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Thor Top Five Lists!


Here is a collection of all the Thor Top Five lists that we have done, just in time for the release of Thor: The Dark World in the United States.


1. Top Five Non-Thor Wielders of Mjolnir

2. Top Five Walter Simonson Thor Covers

3. Top Five Thor Battles

4. Top Five Oddest Powers of Thor’s Hammer

5. Top Five Oddest Powers of Thor Himself


Great lists!

I always wanted to see Silver Surfer lift the hammer. I think he could pull it off.

After the last ten years at Marvel, I don’t think any of their characters are worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer.

Somehow I missed that Simonson cover list. I’d agree with all the selections. That was the very first run I went out and collected. I’ve been doing it with other series ever since. Damn yous Simonson!

Travis Stephens

November 8, 2013 at 4:00 am

Still think “Thor vs Everybody” in Secret Wars #3 was one of Thor’s (and anyone else for that matter) greatest battles. But glad that Thor is getting some well deserved attention at last.

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