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Month of Avengers/X-Men Top Fives – Top Five Guest Appearances by Non-X-Men Related Marvel Characters in the Pages of X-Men


All month-long we’ll be featuring top five lists about either the Avengers or the X-Men. Here is an archive of all the past top five lists!

Today we’ll take a look at the top five guest appearances by non-X-Men characters in the pages of X-Men (no mini-series, just X-Men proper). Now do note that this doesn’t count company-wide crossovers or stuff like appearances by villains the X-Men don’t normally face (like Doctor Doom or Loki). Just guest appearances by non-X-Men characters in the pages of X-Men.



Right before Avengers vs. X-Men, in Uncanny X-Men #9-10, the Avengers teamed up with the X-Men to stop a whole host of alien bad guys who were released from SWORD prison by another bad guy…


Nice Pacheco art but the Avengers are barely in the two issues.

In the FIRST X-Men #9, the Avengers also meet up with the X-Men and it is kind of amusing, really…


I like the Fantastic Four team-up in X-Men Annual #5…


The Israeli mutant superhero Sabra had little to no X-Men interaction for years, which is odd for a mutant hero. She got involved in the compelling Zero Tolerance storyline in X-Men #66-69…


A number of Marvel writers had Power Pack make cameos in their books and few were quite as adorable as their appearance in Uncanny X-Men #195…


Nick Fury was used well in Uncanny X-Men #274-275…


They really should have had even MORE guest stars while they had Jim Lee. It is always interesting to see Jim Lee’s take on a given character.

5. Spider-Man (Uncanny X-Men #346)


Spider-Man’s interactions with Marrow in this issue by Scott Lobdell, Joe Madureira and Tim Townsend were so cool that they ended up even giving them their own one-shot later on! I think Spider-Man might even have had sex with her (this was during one of the many times the Spider-office tried to write Mary Jane out of the comic. At this particular point in time, she was believed to be dead).

4. Energizer (Uncanny X-Men #205)


I know the idea is that Katie Power is a kid so of course she’d pick a dumb name, but man, Energizer is such a bad name. Anyhow, this is the classic issue where Katie and Wolverine are alone in New York City during a snowstorm being hunted by the Reavers. Classic issue by Claremont and Barry Windsor Smith.

3. Doctor Strange (X-Men Annual #4)


John Romita Jr.’s first X-Men story. He was inked by Bob Mcleod on this annual written by Chris Claremont. This annual explored Nightcrawler’s origins (including a probably unnecessarily complicated magic background) and Doctor Strange was used quite well. I guess it was worth it to give Nightcrawler a magic background if it gave an excuse for a cool Dr. Strange cameo!

2. J. Jonah Jameson (Uncanny X-Men #346)


This was likely the best Jameson had been written in years and it wasn’t even in a Spider-Man title!

1. Captain America (Uncanny X-Men #268)


Remember what I said about just having Jim Lee draw other characters? This is why you give him the opportunity – he can come up with iconic shots like this one from one of the all-time great team-up issues in X-Men history.

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


The Spider-Man/Marrow interaction continued into Peter Parker: Spider-Man, and then later continued into the one-shot. He didn’t have sex with her, but they did have coffee (which in the context of the story, I’d count as a date), but she didn’t know she was Marrow.

And I definitely agree with #1, 3, and 4. All such cool stories.

Jim Lee’s art has always looked better to me when it’s printed on newsprint.

I bought Uncanny 346, and the portrayal of JJJ as a great ethical reporter with very specific blind spots, was awesome. Again, Lobdell is good with quiet parts/issues.

I liked the FF appearance early in Astonishing X-Men.

Odd that three good guest appearances happened during or around the terrible Operation Zero Tolerance.

Uncanny 346 was one of the first comics I ever read, my first featuring 616 Spider-Man. It is a brilliant issue for Jameson.

The panel showing Sabra also illustrates one of my favourite things about Zero Tolerance, the characterisation of Iceman. Since Warren became Archangel Bobby is the least developed of the original 5 X-Men but those issues presented a character I’d like to see more of.

