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Month of Cool Avengers/X-Men Comic Book Moments – Rogue Goes Boom!

All month long we will feature brand-new Cool Avengers and X-Men Comic Book Moments in celebration of their fiftieth anniversaries this month. Here is an archive of all the past cool comic moments that I’ve featured so far over the years.

Today we look at an awesome moment where Rogue uses her powers in an interesting way to try to take out a massive threat to the X-Men…

In Uncanny X-Men #247 by Chris Claremont, Marc Silvestri and Dan Green, the X-Men are in a pitched battle against the crazed Sentinel known as the Master Mold. Rogue, meanwhile, was going through one of her personality shifts where the Carol Danvers’ side of her personality (Rogue had absorbed Carol Danvers’ powers and personality in her first appearance in Avengers Annual #10) had taken over Rogue’s body, even having her wear her old Ms. Marvel costume. In #247, Rogue regains control while in the middle of the battle with the Master Mold.

The X-Men are having a hard time…

So Rogue then decides to use her powers to absorb Colossus’ powers and try a bold and outrageous plan…

Wow, what an awesome scene by Silvestri and Green!

Sadly, the Master Mold recovers and Rogue is captured in the Master Mold’s blast. Her only way out was to get Dazzler to blast both Rogue and the Master Mold into the Siege Perilous (a sort of mystical reset button, in the form of a magic doorway) to save everyone else. It’s an awesome moment, but one I don’t quite think qualifies for a listing on my recent “Top Five Heroic X-Men Deaths” list because Rogue knew that the Siege Perilous wouldn’t actually kill her.


Where did the Siege Perilous end up sending Rogue? I remember Poitr became a bohemian artist in NYC, Psylocke went to Japan, Havok ended up in Genosha, and Dazzler went to LA. But I can’t remember where the Siege threw Rogue. Ugh, Wiki here I come.

She ended up back in Australia, only split from the Ms. Marvel side of her personality. She ended up ridding herself of the personality while getting to keep the powers. Pretty sweet deal.

I remember this issue’s story being titled “The Light That Failed” and given Alison’s vision of her own death in the previous issue, I was afraid that Dazzler would be the one to go. Rogue was becoming so popular at the time that I didn’t worry as much when she went through that thing.

I remember reading that Dazzler was supposed to die, but Claremont changed his mind after someone suggested a plot about Dazzler’s movie. What I can’t remember is where did the Siege send Master Mold.

For years, people guessed that it turned into Bastion and really, that was such a great idea I dunno why they never actually did it in the comics. I guess not wanting to tie into a continuity point from so many years ago?

Wait, Brian, I thought it WAS definitely stated that the Siege Perilous had transformed the Master Mold / Nimrod amalgam into Bastion? I think it was in a Cable / Machine Man annual in the late 1990s.

In any case, I remember when I read this issue I was really confused about Rogue having Ms. Marvel’s personality & wearing her costume, because I had some vague awareness that Ms. Marvel had turned into Binary and was off in outer space with the Starjammers, or something. Keep in mind, I had only just started reading the X-Men on a semi-regular basis, so I had absolutely no knowledge about what had gone on years before with Carol Danvers in Avengers annual #10. I had the same problem when a year and a half later Rogue finally returned in Uncanny X-Men #269.

I think that Chris Claremont is a very good writer, but I really think this is a good example of how towards the later part of his run I think both he and the editors seemed to forget that not everyone who was picking up Uncanny X-Men had been following the series since the mid-1970s. I do agree that Jim Shooter could be a very controlling editor-in-chief, but he was absolutely right when he said that every issue could be someone’s first. If Claremont had just included a little bit of exposition in this two part story, it would have save me a lot of head-scratching. As it was, it would be at least a few years before I got caught up on Carol Danvers’ complicated backstory, and I could look back and say “Oh, so THAT is what was going on with Rogue in those issues.”

Okay, here is a link to Nimrod’s profile on the website The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe:


Wow, that is way too complicated! Time travel and alternate timelines make my head hurt. But, yes, at the end of Nimrod’s convoluted chronology, he is transformed into Bastion by the Siege Perilous.

Oh good, I’m glad that that is what they came up with. Now I remember that Machine Man Annual. Man, that was some convoluted stuff.

Wow…Rogue is the original superhero mashup in that scene–Ms. Marvel and Colossus all in one.

What’s the goofiest power absorption that Rogue has ever pulled? I remember she pulled some Skrull powers in the early 2000s and couldn’t control it, so she kept manifesting other powers (like Wolverine’s claws). I’m also curious if she’s ever absorbed Multiple Man’s powers.

This was the beginning of the end for Claremont’s X-Men for me. I loved Nimrod as a character. To merge him with Master Mold and write him out this way seemed like such a waste. It wasn’t too much longer before everyone went through the Siege Perilous, where I really stopped caring.

Definitely a cool moment for Rogue, though.

Also, Claremont forgot about this trick of Rogue’s when he returned for Revolution. In it, Rogue couldn’t absorb Colossus’s power. No explanation as to why.

Silvestri and Green’s art from this period of X-Men is probably my favorite, of anyone, ever. perfect style of cartooning for combining action, drama and humor.

i much prefer it to the later Silvestri work. way too many lines and scratching.

i remember reading all these issues as back issues (i started regularly picking up X-Men off spinner racks around the 260’s), and was thoroughly confused. Rogue was particularly befuddling.but it was never a serious impediment to my enjoyment of these incredibly rad comics.

i remember that issue. including how rogue even dressed as miss marvel still helped fight master mold and then to have to go through the siege as the only way to win. which is interesting for thought she would have taken colusses life force to from the kiss

Silvestri/Green <3 <3 <3

that is all I have to add. This is probably my favorite "X-men vs Sentinels" story, and #247 is a artistic tour-de-force in action storytelling.

Something has just occurred to me. Have we ever seen Rogue absorb the powers and/or abilities from someone -twice-? Just in the basic comics, has Rogue ever done a repeat drain of someone on different occasions?

What I loved about Silvestri’s work back then is that it had a sense of humor about itself. For example the stars around Colossus’s head. Great stuff. Once the Image era hit in earnest, his work became more “serious,” humorless, busy, and stiff like Jim Lee’s, which was unfortunate.

Yusaku, I know for sure she’s absorbed Colossus one time prior to this, in a previous encounter with Nimrod. (And Nightcrawler at the same time.) You can see it here.


@Yusaku- in addition to Colossus, which R. mentioned, she also absorbed Nightcrawler in Uncanny 194 and X-Men Annual 9,Wolverine in Uncanny 158 and 173 and Storm in Uncanny 158 and 185.

GREAT issue!! I loved this group of Xmen, second only to the Romita, Jr. era.

I never get the enormous confusion by people reading these comics. One issue to maybe a handful, you were caught up on everything you might need to know. I cut my comics teeth on Claremont’s mutant books. Hell, everyone’s dialogue was “self” exposition half the time. “focuses totality of my powers” “pretty much invulverable when I’m blasting” “absorb the other persons powers and personality….”

Did we really need half of every issue to be a recap?


September 27, 2013 at 2:54 pm

Yusaku, I know for sure she’s absorbed Colossus one time prior to this, in a previous encounter with Nimrod. (And Nightcrawler at the same time.) You can see it here.


Rogue is in possesion of Kitty’s ablilties, et al. in this scene as well.

She’s also probably absorbed Wolverine’s healing factor a good number of times.

I’m with R; Nimrod was far cooler than Bastion or anything they came up with for him/it later.

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