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2013 Comics Should Be Good Advent Calendar

As with any traditional Advent Calendar, each day reveals a treat. Just click on the current day and you’ll be linked to a neat comic-related Christmas treat. This year, we’re counting down the 24 Greatest Christmas Comic Book Stories of All-Time, based on YOUR votes!

I liked Nick Perk’s drawing from last year so much that I’m using it this year, as well!


So we click on #1 to see number 24 on the list, and on #2 for 23, and so on….

Man, this is more confusing that the numbering of Marvel:The Lost Generation! ;)

Yeah, I kept trying to click on 24 and didn’t understand what was going on. It might be clearer without that last sentence of explanation (“So Day 1 will be #24…”).

So we click on #1 to see number 24 on the list, and on #2 for 23, and so on….

It’s a calendar. On December 1st, you click on #1. On December 2nd, you click on #2. And so on and so forth.

I know it should be obvious, but advent calendars are so weird and countdown-y that they’re hard to fathom for the unitiated. As a secular Jew, I only have the vaguest idea what the idea behind them is. Countdown to Christmas and hidden chocolate, that’s all I got. But Advent as a thing besides the hidden chocolate calendars? No idea.

That’s not a complaint, just a clarification of why I’ve suddenly turned into an idiot with this thing.

It’s really no problem if you don’t read the stuff above the fold. It’s an advent calendar for all those who don’t know they’re supposed to put ACDC in their poll entries!

Below the fold. Whatever.

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