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I Can’t Cover What I Am – More Teen Titans Covers From Nick Cardy!

One of the problems of the Nick Cardy Cover Gallery I just did is that Cardy was just SO well known for his Teen Titans work that just three covers for Teen Titans didn’t seem to be enough. So here are ten more classic Cardy Teen Titans covers!












Amazing. Some of the best Titans covers of all-time (and this is not even counting the three amazing covers I already put on the other gallery).


Cute bit on the Teen Titans #16 cover. Cardy wrote his name on the book on the cover (click on the image to enlarge)…



I’m sure I owned the issue with “The Dimensional Caper.” I remember the cover and the guys in the purple outfits very clearly.

On the name on the book bit (which is cool, btw), isn’t his birth name “Viscardi”, or something like that? I seem to remember hearing that.

I know Colleen Doran’s mentioned before how awesome she thought Cardy’s Lilith in TT was. Yes indeedy.

Great to see, I can see that George Perez might have been inspired by that Cardy cover when he drew Robin and Kd Flash discarding their uniforms back in TNTT. Interesting to see Wonder Girl in stereotypical damsel in distress peril on so many of them, too.

Yeah, I was gonna mention that Wonder Girl sure spent a lot of time being grabbed. These covers are still great, though. They’re pretty out there.

Man, I really miss the original Teen Titans so much. A team of sidekicks! There really aren’t any sidekicks anymore.

Kinda weirds me out to think of what those kids have become today.

I love Batman on the cover of 25 there.

“C’mon guys, what the hell?”

@Toozin Seriously. On all of these covers, Batman has a little something more going on in his face than any of the other characters. What up, Nick?

“I’m not mad at you, Robin, just very very disappointed. Killing is bad, ok? Now let’s go home. Alfred will tuck you in, give you a warm mug of cocoa, and we’ll just forget this whole ‘killing the most important man in the world’ stuff, ‘kay honey? There’s my big boy.”

loved the issue where the jla is chewing out the titans for their actions . plus the one with Donna shedidng a tear and saying we will never were our costumes again.

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Thanks, Brian! 22 is actually my favorite.

Has anyone seen Garry? He’s been ranting about aliens abducting him when last seen.

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Ooh, timely enough, the rescheduled Silver Age Teen Titans Archive HC volume 2 is out next week (supposedly), and it’s got issues 6-20 and Brave and the Bold 83, so at least a couple of these issues pictured show up in there. Probably well worth the 75 dollar cover price.

lol at no. 25 nooooo they killed Santa!

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