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Thor Legends Revealed!

In honor of Thor’s new movie opening this weekend in the United States, we decided to spotlight past editions of Comic Book Legends Revealed that have featured Thor over the years!

Check them all out below!

Did Thor appear in a Marvel comic BEFORE the Silver Age?

Did Vince Colletta erase a character’s HEAD while inking a Thor comic?

Did Larry Lieber give Thor’s hammer a name despite it already HAVING a name?

Did Stan Lee force Roy Thomas to remove Thor, Captain America and Iron Man from the Avengers?

Was Beta Ray Bill’s look based on Jack Kirby’s design for the Super-Beast?

Did Jerry Siegel write Thor comics under the name R. Berns?

Was Eric Masterson (the replacement Thor who eventually became Thunderstrike) always destined to die?

Did Thor almost have a spin-off title during the 1970s?

Did the United States military not allow people to put Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) on their tombstones for years?

Did Stan Lee really invent Thor on his own?

Were Jack Kirby’s New Gods characters originally intended to be Thor characters?

What exactly is “The Sage of the Vengeance of Thor”?

Did we nearly have a Superman/Thor crossover in the late 1990s?


Any ideas on why it is taking this long for you people to see it? It opened last week here in Brazil.

We saw it later, but we watched it properly.

Its opening now here cause North Am has a 3-Day Weekend with Remembrance Day on Monday being a “holiday”

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