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You Decide – Which Long-Running Creator-Owned Title Had the Best Final Issue?

With the release of the last issue of Locke and Key, we figured it’d be interesting seeing what you folks felt was the best final issue of a long-running creator-owned title.

Read on for the choices!


Still don’t think Northlanders should be on this poll since the stories were separate from each other.

Scalped. That entire series was perfection.

Weirdly, I only remember the endings of two of these series, and in neither case was it really a high point.

Cerebus. Don’t you agree?

a tough call but I went for…

“One Percent”

I don’t think enough voters read Scalped. Almost voted for Y. I wanted to like Ex Machina more, the Boys and Preacher were fine. I think those are the only ones I’ve read all the way through.

As much as I liked Scalped, and the ending was pretty damn good, I had to vote for my all time favorite book Cerebus. Chilling ending.

Had Preacher ended one issue earlier that would have been my pick. I actually thought the second last issue was a better ending than the real one.

Came down to Y and Preacher for me, with “Alas” taking it narrowly.

A bit surprised that Planetary is not on there.

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