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The final Sunday of the year is a perfect time for another rousing rendition of Name That Artist!

Man, it’s been too long since I did a Name That Artist game (almost three years?!?!?), but it’s back, and badder than ever! Go below the cut to see if you can figure out who drew this tale of woe!

I wanted to post some drawings that wouldn’t give away the company that published it, but I couldn’t do that, so there’s a fairly recognizable hero in these scans. If that helps you out, oh well. Without further ado, Name That Artist!

12-29-2013 01;04;13PM


12-29-2013 01;05;51PM


12-29-2013 01;07;46PM


12-29-2013 01;09;09PM

Answer in the comments, as there’s nothing at stake here except the admiration of your peers, and, to be honest, probably not even that. I will try to keep the suspense up for as long as possible, so I’ll keep the answer to myself even if someone answers very definitively in the comments. Those definitive people – I hate them so much!

I’m sure some of you scamps out there know this without even racking your brain too much, but I still think this game is fun. So have fun!


I’m guessing…Paul Gulacy?

Kevin Nowlan?

I’m guessing Mark Beachum (inked by Geof Isherwood).

Oh, you know what? Mark Silvestri

I’m gonna say early, early Marc Silvestri.

Ooo, I’ve been moderated!

buttler: I don’t know why that happens, seemingly at random. Weird.

I’m still keeping my mouth shut!!!!

I would guess Marc Silvestri too.

Jenos Idanian #13

December 29, 2013 at 2:43 pm

First page, bottom left panel: almost classic Pat Broderick.

I wonder what the hell he’s been up to? The guy was great. Unfortunately, some of his best work was on series where another artist who just exploded — he followed Michael Golden on Micronauts, and preceded Keith Giffen on Legion of Super-Heroes.

That first page, third panel yells “Stephen Bissette” at me.

It’s really kind of you to describe Moon Knight as “recognizable”, Brian. :)

John: Hey, it’s me, not Brian! :)

Well, I love Moon Knight, and I assume most readers of the blog know who he is, but I never assume anything around here!

@Jenos: Yes, that panel sure has a Pat Broderick vibe IMO.

I’m gonna say Frank Miller, even though that is almost certainly incorrect.

The Crazed Spruce

December 29, 2013 at 5:43 pm

The first name that came to me was Irv Novick. After reading the whole thing, I couldn’t think of anyone better, so I’m going with that.

Rob Liefeld

Looks like Joe Rosen lettering.

It’s Marc Silvestri. I remember he drew a back-up during the original series and I’m pretty sure this is from that story…

Bob Layton? Bah, you’re not gonna pull Name That Artist out of the bag after three years for Bob Layton.

All right, before it gets too late in the day, I’ll reveal it:

Yeah, it’s Marc Silvestri (inked by Gary Kwapisz). This is the back-up story from Moon Knight #32 from July 1983. This wasn’t Silvestri’s first work, but it’s close. He was 24 when he drew this. It’s amazing how much his style changed over the next 4-5 years.

Interesting guesses, everyone. I think it is very Pat Broderick-ish, too. And Taylor, Joe Rosen lettered a lot of Moon Knight, but this is John Morelli!

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