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Best Search Result That Sent People to This Blog Ever

As time goes by, Google is encrypting more and more searches so that websites don’t get as much information about how people got to their site through Google. However, a few un-encrypted searches still sneak by. And earlier tonight we received perhaps the best Google search result ever.

It is kind of messed up, so I’ll hide it after the break. So read on to see what it is!

free ben 10 cartoon lesbian sex comics no download needed

I must say, random person who went looking for it, that that is one crazy ass search.

I love the specificity of it all. Like, “Oh cool, some free Ben 10 lesbian sex comics! Wait, what the hell? I have to download them? I’ll be damned if I have to DOWNLOAD free Ben 10 lesbian sex comics! Fuck that!”

I entered the search into Google as I was curious as to HOW that got somebody on to this site (like what entry on the site matched THAT search?) and I felt like someone was going to come arrest me as I was flipping through 12 pages of some fucked up results. The kicker was that I didn’t hit anything that actually linked to this site. Weird.


The irony, of course, is that now the next time somebody searches for that, they’ll come to this specific page.

And we’re here to welcome them. HELLO PERVERT!!!

What’s weirder is that, if I understand right, this person searched for…that, and then got a bunch of results…

and decided to click on a link to here at CSBG.

“Pages of cartoon lesbian porn and…ooh, a comic book Advent calendar! I’ll see what that reveals!”

It’s either the NSA trying to find some really strange terrorists, or else considering that Joe Casey is involved with Ben 10, Chad Nevett was doing a strange strange search and then the mrs. came into the room so he had to click on to a link to come back here. ;)

Does that mean that CBR doesn’t have free Ben 10 cartoon lesbian sex comics with no download needed?

Ben 10 lesbian porn has to be receiving a huge spike in interest fright now. I’m not really sure I even should have typed that phrase. I look forward to seeing you all in court with me.

penguintruth – sorry, but the only free Ben 10 cartoon lesbian sex comics on CBR require a download

That’s one of the things I love about having my blog on WordPress. You are able to see most of the search terms that led people to it. I’ve gotten some really funny, crazy ones. One of my favorites was “faust love of the damned sex scene”


You do realize that is the only way I am coming to CSBG from now on.

Man, it’s been so long that I forgot that’s how I found this blog in the first place.

“Ben 10″ porn?? That’s disgusting! What kind of vile, human garbage would be into that sort of thing?

Everyone knows “Teen Titans” animated series erotica is where it’s at.

That is hilarious! I like looking at the searches that led people to my blog sometimes, too. A favorite is “Lugosi pants tirade.” I couldn’t even find a page on my blog when I searched using that term, but it assures me someone found their way to the site that way.

That’s it! Just drop the mic.. No joke that follows this happenstance is going to compare.. Just wave hi to the NSA Agents now hiding in the site’s code..lol

Does this mean that Ben 10 passes the Bechdel test?

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