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Flippin’ through Previews – October 2013

Demon-tpb_cvr (2)

Oh, Previews. Welcome to the next 300 issues with October’s slab, #301!

This future is too cheery - let's fix that!

This future is too cheery – let’s fix that!

Dark Horse:

The first item in Previews is Terminator: Salvation – The Final Battle #1 (of 12!?!?!) on page 36. This is by J. Michael Straczynski and Pete Woods, so it will probably be entertaining. I don’t know – I’m still waiting for JMS to write a truly great comic book, and I doubt a licensed one will be it. Plus, I’m spoiled for Terminator comics ever since I read the James Robinson/Matt Wagner one. That was pretty excellent. (4 December)

Come on, ya big dumb robot - just kill him!

Come on, ya big dumb robot – just kill him!

I like Tony Parker a lot – he’s a very nice dude and his art just keeps getting better. He just keeps working on random things that I have no interest in, unfortunately. This time it’s Mass Effect: Foundation volume 1, which gets a trade on page 45. I mean, video games and I have no history together, and I just don’t care to dive into this. Parker needs to do something I want to read, damn it! (5 February)

On page 51, Brain Boy #0 is offered. This collects the story from Dark Horse Presents, and it’s not bad. It’s by Fred van Lente and Freddie Williams II, and it’s an interesting take on telepaths working for the government. (11 December)

You know, I’m still enjoying The Massive, but I worry that Dark Horse claims on page 57 that the eighteenth issue is when it “heats up.” Um, shouldn’t it already have heated up? I mean, really. (18 December)

47 Ronin gets a hardcover trade on page 59. I didn’t get this in single issues because I figured it would get collected in a nice trade, and here it is! (19 February)

Ah, the good old days - when armies just ran at each other and hacked away!

Ah, the good old days – when armies just ran at each other and hacked away!

In the Mignola-verse, there’s a third Lobster Johnson trade on page 65. I like these trades. They’re fun, pulpy goodness. (12 February)


Justice League 3000 gets resolicited on page 89, now with 100% less Kevin Maguire! I really don’t get this move, but I guess DC thought they just didn’t have enough serious books in their stable, so they needed another one! (4 December)

Jeff Parker takes over Aquaman with issue #26 (page 90). That’s pretty cool. Parker doesn’t get as much acclaim as some writers, but he’s damned good, so let’s hope DC leaves him alone a bit (yeah, I know, I’m laughing as I type it). (31 December)

I sense the sinister hand of Dan DiDio in the Mera/Aquaman rift!

I sense the sinister hand of Dan DiDio in the Mera/Aquaman rift!

I made a joke last month about Harley Quinn getting ready for the roller derby, and now, in Harley Quinn #1 (page 103), we find out that she’s actually joining the roller derby! Holy crap, that’s weird. Anyway, Amanda Conner isn’t drawing the series, Chad Hardin is. Hardin’s not bad, but he’s no Amanda Conner. (18 December)

Tom Peyer shows up as a guest writer on Batman ’66 #6, in a story about the Bookworm (page 121). Go check out John Layman’s Twitter feed to see the daily jokes he makes at Peyer’s expense (Peyer responds in kind, naturally). #shouldhaveahashtag (18 December)

On page 129, DC is releasing a collection of stories called Batman ’66: The TV Stories, which has Batman stories that were eventually adapted into episodes on the show. That might be interesting. (Elvis’s birthday)

The Demon: From the Darkness trade (page 130) collects Matt Wagner’s four-issue mini-series and the one issue of the monthly series he did. I own all of these, and they’re pretty good. Not great, but Wagner’s art is always a treat. (15 January)

He's so happy being evil!

He’s so happy being evil!

Dead Boy Detectives, the concept that just won’t die (if you’ll pardon the pun), gets a new monthly series on page 136. This has always been a charming concept, but it’s not the most amazing idea in the world, but people who work for DC really seem to like it. So it keeps showing up! I guess we’ll see if it has legs this time out. (31 December)

On page 140, Animal Man volume 5 gets released. This is not the current series, but the post-Morrison issues from the original series. So we get Peter Milligan’s brilliant six-issue arc that followed Morrison, and then Tom Veitch takes over. I haven’t read those issues, but just for Milligan’s story, this is worth a look. (22 January) [Edit: Whoops, this is the wrong solicit text. This should collect only Veitch’s run – maybe issues #38-50? DC screwed up. Oh well.]

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Brian Bolland is really good, yo

Brian Bolland is really good, yo

Next to that, another trade of Garth Ennis’s Hellblazer shows up, collecting some middle issues of the run, including Constantine’s 40th birthday issue, which is pretty darned good (and funny). (31 December)

If you’ve never gotten into The Invisibles, DC is releasing the series in big hardcovers starting on page 142. I was never a huge fan of the series, but it’s been a long time since I sat down and read it (since it was coming out, probably), so one day I’ll have to give it another shot. (12 February)

I guess someone mentioned to the PTB at DC that Brian K. Vaughan is writing a pretty popular book, because DC cranks out a trade of his run on Swamp Thing from back in the day (page 144). This collects the first ten issues. (Elvis’s birthday)

When are they going to let Mike Sterling write an introduction to one of these collections?

When are they going to let Mike Sterling write an introduction to one of these collections?


