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Who Was That Mysterious Guy at the End of Thor?

I wrote an article for the main page yesterday giving some background on the mysterious character who made his debut at the end of Thor: The Dark World.

Check it out here.


So I assume he said “hand me the f#$%ing Aether, you c#$#sucker”?

This is terribly obvious linkbait. A bit disappointing.

I disagree. Brian writes loads of articles for this site. He wrote one that is germane to the function of this site elsewhere, and posted a link to it because we might be interested, as (1) we will clearly read his stuff, as we are on Comics Should Be Good, and (2) it directly pertains to the interests this site caters to. Heck, the Collector is revealed as an Elder of the Universe in the Korvac Saga, which yet again has made it into the Top 100 Comic Book Storylines (#98).

Justice, you don’t have a proper definition of linkbait. Linkbait is something that tricks you into reading a web page, but the title of the article or blog post isn’t exactly what you expected. The link is exactly what’s expected.

Maybe Brian tried to be a linkbaiter with this, but failed. I mean, he can’t be good at everything, so maybe he’s just not a master ‘baiter.

Oh, Travis, Travis, Travis…

The Rod it is Drilled.


Oh, damn, is anything in brackets read as code? Cuz I added an “evil grin” at the end of that comment.

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