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R.I.P. Al Plastino

The longtime Superman artist Al Plastino has passed away at the age of 91.

I’ll always remember Plastino for his wonderful design of Supergirl, who he co-created with Otto Binder (granted, it is likely that Plastino was “just” working off of Curt Swan’s earlier rendition of a temporary “Supergirl” created by a wish in a then-recent issue of Superman). Check out that facial expression! Wow!

Plastino also co-created the Legion of Super-Heroes with Binder.

He was a remarkable artist who never really got the recognition of the other Superman artists of his era (as he took a backseat to first Wayne Boring and then Curt Swan) but he was a true great. One of my personal faves.

My condolences to his friends and family.


It sucks that he died without getting his art returned to him. All those years thinking it was on exhibit at the Kennedy library or something and he finds out otherwise just as he’s fighting prostate cancer.

Poor Al never caught a break when it came to anything Superman. He just never did.


Wow, that’s so weird. I just happened to watch the DC animated “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse”, which, despite its name, is actually mostly a Supergirl origin story, last night when I couldn’t sleep. It was great, and Summer Glau really made me care about Supergirl as the film went on. I found myself thinking that Supergirl was a character that I never gave a fair shake to, and that I should check out more stuff with her in it.

Then I come into work and find out that one of her creators passed away, assumedly within hours of my finishing it. I think I’ll start that plan to read some of her stuff today, in the man’s honor.

Plastno also co-created the Parasite with Jim Shooter, giving the villain a distinctive face — his features were gauzily obscured by what might have been scar tissue — which subsequent redesigns never really lived up to. There’s a reason both Alex Ross and Bruce Timm chose Plstino’s design for their takes on the Superman rogue.

Plastino also co-created the Legion of Super-Heroes with Binder.

When you get down to it that’ll be his real legacy.

Not a good month for under-rated Silver Age DC guys.

I don’t usually think “This villain would look better in purple!” but the initial redesign of the Parasite post-Crisis with a green look was just hideous.

[…] Plastino, the definitive Silver Age Supergirl artist (that close-up from this post is his work—all rights with current holder) passed away this week. So I’m going to indulge […]

Kara Zor-El is my favorite super-hero and has been since I was seven years old. I had always liked her but it was an issue of hers in the ’80’s that solidified it. While I’m happy Supergirl is Kara again, I’m saddened by how they treat her today, from super-diaper to Red Lantern. Overall, all the hope, inspiration, and excitement she and comic books have given me over the years has neared an end. Having Mr. Plastino pass away, one of the greats, only adds to this melancholy I feel. Like his co-creations, Al Plastino is often overlooked, and while I’m happy there’s coverage for his death, it is sad that once again it takes a death for an artist like him to be appreciated. Anyway, thanks for this tribute, to Plastino and his creations!

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Plastino’s Supergirl doesn’t look much like the Swan version on the cover of Superman #123, nor does she resemble the one inside the comic which was drawn by Dick Sprang (I believe the only non World’s Finest Superman story he ever did, although he did draw at least one Jimmy Olsen and one Lois Lane story), probably at least in part because that despite the name, that Supergirl was actually a grown woman.

Mr. Plastino told me on Facebook that his wife served as the model for the Kara Zor-El Supergirl. Mrs. Plastino also served as the model for the Sally Selwyn character in “The Sweetheart Superman Forgot!” and “The Man Who Stole Superman’s Secret Life!”

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