John Byrne gets credited for the “art” on Star Trek Annual 2013 on page 155, even though it’s trumpeted as a “fotonovel” that features stills from the television show. I get that Byrne found the stills and manipulated them to fit his story, but should he really count as the artist? Either way, this looks wacky.

Seriously, that's just weird

Seriously, that’s just weird

Darwyn Cooke is back with a new Parker adaptation, Slayground (page 159). These are excellent comics, people. You really should check one out.

IDW solicits The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Friction #4 on page 177. What happened to that series? It kind of disappeared.


I’m a bit puzzled by Dead Body Road on page 182. It’s a revenge tale, which doesn’t interest me, but Justin Jordan is a decent writer, and Matteo Scalera is a good artist, so it’s intriguing. I’m puzzled by Scalera, though, who is the regular artist on Black Science, the first issue of which hasn’t even shipped yet. So has this been in the can for a while and Scalera won’t have a conflict? Or can he actually draw two books a month for six months, which is how long this mini-series is? So many questions! (11 December)

The Saviors (page 186) is about a dude who “stumbles upon an extraterrestrial conspiracy to take over the world.” While that sounds fine as ideas go, this is written by James Robinson and drawn by J. Bone, so of course I’m going to check it out! (26 December)

It's pants-crappingly good!

It’s pants-crappingly good!

There’s the Black Kiss Christmas Special on page 192. I’m sure that will be charming! (18 December)

Mind the Gap begins a new story arc in issue #16 (page 198), and we’re promised it’s a good place to jump into the series. I doubt that. I mean, it’s a perfectly fine series, but it doesn’t seem to lend itself to jumping in 16 issues in. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong! (11 December)

There’s a second volume of A Distant Soil on page 199. Apparently the story gets more confusing. Bring it on! (18 December)

I’ve been waiting for Multiple Warheads to come out in trade, and on page 201, it shows up! Yay! If you haven’t checked out Brandon Graham’s amazing comics yet, here’s your chance! (4 December)

This will take twice as long to read as any other comic of comparable length!

This will take twice as long to read as any other comic of comparable length!

Snapshot comes out in trade on page 201. It’s not bad. Nice art, decent enough story. (11 December)

I wonder if Secret #7 was supposed to be the final issue of the series, or if Hickman retooled it when it was clear the book was never coming out (and I have no idea if that Hickman’s fault or Ryan Bodenheim’s, but it’s still annoying). Anyway, the final issue is on page 217. (18 December; taking that with a HUGE grain of salt)


What’s the over/under on number of issues of Inhumanity (page 2) that Olivier Coipel draws? Or is this another series where they only plan three issues for him and then he’ll zip off somewhere else? (4 December)

What a weird way to kick through that glass

What a weird way to kick through that glass

Origin II gets offered on page 10 by “superstars” Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert. I picked on Gillen on Twitter because I wasn’t aware he had reached “superstar” status at Marvel, but that’s nice for him. Don’t forget to get your acetate cover!!!! (25 December)

So, Avengers #24.NOW = Avengers #1 in the All-New Marvel NOW? What the flying fuck does that mean? The incessant rebranding of the Big Two smells really desperate, doesn’t it? I mean, why even put numbers on the books, amirite? Jeebus. Seriously, what does that even mean? (25 December)

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Speaking of “superstars,” the solicit for Young Avengers #14 is brilliant: “We gather in a night club, and have a string of connected and overlapping stories starring our cast. It’s a completely and unprecedented approach to a story in comics history. There are no parallels. We refuse to accept it.” If you don’t know why that’s funny, you really need to read pre-Marvel Gillen comics. (18 December)

Wait, Peter Parker is back? Amazing Spider-Man #700.1, .2, .3, .4, AND .5 (pages 24-26, and yes, I’m crying a little inside) bring him back to the Marvel Universe? I mean, I’m shocked. SHOCKED!!!! (December)

You know, I looked at the cover of Captain America #14 (page 37) and thought, “I bet Dean White colored that.” And then I looked at the credits. Man, I’m good. (11 December)



If you have $125 lying around, you can buy the Spider-Man by Roger Stern Omnibus on page 70. It’s 1248 pages, so there is that. I haven’t read all of this, but these are some great stories, so if you have that kind of cash burning a hole in your pocket, pick this up. (26 March)

On page 72, Marvel has The Muppets Omnibus by Roger Langridge and a few other people. This is only $50 for (really?) 1296 pages, if you’re interested in it. I was not blown away by Langridge’s Muppets stuff, but I know it has its fans. (5 March) [Edit: Another mistake by Marvel. This book is something like 500 pages, but someone from Marvel cut and pasted the page count from the Stern Omnibus. Silly Marvel!]

Phil Noto draws the Muppets!

Phil Noto draws the Muppets!

The Battle of the Atom hardcover is on page 74. It’s $50 for 10 issues (224 pages). That seems a bit excessive. Anyway, according to the solicits, the Original X-Men have to go back to the past, but O. G. Scott and O. G. Jean don’t want to. Is Bendis really going to put the X-Men back where they belong? I have difficulty believing that. (Elvis’s birthday)

If you want the entire Rick Remender Uncanny X-Force between two covers, you’ll need $100 (page 76). According to me, the epic went downhill steadily from its early peak, which was the first story arc. By the end it wasn’t a terribly good comic. But others like it! (5 March)

There’s a Days of Future Past hardcover on page 77, which will set you back $40. It has some good stuff in here, although it also has some not very good stuff, too. Oh, so many decisions! (5 March)

Now that X-Factor has run its course, Marvel is collecting the series in giant trades, so the first one shows up on page 97. This has the Madrox mini-series and the first 12 issues of the ongoing for only $35, which isn’t a bad deal at all. (22 January)

You know what’s next: The back of the book!!!!

