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You Decide – Which Comic Company’s 2013 Output Have You Been Most Thankful For This Year?

With Thanksgiving just behind us, we thought it’d be interesting to see which North American comic book publisher had the 2013 comic book output that you were most thankful for.

Read on for the choices!


Dynamite for me, no question. IDW would come in second. I’m still a DC guy at heart, but they’re…not good right now. Marvel’s doing some good stuff, but not much that I feel like I need to own.

I went with IDW. I would have gone with them just for bringing more Dredd and 2000ad stuff to U.S. comic shops, for which I am very thankful, but I’ve also been loving their Mars Attacks and Popeye stuff too. The Popeye Classic comics are a nice replacement for the books of Segar’s strips which are done now.

Bah. No Red 5? Atomic Robo is hands down my favorite title.

Valiant, hands down. I haven’t read a single issue (let alone bloated crossover) from any other publisher that comes close to the storytelling prowess, humor, and innovation of Archer & Armstrong.

lets see
no option for Antarctic Press of Bad Dog Inc
A number of publisher’s I am not particularly familiar with (Aspen, Zenescope) and some I haven’t read recently (Valiant, Fantagraphics, Oni)
DC has been much better in previous decades, Vertigo is struggling for an identity (having originally been created for mature readers stories within the DC universe, and then becoming associated with creators who have moved to Avatar or Image)
Avatar, IDW, Dark Horse and Boom! are good but not good enough.
Dynamite’s pulp-based series are enough to give it 3rd place.
Tough call for the Top Spot but I’m picking Image (Marvel in second place)

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