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You Decide – What Was the Best X-Men Time Travel Epic?

I forgot to link to this one last week, so here it is now. In honor of the new Battle of the Atom crossover, what is your favorite X-Men time travel epic?

Read on for the choices!


“Summer” of 1995? As I recall, those books came out in January-April.

It looks like based on “Battle for the Atom” Marvel has changed the way they do time travel. It seems if you change something in the past it can change your future and it won’t just create an alternate timeline.

It was summer somewhere.

They probably had spring-summer cover dates.

Who came up with these choices? A few of these really don’t have to do with time travel.

– Age of Apocalypse: NOT time travel. The story that preceded it, Legion Quest, had to do with time travel. AoA is just an alternate reality story, present day no less.

– Days of Future Past: NOT time travel. From Kate Pryde’s perspective, yes it is. However, from the X-Men’s, it’s not. Even when they show the future stuff, that’s not time travel. A story about an alternate future, maybe. That’s like calling Terminator a time travel story, when it’s pretty well rooted in the present.

– Days of Future Yet to Come: TIME TRAVEL, as far as I can remember.

– Messiah Complex: Maybe I’m forgetting something, but I’m pretty sure that this is NOT time travel. Didn’t this have to do with the fight for the baby?

– Ashes of Time: TIME TRAVEL. IIRC, this was the story with the corrupt future Sunspot & battle worn Cannonball.

– Days of Future Tense: Pretty sure that this was NOT time travel. It was a future tale (2013), but was there actual time travel?

– Messiah War: TIME TRAVEL. Easiest one here.

– Days of Future Past: Definitely NOT time travel. There was the ghost of future Franklin “Scrapper” Richards in the present, but the rest was just reality warping.

– Here Comes Tomorrow: NOT time travel. Just a story from a potential future.

– Second Coming: The Nimrods ARE from the future, but the story (iirc) is pretty much all present day. I’d have to go with NOT here.

That’s a pretty loose definition of time travel, CBR. Realistically maybe only 3 of these are actually time travel. The rest are either alterna-world tales or about the present day, but with a time traveler. That’s like saying that any What If? stories or stories with Cable, Bishop, or Rachel automatically become time travel epics.

So this is basically a poll to see who ends up in third place, right?

Wow, and I thought my comment was anal.

I think the vast majority of people who’ve seen it DO consider The Terminator a “time travel story”? Two of the three main characters travel through time to interact their past. It’s practically Back to the Future plus a few decades and an Austrian. I can’t see any reason why Michael J. Fox going from the 1980s to the 1950s is a “time travel story” but Michael Biehn going from the 2020s to the 1980s isn’t. I’d say any time you’ve got time travel happening during the course of the story (those last six words are why not every story with Cable or Rachael Grey counts) it’s a time travel story, especially when it’s integral to the plot.

Yeah, seems like if one or more characters time travel as part of the story, it’s a time travel story. Just because it’s future people time travelling to our present doesn’t mean it’s not time travel. And travelling to a possible future is still time travelling to the future.

Oh, it was Michael.

What about Days of Future Present Rob?!?! You gotta tell me if there was time travel in that or not!

Days of Future Past: NOT time travel. From Kate Pryde’s perspective, yes it is.

Which is exactly what makes it a time travel story. I think you’ll find that in almost ever time travel story ever, it’s an individual or small group that does the time traveling, not the general populace.

However, this list is clearly invalid because it does not include Unlimited Access #2, the “Days of Future Past”/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover, which is obviously the best of all X-Men time-travel stories.

I was hoping to vote for X-Factor “Time and a Half” / “Overtime”. Surely that would count if those Excalibur stories count? Ah well..

Growing up on the 90s cartoon, I love their DoFP version with Bishop and Gambit in it. After knowing those episodes for years, the original DoFP is actually quite hasty as a read and feels a little rushed, especially the way the future versions of them all die in two panels. The legacy of that series, however, is probably the most important X-men time travel story, since it sets the mold for the arc about a dystopian future that results in somehow having an extra Summers child around. But heart of hearts, whenever I heard someone say “the Future” in just the right way, I think of the Animated Series, so that’s my favorite X-men time travel moment in any medium. Fingers crossed for the new movie.

Will: I think the X-Factor story should count, too.

Rob: Your brand of severe anal retentiveness boggles the mind.

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