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Month of Avengers/X-Men Top Fives – Top Five Marvel Superheroes Who Have Never Been Avengers and Should Be

All month-long we’ll be featuring top five lists about either the Avengers or the X-Men. Here is an archive of all the past top five lists!

In this installment, we’ll look at the rarest of the rare, Marvel superheroes who have not yet joined the Avengers (except perhaps in alternate futures. That doesn’t count) and that SHOULD join the Avengers. I am specifically not including X-Family characters as “Marvel Superheroes” under this list, since it’s not as fun if we count X-Family characters as they’d take up pretty much all of the spots. There is more mystery to it this way.




Deadpool is always fun!

Black Cat

I don’t know if she’d exactly fit in, but I guess with some of these expanded Avenger rosters, she could work okay.

Adam Warlock

He probably doesn’t fit that well. But I’d like to see more of him SOMEwhere.

5. Ghost Rider

He’s a popular character who doesn’t have his own title. We’ve also seen him work on a team before (the Champions). So I think he’d fit very well.

4. Beta Ray Bill

Another character that we’ve seen work on teams before (the Annihilators and the Star Masters) and he could really use the exposure.

3. Songbird

This is just a no-brainer. She’s not doing anything right now. She was shown to be an Avenger in the future in Avengers Forever. She’s a good character and she’s a female character, which the Avengers could always use more of. This should really happen.

2. Silver Surfer

For a time I could see an argument of “he’s too powerful,” but with the Avengers now having Thor, Hyperion and Captain Universe on the team, I think there could be some room made for Silver Surfer. Hopefully that’ll be something Infinity eventually gives us (as Surfer has been getting his Infinity back-up story by Jonathan Hickman).

1. Human Torch

The only reason he’s #1 is that, come on, every other member of the Fantastic Four has been a member of the Avengers! How the heck has the Human Torch not been a member yet?

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


Sure, it is long past time to make Songbird and Johnny Avengers.

Even Wolverine is an Avenger these days.

“Where strikes the Silver Surfer–there falls an enemy to his doom!”

That might be the single most “comic book” dialogue ever printed.

I’ve always liked the idea of Archangel on an Avengers team. The guy’s been in the Champions and the Defenders (oh, and a couple of x-teams or something, I think). Seems like he’s been vying for the big leagues for years, but no one’s taking the hint!

Agreed that Songbird is way past due. However, she’s part of the post-Onslaught era (1996-2002) and doesn’t really seem to fit with the decompressed, Bendis-era storytelling that they’ve been going for in Avengers for the last few years. I don’t see it happening, much as I want it to.

Ghost Rider? Somehow I *do* see that happening, even though that makes about as much sense as Wolver…


I have been waiting for Songbird to join the team, for years now! If I remember correctly, her future time was dark and horrible, so after Siege, would have been perfect.

Human Torch, has been on several fantasy rosters of mine. Same for Ghost Rider.

Then once GR is on the team, slowly work Spider-Man, Wolverine and Hulk onto that team. Perfect

Have to come back to this list in three years, and see if anyone made it.

Black Cat could be on Mighty Avengers, easily. I remember during Maximum Carnage, tat she apparently turn them down, but it is time to join the team.

I love the original Thunderbolt and it’s kind of a bummer they’ve lost their push pretty much since Dark Reign. Mach X and Songbird would make pretty great avengers.

I don’t want to see Warlock anywhere. I loved the original Starlin series, but Warlock’s death was one that should have stayed permanent. Nothing that’s been done with him since was worth resurrecting him.

Needed more X-Men as Avengers in my opinion.

Got to see Ororo as an Avenger pre-AvX. (Dammit Bendis)

I wish Colossus was an Avenger.

Actually, the Silver Surfer backup story from Infinity was written by Jason Latour, not Jonathan Hickman.

I disagree about Johnny. I love that he’s the only one who hasn’t been an Avenger, and hope that it never changes. It’s highly amusing.

Out of the cosmic characters, I´ve always wanted to see Warlock, Silver surfer and Captain Marvel (the original) as Avengers. Hadn´t gave a thought about Beta Ray Bill but he could work, too. I´m up for Human Torch and Black Cat, too. And Songbird? Come on! I think it´s a must for anybady who read Avengers Forever. And if only Carlos Pacheco could draw that issue…

Wasn’t the original Human Torch an Avenger for a while, or did I make that up?

