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CSBG’s Complete Celebration of the Avengers’ 50th Anniversary!

The last couple of months we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Avengers with a variety of features, such as a countdown of the 50 Greatest Avengers Stories of All-Time (based on YOUR votes) as well as a collection of Top Five Lists involving the Avengers (like the Top Five Avengers Battles Against Ultron) and a collection of Cool Avengers Moments (like the Avengers meeting Captain America for the first time). I thought it would be nice to collect all of these features into one handy dandy spot for you all, rather than forcing you to flip through all of the X-Men features, as well (as we celebrated THEIR 50th Anniversary last month, as well).



First, here are the results of the 50 Greatest Avengers Stories countdown (the choices were based on YOUR votes!)….

Click on any story for a write-up on that story.

50. “The Sentinels Are Alive and Well” Avengers #102-104

49. “Deliver Us From…The Masters of Evil!” Avengers #54-55

48. “The Contest” West Coast Avengers Annual #2/Avengers Annual #16

47. “The Trial” Avengers #160

46. “The Last Avengers Story” The Last Avengers Story #1-2

45. “Darker Than Scarlet” Avengers West Coast #56-57, 60-62

44. “Siege” Siege #1-4

43. “Red Zone” Avengers Vol. 3 #65-70

42. “Absolute Vision” Avengers #251-254

41. “His Name is Yellowjacket” Avengers #59-60

40. “The Terrible Toll of the Taskmaster” Avengers #194-196

39. “Time — And Time Again” Avengers #267-269

38. “The Coming of the Avengers” Avengers Vol. 1 #1

37. “The Court Martial of Yellowjacket” Avengers #212-213, 217

36. “Secret Invasion” Secret Invasion #1-8

35. “Search for the Scarlet Witch” Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #1-9

34. “Run the Mission, Don’t Get Seen, Save the World” Secret Avengers #16-21

33. “The Old Order Changeth” Avengers Volume 1 #16

32. “Let the Game Begin” Avengers Volume 3 #69-71

31. “Vision Quest” West Coast Avengers #42-45

30. “The Morgan Conquest” Avengers Volume 3 #1-3

29. “The Gatherers Saga” Avengers #343-344,348-349,355-363,372-375

28. “Betrayal by a Friend” Avengers Annual #10

27. “Homeland Security” Ultimates #7-13

26. “Breakout!” New Avengers #1-6

25. “Avengers Disassembled” Avengers #500-503

24. “Young Avengers” #1-12

23. “The Trial of Hank Pym” Avengers #227-230

22. “Operation: Galactic Storm” Captain America #398-400, Avengers West Coast #80-82, Quasar #32-35, Wonder Man #7-9, Avengers #345-347, Iron Man #278-279, Thor #445-446

21. “The Bride of Ultron” Avengers #161-162, #170-171

20. “The Final Threat” Avengers Annual #7 and Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2

