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Month of Cool Avengers/X-Men Comic Book Moments – Cyclops Pushes the X-Men in a Unique Fashion

All month long we will feature brand-new Cool Avengers and X-Men Comic Book Moments in celebration of their fiftieth anniversaries this month. Here is an archive of all the past cool comic moments that I’ve featured so far over the years.

Today we look at X-Men #127 and how Cyclops decided to get his team back into shape after Proteus put them out of sorts.

Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin had the X-Men in rough shape in X-Men #127. First, Proteus nearly destroyed the X-Men in X-Men #126 when they fell afoul of his reality-altering powers (Wolverine in particularly got the worst of it). Cyclops then had to stop Moira MacTaggert from killing Proteus and she responded by knocking him out.

So the X-Men are in bad spirits. Cyclops, as team leader, knows he has to fix things…

Wow, such amazing artwork from Byrne and Austin.

“The” moment for me is when Wolverine begrudingly gives it up to Cyclops.



So glad the reprint of the first Uncanny X-Men omnibus is out this month. Ridiculous number of great stories that I’ll be glad to own in colour.

Love this story. From before Cyclops was an a######.

Yeah, I agree. That’s the Cyclops I grew up with who was one of my favorite X-Men. Now his character is ruined.

I always loved this exchange. Cyke was a jerk even back then. I guess that’s what Wolverine gives it up for?

One of the finest moments ever for Cyclops. And the very best of all for Wolverine.

This period was always my favorite. Cyclops hadn’t yet had every single aspect of his life destroyed time and again, so he was still relatively put together. His entire approach to this situation was so oddly brilliant. I mean, how else to help Wolverine get past pain? You give him a target to lash out against. And the fact Cyclops intentionally made himself a target against a group of people who he knows are more dangerous or powerful than he is, and still holds his own… all for the sake of helping them get their s**t together, that’s a pretty damn bad a**.

and that’s why Cyclops rules.

“Enough!” One of the greatest-ever, if not THE greatest, Byrne renditions of don’t-mess-with-me Storm.

Oh, yes, that was good stuff.

This is up there with Uncanny #175, where Mastermind makes them think Cyke is Dark Phoenix. Of course, he takes the whole team out singlehandedly there, as well. People do not give this guy enough credit…

After the fight with Wolverine Cyclops ends up killing Professor X and forming a mutant terrorist team with Magneto.

Oh wait………

Ditto all the love. One of my favorite moments from one of my favorite periods of X-Men stories. Absolutely love everything about these issues.

Never liked this scene. Always felt forced to me.

Cyclops was always at his best when Claremont reminded us why he was the team leader, why he was Xavier’s favorite student, and his right hand man. Mind you, there were still times when Scott would sulk and act like a prick towards others. (Kurt, in particular, when Scott kept calling Kurt by his code name even when Kurt would try and reach out to him.) But then stuff like the Proteus story arc comes along to remind us that Scott really cared about his team and that there was a reason why Xavier had given him the field reins in the first place.

Byrne was particularly adept at bringing out this aspect of Cyclops’ personality through the artwork. Sometime in the 90’s, Scott began coming off as something far darker, not quite so wimpy as more selfish, culminating in the Cyclops who now makes Wolverine look like an idealist by comparison.

I certainly get the love for the scene, but also understand why some wouldn’t like it so much. I know the first time I read it I had trouble wrapping my head around the thought that Cyclops could last two seconds in hand-to-hand combat with Wolverine, especially once the claws came out. Mind you, this was written before Wolvie became the omnipotent killing machine we know him as today, he was still pretty fallible.

One detail I never quite appreciated was that Phoenix was there as his back-up…definitely cuts down on the risk and makes the plan a bit less crazy (I wouldn’t be surprised if someone down the line retconned the scene to say that Phoenix was messing with Wolvie’s head subtly, or his body telekinetically, to make him miss Cyke when he was slashing…)

At any rate, this is a cool (and beautifully drawn) scene in the middle of a really great story arc. With Dark Phoenix following right after this, and Days of Future Past a few issues after that, it’s safe to say Chris and John were on a roll…

But perhaps that was Cyclops’ point, no? If Wolverine was on top of his game, he would have clobbered Cyclops right away. But he wasn’t and Cyclops needed him to be.

Cyclops for the win! i agree that he’s generally totally been overlooked by most ‘fans’, but he’s been the one to hold the team & the dream together.

i mean, at least until ~Uncanny X-men 200 or so. After that, not so much.

The movies got him all wrong as well, but they did for most of the X-men. However, Cyke was the worst.

This is the same Cyclops we have right now. Gets the job done, even at his own expense. If it makes people dislike him personally, so be it. That’s not the point.

Yeah, I gotta say, I see the current Cyclops as absolutely 100% a logical progression from the old one. I was having a conversation with a friend who HATES Cyclops (both old and new) the other day, and I basically found myself accidentally explaining the entire logic of the progression, piece by piece, until eventually my friend ended up basically saying “Wow. That actually sounds really cool. Maybe I WILL check out the new Cyclops stuff again.”

One thing you Cyclops purists gotta realize is that a LOT of people found that guy really boring for like thirty years. I myself even swung back-and-forth for a long time. Whatever you can say about the character now, he’s sure as shit not boring.

Too bad Claremont forgot about scenes like this when he had Cyclops defeated by a then-powerless Storm in a battle to determine who should be leader.

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