Why isn’t there a team of Avengers that’s permanently stationed in space? Seems like it’s obviously necessary. You could have Nova, the Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, Spider Woman, Thor, War Machine, and Monica Rambeau off the top of my head. Have Abigail Brand as the leader. Throw in someone like Forge to mix things up a little. Bam! Cosmic Avengers! Or even don’t have Avengers in the title. Just call the book Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Archangel (as an angel not death) was too similar to Falcon in is poer skill set to be usefull in the avengers

Also i personally dont like X-Men as avengers as vice versa

The only exception ( hypocrite alert) is teh Vision & Scarlet Witch.

Hand on the witch was never an X_Man just a mutant so i guess i am safe for today

My Vote has to go to Demolition man who starred in Captain America for a while unitll the writers ran out of ideas

Songbird and Beta Ray BIll would definitely be a great choice for Avangers.

Avengers #267 was my first issue collecting the Avengers, and it starts out in an alternate Earth where Colossus and Storm are both Avengers, so I’ve always wanted those two to actually become Avengers. I think Iceman would be a good fit, too.

Number one should’ve been Iceman. He spent year being mismanaged in X-Books because he didn’t lend himself naturally to the angsty X-ennui that all the other characters had. If he’d been allowed to come to the Avengers and be a part of a team that wasn’t all about wallowing in self-loathing and social injustice, he’d be one of Marvel’s top characters now (and probably considered a “classic Avenger,” much in the way Beast is).

I do not think the current Ghost Rider would fit in the Avengers. The purpose of it may go against the team, it does not work well in teams (champions Even he did not feel at ease). The two have different philosophies GR Avengers

Silver Surfer should stay away from Earth.

Human Torch should continue without being an avenger.

Deadpool is NOT fun. Deadpool IS lame.

No Deadpool. NO DEADPOOL!!!

I think one reason why Johnny Storm hasn’t been an Avenger is probably due to the fact that Jim Hammond, the original android Human Torch, served as a member of the Avengers’ West Coast division, and I guess Marvel didn’t want to mix the two up.

In the Fantastic Four: The End miniseries by Alan Davis, Johnny Storm is the LEADER of the Avengers.

Until the current Avengers/X-Men integration trend, I’d been pretty into the idea of Kitty Pryde as an Avenger. It would allow her to regain a bit of the ‘kid sister’ / underdog status she once had in the X-Men, while simultaneously seeming like a big ‘step up,’ thereby making the first part of the equation seeming less regressive and more a matter of putting her next to Thor, Cap, etc. Then, crowning moments of awesome as she proves why she’s on the team.

However, I think that’d work best without Wolverine, Beast etc around, as I don’t like my Avengers to be TOO X-Men flavored. Plus in an era where Cannonball and Sunspot are Avengers, it might not seem as unprecedented a promotion for Kitty. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Cannonball and Sunspot as Avengers!)

I’ve been waiting for Songbird for what seems like “Forever” (see what I did there?).

And Johnny Storm would add all kinds of cool interaction. His seniority in the Marvel hero community vs. his rookie status as an Avenger would be great for head-butting.

The rest of the choices didn’t grab my interest at all, and the thought of Deadpool on the team made me do a full-body barf.

Songbird would be a great Avenger…and I’d love to see her interact with Hawkeye again (something she really hasn’t done since the original Thunderbolts run)…but I doubt it’s gonna happen anytime soon.

Deadpool and Ghost Rider make absolutely no sense at all (much like Wolverine)…so they’ll probably be added to the team next month and Deadpool will end up leading the team soon after.

You know how Rick Remender loves to use a lot of the same characters across various titles he writes or has written – I’d love to see Deadpool show up on the Uncanny Avengers roster.

Sorry, Mike, but Deadpool IS.

Anyway, I was sort of sad to see no Warlock in the Guardians movie. Maybe popping him on the Avengers would be cool? Also, more Beta Ray!

I love Songbird as a character but I do sort of get a kick of how frustrated the Songbird fans get about the fact she’s not been made a team member yet.


Songbird is WAY overdue… probably won’t happen until the Hickman era is over, though (unless it happens in Avengers Assemble).

