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Month of Cool Avengers/X-Men Comic Book Moments – Colossus Returns!

All month long we will feature brand-new Cool Avengers and X-Men Comic Book Moments in celebration of their fiftieth anniversaries this month. Here is an archive of all the past cool comic moments that I’ve featured so far over the years.

Today we look at the return of Colossus in Astonishing X-Men #4 by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday…

At the end of the previous issue, the Beast realized that Benetech, a company saying that it has a “cure” for mutants, was experimenting on a dead X-Man. The X-Men naturally break into the company to find out which of their dead former friends is being experimented on (it is actually implied that Beast, Cyclops and Emma Frost know that it is Colossus but didn’t want to tell the others so as to not freak them out). Kitty Pryde, being able to phase through stuff, sneaks in and gets into the room that the dead X-Man is being held in. And what she finds…well, to say it surprises her would be quite the understatement…

The bit with the bullet first hitting off of him? The shot of him coming up from behind her? The whole “am I dead” part? What a beautifully handled return by Whedon and Cassaday.


Probably my favorite moment of this whole sequence is Kitty standing stunned as Colossus just plows right through her. Just epic.

Also making this moment that much better is the fact that Joss was constantly teasing that a dead X-Man would return, but all the hints were for Jean Grey. Colossus showing up came out of nowhere and completely shattered expectations, leaving the reader as stunned as Kitty.

And the way she puts her hand to her heart after he runs through her. Just beautiful.

That was one of the few times where Marvel didn’t spoil the surprise ahead of time, like they usually do…

That was one of the few times where Marvel didn’t spoil the surprise ahead of time, like they usually do…

…Unless, of course, you saw the variant cover when you went to buy it, that week. It was a big head shot of Colossus. Then, surprise blown.

I agree with some of the other commentary. The pacing and execution of this scene was very well done. I, too, liked the shocked look on Kitty’s face on page 3 has Peter charged right through her.


September 11, 2013 at 11:14 am

This is one of my favorite moments ever as I have always been a huge Colossus fan. The image of her holding her chest after he goes through her is beautiful and also a big contrast to the somewhat over the top shadow of Peter beating up a bad guy in the background

This and Brubaker’s the Winter Soldier are the two best return from the dead stories ever in comics.

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