19. “The Avengers/Defenders War” Avengers #115-118 and Defenders #8-11

18. “The Nights of Wundagore” Avengers #185-187

17. “The Serpent Crown” Avengers #141-144, 146-149

16. “Civil War” Civil War #1-7

15. Ultimates 2 #1-13

14. “Lost in Space-Time” West Coast Avengers #17-24

13. “Super-Human” Ultimates #1-6

12. “Assault on Olympus” Avengers #281-285

11. “JLA/Avengers” JLA/Avengers #1-4

10. “Captain America Joins… The Avengers!” Avengers Volume 1 #4

9. “Nefaria Supreme!” Avengers #164-166

8. “Kang Dynasty” Avengers Volume 3 #41-55 and Avengers Annual 2001

7. “Celestial Madonna Saga” Avengers #129-135 and Giant Size Avengers #2-4

6. “Behold, the Vision!”/”Even an Android Can Cry” Avengers Volume 1 #57-58″

5. “Avengers Forever” Avengers Forever #1-12

4. Ultron Unlimited” Avengers Volume 3 #19-22

3. “Kree/Skrull War” Avengers #89-97

2. “The Korvac Saga” Avengers #167-169, 170-171, 173-177

1. “Under Siege” Avengers #273-277


1. Top Five Worst Avengers Names

2. Top Five Solo Avengers

3. Top Five One-Term Avengers

4. Top Five Avengers Covers

5. Top Five Avengers Chairpersons

6. Top Five Characters to Debut in the Pages of the Avengers

7. Top Five “Near Miss” Relationships Between Avengers Teammates

8. Top Five Artists Who Have Penciled the Most Issues of Avengers

9. 134. Top Five Worst Wonder Man Costumes

10. 135. Top Five Ultron Vs. Avengers Stories

11. Top Five Longest Continuous Service by an Avenger

12. Top Five Avengers Courts Martial

13. Top Five Writers Who Have Written the Most Issues of the Avengers

14. Top Five Avengers Government Liaisons

15. Top Five Marvel Superheroes Who Have Never Been Avengers But Should be Avengers

16. Top Five Mutant Avengers

17. Top Five George Perez Avengers Covers

18. Top Five Honorary Avengers

19. Top Five Wasp Costumes

20. Top Five Hawkeye Nicknames For His Avenger Teammates

21. Top Five Avengers Villains Affected by the “Team Effect”

22. Top Five Lesser Known Nicknames Hawkeye Gave Captain America


1. Yes, an Android CAN cry (Avengers (Vol. 1) #58))

2. Hawkeye cheats to save the universe (Avengers Annual #16)

3. The Avengers become MODOCs (Mental Organisms Designed Only for Conquest) (Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #9)

4. Someone surprising sacrifices themselves for Kang the Conqueror(Avengers (Vol. 1) #24)

5. The first time someone shouted “Avengers assemble!”(The Avengers (Vol. 1) #10)

6. Nefaria kicks the Avengers’ collective ass until Thor shows up to have at him (Avengers (Vol. 1) #165)

Story continues below

7. The Crimson Cowl revealed!(Avengers (Vol. 1) #54)

8. The Avengers defeat on Ultron but soon realize that they are surrounded by hundreds of them(Avengers (Vol. 3) #21)

9. The Avengers take on a horde of Ultrons and refuse to fold(Avengers (Vol. 3) #22 )

10. “Ultron. We would have words with thee.” (Avengers (Vol. 3) #22 )

11. The Justice League and the Avengers are haunted by the things that might be and they are still willing to fight for them to occur.(JLA/Avengers #3)

12. Ant-Man shrinks down and goes on a fantastic voyage inside of the Vision. (Avengers #93 )

13. Ant-Man’s actual fantastic voyage inside of the Vision. (Avengers #93 )

14. The largest meeting of Avengers ever (at the time) (Avengers #100)

15. Avengers and Defenders team-up. (Avengers #118)

16. Captain America and Baron Zemo Face Off After the Siege on Avengers Mansion is Over (Avengers #277)

17. Red Guardian Redeems Himself (Avengers #44)

18. Captain America Gains Vengeance from Baron Zemo (Avengers Vol. 1 #15)

19. Captain America Makes His Silver Age Debut (Avengers #4)

20. The Redemption of Hank Pm (Avengers #229)

21. The Vision Closes Out a Brutal Battle With an Interesting Usage of His Powers (Avengers #166)

22. The Avengers Cut a “Deal” With J. Jonah Jameson (New Avengers #15)

23. Captain America Makes a Promise (Avengers Volume 3 #65)

24. So That’s Why They’re the Big Three (Avengers #216)

25.The Avengers’ Version of the “Care Bear Stare” (Avengers #187)

26. Debut of the Hellcat (Avengers #144)

27. Captain America Takes Issue with the Red Skull’s Salute (Avengers Volume 3 #69

28. Hercules Gives Namor a “Gift” (Avengers #262)

29. Black Panther Makes Good on a Promise (Avengers Volume 3 #70)

30. The Old Order Changeth! (Avengers Volume 1 #16)


There should have been vote based Top 50 Avengers and Top 50 X-Men lists, similar to the Top 50 Spider-Man Friends and Foes lists last year.

All the awesome work put into this and the only comment is what else you should have done. I appreciate all the hard work you put into this, Brian!

I actually find my first comment to be a compliment of how well and flawlessly Brian organized the Spidey anniversary celebrations last year! :p He really raised the bar high for himself with last year’s brilliant Spider-Man 50th Anniversary. We expect the highest form of greatness from him, always! So when he gives us an intermediate form of greatness, he leaves us wanting for more!

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