Action Lab has a trade of Princeless short stories on page 236. That’s awfully nice of them.

The latest from Gerry Alanguilan is Where Bold Stars Go to Die, out from SLG on page 238. It’s the story of a dude who falls in lust with an old, forgotten starlet. Alanguilan’s last book, Elmer, was superb, so I’m looking forward to this. He’s not drawing this, though, so we’ll have to see what it looks like.

Hey, put some clothes on!

Hey, put some clothes on!

Jim Mahfood writers and draws Hawken: Melee #2 from Archaia on page 246. That’s … strange.

I know that Ardden Entertainment made a big splash when they launched, but I haven’t seen much about them since. Well, on page 257 they have Devil’s Hopyard #1, which is about a cop in a superhero world. Oooh, it’s “R-rated”! That’s exciting. I mention it because it’s written by “Flash Gordon scribe Brendan Deneen!” I was really hoping he wrote the 1980 movie, but they’re talking about the comic book series from Dynamite. Dang. [Edit: This is my bad. Deneen actually wrote the Flash Gordon book that Ardden put out. Bad research on my part. Sorry!]

There’s a new Fearless Dawn one-shot on page 257 called Fearless Dawn: Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights, coming from Asylum Press. Yes, it’s Nazis using dinosaurs to fight the good guys. Yes, it’s ridiculous. But you really need to check out Steve Mannion’s artwork, and he totally embraces the ridiculousness, so it becomes charming. It’s only $3.99! Put down that drab issue of New Avengers and get this instead!

Story continues below

Nothing but cheesecakery!

Nothing but cheesecakery!

Garth Ennis has a new book out from Avatar on page 261 called Rover Red Charlie. It’s about the end of the world … and the three stars are dogs. Yep. That could be interesting, to be sure. I’m not sure if it’s going to be “shockingly original,” as the solicits call it, but whatever. It has fully painted art, which is interesting. Oh, Garth Ennis – you’re such a nut.

Boom! keeps bringing out these imprints, which is great even though it’s a bit odd. Is the original Boom! brand name so pervasive that they feel the need for a bunch of imprints? Anyway, on page 275 they have The Midas Flesh from Ryan North, in which a crew of astronauts lands on a gold-covered planet to investigate what’s going on. Sounds neat.

Ryan North loves him some dinosaurs!

Ryan North loves him some dinosaurs!

Steven Grant has a new comic out called Deceivers on page 281. It’s about two con men who are recruited by a rogue CIA agent to catch a thief. Of course they are. Grant loves stories like these, and he’s quite good at them, so this should be pretty keen.

Dynamite continues its attempts to get Greg Hatcher to buy every single comic they publish, as Chris Roberson writes Doc Savage on page 290. Hatcher has to be consulting with Dynamite, right? He has to be telling them which comics to publish, doesn’t he? (11 December)

Alex Ross just cranks these covers out, doesn't he?

Alex Ross just cranks these covers out, doesn’t he?

I won’t be spending $150 on the Frank Thorne Red Sonja Art Edition on page 292, but I still love the fact that comics companies are doing this. Man, I wish I had piles of cash lying around. (11 December)

Who's buying this for me?

Who’s buying this for me?

On page 298, David Liss writes Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives, which focuses on Moriarty after he went over the Reichenbach Falls. I don’t know if this is going to be a story about Moriarty “as you’ve never seen him before,” because there was a Moriarty series from Image not too long ago, but it’s still an interesting idea. (11 December)

Drumfish Productions has Bugged on page 314, which is a story about a dude who finds a talking cockroach that allows him to see the evil committed by others. He decides to right all those wrongs with the help of the roach. Well, that sounds odd. But, you know, interesting.

I wouldn't want to see that dude walking toward me!

I wouldn’t want to see that dude walking toward me!

Humanoids has the first comic by Nicholas de Crécy, Foligatto, on page 323. De Crécy is a good artist, and this book – about a carnival in a rural town which features the homecoming of a famous opera star – sounds pretty cool.

Pang, the Wandering Shaolin Monk gets a second volume on page 324 from ICU Press (of course, you can read this on-line, but that’s no fun, is it?). The first volume was pretty good, so let’s hope this keeps up the level of quality!

Sullivan’s Sluggers finally gets resolicited on page 326 from Maneki Neko Books. I wanted this back in the day, but the ugliness over the Kickstarter campaign has kind of soured me on it. Plus, it’s $50, which is a bit steep, even for 200 pages of James Stokoe art and what sounds like a decent story.



Watson and Holmes hasn’t finished its first arc yet, but the trade gets offered on page 328 from New Paradigm Studios. So far, it’s pretty good, so if you’ve been waiting for the trade, here it is!

