of the series, so it might be something you can read without intimate knowledge of the rest of the series. You really ought to just read the rest of the series, though, because it’s awesome. I’m sure I’ll write up the final issue, so maybe you could decide then.

Dave Taylor on Prophet is one of those things that I just don’t think I should mention. Yes, it’s pretty cool, but are you going to jump in just because of that? Beats me. It should look cool, though.

Well, thanks for the mental image of Spider-Man. Sheesh. And I do think the Land cover is pretty terrible – the dude has no legs!!!! It’s certainly not the worst Land cover, but it’s still pretty bad.

If you go back through the archives, not too far, you’ll find my review of Golgotha. That has Karl Slominski artwork, and he’s doing Run Like Hell. So you can see for yourself if I’m full of it!

I did get Moon Lake, and it was … okay. Nothing great, but not terrible, either. It felt a little like Fogler and his collaborators thought it was a lot cooler than it really was, but it was still okay. I got it for free, though, and I’m not sure if I’d plunk down cash money for it.

I saw the Molly Doves book and thought about mentioning it. Thanks for bringing it up!

I only got the first trade of PotA: Cataclysm. It was pretty good, so I’ll probably get the second trade.

I saw the final issue of Scam, and figured I’d wait to mention it when (or if, I suppose) a trade gets offered. I didn’t forget!

Westward is another book I’ve already mentioned, so I didn’t do so again. I still haven’t seen issue #5, so I hope it hasn’t come out yet, or I’ll have to hunt it down. I just hope he can finish it, because it’s so good!

I’ve never heard anything about the quality of The Guild. Mostly it’s just “Hey, a nerd girl validates us!!!!” but not anything about the actual quality. Can’t help you!

Thanks for keeping me on my toes, sir!

carlos: Oh, okay. He has his revenge … from beyond the grave!!!!!!

Both Mighty Avengers covers are pathetic. There are so many great artists out there. And this is the best Marvel can do? Are they blind?

I loves writing this stuff up!

Ah, Golgotha. I had seen that and thought about getting it, and now I wish I had. Guess I should go for Run Like Hell!

And you will have to hunt down Westward 5. It came out a few weeks back, although it was only just on the Previews list last week or the week before. It came out 2 weeks early. Slap your retailer around for not pre-ordering this for you! ;)

Despite my incredulity at people using your recommendation to sell books (that’s the right word, right?), I do so enjoy your posts and am always glad when new ones show up. YAY!!!!

Travis: Dang, that’s getting annoying about Westward. I wonder why my retailer isn’t getting it – he missed the last two, and I don’t know why!

It’s weird, because it’s usually not coming out the week that Previews’s site says it’s going to, so maybe that’s part of the issue? I’d think your guy should be able to contact his Diamond rep and get a new copy.

I haven’t yet read 5, but I’m very glad the book’s doing well enough to stay in Previews.

@ anyone: Has T.P. stopped babbling, yet? ;-)

He does goes on and on and on … (ad infinitum)

I guess he has to opine on everything. (no mention of boobs, how shocking!)

About that Boom/Archaia merger: I was wondering about the fate of THE SECRET HISTORY. Does anyone know?

Tom: Let Travis ramble! He’s having fun!

I haven’t seen or heard anything about The Secret History. It’s so close to finishing, so I have my fingers crossed!

I had to wait until you commented for a reason to talk about boobs, Tom. Or A boob.


Oh, I’m so funny.

I doubt the Boom/Archaia merger will cause anything that was going to be published to not be published. The question of course is if The Secret History was going to be published.

At least Nightcrawler’s stupid dartboard death will be undone.

Unfortunately, Daken’s back. But it’s as a Horseman of Apocalypse (alongside Sentry, Grim Reaper, and Banshee), so hopefully he’ll be dead again when the story’s over.

Michael P: Oh dear Lord. Just the Four Horsemen concept couldn’t get any dumber, that happens. I hope it’s only temporary.

I don’t mind the idea of “This time around, my henchmen are dead people whose return will open old wounds and leave you psychologically vulnerable!” But dammit, Daken sucks.

I agree on the Mighty Avengers covers
…and hoping that Amanda Conner’s drawing the ongoing Harley series -it will take someone of her talent to have a chance of doing anything sufficiently good with the character to justify her own series following the new 52 reinvention.

On Dredd/Batman -only the extra-long final one really lived up to the promise of the original – in between were fill-ins due to delays. The second was okay if you’re happy with the concept of an all-out slug-fest between Batman and Dredd, the Riddler one didn’t work for me

..I now see Chad Hardin has been reported as the regular artist for Harley Quinn

John: That’s too bad. Hardin isn’t a terrible artist, but you’re right that Conner could actually make this a pretty neat series. With Hardin, it will probably be mediocre-to-decent, nothing else. Oh well.

> Man, it’s the 300th issue of Previews!

