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Only a Week Left to Vote for the Top 100 Comic Book Storylines!

The turnout has been fine so far, but it can always be better! The more people who vote the better the results are, so please make sure to vote!

Here is the place where you cast your ballots.


Ah, man, I’ve been thinking about this on and off and it’s just so hard. I’ll come up with something and then regret it immediately after I send it ;)

I’d forgotten about this. I think I’d already settled on a list and it’s going to be even less imaginative than the one 4 years ago. Last time I tried to represent different titles and eras and pick childhood faves from the 70s, 80s, 90s and didn’t count miniseries.. This time I’m just going flat out first impulse and it looks like your standard 80s must-reads…Moore and Miller all over the place!

I had 3 or maybe 4 new entries on my list this time around. Not anything that I’ve read since last time, or for the first time since last time. My top 5 spots are pretty locked in but my next five rotate between a pool of 10 or 15 candidates. Just depends on what I’m feeling at the moment.

And I can’t wait to see the results. It’ll be interesting to compare to last time. I’m willing to bet there’ll be numerous entries from last time that move way down or miss the list entirely, quite often being replaced by stuff that won’t make the list 4 years from now. But it’s always fun to see and debate the lists. Thanks in advance for putting this all together, Brian.

The hardest thing about this is not being able to pick single issue stories. My list would be at least 50% different if all comics stories were allowed.

The Crazed Spruce

October 25, 2013 at 5:24 am

Thanks to ComixOlogy, my short list this year had over 50 stories in it. I managed to pare that down to a top 25, and about ten minutes ago I worked out my final 10. Right now I’m just debating whether or not to wait until Monday, to see whether the Marvel comics on sale include anything worth adding that I haven’t read yet.

I’m in the process of rereading a handful of stuff that I haven’t read in years in an effort to have a vaguely different list this time. At least 5 or 6 will be constant, but we’ll see about the rest. I’m rereading Moore’s Miracleman right now.

From what little I’ve been able to read, and from stuff I’ve read about it, I’m willing to bet after next year Moore and/or Gaiman’s Miracleman would make my list. I’m pretty pumped to finally be able to read those comics.

Yeah, the only disadvantage of Moore’s Miracleman is that even though the whole thing is about 100 pages shorter than Watchmen, it was done as three separate “Books,” so the saga can’t be voted for in it’s entirety. So on a storylines poll, it’ll be subject to a lot of vote splitting as people choose their favorite one of the three books.

But the flip side of that is that even though the whole run is only a little over 300 pages, it does count as a run, so in the next runs poll I really wouldn’t be surprised if it makes top 15 once everyone reads it.

Rereading it now, it really is shocking how quickly and efficiently Moore tells the story. It was originally serialized in 6-8 page chapters, and it only took Moore the first five chapters to the entire story of Miracleman’s return and his initial conflict with his former protege. That’s barely the page equivalent of one double-sized first issue, yet if most current writers were telling the same story now, it would have taken them six issues. It really is amazing to see Moore use a 6-page chapter to tell SO much, and yet it never feels compressed. The storytelling feels modern, just without all the wasted space.

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