Oni has Down Set Fight! on page 333, which is co-written by Chris Sims. It sounds like a typical Simsian comic – an ex-football player is suddenly attacked by sports mascots, and he has to fight them. It doesn’t sound like my thing, but good for Sims! (12 February)

The Absence on page 344 from Titan Comics sounds keen. In 1946, a man returns to an English coastal town with plenty of secrets. There’s also a newcomer who has visions of a horrible future. It sounds eerie and bizarre.

In Greg Hatcher’s latest post, Perry Holly expressed surprise that The First Kingdom was being collected and published, so I’ll point out that volume 3 is offered on page 344. Pre-order it today!

Peter Milligan takes over Shadowman with issue #13 on page 352 from Valiant. Will it be Good Milligan or Bad Milligan? The world holds its breath!

On that ominous note, let’s wrap things up for this month. Have fun trawling through Previews! You know you want to! And be sure to check the comments for when Travis points out all the things I might have missed!


Hatcher has to be consulting with Dynamite, right? He has to be telling them which comics to publish, doesn’t he?

No, but I’m beginning to think they’ve got a listening device in my car, because I speculate about possibilities for wish-list comics ideas to Julie and then Dynamite does something almost exactly around the concept. In addition to the new Doc, they’ve also got THE SHADOW NOW coming from Liss and Worley, whose SPIDER was so terrific. And CODENAME ACTION is hitting me right where I live. Setting a crossover in the sixties spy era, and doing it as a legacy-pulp, Wold Newton-type story is pressing ALL my fanboy buttons. KING’S WATCH not so much but I still like it.

All I can say is: thank god DC let Doc Savage go over to Dynamite comics. Love me some Savage and look forward to the inevitable Shadow/ Doc Savage team-up ( again.)

Hopefully we’ll get a Flash Gordon, Phantom, Tarzan, Shadow, Doc Savage, John Carter team-up somwhere down the line. I know it sounds crazy, and I’m looking forward to the Defenders of the Earth book, but I’ve always fantasised about a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen- like book featuring these pulp characters, of course my line up also included the Rocketeer but IDW owns him don’t they?

“I’m still waiting for JMS to write a truly great comic book”

You… how long are you going to wait?

I love me some Matt Wagner goodness. I have read both the DEMON mini-series and the TERMINATOR one-shot when they first came out, and yes, they were well done.
Just wish that he would get MAGE 3 out soon! (sigh)

I’m keeping an “eye” out for the Black Kiss X-mas Special in my stocking. ;-)

Have you noticed the ads at the back of Dynamite comics (I’d imagine that all of them have the same ads, but the one I have is Garth Ennis Red Team # 5)? There’s a list of upcoming titles to be written by so-and-so, and I’m thinking that Dynamite already has gadzillion current titles that are coming out irregularly. Wouldn’t adding a gadzillion MORE titles be overkill?

Would Dynamite be able to keep up with ALL of these new titles and the ones that they have without overextending themselves and going bankrupt?

Just my thought for the day.

I am pretty sure there was a mistake in the solicits, the Milligan “Animal Man” stories were just collected in Volume 4 in February. Wikipedia says this, volume 5, is actually the rest of Tom Vietch’s run, which makes more sense. I think they probably just left the text for Volume 4 in by mistake.

Smithy: IDW doesn’t own the Rocketeer, but they have the license right now. I suppose whoever owns it could take it to Dynamite, but IDW seems committed to getting Rocketeer stuff out, so I imagine it’s there for a while.

Elpie: Ha! I just mean that he’s a popular writer and people seem to like him, but he’s never, to me, written a great comic. I do read a lot that he writes, because I enjoy them, but it would be nice if he could raise his game at some point.

Tom: Interesting point about Dynamite. I wonder if that will happen.

Sean: Ah, interesting. Yeah, I guess DC screwed up.

I was wondering the same thing about which Milligan we’re gonna see take over SHADOWMAN. Fingers crossed its the awesome one. :)

Steve Mannion’s Fearless Dawn is bleeping awesome!!! That’s all I have to say on the subject.

Oh, don’t worry, I got plenty to say. I think. Later.

But yes, I was going to point out the Animal Man thing. On a later page, we see resolicits, and the Animal Man v4, post GMozz book is offered there. So v5 is … um, later.

And I have to assume the page count on the Muppets omni is a misprint, and should be about half that. If not, well, I have a rant later….

I’ve been doing this comics-thing since 1987. I think right now is the best time in all those years to be into this comic-thing. Greg Hatcher wrote a piece with these sentiments awhile back and he nailed it. I like so much of what is coming out new right now from publishers like Dynamite, Dark Horse, IDW, etc. At the same time I really like the fact that I can buy collections of all the old comics I want. I really like the Bat books DC has been putting out the past two years; You know…the ones collecting various writers’ or artists’ stuff. I managed to get almost every Kirby collection DC has put out, along with a few of the Marvel collections. Oh… and all the great (and not so great) comics-based films that are coming out.

This is indeed a good time to be a comics fan!

Another error that’s not your fault–The Muppets Omnibus is 528 pages, not the 1296 indicated above. That is the length of the Roger Stern Spider-Man Omnibus instead. It looks like somebody goofed with a cut/paste or something.

Rich: Man, that’s weird, because the Roger Stern book has a different number of pages! I don’t know what’s going on over there at the House of Ideas. I really couldn’t believe that Muppets books was 1296 pages!

Hey Greg — the Stern Spidey Omnibus was expanded from 1248 to 1296 to include more content. Price is the same.

