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Month of Avengers/X-Men Top Fives – Top Five Lesser Known Nicknames Hawkeye Gave Captain America

All month-long we’ll be featuring top five lists about either the Avengers or the X-Men. Here is an archive of all the past top five lists!

We close out the month by sort of doing a sequel to a previous Top Five list and taking a look at the lesser-known nicknames that Hawkeye gave Captain America. I was going to do one for ALL of his teammates, but he came up with so many for Cap that it just seemed more fun to do it this way.


An interesting thing about Hawkeye’s nicknames for Cap is that they lasted a lot shorter than people recall. They joined the team together in #16 (but at the very end) but the insulting nicknames only lasted as long as the end of Stan Lee’s tenure on the title in the early #30s.

Look at some of the bits from Lee’s last issues…

Including this one from Lee’s third-to-last issue…

By the time Roy Thomas took over with #35, Hawkeye and Cap had pretty much solidified a friendship that lasts to this day, and Hawkeye pretty much stuck to strictly “Cap” and “Winghead” from that point on (almost always the former, which is barely a nickname, ya know?). But in that #17-27 period, Hawkeye gave Cap the business every issue. Here are my top five picks…

5. Steverino

He only used this once but I love it.

4. Cornball

Hawkeye referred to Cap as a square and as a cornball often.

3. Curly

This one really doesn’t make much sense but Hawkeye used it a bunch of times.

2. Glamor-Pants

This is my favorite. It is such an awesomely bizarre choice for a nickname. He used this on a few occasions.

1. Methuselah

This one, though, is likely the best remembered nickname Hawkeye gave Cap besides Winghead (or Cap, but that seems to be a universal nickname for Captain America).

That’s the list! Hope you all enjoyed Top Five Month!


Glamor-pants! I love it! Thank you for posting this list. I was totally unaware of this bit of comics history.

LOVED the Top Five Month! Let’s do it again in 50 more years.

Hawkeye is easily my favorite Avenger. He is always at his best when he’s complaining. He was such a dick to Cap that it rubbed off on Pietro and then HE became impossible to work with as well! Just look at #2 above, Pietro is already giving Clint lip even standing with his arms and back drooping forward! Priceless stuff!

I loved Clint in his ’83 mini and as the leader of the Wackos. It was fun to see him mature a bit during the 80’s, but he is always at his most awesome doing things on his own or bitching about everything to Cap, Tony, or whomever is in charge of the Avengers at the moment.

I’ve gotta go back and get those Don Heck issues one of these days…

Janet’s eyes in the Ol’ Winghead frame will steal your soul.

How do you draw eyes? It’s a dot inside a circle, you idiot, don’t overthink it.

I’d think “Rip van Winkle” would be a more appropriate literary reference than “Methuselah.”

“Steverino” was no doubt an allusion to the famous catchphrase “Hi-ho, Steverino!” by which Louis Nye routinely addressed Steve Allen in the regular “Man on the Street” segments of THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW in the late ’50s and early ’60s.

I enjoyed the Steve Englehart Cap issue where Hawkeye jolts Cap into coming out of his recent retirement and explains how much influence Cap has had over his life.

Has Hawkeye ever called him “Old Glory”? It seems like a no-brainer

How do you draw eyes? It’s a dot inside a circle, you idiot, don’t overthink it.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how the eyes are drawn. I think the weirdness comes from the fact the colorist left them uncolored. Don’t most people just draw a dot inside a circle when drawing eyes, especially in the Silver Age.

Those nicknames are so Stan! Stan’s run on this book, it’s so awesome. I can’t say it enough. Stan Lee has such a gift for nicknames and group dialogue. His scripting is something I can’t get enough of, even when his plotting can be lacking. He will always be the high point of the Silver Age Avengers to me.

I also loved the nicknames he gave Bullpenners:

Goldilocks and High Pockets were my two faves.

So I’m the only one weirded out by Hawkeye calling Cap a “boss cat” in that first panel? I am? Okay.

Steverino and Glamor-Pants are my kids’ names.

Now all I can think of is Hawkeye hanging out by the copy machine in Avengers Mansion saying, “Hey Steve! The Stevester! Steverino! Stevealopithicus! Robert Louis Stevenson! Stevedore! Stevie Guide! Stevepipe Hat!”

@MonikerNV : I guess those are pupils? But yeah, both Jan and Clint look like the Ringmaster’s hypno-disk got to ‘em. A shame, too, since Jan had begun wearing her classic haircut around this issue.

@buttler: Can you imagine Rob Schneider voicing Clint? I used to do that to my manager back in the day.

I never understood where Hawkeye came up with “Methuselah.” According to the Bible, that’s the name of the oldest person ever, who lived to be nearly 1,000 years old. I realize that Captain America spent a few decades in suspended animation but physically Steve Rogers was at most a decade older than Hawkeye. That’s hardly ancient. Then again, Clint Barton has never been a stickler for details, has he?

I always thought the “Methuselah” nickname was appropriate because Hawkeye was jabbing at Cap for acting like such an old man – the whole man out of time thing, being that Cap was seen by Clint as a relic from a bygone era.

You see people casually mention that Stan Lee was a poor scripter (not to mention those who think he’s some sort of hellspawn), but his old issues are jam-packed with charm and humor. Yeah, yeah, huckster this and egomaniac that, but the man’s funny, and that’s a huge part of what makes these issues so enjoyable and readable. Any unintentional hilarity like, oh, anything involving the Wasp or Abe Lincoln’s mother,is just an added bonus.

A Horde of Evil Hipsters

October 2, 2013 at 12:53 am

The recent “Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier” version of Cap would have been so much better if he’d been called “Steve Rogers: Glamour-Pants” instead.

What Al said. It’s true that technically Steve wasn’t much older than Clint, but Hawkeye regarded him in the early years as just an old fart from the 1940s.
And yes, Lee deserves more credit than he sometimes gets.

Nice list, Glamor-Pants.

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