How can you leave out the scene when Storm visits her childhood apartment, only to find junkies living there and is saved by Luke Cage and Misty Knight? A classic “We just happed to be in the neighborhood scene.” “We” being two of the few black characters in the Marvel Universe.

I don’t think it should have made the list, but just on the subject of Jim Lee drawing other Marvel characters, don’t forget that he did Ghost Rider in X-Men #9.

And maybe you weren’t counting non-X-Men villains, but I’d also say Loki in the Asgardian Wars stories and Mandarin in the Psylocke revamp issues are contenders.

nice picks . though surprised to find out there was an issue trying to explore night crawlers origin earlier by seeing this list. and doctor strange played a part. plus interesting to find the issue where the power pack kids get taken by the morlocks because anna lee misses her kids. for was expecting some scene from the mutant massacre since power pack guest in that storyline

Oh, yeah, I forgot all about Uncanny X-Men #346! It was actually a really great issue. It’s certainly ironic that one of the best chapters out of the entire “Operation Zero Tolerance” crossover didn’t even feature the X-Men, but focused on Marrow, Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson. After I read that issue, I remember thinking that it would be nice to see Scott Lobdell write some proper Spider-Man stories.

As someone who grew up in the 1980s and was a fan of Power Pack from almost the beginning, I disagree, Energizer was a great name! It tells you pretty much what Katie’s power is, which is more than you can say for someone like, oh, Cable… what, he gets really good TV reception and over 1,000 channels? In any case, as I’ve said before, Uncanny X-Men is one of my favorite issues of the title, I included it on my list of my picks for Top Ten X-Men Stories, and I made sure to get it autographed by Chris Claremont the last time I saw him at a convention.

Moving on to Uncanny X-Men #268, yep, that was another good one. I’m not a huge fan of Jim Lee, but he certainly drew an awesome Captain America. I still have the t-shirt that came out a couple of years later with that splash page image of Cap on it.

The only one of these I do not have especially fond memories of is X-Men Annual #4, probably because I only read it for the first time maybe two or three years ago in a black & white Essential collection. And I much more enjoyed Annual #7, which featured the Impossible Man. That was definitely a laugh a minute!

Great choices.

As much as I loved the Dr. Strange appearance in Annual #4 I would have flipped it with Annual #5. The FF and the X-Men don’t interact nearly enough but when they do it is always a great time.

I’m surprised and delighted to see X-Men Annual #4 chosen for this list. I don’t think it holds a fond place in too many hearts, but I remember getting it off the spinner rack and loving it, reading it over and over (same for annual #5 come to think of it).

Dr. Strange was used very well, I thought. Didn’t realize this was JR jr.’s first X-Men story, as the milestone I think of when it comes to this issue is Wolverine’s last chronological appearance in yellow and blue before a decade of the brown and orange costume. And as seen in the excerpt, Wolvie was in particularly fine form for this story.

I would’ve added Binary punching Rogue to the moon from Uncanny #171… then again, Carol is an unofficial X-Man, having lived at the Mansion for a while.

I would have included X-Men Vs. Fantastic Four.

I would have included X-Men Vs. Fantastic Four.

Mini-series were specifically ruled out.

It’s great that Katie Power/Energizer was among this list; even though she’s not been seen again meeting Logan for a long time {and 1.) I’m not counting the ones from the All-Ages PP Miniseries and 2.) the last PP Member who was the closer to meet Logan {again} was Julie/Lightspeed from AVENGERS ACADEMY #38; prior to INFINITY: THE HUNT #1, of course.).

Also enjoyed that best moment from JJJ from UXM #346.

Funny that #1 also carried the WORST guest spot in an X-Men comic where they mucked with Black Widow’s age for no reason know to man in a title that didn’t even feature her.

Funny that #1 also carried the WORST guest spot in an X-Men comic where they mucked with Black Widow’s age for no reason know to man in a title that didn’t even feature her.

That was by far one of the most pointless retcons ever. Really ruins the whole story for me. That and I hate those flashback stories that serve no purpose except to show that everyone crossed each other’s path at some point earlier than we originally believed. I’m waiting for the issue where we find out that due to some crazy set of circumstances Wolverine turns out to have delivered Steve Rogers in a taxi back in the early 20s.

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