It looks like somebody was supposed to update the Stern book’s page count but entered it in the wrong field, causing the confusion about the Muppets book.


I assume you’re being facetious about Brendan Deneen writing the Dynamite Flash Gordon series as he was the writer for the Ardden Flash Gordon books. Yeah Ardden took Dynamite to task for daring to publish a Flash Gordon series when they also had the license and were doing books but that’s no reason to get the credit wrong, in jest or not.

I’m guessing Burgas just didn’t realize that Ardden published a Flash Gordon book.

Ah, so I’m guessing that Devil’s Hopyard is ANOTHER Ardden book that won’t see the light of day….

Good to know the Muppets page count was just a misprint, because I had a whole thing about it.

Tom Peyer wrote one of the coolest one shots ever, The Atom Special from about ’93, I think. Plus, it’s got Steve Dillon art! Such a great book. Why is Layman making of the fun?

So is this Dead Boy Detectives starting with the stories that ran through the Vertigo anthologies they’ve been doing (like Ghosts and so forth), or is it building off that? (Also, another Matt Wagner link!)

With that Byrne Star Trek book, it appears that what he’s doing is taking Trek images and using them to tell a new story based off an episode, which is a pretty neat idea. So I’m going to say that Byrne is definitely the artist there, or else we’re going to have to stop calling certain comics artists who use a lot of photoshop or other traceries artists. LAND HO!

Did you get the Martini version of the Parker books? Is that worth it, cuz it’s offered again?

Rocketeer/Spirit appears to have fallen by the wayside because it looks like Paul Smith did in fact flake. Dammit, because #1 looked AWESOME, and I was hoping it might lead to more Leave it to Chance, too. But 4 should look great with J Bone art.

I totally see what you mean about Dean White now, given the preview art from both Scalera books. Black Science I passed on because it looked bad, but Dead Body Road looks great. Such a difference!

I’ve been waiting for Saviors since the short in the CBLDF Liberty book from last year.

OK, more in a bit.

I recently reread all my Howard Chaykin stuff (barring a few things), and I really think that Black Kiss is the synthesis of Chaykin — Jewish hero who gets all the sex, the mystique of old Hollywood, dirty dirty sex, slam bang adventure (of the non-sexual kind), and some other stuff I’m not thinking of. Really, the first run of American Flagg is the only other thing that seems to come close to mixing all of his passions and making great comics out of them.

Black Kiss 2 was decent, although a real bummer ending. I’m looking forward to the special.

I too have been waiting for Multiple Warheads. Glad I didn’t go for the one shot after I missed the mini, and just waited for the trade. Yay me!

I’m a bit mystified — IS Secret 7 the final issue? If so, I’m annoyed and I’ll have to get my shop guy to get me issue 6, because the trade info (either on Amazon or Image’s site) said the trade volume 1 was issues 1-5. So I dropped the book after 5 to trade wait. So now this! Oy!

I liked the solicit text for Origin II about the “in anticipation of the issue’s popularity, we’ll have plenty to order”. HA! DC BURN!!!!

Ah, I didn’t realize the Young Avengers text was winking at Phonogram. Man, I need to get that!

Ahem. Boy, is Marvel making a mistake numbering those issues ASM 700-point-whatever. Bull. Shit. It’s a mini of short stories not unlike the Hulk Smash Avengers one from last year, or the current Daredevil Dark Nights (which is AWESOME, btw). It’s NOT where Peter Parker is coming back, or they’d make a damn bigger deal of it than this. I think what I heard was that it was originally going to be called “Peter Parker the ASM”, but see, that might make sense! It’s so there’s a collection of Peter stories for the next movie next summer.

Oh, I am thinking hard on that Stern Spidey omni. That’s one that’s probably worth it. And hey, the Dread Lord is quoted on the Amazon page for it!

Langridge on Muppets was decent, but probably not 50 dollars decent. Mind you, that looks to be about 24 issues, so it’s probably a good deal.

Man, that PAD X-Factor book is tempting. I think issue 13 is where I have a few issues of it, too, so it won’t overlap what I do have. Yay!

I may get Elmer as well as the new one (with the nekkid), because you influence me too much, sir!

Man, I’m getting that Fearless Dawn book, but I’m so far behind, I still haven’t read the last one that came out. D’oh!

So, did Ennis read Happy, and go, well, I’ll fucking write a version of one of your books, Morrison. Here’s my WE3, ya Scots bastard!

It’s odd that Boom has several imprints, but they haven’t yet merged with Archaia (at least in the Previews).

Bugged sounds freaky neat. I’m picking it up, I think.

I want Sullivan’s Sluggers, but I think people STILL haven’t had the Kickstarter versions sent to them. So that should be taken care of first.

Even though that’s hopefully what’s happened with the Thrilling Adventure Hour HC from Archaia, because I ordered that through my guy, and the damn thing wasn’t delivered, but it’s “sold out at the distributor level”. Although I read about how they’ve got copies for live appearances. GRR!

Watson and Holmes has been pretty good, although now that single issues are going up to 3.99, I might be trade waiting future storylines. I dunno yet, though.

Yeah, the Absence sounds good to me, too. We think alike!!!

And I second DonW about what a great time this is to be a comics fan. Yay comics!!!

And some babbling on other stuff.

