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You Decide – Which Erased Marriage Would You Like to See Un-Erased?

Early last week I wrote a column about the various marriages that were erased over the past few decades.

So we thought it’d be fun to see which of these marriages that you folks would most like to see UN-erased!

(NOTE: Marriages where one or both of the couple were killed doesn’t count as a marriage being broken up. If they returned from death and broke up, then fair enough, but if they’re still dead then it doesn’t count)


Spider-Man and Mary-Jane, mostly to watch Quesada pop every blood vessel in his head.

How about the ones that were simply re-booted out of existence, like Superman and Lois Lane?

I know that everyone’s going to say Spider-Man and Mary Jane, but Hank Pym deserves better than what Marvel’s done to him in the last few decades. Peter Parker and Mary Jane is one that never should have even happened to begin with. Hank Pym and The Wasp is one that never should have been allowed to break up.

Alternatively there’s also Scarlett Witch and Vision, which only ever got broken up because of John Byrne trying to make everyone else hate the character(s) as much as he did.

Although there are some interesting picks here, we all know which one is going to win.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley.

Hulk and Betty, if only because it was given this sort of “quiet fizzle-out” treatment. Betty was dead, then came back, but didn’t want to patch their relationship. Pak had them kind of rebuild their relationship by the end, though their marriage was sort of ambiguously over due to a single line in one issue. Subsequent writers (Aaron, Parker, and Waid) haven’t really wanted to rebuild it.

I do, however, have a certain fondness for the Hulk’s two-issue marriage to Caiera the Oldstrong….

I’ll go with Vizh/Scarlet Witch but I admit it’s a tough call. So many choices …

Vision and Scarlet Witch all the way. Always thought they were a sweet and unique couple.


There are a lot of good choices here, but Mr. Miracle and Big Barda were conceived as a married couple. It is baked into the premise.

Why are Wally and Linda on the list? I mean, isn’t “doesn’t currently exist” functionally equivalent to “dead” here?

The bottom three are really telling.

I went with Wally and Linda primarily because un-erasing their marriage would also result in the un-erasing of them as characters.

There are a lot of good choices here, but Mr. Miracle and Big Barda were conceived as a married couple. It is baked into the premise.

They were conceived as a couple, to be sure, but I dunno about the married part. After all, they didn’t actually get married until the final issue of the series when the book was being canceled anyways.

Apollo and Midnighter. Nothing about their relationship changed when they got married in the Authority. They continued to have very little outside social lives to speak of, they had a kid before they got married and they still went through a break-up and reunion afterwards.

I didn’t even know that Scott and Barda had split up. Otherwise, I’d have been hitting on her big time.

No option for All of the Above?

I agree with the top 3, but I voted Wally/Linda solely because Wally should still be around.

I miss Wally and Linda too. I grew up with Barry, I love Barry but I wasn’t happy to see him replace Wally in the suit.

I voted Wally and Linda partially for the same reason as M Bloom, and partially because (and I know this speaks simply to my own reading experience more than anything else) I’ve never read a Wally Flash story where they weren’t a couple, so it’s difficult for me to picture them not together. (I’ve read the complete Waid and Johns runs, but never the Baron or Loebs stuff.) To me they’re one of the defining comic couples of the modern age. While Superman/Lois and Spidey/MJ both got decades worth of mileage out of the will they/won’t they stories before finally marrying, Wally and Linda were only ever together from the moment she first appeared.

Honestly, I’ll be surprised if Scott and Barda don’t end up together again soonish* – weren’t they both just recently reintroduced in Earth 2? (I voted for them anyway, though, because while I do believe Lois and Clark and Peter and MJ should be together, having Scott and Barda not together is like trying to make Hawk and Dove unrelated solo characters, or bringing back Ralph and Sue Dibny as siblings instead of husband and wife).

*(I say soon”ish” because everything in Earth 2 seems to take about three times as long as it needs to – I could easily see them having a “will they or won’t they” relationship that takes longer than Mulder and Scully’s to get anywhere)

Third Man, Linda and Wally weren’t originally together when WML introduced her. But yes, compared to so many major couples in comics, they didn’t take long.

I vote for all of them. Im so sick of this fake romance drama, certain editors feel need to happen every few years. Why cant our heroes inspire us not just with there heroic acts but with there relationship commitments. Its just so frustrating and so full of shit.

