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Thoughts on the new Captain Marvel series.

One of the things I was a bit worried about with the announcements of all the new Marvel series (which I am in general quite pumped about) was that I was afraid that Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel series was going to be overlooked a bit. However, luckily today Marvel announced that they are going to relaunch DeConnick’s Captain Marvel series with a brand-new series with a great artist, David Lopez. I am glad that they are committed to this title, as it has been a very fun book.

Read on for a look at Leinil Yu’s cover for the new #1!


Very cool.


I probably won’t read it, but that sure is a nice looking cover!

This is awesome! Looking forward to it! :D

That cover is cool, but it looks like her costume is painted on her body opposed to her wearing a costume/clothes. Plus the hips/waist ratio seems a bit exaggerated.

While the cover undoubtedly displays some skill at rendering, I don’t think it’s a very good selling point for the series. It looks like a dispassionate study of an ornamental statue. Could the face be any more bland and impassive? Even the blown hair looks rigid, like frozen plastic anime doll hair.

As I understand it, we’re supposed to be rooting for the Captain Marvel book because she’s a great character, a woman with a story. Is it in any way possible to imagine the subject of this drawing having thoughts, feelings, desires, any personality or interior life whatsoever? I can’t see it. Surely a first issue cover should do something to present both character and story–as Allred’s Silver Surfer and Wada’s She-Hulk do.

Anyway, the interiors being by David Lopez, an artist with a good understanding of expression and gesture, I might give it a shot, though I’m a bit dubious this new volume can be entirely welcoming to readers who didn’t follow the first volume.

Is it a complete relaunch with a new Number #1? Why?

Nevermind, I’ll find the link.

I like the character. I like the artists. I dislike the author.

This series must have been doing great digitally if it gets relaunched and books that outsold it in print get cancelled.

Why does KSD “own” this character?

Why not give someone else a shot at Carol?

Not a fan of the writer. I was hoping they were going to try something new with this character with a brand-new creative team, but Deconnick let me down the first time around, so I won’t be picking this up.

Charles J Baserap

October 13, 2013 at 7:18 pm

Relaunching a book with the same creative force behind and hoping for a different result after it’s tanked doesn’t make sense to me. I have every issue but felt it went downhill hard after the first arc and now I’m not sure I want to give it another shot.

You can have all the people in the room cosplay as Carol; just because they’re dressing like her doesn’t mean they’re PURCHASING the book and there always seems to be a disconnect between the vocal groups at these cons and the buying public. I find it hard to believe there’s a whole legion of “Carol Corps” they claim when the book drops to below 20k in less than a year despite a crossover with Avengers Assemble and only gets a bump to 23k and 22k for two issues of Infinity tie-ins.

I dunno, I only read the first two trades, but I thought the second arc was way more interesting than the first, which actually didn’t interest me much. The conversation with Monica about taking the Captain Marvel name was easily the best moment in the series, at least the parts I read.

Jesus, Marvel – relaunching a series after it’s been out for year? Just because it got a new artist? It’s a cheap, lazy attempt to boost sales, and it’s stupid bullshit like this makes people drop a series, not bring in more readers.

If that ploy didn’t work for She-Hulk, it’s isn’t going to work for Captain Marvel.

Hopefully they can keep Lopez for more than an arc. The lack of decent artists killed my enthusiasm for the current volume. Only the few issues by Emma Rios had decent art.

Ah, new numbering, same old crap.

Carol Danvers is not, and never will be, as interesting as Mar-Vell.

Anybody think this new series will last twenty issues?

BTW, kind of a dumb question. Since Marvel is throwing continuity out the window, why don’t we just bring back Mar-vell? No joke!

Heck, the 90’s saw all the dead characters come back, and we’re rebooting all the A-listers (and a number of B-listers) now. Miracle Man, Angela, among others are entering the Marvelverse. Marvel should just go for broke. Lord knows the controversy alone will help sell the comic!

A relaunch with not much change in how the character will be handled is always a mistake. They REALLY put this series behind the 8 ball with the first story arc, an oddly confusing time travel story that didn’t unfold in a linear way. I like the character, but I think she needs to rest as a solo character and be part of the Avengers to build up demand.

