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CBR’s Top 100 Comics of 2013

Comic Book Resources’ annual countdown of the best comic books of the year is finished.

Here is the entire list, from #100-76, 75-51, 50-26, 25-11 and finally, 10-1.

A number of us Comics Should Be Good writers contributed blurbs to the comics on the list.

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That was a great list. It included most of my favorite series from this year, plus a few I’ve wanted to check out but needed the extra push, and many that I’ve never heard of and now want to find. But one of the early entries (like 96, I think?) reminded me of a title that I really wished would be there, but knew wouldn’t…

It was mentioned in the entry for “Injustice: Gods Among Us” that a lot of people probably ignored it because it was a video game tie-in. That game actually did have an amazing story, and I’ve been wanting to check the comic out myself. But that made me think of a title that would definitely be on any “Best of 2013″ list I made: “Bravest Warriors”.

Similar to “Injustice”, “BW” is a tie-in to an online cartoon from the people who make “Adventure Time”. Here’s the thing: While “Adventure Time” is a comic adaptation of a brilliant cartoon that is fun, but falls short of its source material, “Bravest Warriors” is an adaptation of a really good cartoon that is a LOT of fun, and is (in my opinion) better than the cartoon. “AT” comics are written by various people, some good, some okay, and drawn by a similarly uneven spread of artists. “BW” has had the same writer and the same artist through its run, and they’re both so talented it’s stupid. Plus, each issue has a self-contained back-up story by Ryan Pequin, who is the creator of “Three Word Phrase”, the spiritual successor to “Perry Bible Fellowship” and one of the best webcomics going.

So, yeah. Rant. But like I said, great list. And I hope I’ve convinced one or two people to check out “Bravest Warriors”.

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