I’d be shocked if Surfer isn’t a member by the end of Infinity, if for nothing else but to push the web comic. I agree that it’s neat Johnny Storm isn’t an Avenger, that should stay that way.

I’d also like someone to give Rhodey a membership card… I know he’s been Iron Man (and War Machine) and sort of ‘filled in’ but I don’t think he’s ever been made a member in his own right, just as Tony’s sub.

Iceman would be pretty fun… I could see him and Madrox fitting really nicely on the Uncanny Team after Remender kills off the current mutants.

I would love to see Songbird, Mach X, and Atlas as Avengers. I mean, no one is doing anything with them at all right now, and they have right chops. It’s time to make them Avengers, Marvel!

Oh, and Adam Warlock would be fantastic as well! While he is better suited to be on a cosmic team like the Guardians, I think he would bring something unique to the Avengers mix, kind of like a more cosmic Dr. Strange. You know, ever since the last Annihilators min-series, there has not been hide or hair of the Magus or Warlock in the MU. It’s time to bring him back, Marvel!

Honestly, Wolverine is one of the best additions to the Avengers in recent years (except for Luke Cage).
It has done nothing but make his character better & more of a major player in the Marvel universe. He just fits into the team.

Which is a good thing because I strongly detest anything to do with the sissification of Logan commonly known as the mini-series Origin. That series is/was a HORRIBLE idea that was executed very,very poorly.

As far as the characters mentioned:
Songbird & Beta Ray Bill – YES!!!

Surfer & Torch – eeeehhhhh. maybe.

all the rest – No. Just no.

I am really liking the fact that the X-Men & Avengers have merged. I see there are still a lot of mutant haters/separatists out here.

Makes me sad to see my people still looked at in such a way in 2013.

Another vote for Songbird. Aside from the whole “Forever” thing, she’s a well-developed character with a unique look and powerset.

Plus, she’s long past earned it by now.

I wonder if Blade would fit into the Avengers. With Hickman getting Avengers who are experts in different fields, it is surprising he did not want the one guy who is an expert at fighting the occult. Still, probably Elsa Bloodstone would fit in better in the Avengers, just because she looks more like someone who would get along with her team members.

Totally agree about Beta Ray Bill. He’s your Thor-level character who doesn’t have his own book so he can be more invested in the team and the title. (he also doesn’t have a life on earth) He could easily be the heart of the team the way the Martian Manhunter was for the JLA. If not, BRB, then throw a spaceknight in there. (I’m sure there are still a few left and they’d kinda be homeless now…)

Has Nova ever been a member? If not, then yes – NOVA.

Obviously ROM should really top this list. I’d also like to put in a good word for Crystar.

“Obviously ROM should really top this list. I’d also like to put in a good word for Crystar.”

What, no love for Planet Terry or Top Dog? :)

Not sure about Ghost Rider. Always felt like a Defender to me.

I agree with The Human Torch. Infact, I would like to see Johnny join and Iceman replace him on the FF. :)

Speaking about Iceman…him and Angel (Warren) would make great Avengers. Atleast Uncanny Avengers.

Also agree with Black Cat as a Secret Avenger atleast.

In terms of iconic early Marvel characters, Iceman and Angel completely fit.

Silver Surfer would be #1 in my book. IMO the FF is a family & pulling them onto other teams dilutes that.

Ghost Rider is another great one. And considering Adam Warlock’s history with Thanos I’d rather have him on the Avengers over Hyperion or Captain Universe…

I’m honestly a little surprised there are any non-Avengers anymore. Especially since Hickman seems to want to throw absolutely anyone he can think of on the roster (and then do absolutely nothing with them, but that’s not here nor there).

“Probable sales boost” should not be an entry requirement, or rationale. Not everyone has to be an Avenger.

I’d like to see a list of characters who Never should have been Avengers.

I think it would be great if Namor was an Avenger… or has he been and I just forgot

Oh yes, I forgot to Deadpool. Do not like to see him in the team and did not think it fit but Wolverine joined, no? So Deadpool, and Punisher can join.

““Probable sales boost” should not be an entry requirement, or rationale. Not everyone has to be an Avenger.”


personally, i dont think any X character should be an Avenger and vice versa… they stand for different things, they shouldnt mix the two teams.

