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Thoughts on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Well, we finally have a Wonder Woman! Gal Gadot has been signed to portray Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman/Superman film.

Gadot is best known for her performance as Gisele in the last three Fast and Furious movies.


Gisele was a strong, tough character and Gadot played her well. I think this is a great fit for Wonder Woman.


That’s disappointing news. I don’t buy her as a tough character. Plus, while she’s certainly pretty, she’s too “girly girl” for Wonder Woman. Jaimie Alexander would have been a far better choice. She has a great combination of beauty and toughness.

I could totally see Alexander in the role. I don’t watch the Fast and Furious, so I have no opinion on Gadot, though.

Regarding Gadot’s strength, she is one of very few notable actresses who actually has served in the military (here she is from a PR campaign Israel did, reflecting her former military service):

She’s tiny but I could see it working.

I was rooting for Jaimie Alexander as well. Not only is she tough and beautiful, but she’s great at playing the wide-eyed newcomer who is still tough and imposing at the same time that an early Wonder Woman should be.

That being said, I know nothing about Gal Gadot, and I look forward to seeing her in this.

She’s tiny but I could see it working.

She’s 5’9. Not that tiny. If you’re talking weight or muscles, that can be overcome with diet and exercise. Look at what a behemoth they turned Henry Cavill into for the Superman role.

I still think Gina Carano would have been the best choice.

She was a training officer in the IDF, so I think a woman who was teaching others how to fight can handle a fake movie fight

Yeah, exactly.

@Michael24: “Plus, while she’s certainly pretty, she’s too “girly girl” for Wonder Woman”

She’s a former soldier, apparently. Her being “girly girl” doesn’t seem like an issue.

She’s too short for Wonder Woman, but Hugh Jackman was too tall for Wolverine. Unusual height is about the same importance to both characters, and Jackman ended up being so perfect despite that issue. Plus she has the mediterranean look I expect from WW. So overall, as long as she can act, I’m happy with the casting. I’m less happy that she’s only getting third billing to Batman and Superman in her first film, though.

Interesting news, since it speaks pretty strongly where DC sees its brand going.

First, it is good to have a Wonder Woman. There have been so many false starts over the years that getting the role cast in a movie that is a mortal lock to go into to production is not a minor thing.

Second, it seems odd to have Wonder Woman debut in a Superman/Batman movie. She has an origin story that lends itself extremely well to big budget Hollywood film-making. There is a stone obvious first act (i.e. Steve Trevor comes to Themyscira) and second act (i.e. Diana takes Steve Trevor back to our world). There is a strong enough theme (i.e, “Make War No More”) to suggest a third act. It seems like a waste of good source material in an era when Disney is rifling through Stan Lee’s sock drawer for ANYTHING that hasn’t been green-lit.

Third, Gal Gadot certainly looks like one version of Wonder Women, even if she isn’t my preferred version. I’d have liked someone with a more … well … Amazonian frame, but they do get points for casting someone with a Mediterranean look. Whatever the critiques of Zach Snyder, he does have a good track record with casting actors who can do action scenes. I am sure piece will be awesome.

This is probably a non-answerable Devil’s Advocate question: she may have been in the military, but was she a *good* member of the IDF? I’m active military, and believe me, I don’t have the physique to play Batman. I will grant that she was in the IDF, so she may have had considerably more physical activity and training than someone in the states. However, I wouldn’t presume that just because someone is in the military, they’re also an elite killing machine. Wikipedia tells me that she was a “sports trainer” for a two-year stint.

I’ll emphasize that I’m not saying her military service was unremarkable. I’m being inquisitive as to what the extent of her military experience was, as I personally can’t conclude that “military service” by itself makes her a good WW candidate. (Doesn’t hurt, but I don’t know how much it helps.)

She’s all knees and elbows, gawky and skinny, definitely not Amazonian.

P.S.: I’ll throw out there that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (voiced by Colbie Smulders!) are all appearing in The Lego Movie in February. I don’t care if people say “That’s a cartoon; it doesn’t count”–it looks to me that TLM is going to be the best Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman movie ever.