How many fucking failed girlfriends do I need to see Spider-Man get shit on and dumped by? Is that the new storys Quesadilla promised us? Becuz I gotta say, we’ve seen it all before and its tiring.

I gotta say, MJ turned into an empty-headed Barbie doll as soon as she got married. She used to have a real verve and instantly recognizable dialog style. When her hair got huge it squeezed out her brain.

Here’s my take on the marriages i care about:
Should Be Together:

Vision and Scarlet Witch – a great, long-standing pairing. Has plenty of inherent drama. Still should be together.
The Atom and Jean Loring – Also very long standing; has the fact that she’s not a super-hero to make it interesting. Also, undoing her actions from Identity Crisis would be great!
Barry Allen and Iris West – Kind of the template for all DC married couples.
Wally West and Linda Park – Saw their relationship develop from people who didn’t really like each other to a fully formed, realistic married couple. Got a bit tired of the ‘Linda is my anchor to reality’, but other than that, a great couple.
Hank Pym and the Wasp – totally should be together. Have gone through so much that there would always be something interesting to their relationship. Also, a great model for how spousal abuse can be worked through.
Superman and Lois Lane – Superman has always seen himself as a human, ergo he wants a human wife; not Wonder Woman, Maxima, Big Barda, etc. He thinks of himself as Clark & finds that Lois is his soulmate.

Green Arrow and Black Canary – Too fiesty to settle down. BC said in Longbow Hunters that she won’t make orphans, so why the need to get married?
Hulk and Betty Ross – The Hulk is a tragic character, so why bring a loving, stable relationship into the book?
Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson-Parker – If Peter is everyman who never catches a break, why does he get to marry a model who is the woman of his dreams. Should have never gotten married in the first place.

To the people saying “all of them” I point out that Alicia would not accept bigamy
(I don’t know how Lyja would feel about it)

on Donna and Terry – it would bring back too many bad memories of how it ended ..and I’m not certain if I want Donna to have to live through the bleak and sordid existence that is the “new 52″

Though, Ame-Comi Girls is a possibility

reviewing the Marvel couples – many split for a “good” reason.

Storm and Black Panther’s marriage didn’t work because it was a mixed marriage – He was an Avenger, she was an XMan. For a while they were Fantastic together but it didn’t last. She went back to her old friends while he lurked around Hell’s Kitchen rarely seeing each other. Maybe they could try to both join the Uncanny Avengers and see if they can make a life together there but I can’t see them sticking together.

Crystal believes in the song “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”. She has an emotional need to be in a constant relationship but Quicksilver is constantly on the move never staying still long enough for a steady enough relationship to satisfy Crystal – so no to that one..

Vision and Scarlet Witch didn’t end their marriage for a good reason but it ended and Vision doesn’t seem the same person anymore. The ending feels so total that any relationship between them would be a new relationship rather than the resumption of an old relationship.

When the Human Torch married Alicia it was significant character development as he finally grew-up and became mature. While readers and writers want and enjoy change, editors and publishers don’t – they just want the illusion of change so Johnny is back to the reckless irresponsible old self and the marriage is over. Any future marriage to Alicia would hit the same problem.
Lyja is a different matter – it is possible to be married to an invading alien and still be reckless and irresponsible.

The former-owner of a former-comic-shop I visited once said “Peter Parker is a pimp”. Spiderman is constantly surrounded by pretty women and this is not Crying Freeman. Being married to Mary Jane meant Peter couldn’t get amorous with Black Cat or date Silver Sable, etc. The marriage ended so he could go back to his playboy lifestyle.

and Clint Barton is similar with Natasha, Wanda, Bobbi, Karla, the doombot, etc (and I don’t think even he knows what his relationship with Kate is).

Henry Pym is too crazy to impose on a woman
…and there’s something…evil…about Daimon.

Bruce and Betty were always a couple who belonged together- their marriage ended because she was “dead” and so he could marry an alien woman. Betty’s alive again and the alien woman is dead so there is no reason why they can”t get back together (especially as she can now keep up with him).

I’m pretty sure Clint DOES know what his relationship with Kate is, just like we do: platonic. She’s like his niece or little sister or something. And she has a boyfriend. Creepy.

This poll would have been so much more interesting in reverse. What is the one you’d least like to see get back together? It may or may not reflects the current votes.

My vote: Mister Miracle and Barda, without a shred of doubt. They were made for each other.