Namor was on the team.

Namor was a Stern Avenger from A262 Onwards

From the famous Avengers 221 cover the only ones there that haven’t been Avengers are Rom, Dazzler, Blackbolt and the Silver Surfer

I completely agree with you on Songbird, Beta Ray Bill, and Human Torch.

Have to ask: Was Nova ever an official member? He’s old school, and I always thought he should have “graduated” from the New Warriors to the Avengers right along with Firestar and Justice. Namorita, too. Or is Nova a new guy, and Namorita dead? Can’t keep up sometimes.

And years before Songbird appeared in Avengers Forever, Colossus was shown to be an Avenger in an alternate reality in one of the Kang issues. I’d like to see how the big Russian interacts with Black Widow. Plus, the guy just LOOKS like an Avenger.

Since a couple people have asked: Yes, Nova was a member of the Secret Avengers team.

Jaded Devil: If Hickman hasn’t already put Planet Terry on the team, I’m sure it won’t be long.

Yes, Songbird, yes, yes, YES.
The worst part is that her character arc during Thunderbolts Dark Reign seemed to hint at this happening.

Then again, I’m reading Avengers titles and I have no idea which is the core Avenger team anymore…

Doc Sampson.

Yuck. None of these people should be Avengers. The Avengers need to be way more exclusive. In fact, may I suggest you do another column entitled “Top Five Avengers Who Should NEVER Have Been”?

My votes would be Wolverine, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Sersi, and Starfox.

WOLVERINE because he’s too busy in his 37 other monthly comics and because he’s a killer.
SPIDER-MAN because a big part of his schtick is that he is a LONER.
SPIDER-WOMAN because she’s a lame character. The other SPIDER-WOMAN, from West Coast Avengers, was way better.
SERSI was a poor excuse for a character, written during the weakest Avengers run ever, until Bendis’s run.
STARFOX isn’t even a super-hero.

Wolverine shouldn’t be an Avenger for too many reasons to count. Aside from the fact that he is ridiculously over exposed (moreso than ever before…and it seems moreso with every round of new series Marvel kicks off), he is pretty much the last member of the X-Men I would pick to join the Avengers.

It’s not just that he’s a killer (there are other killers in the Avengers) but that he’s often the “kill first, ask questions later type”…and I still remember that old Captain America Annual where Cap flat out told him he’d never be an Avenger.

All that said, the number one reason Wolverine shouldn’t be an Avenger is that he is obviously only there to stand around and boost sales. That’s all he did throughout the majority of Bendis’ Avengers run. He didn’t even play any significant role in most of the stories. He’s just there to be there. One could argue it kind of made sense when Iron Man was running the show at the beginning of New Avengers but it clearly didn’t make any sense when Cap (who had been against him as a member from the beginning) reformed the Avengers and stuck him on two different Avengers team at once…it was totally ridiculous.

Wasn’t the whole previous new avengers team basically the defenders for a while? by that logic Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer have already been avengers (since they just made the whole “non-team, team” an avengers team). And since they are now calling Guardians of the Galaxy the “Space avengers’ then Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, and Beta Ray Bill all get in (All where on Guardians of the Galxay or Annihilators (Silver Surfer on Original team WAY back)). Also songbird was on the Dark Avengers team for a little while (with Luke Cage and U.S. Agent)

@Jedi Al Khalaas

Demolition Man was a member at one time.

Songbird is long overdue for membership, but as others have pointed out, she doesn’t really gibe with the current incarnation of the team. But who knows what the tenor of the book will be in a few years.

Speaking of Forever, Killraven was also kind of an Avenger in that series, and I think he’d make a good addition. And so far as I’m aware of nothing is really being done with him currently.

Someone upthread mentioned that from the cover of 221, only like four people have NOT been made Avengers, including Black Bolt. But that’s debatable. Bolt is a cast member in New Avengers. The group he belongs to may be referred to as The Illuminati, but he is starring in an Avengers book.

Someone else asked if Rhodey has ever been a proper Avenger, and he definitely has. War Machine was a member of the West Coast team late in that book’s run and he was part of Secret Avengers when that book originally launched after Siege. (I thought it was smart how Brubaker did analogues for the Big 3 there — Valkyrie for Thor, War Machine for Iron Man, and Steve Rogers during Bucky’s Cap days.)