Very good news. I’ve wanted to try this series, but thusfar it has fallen under my policy never to spend cover price on books where I don’t like the art. David Lopez, on the other hand, is a wonderful artist. I can’t wait to see what he does with the character.

I guess I am still much too bothered by her second series from a few years ago, the one that heavily featured Secret Invasion.

Heck, it heavily featured everything that was not Carol Danvers. It almost seemed to be editorial policy. Carol was quite literally the least interesting and the least featured thing in her own book. Adding insult to injury, the plotlines did not even try to stand on their own; plot hooks were forgotten left and right, and concepts that were only properly explained in other books were central to the plots as they were. She even lost a sizeable portion of her book to Moonstone, then “Protector” (the Kree Marvel Boy).

To this day I’m bitter that Marvel even considered publishing such an intentionally mishappen book.

I might try this. I wanted to give Captain Marvel’s last book a try, but after the first issues story and art, I could not bring my self to buy any more (I usually like to try the first three issues of a book).

It would be nice if this were not a new number one, too. I think higher numbered books could do better if they were promoted as heavily as new number 1s are. I would have given the last series a look when Olliffe was doing the art, if Marvel had mentioned it in some house ads.

Agreed. I don’t know how effective #1s are at this point in helping sales, but it is a short-term gimmick at best, and fans know it.

At this point when I hear of a new #1 all I can think is that they messed up somehow and couldn’t think of anything better to try and fix it. Not an encouraging thought.

Marvel has actually brought Mar-Vell back a few times at this point. Usually he’s a ghost or a Skrull imposter, but he was seen as recently as “Chaos War” and, I believe, “AvsX.” I honestly don’t think the Mar-Vell character is that hugely popular that putting him in the lead would make the Captain Marvel title an instant success.

And beyond that, it is clear what Marvel is trying to do here: the company NEEDS to have a marquee female hero. It now has real ownership of the Captain Marvel name, since DC has given up and is now referring to its version strictly as Shazam. It’s a good, strong name that could work well in multimedia properties. And Carol’s background and power set should lend itself nicely to being the No. 1 female her of the Marvel Universe.

But her solo titles aren’t clicking. And I really do think that’s a problem with the creative teams and approach more than it is with the character. Marvel is still working to position her as an A-list character, and until that happens she’s really going to require A-list talent. I don’t think DeConnick is at that level, and I’m not sure Lopez is either. They’re both talented, but they are not names that will sell books on their own.

I’m especially concerned that DeConnick continues to head up the book. She has a legion of fans, but thus far the work does not support the furor. You want Captain Marvel to sell? Give us stories that people want to read. Make us believe that Carol Danvers IS Captain Marvel and that everyone SHOULD be buying this book. This is not on the fans. They will buy a good book. You gotta hustle and make sure every single issue is an A+. Ball is in your court, ma’am.

Wow, guess I’m in the minority here but I’ve been enjoying KSD’s Captain Marvel (and Avengers Assemble too) since the start. It’s been a little rocky with the constant change in artists, but the stories have been solid. I’ve liked the Ms. Marvel for some years but at the same time I liked the idea of her taking the Captain Marvel name and costume. And I’m glad they (finally) seem to have a regular artist, and we all know that David Lopez can deliver. I don’t really understand why it’s starting again with #1 (I guess there will be some sort of status quo change with the next crossover event that justifies it), but I’ll pick this one up for sure. Heck, I even like Leinil Yu, so yeah, this looks very promising.

Well, they do NEED a new #1. The latest Captain Marvel book started a bit later than the other Marvel NOW things, and the 2 NOW books that didn’t start as new #1s were both female led books that are now cancelled (Red She-Hulk and Journey into Mystery with Sif). Plus, the All New NOW is starting quite a bit of the NOW books over at #1.

Uh, why? Why would a new #1 be needed at all? Or even be of any help?

It’ll be flatlining again within a year.

Maybe the problem is the female heroes Marvel is trying to promote is that they’re all derivative of male heroes. This one named after a dead guy. She-Hulk just the Hulk’s cousin. DC does the same with Batgirl and Supergirl, but at least they have Wonder Woman, and to an extent, Catwoman. Maybe they should be trying better to promote one of their original creations.

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