People need to stop worrying about her physique. Remember what a bespoke beanpole Tobey Maguire was before being cast as Spider-Man? Or for a really extreme example, how about Christian Bale going from emaciated in the Machinist directly into his Batman-worthy physique in Begins, in the span of months. Hollywood had people who’s entire jobs are making other people have the bodies they need to have. She’ll be fine.

Also, I’m betting this will be more of a cameo/background role to set up for bigger things for WW down the road. Like Black Widow in Iron Man 2.

She was in the Israeli Military? Toughness has been confirmed!
This could be interesting as long as the die hard fans keep an open mind. Part of the problem with bringing WW to the big screen or even small screen is that many are so anal about how she should look they don’t give anyone else a chance.

I’m assuming that her appearance in Superman vs Batman will be something like her first appearance in the Post Crisis “Legends” miniseries in which she just showed up at the climactic end battle with no explanation of who she was, where she’d come from etc. it was a pretty good way to do it, because it certainly generated interest in the character and led to her comic reboot in which we learnt her new origins, background etc. I’m sure they’ll take a similar approach with her first feature film.

As for Gadot. Well, she didn’t stand out too much for me in the F@F movies apart from being quite skinny. Not that I think she was given a demanding role in that film. She certainly is pretty and exotic enough to fulfill the role.
When I think Wonder Woman I always imagine the likes of Monica Belluci and/or Catherine Zeta Jones ( but unfortunately both are to old for the role.) I wish her well.

Keep in mind her service in the military was “mandatory” similar to a lot of countries in which you have to sign up for two years when you graduate High School (unless you get into college.). Commendable, but not exactly remarkable. You basically march a lot, and have basic weapons and hand-to-hand combat. Pretty similar to joining up to the Army Reserve. How do I know? I did it too. And trust me, it does not turn you into Rambo.

Gal Gadot is the same height as Jaimie Alexander, and half an inch shorter than Lynda Carter. She’s not too small.

She’s tall enough and she can play tough, but she’s just way too skinny. She’s done a good job in the F&F movies, but has she ever been called upon to display any warmth? I guess it doesn’t matter, because there’s never any warmth in DC movies anyway.

Terrible choice. Can’t think of anyone more vanilla and talentless for such an iconic role.

@Thomas R- how about Miley Cyrus or any number of actresses that you just are not thinking of because you simply are not taking the time.

Because I blog about Wonder Woman regularly on http://theidiolect.com people have been asking me about this all day. And I don’t really know what to say.

I don’t know this actor, so I don’t really have an opinion on the casting. Except two things:

(1) Obviously I wish she were being introduced in a freaking Wonder Woman movie rather than as an also-ran in Superman/Batman.

(2) It cracks me up that people are still concerned about the worthiness of casting for the Batfleck movie.

She looks like a young J Lo in the post itself.

But since I know nothing of her, I’ll be… Waiting for Gadot!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I kill me!

Tbh, the first thing I thought was that Wonder Woman isn’t flat-chested or narrow-hipped. I see Toozin’s point, but I guess it’s easier for me to visualize it with guys bulking up. I don’t really see this actress as ever having wide hips, but yeah, maybe the movie magicians trump all. To be fair, when I think of Ditko’s Peter Parker, I don’t think of a 30 year-old Englishman, but nonetheless I did enjoy Andrew Garfield’s performance.

As with Heath Ledger, Anne Hatheway, Mark Ruffalo, etc, unless you like the taste of foot in your mouth and the feel egg trickling down your face, you really gotta wait until there’s footage to judge.

I don’t care for your jokes, Travis. But I’m sorry, I shouldn’t Cavill.

I like the choice. People forget she’ll almost certainly be wearing the heels that seem to be so inexplicably prevalent in comic book heroines so her 5’9″ becomes an easy 6’0+ really fast.