I’m soooooo tempted on that Valentino version of Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel pg 96), but 35 bucks is a bit steep when I have a few of the issues. However, I may need to support the book hoping that Jimmy V gets a few more bucks out of it. I hope he does, anyway, since they’re selling it based on his name. Even though his editor told him the colorist was more important than he was….

The flipside of the book features a ton of sweet sweet big ass collections of horror type comics. Oh, mama! Those Fanta EC books are so tempting!

The Alabaster book (pg 60) is tempting, even though it be one o’ them non-comics books. Prose? WTF? I liked what I read of Alabaster:Wolves, though. Gotta find more of it.

I’m probably going for the Breath of Bones HC (pg 69), as I’m a fan of Steve Niles. And Sonia just recommended it.

pg 108 — that Batman Dark Knight 26 issue sounds intriguing, a mostly silent issue. And a Burnham cover.

pg 122 — I assume the LDK 100 pg Super Spectacular is what would have been LDK 14 and 15, huh? Maybe I should trade wait, since I did skip 11.

The Batman ’66 TV stories trade has GOT to mean the show’s coming on DVD, doesn’t it? Nice Blu-Ray version….

I will probably get the second Superman Family Adventures book on 135, as I did get the first (but it’s on the Shelf of Shame!)

Interesting that the first 5 issues of the Wake are offered in a book on 139. Think I’ll wait for the whole she-bang, though.

144 has the Terra Obscura trade with both minis. I may go for that.

156 has the complete Doctor Who Prisoners of Time HC for 50 bucks. I may get that for the Dave Sim covers within, as well as the fact that I’m starting to get into Who lately. Damn 50th Anniversary hooking me!

Those Parker books are tempting.

Sinister Dexter on 160. Probably wait to see if there’s a trade, but I liked it when DC was publishing some 2000AD stuff and had a preview book with a SD story.

Illegitimates on 162 and Indestructible on 179 sound neat, but probably trade waitable.

Poor Ross Campbell. Not only did his name get misspelled in the TMNT 29 solicit on pg 172, but I saw it misspelled on bleeding cool recently too. That p is a bear for some people!

I’d go for that Deadworld book on 175, but the artist is the same as the one who did the Deadworld book last year and it’s too much of that Ashley Wood obscure to follow stuff.

200 has the second trade of Great Pacific that I’ve been waiting for. Volume 1 showed that it’s a great series that Vertigo could have been publishing.

201 offers Point of Impact in trade again, so I can finally rectify my mistake of not getting it. Forgive me Faerber!

214 — apparently Reality Check is a 4 ish mini. Wish they’d said that earlier — ah, probably a good marketing idea not to say until the last ish.

234 has a book of the art of Jaime Hernandez. Oh, yeah, you’re a heathen who doesn’t like Los Bros. Tsk.

Sugar Booger on 236, and Killer Diller on 244. Oy.

Man, when’s Afterlife with Archie 1 coming out? Did I miss it? Cuz 4 is solicited on 253.

Glad that Bleeding Cool is 1.99 again with issue 8 (pg 273)

283 features a neat art book, with Stelfreeze’s art from Day Men 1 and 2 in B&W at a large size. 10 bucks is probably worth it.

Oh, 286’s Bone mega color set is so cool looking, but not $350 cool. And those plush toys are cute, but how cum Smiley’s 2 bucks more?

288 — Rainbow in the Dark might be neat, but damn them for getting Dio’s voice in my head!

So many Dynamite books look so cool, but I’m trade waiting pretty much all of them. Come February or March, though, oh boy, I’m gonna get hit!

Fantagraphics features so much cool stuff too! The George Carlson book on 318 is tempting. And a Ghastly Graham Ingels HC, too!

325 — Best of Wonder Wart Hog! Yes! Sounds great. I loves me Gilbert Shelton!

338 features a couple of neat 2000 AD things. The 2014 Prog features Chris Burnham, among plenty of others, and the Sci Fi Thrillers was previewed in the FCBD issue and looked cool.

350 has Super 4, so yay for them!

388 — the Back Issue 70, with a Hulk theme, features a cover by Herb Trimpe and Cerebus’s Gerhard. I wet myself at the thought!

511 has the MST3K 25th Anniversary collector’s tin, with 6 movies inside! I’m so there!

OK, that wasn’t comics, but bite me!

Oh, how I love this feature. Keep up the good work, man, and more posts on whatever else whenever else!

Oh, damn, my 3rd comment better not have disappeared. one’s at 212, one’s in moderation at 316, and one should have just gone up. Oh noes!

Ah, it’s there. Just eliminate this one and the last one, ‘k? Thanks!

As far as I can tell Avengers #24.NOW is just Avengers #24, the first issue in a new story arc, and the beginning of Hickman’s second “act” in whatever big story he’s telling. That’s how I’ll be filing it in my longboxes, anyway.

And I was under the impression that Inhumanity was a one-shot, and the ongoing, titled Inhuman, would feature Fraction and Joe Mad. For an arc, anyway, because of course no way Joe Mad draws a monthly book when there’s a new Playstation coming out this Christmas.

Have you read Supreme Power, Greg? I’d say that’s great, but maybe it’s not your cup of tea.

I think JMS should perhaps stick to minis or shorter runs.