People still buy that? I mean, you can download it online (PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT), it’s free and searchable by name or keyword… and yet some still pay for a clumsy copy? Incredibobble.

> Planetary gets collected in a giant Omnibus

They did complete it? Boy howdy, I hope Satan had a warm coat.

> IDW is reprinting The Maxx […] I own one trade of the series, and I never really felt the need to get any others. Perhaps I’ll give it another chance.

The Maxx was powerful and quirky, but to get into it you really have to let go and read it like “Alice in Wonderland” or such.

Still, if the first Maxx trade didn’t give you the bug, maybe it’s better instead to look at latter-Kieth stories like “Zero Girl”, “Four Women”, or the self-contained 48-page love story “Friends of the Maxx #1″ (no Maxx there: he had one panel to introduce the story and justify the title) — and then backtrack to The Maxx if you’ve liked some of these.

> It’s all techno-organic and shit!

Dude, that X-Men Phalanx cover is AWESOME! (And by “Awesome”, I mean “100% Rob Liefeld”.) Wolverine’s right ankle and tiny foot seem lifted from Hillary Barta or Dave Sim (the Spawn caricatures), and his claws are twice longer than his forearms (they must retract into the 4th dimension or something).

The other guy’s hands seem swiped from Frank Miller (Ronin era). And that poor girl must have got a double mastectomy following breast cancer, so she cut a watermelon in two and superglued it to her chest so that she can pretend she has boobs again. Such a tragic backstory…

> I don’t know if Occupy Comics is any good

I’ve read the issues collected there: 1/3rd is good illustrated essays (mostly Alan Moore’s 32-page history of comics “Buster Brown at the Barricades”, and Joshua Dysart’s 8-page “Casino Nation”);

1/3rd is good comic short-stories (such as Joshua Hale Fialkov’s 6-page “Homestead”, kinda like a James Sturm story) or nonfiction (such as Caleb Monroe’s 5-page “A History of Nonviolence”, kinda like the “Adam Smith vs. Capitalism” pages in the back of Rob Walton’s Ragmop);

1/3rd is grating, “very earnest” pin-up propaganda, as subtle as a 19th-century newspaper caricature overflowing with captions and labels.

All in all, I find it good as three $3.5 issues, and I guess good enough for a nonprofit $16 TP.

> it’s not exploitative if women write stories about a metal bikini-clad woman

You should ease up on the metal bikini thing, Greg. Don’t you remember when Red Sophia flashes her tits at Cerebus? Asking, “What do you think of… THESE?!” And the unfazed aardvark answering, “They’d PROBABLY heal if you stopped wearing that chain-mail bikini…”

Or what about Jeffrey Brown’s “Vader’s Little Princess”? When a metal bikini-clad teenage Leia is sternly told by Dad Vader, “You are not going out dressed like that!” (Incidentally it’s resolicited this month, along with its delicious companion “Darth Vader and Son”: I’m reordering them for Xmas gifts.)

And I mean, the Ancient Greeks used to say that the Gods were sending wars and misfortunes to mankind so that poets would have something to sing about. All the same, we need hacks to inflict things like metal bikinis upon mankind, so that artists can have more things to turn into gags.

> Drawn & Quarterly offers Beautiful Dreamer

Looks like a typo because both cover art and solicit text say “Beautiful Darkness”, which is also its original French title: “Jolies Ténèbres”. (That, or some marketoid has mandated to retitle it at the last minute?) It’s a haunting and unsettling tale (think Neil Gaiman’s Sandman) watercolored like a children’s book.

> Oni has a hardcover, tenth-anniversary printing of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Lost at Sea. I’m not sure if this is worth $25, but it’s quite a nice comic.

As a $12 softcover, it was nice. As a $25 hardcover, it just seems uncool and greedy. (Even Avatar has more class than Oni or Top Shelf on that front: they usually solicit a softcover and hardcover version at the same time, so there’s free choice and no blackmail.)

> Tune Book 2: Still Life shows up

Book 1 was good, even though he doesn’t draw it. This is for people who liked “Same Difference”: it’s more, but not of the same.

Simon: I don’t buy Previews – my retailer gives it to me for free. I know it’s on-line, but the last time I checked (which was a few years ago, admittedly), it didn’t have everything the print version did. If it does now, I’d definitely encourage people to check it out on-line. I would if I didn’t get it for free.

I like a lot of Sam Kieth’s work (I love Four Women), and I’m getting the new printings of The Maxx. We’ll see if it gets me this time.

Yeah, you’re right about Beautiful Darkness. It’s listed as Beautiful Dreamer but the cover clearly says Beautiful Darkness. I didn’t even notice that the cover was different from the solicitation text!

As for Lost at Sea – I imagine the color versions of Scott Pilgrim are selling well, so they assume O’Malley’s fans will buy it. I don’t think it’s good value, though.

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