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Committed: Make Your Own Superhero Snowflakes

snowflakes_window2Since it’s Christmas (whether celebrating it or not) I thought I’d forego my usual Wednesday column for something to do instead. So here are five snowflake templates to print and cut out, each based on a different superhero; Batman, Storm (I used her old headdress, who knows if she’s still wearing that), Iron Man (both the old circular chest reactor and the triangular one incorporated), Wonder Woman, and the Punisher (I wanted to make the knives serrated, but my paper was too thick and it was too fiddly).

Click on the thumbnails below to download a pdf which prints on any US letter-size printer.

At the bottom of the page are step-by-step instructions, (using the Batman Snowflake as an example). I tested these with some pretty blunt scissors so they shouldn’t be too tricky to cut out.


Click here to see even MORE superhero snowflake patterns!


Thanks for sharing! I think this was a really fun post to make for the holidays. I especially like the Storm and Wonder Woman designs.

Hope you’re having a joyful and restful holiday season.

Very cool!

Wow, those look way cool! Merry Christmas to all!

But… snowflakes are hexagonal?

I like the Happy Batman though ^_^

Snowflakes don’t listen to your rules man, they’ll do whatever they want to do.



[…] Download the templates and instructions for the snowflakes at Comic Book Resources. […]

[…] snowflakes. It is still winter in the Northern Hemisphere after all. And Sonia Harris of Comic Book Resources has just the flakes for you. She has taken the time and used her creativity to come up with some […]

Sonia, are you going to do some new ones this year? I plan on making some of these with my daughters today!

That’s great, Josh! If you’re up for it, I might as well. Now I just have to decide what to make…

I love these! Since you left out my favorite superhero, I was inspired to make one of my own.


Thank you for sharing these. And happy holidays!

Oops. I left out, my favorite is Namor, so it’s a Subby Snowflake!

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