His Thor run and Rising Stars were great in parts. The bits where Thor worked – it really worked. I remember Midnight Nation being very good, as was his MK Silver Surfer story. He just drifted away from Squadron Supreme and never really finished. His Spider-Man started very well but was pretty awful towards the end (though some might argue this was at least partially down to editorial interference). Haven’t read any of his other stuff and haven’t watched Babylon 5. I’d also quite like to watch Changeling.

John Doe: I wasn’t being facetious, but I did get it wrong. Sorry! I Googled his name and Flash Gordon, but my computer has been acting up all weekend, so I didn’t click any of the links, just saw a link with “Dynamite” in the brief synopsis and assumed. My bad.

Travis: Layman and Peyer have known each other for a really long time, so they’re just busting on each other.

I think they already published a collection of the anthology Dead Boy Detective stories. I seem to recall seeing it in a previous Previews. This one is definitely new, though.

Yeah, if we don’t call Byrne the artist, what would Greg Land do????

I did not get the Martini versions of the Parker books. I’m happy with the stripped-down versions.

I’ve always heard rumors about Paul Smith working just until he gets enough money to go hang out on the beach for a while, so I’m not surprised he flaked on the Rocketeer/Spirit book. I’m just surprised anyone gives him work!

Michael P: Shoot, way down on the bottom of the page of Inhumanity, it says it’s a one-shot. Dang it. And yeah, if Joe Mad is doing it, they might get three issues out of him!

BDaly: I like Supreme Power a lot, but because of its truncated nature, I just don’t think it’s a great comic. I definitely think you’re right that he should stick to shorter runs, because it seems like he loses interest if it’s too long. Midnight Nation is probably his best comic (well, of the ones I’ve read), but even that isn’t quite great. I don’t know – maybe he just likes being entertaining, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I sure hate what they’ve done to Captain America’s costume.

But hey, if you’re not creative enough to design your own super-hero, why not mess up somebody elses?

“I sure hate what they’ve done to Captain America’s costume.”

This x 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000!!!

Travis: Hey, there your other comments are. Dang, that’s a lot of stuff. A few things: According to the solicits, this is the final issue of Secret. I don’t know what they’re going to do about the trade.

That’s a good DC burn on the Origins II solicit. Bwah-ha-ha!

Man, that’s annoying about the Peter Parker stuff. We know he’s coming back, so that’s just an obnoxious fake-out.

Too much else to comment on!!!!!

Jake: Excellent point. I don’t care enough about Captain America to get angry, but it’s a terrible redesign.

I guess I sort of understand why they wanted Cap to look like movie Cap, but come on. Eventually the X-Men started wearing masks again.

Wow, Justice League 3000 really does look just like every other New 52 book. What’s the freaking point?

I am so looking forward to that Star Trek photo novel, it has so much potential.

Curious about the Peter Milligan opinion here. I’ve loved some of his work, but thought his Animal Man was atrocious and nigh unreadable. So maybe I can’t tell if Good Peter Milligan or Bad Peter Milligan will show up in Shadowman. I don’t care enough to read the book tho.

Can’t believe Landridge did that many Muppet pages! Must include stuff he only wrote too, right?

” Wow, Justice League 3000 really does look just like every other New 52 book. What’s the freaking point? ”

Milking the cash cow until all that’s left is dust? Which, given DC’s editorial policies and alienating of half the comic industry’s creative force, will be sooner rather than later.

I’m really baffled by the character design, though. I don’t see any real difference between Justice League 3000 Superman and Wonder Woman and the New 52 Superman and Wonder Woman. It might pique my interest if they were recognizable variations on a theme, but it’s just same old sh–, different century.

I was interested in this book for the writing team, but this cover doesn’t make it look like anything I’d be interested in heading.

…in reading, I mean.

Back when Justice League 3000 was first announced, I was seriously considering giving it a try. But the second it was announced that Kevin Maguire was bounced off the book and replaced with Howard Porter before even a single issue had come out, my interest in the title was reduced to exactly zero.

Thank you Greg for checking previews for us. believe me, this column is how i know that there are new interesting things(i just added like four things to my wishlist just after reading this). Thanks for all the columns, keep writing :D

Spuky: No problem! I enjoy doing it!

SlayGround -surprised the series jumped forward from book 5 to 13 (of course he can omit the reference to Claire and not worry about the spin-off series and pretend this occurred earlier..possibly to keep “the Seventh” in it’s proper numerical sequence). And I’m still looking for the novel version of Nobody Runs Forever (very limited distribution in my part of the world).

While Ennis mention some of his upcoming projects at N.I.C.E. 2013 I don’t think he mentioned Rover Red Charlie but instead talking about reprinting some of his Vertigo work with Avatar and continuing the war stories there, including a follow-up to Archangel, (and maybe also a third run of his detective series) while doing a series set during the Vietnam war for Marvel (Frank’s first tour of duty)

HELL YES John Byrne should count as artist. Unless you want to totally dismiss the entire history of collage, remixes, etc. Max Ernst shouldn’t be credited for Une Semaine De Bonte, DJ Shadow shouldn’t be credited for Endtroducing, Robert Rauschenberg shouldn’t be credited for anything ever, etc. ?

Though I really DO think Roy Lichtenstein is full of shit and should only have been credited ALONGSIDE the dudes whose art he was stealing under the pretense that THAT didn’t count as art until he blew it up and threw it in a bloody gallery. Fuck Roy Lichtenstein.

