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The Watcher Harshes People’s Christmas Buzz

Chaz already had two pieces in last week’s Holiday-themed edition of The Line it is Drawn, so I figured I could hold off on his take on anaustincampion‘s suggestion of

taking The Watcher to task for not intervening during the crucifixion

until today…

The WATCHer (Color - FINAL)


Wow, no comments yet? I do a thing on Affleck as Batman, and people lose their shit. Chaz says that Jesus is fictional, and nothing? :)

I would expect at least a flood (OK, a trickle) of counterexamples from 616 continuity.

That’s because everybody knows he’s fictional. A religious leader (that happens to be the first and only son of an almighty god that created everything) knows that all kinds of horrible shit will happen to him and he lets it happen… Yeah, right. :p

Well, as according to standard Christian lore, Jesus is God, one and the same as his own father, then Jesus made out with his own mother so she could give birth to him for the primary purpose of getting himself sacrificed to himself to appease his anger at his own creation. Obviously, Uatu reviewed this narrative and decided, “this is batshit crazy, I shall stay out of this and wait for the guy who eats planets for dinner before I get involved. Or maybe the guy who controls molecules with a wave of a wand will do.”

So, according to Fred W. Hill’s description, Jesus is Marcus from Avengers 200.

Brilliant and inspired piece by Chaz. I love it.

Yeah, billions of people must be totally stupid to follow something that is attested to not only by eye-witness accounts, but historical records. These fools must believe in the life sacrifices of every single person who claims to have met this fictional Man/God who gave the world something that wan not know before him: grace.

Yup, totally fictional.

By the way, Jesus in not the same as his own father, they are of the same substance – meaning they are both divinity. There is a distinctness between Father & Son. Jesus does know what will happen to him when he comes, and comes anyway.

Maybe it’s because it’s (1) trolling for angry responses, (2) kind of baiting, and (3) pointlessly rude and obnoxious enough to not deserve a response.

What response would he prefer from those of us who believe in Jesus as the center of our religion and of the Christmas holiday? Seriously, would a bunch of angry rants be good? What about a theological debate? Perhaps a nice cozy flame war?

Obviously if someone believes that Jesus is fictional, that’s their theology (or lack thereof), but other than starting a useless flame war about it during the holiday season, what’s the point in Christians like me responding? I have no interest in a theological debate, especially in response to what’s basically mean-spirited trolling during the holidays. It’s just… there. I would not make a similar cartoon about other religions–I don’t think my various friends and loved ones (not to mention random strangers) of various faiths would find it kind or helpful. I don’t especially believe in Thor, for instance, but I see no need to pick on people who follow the Asatru religion, and it would seem particularly mean to do so as part of a set of comics themed around an Asatru seasonal festival.

Nothing else to add here, other than that whatever everyone does or doesn’t celebrate, I wish them happy holidays and peace in the new year.

“attested to not only by eye-witness accounts, but historical records”
Only to the same degree as Zeus and Hercules. It just depends on which books you want to believe as “eye witness accounts” and historical records.

@ David – Great post. That’s really all that needs to be said here.

Well, I object strongly. Not because of the fictional remark, but because this clearly belongs at Easter.

I think a civil conversation could be had on whether or not Chaz’s comic is obnoxious and/or troll bait and also whether it’s a well-done piece (which I think it is).

I’m a very lapsed Catholic who is somewhere between atheist and agnostic. I completely understand why people believe and why they hold religion in such high personal regard. Having said that, I don’t think Chaz’s piece is necessarily offensive. It plays on a convention that I think could be appreciated by believers, beliebers, and non-believers. It also plays on the convention of “why don’t super-powered beings intervene in real-world or realistic events?”

I’m about to read the book Zealot by Reza Aslan and have always thought that at the very least Jesus was a historical figure, maybe not the son of God, or a prophet, but at the very least a religious leader who did live. I still think the comic is funny and well-done regardless of its accuracy. It’s kind of wacky like most of Chaz’s stuff, but I’m a fan so maybe I’m biased.

@ Logan – Great post. That’s really all that needs to be said here.

The Marvel Universe doesn’t need a Jesus when it has Adam Warlock.

Or a Wundarr the Aquarian. What ever happened to that guy, anyway?

The funny thing is, in the Marvel universe, why would there even be a debate?
With all the time platforms/viewers/bunny slippers available, I’d imagine all historical questions would have been answered beyond a shadow of a doubt by now. And, Doom would have established his own religion regardless, having left absolute proof of his divinity lying around in every time period.

@buttler: Last I heard of him, he appeared in Marvel Zombies 3 I believe? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s appeared elsewhere since then though; probably in a one-panel appearance somewhere.

What David said…

This strikes me as rather obnoxious, esp. at this time of the year. Mary Warner was right, if you’re going to do it, at least do it around Easter.

I’m an Agnostic, so I’m not deeply offended by it, more mystified really…

So who’s up next to get a smack down, Moses or perhaps Muhammad?

Any other followers of major world religions you want to send a big “FUCK YOU!” to?

Putting the question of his divinty aside; I was under the impression that there was a significant amount of evidence that pointed to Jesus’ existence and eventual crucifixtion.

Also: I don’t think I’ve ever commented on his art before, but I’ve always thought Chaz gives TLIID a nice bit of diversity, an indie vibe amongst the more mainstream (not in any way a put down) artist. I still laugh at the Wolverine/Trouble mash-up, the humor in this one though seems lacking. His two other contributions were much funnier.

Happy New Year errabody!

"O" the Humanatee!

December 28, 2013 at 11:35 pm

As a secular Jew, I nonetheless feel comfortable saying that I imagine Jesus would respond, “Oh yeah? Right back at ya, pal!”

Uh…y’all do realize that the Watcher himself is a fictional character, right?

Also, the gospels were written long after the life of Jesus. Eye-witness doesn’t really enter in to that equation.

P Boz – i actually thought that was the joke here.

I think that considering the fact that about every major or minor deity has apperared in a marvel comic as a hero or villain at some time, except for Jesus, we could most likely assume that he is fictional, in the Marvel Universe.
What goes for our universe however is an entirely different matter. Uatu does not have the ability to interfere here anyway.

I’m very disappointed in this because I come to this site to discuss and read about comics, not to see people bashing religions. I really hope you avoid clearly offensive pictures in the future.

Why do people even get offended at claims that Jesus is fictional anyway?

It’s been mentioned, but it’s pretty well established by historians that Jesus existed. That’s not saying he was the son of God, or that he did the things the bible says he did, but the person named Jesus written about in the bible was a real person.

It’s weird that this site can be so guarded and politically correct one minute, and then post this the next. Eh…

Wow, nice way to spread some hate at Christmas. This is pretty disappointing coming from Comics Should Be Good.


Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought too.

Not to attack or defend christianity, but the topic is boring and the cartoon is crappy.

I have to agree with LouReedRichards. I’m not really a believer, but still find this in incredibly poor taste right at Christmas. Seems to go against the spirit of the season to just offend people for the sake of it. And I don’t find it artistically courageous or anything either. If an artist really wants to be courageous take your chances drawing images of Muhammad and make fun of him. That’s taking a chance. Christianity bashing is just low hanging fruit. (But I’m guessing that or taking a shot at any number of other religions or beliefs wouldn’t have passed muster for this site and never would have seen “print.”)

People getting offended by this are missing the point. Jesus is canon to the Marvel universe. It’s the equivalent of saying Ghost Rider or Doctor Strange aren’t real. To get offended at a simple joke isn’t cool, but to get mad at someone not understanding Marvel Universe continuity? Totally justified.

@ David – Great post. That’s really all that needs to be said here.

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