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The South Park Cast as the Rainbow Lantern Corps!

My pal Jason has been collecting sketches of South Park characters as members of the various colored Lantern Corps that befit each of their respective personalities. He was nice enough to suggest that I feature them here, so enjoy!

Green Lanterns Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski & Wendy Testaburger by Jason Quinones

Orange Lantern Eric Cartman & Mr. Kitty by Katie Cook

White Lantern Kenny McCormick by Krissy Puff

Indigo Tribe Leopold “Butters” Stotch by Sean Von Gormann

Blue Lanterns Timmy Burch & Jimmy Valmer by Jennifer Weber

Star Sapphire Big Gay Al by Mindy Steffen and Mindy Indy

Black Lantern Jerome “Chef” McElroy by Steve Becker

Sinestro Corps/Yellow Lantern Trent Boyett by Agnes Garbowska

Red Lantern Mr. Hat & Mr. Garrison by Chris Flick

Check out more of awesome sketches that Jason has collected over the years here!


This would be more interesting if I knew (or cared about) what the colors meant. I also don’t know who Trent Boyett is. Anyway, some of these sketches are pretty darn good. Maybe someday I’ll have my own collection of themed sketches.

They are pretty cool.
The colors mean:
Green: Willpower.
Red: Rage.
Orange: Avarice.
Yellow: Fear.
Blue: Hope.
Indigo: Compassion.
Violet: Love.
Black: Death.

Oh, forgot White: Life.

Rainbow Lanterns: Dumber than fanfiction.

Wouldn’t Shelly be a yellow lantern? Or, is she more of a red lantern?

of course some colours (orange) are about displaying the emotion while others (yellow) about encouraging it from others, most about both.
Black is about being dead while white is mainly associated with being resurected

Cool stuff here, guys. And yeah, that’s a commission I did last year at Stacy Korn’s comic book shop – Comic Fusion – in New Jersey. If you guys want to see more of my work, you can find me on Facebook either as Capesnbabes or Chris Flick. You can also check out my webcomic at http://www.capesnbabes.com.

Thanks for posting this!

Does anyone else think that Big Gay Al’s Star Sapphire outfit is a good basic design for a male Star Sapphire?

Annie, pretty much all DC/Marvel superhero comics since around the early 70s are fan-fiction. Some of it good, some of it terrible, most of it somewhere in between.

” Kenny has hair? ”

As of the movie back at the turn of the century, it’s been established that Kenny is a blonde white boy under his hood with the voice of Mike Judge.

This is all kinds of awesome.

Thanks for the love, and thanks to Brian for posting the sketches. I keep getting ideas for sketches, and casting SP characters in the Emotional Spectrum was one of them. This was the story pitch I included with each sketch over on ComicArtFans.com:

“The Blackest Night has hit the small podunk white trash town of South Park, CO. The dead have risen, and heroes such as Mysterion and Mintberry Crunch are unable to stop the hordes. Now, some of the town’s most . . . unique residents have found themselves with power rings of the emotional spectrum. Can they defeat the Black Lanterns of South Park?”

You can see the index with Kenny’s sketch. Each sketch’s description shows why I cast the characters the way I did. Also, I got sketches based of the “Coon & Friends” story arc . . . check out The Coon, Mysterion, Mintberry Crunch: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=763507&GSub=110297,
Professor Chaos & General Disarray: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=802166&GSub=110297 and Cthulhu.

When I saw the title of the this post I thought of this:


Loved all the pieces.

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