The Crazed Spruce

December 4, 2013 at 6:46 pm

Y’know, if the internet existed back in the 70’s, there would no doubt be a ton of archived posts somewhere of people bitching about a certain pretty-boy soap actor who was cast to play Superman. That one turned out okay, so I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I admit, I haven’t seen her act, and she does seem kinda thin (although with her military training, she probably has enough discipline to bulk up a bit before shooting), but I’m at least gonna wait until I see some footage of her in the role before I start condemning her.

Travis, that might be your most painful joke yet. And for that I applaud you. Take a bow.

Wonder Woman should look like someone who if she punched you in the face, it would hurt. This lady isn’t that. Now given what I’m learning about her time in the military it sounds like looks are deceiving, but movies are supposed to convey that information visually.

All the examples of men who bulked up for roles are inapplicable because men and women build muscle mass differently. Women don’t get bulky unless they take steroids. They get lean. Think of Linda Hamilton from the first Terminator to the second. Gal Gadot is already fairly close to T2 Linda Hamilton, so I don’t expect much improvement.

All the examples of men who bulked up for roles are inapplicable because men and women build muscle mass differently. Women don’t get bulky unless they take steroids.

First off, steroids are not the only way women can gain healthy body mass. She just has to take in a crapload of calories, especially protein, and work out like a beast. Wonder Woman is rarely if ever drawn with steroid-taking female levels of bulk.

Compare Angela Bassett in How Stella Got Her Groove Back:


To her physique in What’s Love Got to Do With It:


Why did the tumblr/hipster crowd flip their shit over the “horrible travesty of WW not having a movie” when she hasn’t ever been marketable as anything other than T’n’A? The only mainstream versions of the character are the Golden Age comic (which was literally a fetish porn comic) and the TV show (which was all about whatshername looking pretty). Do they really think seven decades plus of WW not selling to the general public in any other form is suddenly going to change?

Grant Morrison was right. She only sells when she’s about sex.

Wonder Woman’s biggest problem in comics seems to be that she’s published by people that are embarrassed by her. Same thing with Superman. Superman only directly killed one guy. How many people do you think Wonder Woman will slaughter?

I don’t really care who plays her as long as it’s good. That’s really all I ask. I think it might be too much.

Of course Audie Murphy was in the military, a decorated hero and never projected much toughness onscreen (he works well in No Name on the Bullet precisely because his murderer’s more a thoughtful type). Acting can make a big difference–more, I think, than muscles. Nobody questioned Cagney’s toughness and he wasn’t a muscle man.

For everyone who enjoyed my joke, I will be at your Beckett call in the future.

OK, THAT one was terrible.

correction, she was in the last 3 Fast Furious movies: 4, 5 and 6.

Oh yeah, she was in 4, wasn’t she? I’ll fix that.

Well Travis you certainly have some Gal using such bad puns around here.

I wash my hands of the whole thing until we get closer. I haven’t even seen “Man of Steel”. I have the blu-ray sitting at home borrowed from one of my brothers (along with “X-Men: First Class” to prep for “Days of Future Past”, since my picky-super-nerd sensibilities wouldn’t let me watch it ’til now), and I will get to it when I get to it.

This movie is going to suck. If it ends up being even watchable then it will have defied incalculable odds against it. I’ve never seen any movie in any genre that had “trainwreck” written on it more obviously.

I love how outside of Israel people are in awe when they hear a person served in the IDF. You know it’s a mandatory service at age 18, right? Not everyone is a combatant (I myself served as a truck driver, far from combat training – aside of the casual mandatory shooting range – or any warzone). Surely, Gal Gadot fulfilled her duty, despite focusing on her modeling career at the time, shortly after winning the title of Miss Israel, and in light of many models (also athletes and entertainers) opting out of service in any way they can. Bar Refaeli, for example, had an arranged marriage with a much older family friend when she turned 18, so the service won’t interfere with her career.

Anyway, Gadot served as a fitness instructor. I’m sure she can work on her shape, but I don’t trust her acting abilities. Haven’t watched any of the Fast and Furious films she was part of, but she had a main role in some local TV show two years ago, and her acting was pretty awful.

