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Thoughts on the Return of Quantum and Woody by Priest and Bright!

I’ll admit, the fact that the new Quantum and Woody reboot wasn’t by Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright really squelched a lot of my enthusiasm for the return of those characters, even though I enjoy the work of the writer and the artist on the new series (James Asmus and Tom Fowler, respectively). It just didn’t seem right to not have those two guys involved in Quantum and Woody. So now that Valiant is going to have Priest and Bright do a new Quantum and Woody mini-series set in the old continuity I am totally pumped.

The early looks at the new pages from the mini-series look good….



Here’s hoping we get to see a return of M.D. Bright to drawing more comics! He’s a very strong artist and I’d love to see him work on more comic books.


Tom Fitzpatrick

October 13, 2013 at 4:49 am

Even though I’m looking forward to the reunion of the original creators of Q & W, which is what the new Valiant should have done in the first place, but my joy is somewhat tempered a little by the fact that they are not quite picking up where they left off.

I’m referring to the missing issues (or gap) left undone between the # 21 and 32; and the unfinished story after # 32.

Hopefully, the new mini-series will address to some of the missing issues, but what I’ve read from what Priest said in an interview – I’m not too sure.

Maybe if the new mini-series does well; it may prompt Priest & Bright to return to those missing issues down the road.

Still, I’m stoked and tickled pink! :-)

The second most “Holy S#!T” moment that I had regarding the NYCC news.
Of course, the first was the return of Gaiman/Buckingham’s Miracleman!

If only I can live long enough to see the end of MAGE III, I can die content. :-)

Mage III would be excellent. I have the first two volumes sitting on my bookshelf and would dearly love a third.

Will inker Greg Adams also return?

I’m with @Tom Fitzpatrick on this one. This is what Priest said in an interview (from a site that will remain nameless)…

It does not pick up from any of [the old series plot threads]. This project has virtually no connections/continuity with the Acclaim series other than a few recurring characters from that era, and that it picks up 20 years or so after that series. So it’s completely accessible to new people who haven’t read the book and know nothing about it. There’s an origin recap for characters who haven’t read the original series and are picking the new one up.

I love Quantum and Woody and I love Priest and Bright. I’ve been a Priest fan since he was an editor on the Impact Comics line in 1991 and I used to read his columns in the back of each issue (which really had an influence on me being I was in the single digits age wise). But this is a slap in the face to all the fans that still sting from having the book yanked from them before the story was allowed to reach a conclusion.

(In fairness Priest does give a synopsis of the general direction in his blog post titled “whatever happened to quantum & woody…?”)

I’m obviously still going to buy the mini. But the future angle really took the wind out of my sails.

I’m really rather okay with the time-skip. First, that’s what it takes to get Priest and Bright working their comic magic again. Second, this way we don’t have to worry about accounting for those bits of VH2/Acclaim continuity that worked their way into the book here and there.

Like Galloway and Galloway or the moon immortals who recruited David Warrant.

All over this. Not too bothered about the missing gaps. It’s Priest and Bright back on Quantum and Woody, and that’s good enough for me. Bright’s art is looking good. Let’s hope Priest writes as well as he used to – the guy’s a legend.

From the guy who made T’Challa cool, and the guy who made Power Man and Iron Fist look cool – you boys can’t do wrong in my book.

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