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You Decide – What Is Your Favorite Multi-Title Batman-Based Crossover?

With Zero Year sweeping through the DC Universe this month, we thought it’d be interesting to see what your favorite Batman-based multi-title crossover was (by “multi-title,” I really mean crossovers that go beyond just Batman titles and into non-Batman titles like Robin, Nightwing, etc. Knightfall is a notable exception, of course, since it pretty much pre-dated the concept of Batman satellite titles).

Read on for the choices!


I disliked all of these.

This is an easy one: No Man’s Land! Best crossover ever.

I voted for it, but didn’t expect that much love for No Man’s Land.

I mostly consider Knightfall/Knightquest/Knightsend to be one long saga with three main arcs, but if I had to choose, I’d say Knightfall is the most consistently good of the three. “KnightSaga” is my favorite Batman long form storyline. Having Batman up against so many of his villains as the lead up to a strike by a powerful polymath and the struggle Bruce goes through to regain what he lost after being beaten, it’s still incredibly compelling.

No Man’s Land was pretty awesome, and just barely got my vote over Knightsend. If I would have known it was such an obvious frontrunner I would have voted for Knightsend. NML was an interesting concept that was executed very well.

It’s pretty sad that one of the biggest criticisms against the story was how unbelievable it was that the U.S. would just abandon a major city like that and therefore the basic premise was flawed, and then just a few years later essentially the same thing happened with New Orleans in real life.

I was a pretty big fan of the whole Knightfall/Quest/End storyline. Despite it being an obvious 90s attempt to do something shocking for the sake of being shocking, they actually made this a pretty good story. Knightsend was my favorite part of it, though. That just felt like a non-stop action movie climax at the time. I haven’t re-read it in 15+ years, so maybe it doesn’t hold up. But at the time the conclusion of the story was definitely the high point for me.

I’ll shoot myself if Night of the Owls is #1.

Why is “The New 52″ not a choice? ;)

No man’s land was pretty awesome. So many great creators involved. The first and last arcs, plus the zero issue, were especially good. Huntress was a real standout.

Also a big fan of Knightfall, and certain issues of Knightquest: The Crusade (pretty much both Tec – Dixon and Batman – Moench). The Search was a big let down. Knightsend seemed to drag on for me, weird, considering it had the least amount of chapters.

Sorry Jazzbo – I swear I typed my post before reading all the comments! haha…. ;-)

In terms of writing quality, “Officer Down” is a thousand miles ahead of anything else on the list. The other stories are “bigger,” but “Officer Down” was about the characters, had real emotional stakes, and redefined several characters for years afterwards. (The fact that it set up a lot of Gotham Central doesn’t hurt, either.)

I suppose not having the Bat-villains or a big fight scene hurts it in these sorts of votes, but it’s the only story listed that’s really stuck with me.

Where’s “Contagion”?

No Man’s Land deserves the top spot, but I voted for Fugitive. Surprised it’s done as well as it has.

I thought I was the only one who liked No Man’s Land. The first five or six months were great! As James noted, the last arc and zero issue were also very good. NML was the first era in which I bought Bat-comics regularly, and it led to one of my favorite runs, Rucka/ Martinborough on Detective Comics.

I lIked Cataclysm (the first Nightwing issue was the highlight), Officer Down, and Bruce Wayne: Murderer/ Fugitive. Knightfall was better than it had to be. Most of the rest of this list is awful.

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