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2013 Comics Should Be Good Advent Calendar

As with any traditional Advent Calendar, each day reveals a treat. Just click on the current day and you’ll be linked to a neat comic-related Christmas treat. This year, we’re counting down the 24 Greatest Christmas Comic Book Stories of All-Time, based on YOUR votes!

Thanks to Nick Perks for the great drawing used for the calendar!


Very cool calendar and countdown! I hope Starman #27 shows up somewhere in there…

[…] HERE for the link and then on the numbers and enjoy this very special way to prepare for […]

Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special. The Bastich Santa gets what he deserves

A shame it has to be 100% Christmas, there’s a lot of great issues that are suited for this month e.g. Amazing Spiderman #555-557 (2008). Hilarious how Spidey is cold and uses a jacket, snow is on every page but it doesn’t take place strictly on Christmas Eve (lacks this part of holiday theme).

Aw man! How did I miss the submussions for this? I am here everyday AND have a holiday comic out. I could have AT LEAST asked our readers to vote….probably wouldn’t have made it, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right?

Well, check it out if you like holiday tales:


Daredevil #253 better show up or else…I’m gonna yell about it!

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