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The 24 Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told!

You all voted, now here are the results of what you chose as the 24 Greatest Christmas Comic Book Stories Ever Told!

Click on any story for a write-up on that story.

24. Superman’s Christmas Adventure #1

23. “Dinner at Grandma’s” from 1955?s Walt Disney’s Christmas Parade #7

22. “T’was the Fight Before Xmas” Spider-Man’s Tangled Web #21

21. “The TT’s Swingin’ Christmas Carol!” Teen Titans #13

20. “‘Twas the Night” Uncanny X-Men #230

19. “The Santa Contract” Hitman #22

18. “Silent Night, Deadly Night!” Batman #239

17. “Yes, Tyrone, There Is a Santa Claus” Infinite Holiday Special #1

16. “Jiminy Christmas” Fables #56

15. “A Christmas Underground” Hellboy Christmas Special #1

14. “Be Good for Goodness’ Sake” JSA #55

13. “You Never Make a Sound” Spectacular Spider-Man #112

12. “The Golden Christmas Tree” Four Color Comics #203

11. “Rhino Plastered” from Incredible Hulk #378

10. “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santron” Marvel Holiday Special #1

9. “Metropolis Mailbag” Superman #64

8. “One Perfect Gift” Flash #73

7. “Christmas Knight” Starman #27

6. “Merry Christmas, Justice League — Now Die!” JLA #60

5. “Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas!” Marvel Team-Up #1

4. “A Christmas for Shacktown” Four Color Comics #367

3. “Demon” Uncanny X-Men #143

2. “Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot” Christmas With the Superheroes #2

1. “The Silent Night of the Batman” Batman #219

Have a very Merry Christmas, folks!


only 3 of my 10 made it
if anyone is interested my votes were
10 Jingle Bombs
9 Klaus
8 ‘Twas the night
7 You never make a sound
6 The Santa contract
5 Ceremonies
4 I Knew I shoulda taken that left toyn back in Albakoyky
3 Class of ’79
2 Happy
1 Aunt Vicky’s Furry Tales

Congratulations (and happy Christmas) to anyone who can identify all ten by the titles
and happy Christmas to everyone else

Thanks Brian for compiling the list! I only wish the X-Men made more of an impact. Or at the very least, Uncanny X-Men 365 made the cut over 230. I have to start really ranking my lists.

Batman: Noel was really good. Bermejo nailed it on the art alone.

Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks for this post, Brian! Very good stories here, it appears, with plenty I haven’t read that I’ll search out.

And probably get around to reading them about July….

Lobo X-Mas Special

I am stunned – STUNNED I say – that ‘Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot’ from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2 isn’t in there.

Well, I love it!

Thanks for putting this together, Brian.

Martin: It’s in there! Second from the top, in fact.

Bloomin ‘eck, buttler, thank you – I read that list three times … I blame the Time Trapper and his Iron Curtain of Time.

And me being thick.

I guess everyone else doesn’t think Lobo’s Paramilitary Christmas Special is the work of art that I do?

Did “Christmas Breaker” from the UK Transformers title get any votes at all?

I didn’t participate, but an old favorite from the late Silver Age is Justice League of America #110’s “The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus.” Despite the title, it’s a fairly straightforward story, with two exceptions: 1) It’s the first JLA appearance of John Stewart as Green Lantern (Hal slips and falls in the shower). 2) All the JLAets DIE! Well, not quite — thanks to everyone’s favorite deus ex machina, the Phantom Stranger. Anyway, GL-Stewart gets to perform his own Christmas miracle for a poor neighborhood (TWO deus ex machina — dei ex machina?)!! Great Len Wein story, plus art by the JLA’ s late-60s/70s stalwart MVP, Dick Dillin! Dig it up if you can.

No love for ‘The Goon’ #10? For shame. It’s a gorgeously rendered and oft-hilarious re-telling of ‘A Christmas Carol’ (with added bog lurks and gut-punches); definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already!

I’m disappointed, but not surprised to see no Raymond Briggs love here. I guess it’s not American enough.

The only real surprise for me is that the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special didn’t make it.

My list:

1 – Father Christmas (Raymond Briggs)
2 – Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special
3 – Hellblazer #49 – Lord of the Dance
4 – Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot – “Christmas – With the Super-Heroes” #2 (2)
5 – Merry Christmas, Justice League — Now Die! – JLA #60 (6)
6 – The Silent Night of the Batman – “Batman” #219 (1)
7 – Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer
8 – Father Christmas Goes on Holiday (Raymond Briggs)
9 – The Last Christmas
10 – Starman 27 – Christmas Knight (7)

Only one I voted for that I didn’t think would make it and didn’t that deserves mention is What the?! #10 I’ll be Doom for Christmas. I also had Iron Man #254. Surprised the Lobo one didn’t make it too, but not disappointed. I put a Punisher one in there because he always seemed to have Christmas stories, but a couple I forgot that made the list were far more deserving, so I’m good with that.

and if anyone cares …my list (again) with associated series
10 Luke Cage:Hero for Hire – Jingle Bombs
9 The Badger – Klaus
8 XMen – ‘Twas the night
7 Spiderman – You never make a sound
6 Hitman – The Santa contract
5 XMen – Ceremonies
4 Ambush Bug – I Knew I shoulda taken that left toyn back in Albakoyky
3 Judge Dredd (2000AD) -Class of ’79
2 Happy – Happy
1 Nazi Ninja Elves (Fantasy Book) – Aunt Vicky’s Furry Tales (including the lyrics to Adolf the Brown Shirt Reindeer)

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