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Thoughts on the New Ghost Rider

Back in Jason Aaron’s great (if relatively brief) run on Ghost Rider, he introduced the concept of other types of Ghost Riders through the years, like a trucker Ghost Rider and a elephant-riding Ghost Rider. Well, Marvel has fully embraced this idea with the newest Ghost Rider ongoing series by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore, with the new Ghost Rider being Robbie Reyes, an East Los Angeles high school senior who will be a Ghost Rider in a CAR. Very cool. Not to mention that it is nice to see some diversity from Marvel in their new characters.

I like the idea of embracing the concept of multiple usages of characters, like Johnny Blaze’s traditional Ghost Rider being a member of Thunderbolts while they try out this new character in his own series. And while I’m not familiar with Smith’s work, Moore is an awesome artist so I am definitely looking forward to this title.


I want there to be a Ghost Rider on a segway.

Ghost Rider in a car? That’s as stupid as the two Ghost Rider movies. Sad that my favorite character is getting a book and I have zero interest.

What a waste of Tradd Moore. He could be working on more Luther Strode instead of this crap.

im cool with the new, whether it be new heroes or story ideas so ill check it out but im wondering if introducing new minority characters as legacies is such a good idea.

I rather they be new ips and get a chance to stand on their own two feet rather than piggy back off of someone else.

Plus it does tend splinter a fanbase amongst lines of whose your favorite and who should be pushed etc causing resentment.

DC also had this problem as Simon Baz didnt need to be introduce as the 5th gl nor Rhonda Pineda as the 3rd atom.

So essentially we are getting Charlie Sheen’s Wraith (80’s movie goodness kids) combined with hellfire? LOL

Seriously though, I am glad that they are picking up on Aaron’s “Ghost Riders” thread… I hope they do here what they didn’t do over in Nova and Avengers Assemble when those two books began using characters from stories left on a cliffhanger… (and are only now going back to for explanation)….

I just hope they do it as a Ghost Low Rider– that would be pretty cool (although not nearly as cool as that elephant riding idea!)

Other ideas: Ghost Pogo Stick Rider and Penny-farthing Bicycle Rider. The latter’s catchphrase would be “Rather!” said in a very snooty upper-crust British accent. Make it happen, Marvel!

Ghost Skier!

Ghost Rider on a unicycle?

I.like this Ghost Rider should be lucky that he is even getting attention after those awful movies i will read this series its a must

I’m cautiously curious about this book. I don’t like the idea of using someone other than Blaze, but I can live with it. The car thing is just flat out stupid. Hopefully it’ll be a well written book, but aside from his original volume and the Aaron run GR hasn’t had many of those.

Charles J Baserap

October 13, 2013 at 7:26 pm

What happened to the last Ghost Rider, the female one that popped up during Fear Itself? I got the FI tie-in issues, then say her pop up in a point one issue of X-Men, and that was the last I saw.

I’m totally on board with this. It had me once I heard Felipe Smith was involved. He’s great. Wish he was drawing it too tho.

My headcanon is now that there is a bicycle-riding Ghost Rider out in the Marvel Universe.

Other kinds of Ghost Riders, huh?

Why not a Ghost Rider who happens to be a knight on horseback?

All my friends know a Ghost Rider
The Ghost Rider gets a little higher…

Robbie Reyes? Yay for alliterative names!

so wouldnt he be ghost driver?

Yeah, what happened to the recent female GR? It seems like everyone and their mother is Ghost Rider lately.

I’d totally read a mini-series about a Ghost Rider on a Power Wheels motorized truck.

There needs to be a group of Ghost Riders in flying vehicles too, so Nick Fury Jr can come in and be all, “I’m so sick of this mutha#$@#^ing Ghost Riders on these mutha@@#%ing planes!!!!”

Look, that was the less vile joke I had, because the other…

well, here…

Can I be a Ghost Rider too, because I’m here riding…YOUR MOM!

Jesus, it’s like I’m 12!

I apologize for all my jokes, ever.

I’m on board if we get Ghost Rider Ghost Riding the Whip.

I like to imagine a Rollerblading Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider on a Vespa (maybe with a jaunty beret and kicky neckerchief) and Ghost Rider on a recumbent bike.

(semi-)Serious question: Is there any chance of a GR ongoing actually being successful in a day and age when romanticization of “biker culture” is basically extinct?

How about a couch potato Ghost Rider his weapon is a TV remote that shoots flaming cheetos and fly’s around on a flaming sofa.

I can’t wait for the haunted escalator…everyone who m steps on it becomes a ghost rider for 15 seconds or however long it takes to get to the second floor of Sears…

If this comments section is any indication it seems that Ghost Rider is taken about as seriously by comics fandom as Aquaman is by the general public.

I have no doubt it will be a quality series, but it won’t last.

I’m glad they’re updating it, the original ghost rider always felt dated to me.

Is there also a Vengeance of all different vehicles?

I actually really like the idea. I read Ennis’s take on the ‘Rider in the time of slavery and dug it. Despite all the jokes, I don’t see how a spirit of vengeance with a flaming skull for a head driving a car is any sillier than a spirit of vengeance with a flaming skull for a head riding a motorcycle.

@Anonymous – While I see where you’re coming from, biker-culture isn’t completely dead. “Sons of Anarchy” is still a popular series about modern bikers..

@ Tracer Bullet– “I’m on board if we get Ghost Rider Ghost Riding the Whip.”– good one!

@Anonymous- I think we’re just having a little fun. A demon-like dude with a flaming skull is intrinsically cool. Perhaps GR hasn’t been handled all that well in the past, but he’s certainly got potential. Not only is the ghost riding the whip/low rider idea good, but so is Rod G’s idea of a medieval Ghost Rider, that elephant Ghost Rider, a Bi Plane Ghost Rider, etc.

He’s no Aquaman!

Well, the problem with Ghost Rider at Marvel is that it’s always been a great visual in search of worthwhile plot and character. Johnny Blaze’s book went through a lot of revamps, and the most successful incarnation of the character concept — the 1990s Danny Ketch incarnation — tended to coast on the art and the fashion for murky conspiracies and occult gore in the period. It’s rather dated now, and the fact that parts of the plot never made much sense in the end doesn’t help in retrospect. Ghost Rider strikes me as a quintessential “fad” character, one whose fortunes wax and wane when things elsewhere in pop culture turn back towards occult horror or cool vehicles.

Omar, I reread the 90s Ghost Rider recently, and I was surprised to see it wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Before it got smothered in 90s excess and started going into all the bad trends like constant conspiracies and endless subplot mysteries, I found it to be decent, especially the first 25 issues. Later around Midnight Sons it got terrible. I mean, it wasn’t great at its peak, but it was definitely readable with potential to get much better.

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