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This is an archive of pieces looking at particularly odd/strange/interesting instances of retroactively connecting different comic book characters (for instance, Uncanny X-Men #268 retroactively established that Wolverine knew both Captain America and the Black Widow from World War II).

1. Spider-Man and Misty Knight

2. Deadpool and Banshee

3. Captain America and Nick Fury

4. Captain Marvel Jr. and Kid Eternity

5. Cable and Wolverine

6. Cable and Sunfire

7. Cable and Vulture

8. Starman and Phantom Lady

9. Wolverine and Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel/Binary/Warbird)

10. Wolverine/Thing

11. Norman Osborn/Sandman

12. Magneto/Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

13. Wolverine/Richard and Mary Parker


a.k.a. The Wolvie and Cable column! Seriously, those guys will fill this one.

Nick Fury and Captain America can give them a run for their money!

Well, Marvel seems to be intent on making Wolverine the linchpin of the universe and Cap has a slight gap in his history so it’ll be tough for him to make up for the lost time. I’d think that Black Widow may be a dark horse since she’s now been around since WWII. Maybe Namor too.

But what about on the DC side? Batman? Pre-52 all the martial arts/street based characters were all sort of tied together right? Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva have seemingly trained half of the Bat family at different points. Or perhaps when Barbara Gordon was Oracle?

All of it lazy fanfic storyhacking.

I’d forgotten that you’d started this feature back in 2010. Did you just forget about it for a while, Brian?

I’d forgotten that you’d started this feature back in 2010. Did you just forget about it for a while, Brian?

In 2011, I did a month’s worth of various features, and that just didn’t happen to be one of the ones I ended up using, more out of happenstance than anything. And when I went to pick ones to do on a regular basis beginning in 2012, I just picked from the ones that I had used in 2011. So a few of the features haven’t really been used much since 2009/2010.

This is why I always hated Cable.

That, and the whole ‘future kid’ thing that I detest. I have no use for him, Rachel Summers (Oh, I’m sorry, “Grey”), Valeria Richards, etc…

If you can’t write interesting stories about the present-day characters, then get out of Dodge.

But I Digress… (heh)

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