P.S. One of my favourite Grant-Morrison-Being-Self-Consciously-Clever moments was that bit at the beginning of Batman & Son where he re-appropriates Lichtenstein’s appropriations BACK into comics using the fictionalized Lichtenstein prints in the background to supply onomatopeia and clever little analogues to the action of Batman fighting a bunch of Man-Bat-Ninja-Assassins in the gallery fundraiser. THAT was a nice index&ring-finger-up to the concept that Roy and Leo Castelli (or whomever it was) and the gallery had “elevated” works by comic book ARTISTS into “real” art.

P.P.S. But OH SNAP Grant Morrison wasn’t the “real” writer on that, though, cos he was just creating variation on “Bob Kane’s” concept. :P

P.P.P.S. LOOK AT ME I WENT TO COLLEGE. *smashes face into wall*

*signs it and declares it art*

Natalie: Tell us how you really feel! :)

I wasn’t too serious, but I do think there’s a discussion to be had about appropriating others’ images and how far you need to alter them to make them “yours.” I don’t love the common “shortcut” of Photoshopping buildings and such into backgrounds, but I accept it if the artist attempts to make it part of the landscape. I’m just curious what Byrne will do with this. It actually might make me pick the book up, so I guess IDW did their job for me, at least.

I second Natalie on how awesome that pop art sequence was at the start of the GMozz Bat run. So cool!

> I sense the sinister hand of Dan DiDio in the Mera/Aquaman rift!

I sense the cover artist never learned to draw otherwise than by aping other comic-book covers, and maybe never even swam underwater. I mean, that redhead is bending her leg like a comic-book character taking off, except she’s underwater where it’d only slow her down and make her swim in circles.

> Dead Boy Detectives, the concept that just won’t die

DC will monetize every last unmined scrap from the works of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore at least until they can find another naive young Brit genius to screw.

> I was never a huge fan of [The Invisibles], but it’s been a long time since I sat down and read it (since it was coming out, probably), so one day I’ll have to give it another shot.

If you want to try better Morrison, I’d suggest you give instead another shot to either THE FILTH (if you want the Philip K. Dickesque crazy weird ideas, but much more focused and satisfying), or his DOOM PATROL (if you want the crazy weird fun romps), or his overlooked MYSTERY PLAY (if you want a deeper story where all the crazy weirdness is in a puzzle left for the careful re-reader to unravel). In retrospect, I find THE INVISIBLES tried to have too much of all these things without really excelling at any.

> Garth Ennis has a new book out from Avatar on page 261 called Rover Red Charlie. It’s about the end of the world … and the three stars are dogs.

Crossing fingers for something inbetween Morrison’s WE3 and Simak’s CITY, Ennis could pull it off. But since Avatar chose to give even the #1 issue the low, low introductory price of $4, I chose to wait for the online reviews and then maybe the trade.

> Drumfish Productions has Bugged on page 314, which is a story about a dude who finds a talking cockroach that allows him to see the evil committed by others. He decides to right all those wrongs with the help of the roach. Well, that sounds odd. But, you know, interesting.

Getting this despite the publisher’s best efforts to repell prospective buyers. I mean, here’s a company usually putting out superhero stuff, and soliciting this book with a short ad copy that make it sound like “Spider-Man, but with a roach” — a lot of people will pass at this stage, that wouldn’t have with a more apt solicit.

Except that the cover art style was intriguing so I had to try their website, but their Bugged page has no sample pages of sequential art, and no links to advanced reviews — another lot of people will drop at this point, that wouldn’t have with relevant info.

Except that the webpage had a few sample panels (hidden in a badly-working script instead of being just on display), that were decidely not-superhero good art (kinda like Muñoz, one of the guys Frank Miller swiped for Sin City), so I had to google and found three online reviews (positive) and two sample pages floating on old blog posts from 2011 and 2012 — but I suspect many people won’t jump through so many hoops and will pass by default.

So they’ve apparently spent 3 years developing this graphic novel but they can’t walk the last mile putting sample pages and links to reviews on their own site’s dedicated page, that they pay monthly money to have up and running? In 2013? And most annoyingly: after they probably lost so many prospective buyers (not that there were a lot to begin with), we have no guarantee they’ll get enough orders for the book to actually ship (and then they’ll whine that evil corporations push indie books out). Sigh.

> all the things I might have missed!

I’m giving a chance to Raina Telgemeier’s DRAMA: I realize it’s intended for teens, but on the strength of her autobiographical SMILE: A DENTAL DRAMA (which I read entirely online then bought), and good sample pages, and only $11 for 240 pages full-color, I’ll have an all-ages read.

Also, I suppose you either don’t like DIESEL SWEETIES or just get it online? But as Indie Rock Pete sez: “Comics are so much warmer and fuller in analog format.”

In the end I ordered:


That’s all you get for 87 bones nowadays!

Simon: Doom Patrol is my favorite comic ever, but I’m not a huge fan of The Filth. It just didn’t do it for me.

That’s very weird about Bugged. I agree that it seems very strange that they’re not making a better effort to get the word out. Simple marketing isn’t that hard!

I thought about Diesel Sweeties, but it didn’t seem like my cup of tea. Maybe I’ll have to check it out on-line to sample it, but I do agree that getting things in book form is my preferred way to read things.

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