Speaking of that run, Nova was on the team for like three issues, although I believe he spent them all possessed by the Serpent Crown and fighting the team. He is definitely deserving of a shot on the actual team — but Rich Rider, not the kid currently wearing the helmet.

I also love the idea of Elsa Bloodstone on the team. I think she’d be fantastic, actually. Additionally, I would love to see Sue Storm operate independently from the F4 and operating as an Avenger in her own right. Her power set is hugely useful and she would be amazing on, say, an espionage squad.

While you could easily do a list of characters who should NEVER have been Avengers — and there are ample candidates — I think a better list would be little-used Avengers who deserve another shot. There are a variety of characters who should be getting more play (virtually the entire 90’s roster, including Hercules, Black Knight, Crystal, and Sersi — who are not bad characters, just featured in stories of debatable quality). Mantis got a fantastic overhaul during Annihilation: Conquest/Guardians of the Galaxy and I’d like to see her again. Quasar is long overdue for a comeback. Personally I have a weird thing for Tigra and would like to see her better utilized.

I’m just got Monica Rambeau is getting some play again…

How ’bout Batman?

After reading some years back that the creative team for the Avengers were nearly able to nab Nightcrawler from the X-Men (the Powers-That-Be ended up nixing the idea), I have been jonesing for Kurt to land a spot on Earth’s Mightiest team.

Yes, the Avengers are high-profile and Nightcrawler’s look seems out of place, but he would provide so many cool interactions with the likes of Ironman, Thor, Captain America, the Scarlet Witch, and all the rest – his teleportation is deceptively powerful and he’s a fantastic hand-to-hand combatant.

He’d be excellent for those covert missions, teaming up with the Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America, and the Black Panther to form a potent unit.

I’d love to see him journey to Asgard with Thor – he went there once and the Watcher said The Warriors Three would have welcomed him!

Beta Ray Bill and Songbird agree, possibly Ghost Rider. The rest just don’t fit at all.

I would like to see a bolder move, how about Kid Omega, the kid’s got so much promise and Venom (Flash Thompson) would be next selection.

I love the falcon . he is one of my favorites and is highly underused. that being said, I think that the angel would make a great addition to the avengers. money and business conversations with stark alone would be golden. he has leadership qualities a great fighter and a healing ability better than wolverine. he also has Hercules mace from the champions and one of magick’s sword.

Thought Kitty Pryde would have been perfect on Secret Avengers

Even though I know this was stipulated against, I could really see Iceman as an Avenger.

Andy Omega: Flash Thompson Venom was also a member of Secret Avengers before its NOW relaunch.

About Songbird: I haven’t read enough Thunderbolts, I’ve really only seen her in Avengers Forever, where she was a solid, interesting character. I don’t exactly know how that character jives with Screaming Mimi, but I have enough faith in Busiek that I’m fairly sure it’ll make sense to me when I finally get around to Thunderbolts. However, I’m pretty sure I remember the Avengers having a rule stating that if you’ve had sex with Angar the Screamer, you can’t be a member. (Hawkeye is of course exempt from this rule, but I don’t think he ever scratched Angar the Screamer off his list)

Other than Songbird, who I think could make an impact as an Avenger on the level of Wasp or Captain Marvel (didn’t she LEAD the Avengers in “Forever?”), all other suggestions on this list are asinine. To explain my position is a waste of my time. Suffice to say that, since The Initiative era, what it means to be an Avengers has been watered down to a tasteless broth of whoever a particular writer or editor feels might bring in $$$.

I don’t get why people think Deadpool has been overexposed- he hasn’t joined the Avengers OR the X-Men(unless you count his future self) yet.

Though he’s certainly been on enough covers.

Songbird, Namora, Sif, Thor-Girl, and Jen Kale would all be great Avengers.

And I’d love to see characters like Paladin, Constrictor (great as a good guy during ‘Initiative’), the female Scorpion, and Suzi Endo as Secret Avengers!

Songbird is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and I hate that she’s not currently a regular in a book. I really hope someone finally makes her an Avenger, though I hope it doesn’t end up being like Storm’s tenure on the team, where some writer throws her in just to say he did it and then does nothing with her.