This casting is a semi-risk but DC has been making (sometimes unnecessary) gambles with this whole project.


If the Internet existed back in the 1970’s, Spruce, people would have also noted that “pretty boy soap actor” had been trained at Julliard and had a pretty substantial background on the stage, with recommendations by several people at the highest reaches of American theatre.

Not to mention that ABC’s daytime drama operation back then was one of the most productive and intensive programs for working actors. There’s a reason you can find soap footage for so many now-famous actors. It was a steady paycheck for people who had the ability and skill to do the work on such a quick turnaround.

All of which is a semi-long way of saying that just because Chris Reeve wasn’t a name, doesn’t mean he hadn’t proven his chops. Hugh Jackman was a working actor long before he decided he’d rather wear black leather than blue spandex. Lynda Carter? I’ll give you that 40 years ago, ABC caught lightning in a bottle with her. But the odds were a lot shorter and the risks a lot smaller with that project than with this one.

Susan Eisenberg is the other name I’ve heard bandied about, supposedly with only two credits before landing Diana in the DCAU. When Zack Snyder has the record in casting people that Andrea Romano does, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt I give her. Malin Ackerman in Watchmen is still too fresh in my mind to just blindly trust him.

Anyone wanting to bet on the odds of a Wonder Woman movie if this move blows up in his face as much as the Silk Spectre misfire? Because that is what we are talking about here, if this doesn’t work.

Full disclosure: I really thought Jaimie Alexander was the perfect look and attitude for the role. I could see the baton being handed from Lynda Carter to her.

But what I find funny is all the people discussing her look for the part, which is me is fine enough, it’s not till the very end of the comments that anyone brings up her acting. When has off-beat casting, or even right on casting really worked? With a good script first, but good actors. Chris Reeve as just stated is a bad example, because that guy could really act. Marvel has been outdoing DC by not casting just names, but people who really can fit the roles and flesh them out. They don’t even have to have past acclaim if the can find guys who fit the role and can act. You don’t need RDJ’s Oscar nominations. Hemsworth might have a role that’s mainly man meat, but he’s showing in other projects he can act too. Chris Evans was panned, but he showed everyone he can convey the earnestness that is Cap. Tom Hiddleston stealing scenes in multiple movies. Etc. So far Gadot has seemed very much like a model acting. If Brett Ratner was directing it you wonder if she got the part because she’s the one who said “yes” to sleeping with him. Nolan bucked the trend with actors in his movies (Heath Ledger works not because he fits the role physically, but can act), but the other DC movies don’t seem to follow suit as much. Someone over there thought Blake Lively was good casting.

And all these puns in the comments, and not one thought she might be better cast as Wonder Gal?

I think its funny that people always complain about casting for movies… it seems like half the time if not more they were worried for nothing. I think its easier to think up unlikely castings that turned out well than castings that turned out bad. For example, I think Michael Keaton as Batman (Mr. MOM!!!), Health Ledger as Joker, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, were all derided, but turned out to not only be good, but arguably iconic castings.

@JoeMac307….actually, of the 3, only Ledger really stands out as that being the case, and he’s the best example of it by leaps and bounds. I don’t remember people really hating on Hugh Jackman, mainly because there wasn’t really time for it. Filming had already started when he had to take over the role. By the time anyone knew who he was we had seen pics of him as Wolverine and it seemed to be working. And I wouldn’t consider Michael Keaton as iconic. I still don’t think he was a very good Batman. There was just a lot of fun movie around him that worked.

It seems more often that when people wonder about the casting they’re right. Cough Ryan Reynolds Cough. Other instances I can think of being wrong were Chris Evans as Cap, who was thought a frat boy but was able to pull of the earnestness of Cap; and maybe Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, but that came mainly from non-comic book fans who thought every superhero should be a action hero leading man type. (Outside of comics Daniel Craig wasn’t warmly received and he’s worked out pretty well for them). But I’m sure you could come up with just as long or longer list of people thought to be horrible casting who were, well, horrible.

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