I’ve always liked Green Arrow/Black Canary but nostalgia is a poor reason for reuniting a separated couple. Then again, I don’t follow either of their books so eh.

Hank Pym and the Wasp had a good thing, it went bad and they need to move on. I would actively dislike a forced reunion, and I believe Tigra is the perfect woman for a more mature Hank. Same thing with Vision and the Scarlet Witch – they grew apart. Let them STAY apart. Again, nostalgia is a bad reason for pushing a couple back together. Let’s see them find love elsewhere. The whole mess with their imaginary babies, mixed with Vision having been killed by Wanda’s psychotic breakdown, would ruin any relationship, there are too many bitter memories between them. None of these characters are headliners so they have a faint possibility of being allowed to grow as individuals (unlike Spider-Man), and I really enjoy character development. So I’d rather see Hank, Jan, Wanda and Vizh find happiness with different partners. Some marriages just don’t work out. Crystal and Quicksilver should stay separate for the same reasons, plus I really liked Crystal’s relationship with Ronan the Accuser.

It would be cool in theory if Superman were back with Lois, but now DC would have to go through the whole process of Lois learning his ID/Clark proposing/bombastic wedding again before they could be married, and it just seems like a tiresome exercise. DC has already DONE all these things, I have read all those books, and I personally would not be interesting in going through the motions again. If they really feel so strongly about their marriage being bad for storytelling, let’s see what DC can do with them separate that’s so much better. I’m not impressed so far, but maybe one of these days DC’s comics will stop sucking, hope springs eternal.

The thing that bothered me most about Peter and MJ’s breakup was the idiotic and heavyhanded method Marvel used to get there. Now that they’re single and were never married, I honestly don’t care about their marriage anymore. I have no illusions left about Spider-Man being allowed to grow or mature. If when Peter comes back from death he’s still going to be stuck as a twentysomething casanova (which I presume he will be), I just hope they can make that congealed status-quo somewhat entertaining. I have plenty of comics where they’re together and plenty of comics where Peter was single, and frankly neither status-quo was intrinsically better than the other; both periods produced good and bad stories. If Marvel prefers Spider-Man as a swingin’ bachelor involved in romantic misadventures then sure, what the hell, let’s see what they can make out of it.

Hulk and Betty together would be nice, but at this point I imagine that would mean Hulk and Red-She Hulk having adventures together. That might be fun, but right now I’m enjoying Hulk’s new direction so it wouldn’t bother me if they stayed apart.

Black Panther and Storm being married seemed like an interesting idea at first, but I don’t think it was beneficial for either character. They really have vastly different priorities in their lives, and if either one embraced the other’s priorities it would only weaken their own stories. If the Panther turned Wakanda into a mutant refuge he’d become a subsidiary of X-Men comics, and if Ororo began focusing on Wakandan politics she’d become a supporting actor for T’Challa’s no-longer-being-published adventures. I kinda liked them together but I don’t see what benefit it brought in terms of storytelling.

Hellcat and Daimon Hellstrom? I wouldn’t mind that at all, and if I could vote for more than one option they would have gotten my vote. Two headstrong and volatile personalities, mixing Hellcat’s bold irreverence with Daimon’s dark post-punk rebellion? I could see that couple working very well indeed, it could be FUN (that mythical word whose absence we lament so frequently in modern comics).

I guess bringing Hawkeye and Mockingbird together again might work if it were done right. The circumstances surrounding the end of their marriage were beyond convoluted, after all, and that miniseries with their reunion after “Secret Invasion” had an interesting chemistry. The problem is that Hawkeye is currently being portrayed as a casanova, continuing the grand tradition of Hawkeye and Green Arrow borrowing from each other’s characterizations.

Human Torch’s marriage with Alicia Masters was a mistake, IMHO. It was a serious breach of the bro-code, which Johnny should understand and respect more than anyone else. When it was revealed that she was a Skrull, I just jumped right out and waited for the nonsense to go away. It’s one of the storylines that I pretend never happened, cleanly erased from my “personal canon”.

Jean Loring was an insufferable shrew and then she was a lunatic. Let’s not do this to Ray Palmer again.

Shouldn’t Wally West exist before he can be married to anyone else, never mind another character that doesn’t exist?

And in the comics I own Apollo and Midnighter ARE married, so I don’t know what you’re talking about and lalalalalala I’m not listening. I just don’t care for whatever they’re calling “The Authority” nowadays.

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