I could be misremembering, but I could swear that there actually was a (disappointing and kind of perfunctory) payoff to Avengers Forever, in which she was offered Avengers membership (or maybe just told she’s Avengers material without a solid offer) and dismissed the idea saying her place is with the Thunderbolts, with the implications that it was the moment that would have led to the timeline she came from in Forever, but Genis-Vell (who remembered the events of Avengers Forever – or at least the broad strokes of them – including their romantic relationship, thanks to his cosmic awareness) screwed it up by constantly trying to get together with her.

Two people have mentioned Elsa Bloodstone. She is currently appearing in “Fearless Defenders”.

hah, the less Avengers, the better. Same with mutant heroes. I prefer Avengers as being the best of the best of Earth’s heroes.

I was once convinced that Surfer had been, during that period in late 80s when the team lost focus, but surprisingly no. The power thing isn’t an issue as he could just be off world on a whim… Not like he has a day job or family. Like how now he’s apparently no longer bound to earth to protect the Galactus Seed hidden in the world tree, so that he doesn’t have to defend against Thanos’ attack.

Anybody making a list of “characters who shouldn’t be Avengers” really needs to include The Hulk on their list, otherwise they come off as complaining about recent developments rather than actually complaining for story- or character-based reasons.

I would love to see the Hulk on the Avengers. But I mean the Merged *smart* Hulk. Man he would kick all kinds of ass, and they could stop the stupid cliché of the team getting in trouble then sum1 accidentally picking on Bruce Banner, not knowing itll cause a Hulk Ex Machina.

Plus with his brains he could shit all over Stark and outmuscle Thor. Make it happen.

I find it interesting that Black Cat, Human Torch, and Ghost Rider are all on your list, and are all playable characters in Avengers Alliance. I believe they are also the only 3 playable characters in the game who have not been either Avengers or X-Men at some point in time.

Very much agreed about Iceman. Iceman doesn’t fit angsty storylines, and seems more “classic super-hero”… in that he’s kinda boring. Which is okay. Not every character needs a lot of drama. He’s a friggin ACCOUNTANT for christ-sakes. Nothing really exciting there. But, he has a cool look and powerset, and a cool name, and could have lent himself well to more traditional superhero fare- so he should be ported over to Avengers.

“She’s a good character and she’s a female character, which the Avengers could always use more of.”

I thought Jarvis did the housecleaning.

I keed, I keed.

Human Torch can’t join the Avengers. There’s a rights issue with his solo series. That’s why they had those horrible issues where Herbie the robot was an Avenger.

Nice to see so much love for Songbird.

Songbird should have been a members of Hickman’s Avengers World instead of one of the characters he created.

Iceman would make a great Uncanny Avenger.

There have been just too many different characters who have been Avengers. It loses meaning when half the existing members of the MU have been members. That being said here’s my list….

Honorable mention-Sandman. Yeah he was a member briefly, but he was let go too fast. The idea of reformed villains on the team has always appealed to me, and his reformation really followed nicely from his appearances in ASM, MTU, and MTIO.

5. Shadowcat
4. Darkstar
3. ROM (reimaged in some way)
2. Balder
1. M

If there were going to be an Asgardian other than Thor on the Avengers, my first choice would be Sif, because she’s freaking badass. Probably not working with Thor so much as instead of him for a while. Volstagg would be my second choice, just because he’s always fun to have around.

Two things have occurred to me while reading this article and the comments…

1. I don’t really want Warren to be an Avenger… to be honest I’m still pulling him to be made a villain again, and to STICK that way. His transformation into the Angel of Evolution was awesome and had such pathos to it. He was a great villain.

2. With the current threat of The Builders… where the fuck are The Annihilators??? Wasn’t the whole purpose of that team to basically be a giant cosmic wrecking ball to smash any major threats? Those guys put together could do a hell of a lot of damage.

More Annihilators please!

David Spofforth

August 15, 2014 at 12:04 am

I think Johnny would see joining the Avengers as too much of a step down in status. I recall his comment on She -Hulk joining the FF – “A lot classier offer than the Avengers!”

Almost as good as his comment about Onslaught -“I’m sure he’s tough by X-Men standards…”

Songbird is an Avenger now… finally! Cross one off the list.

Johnny Storm and Deadpool off that list now too

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