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Committed: Survey – Comic Gifts

Happy new year! It’s time for the first survey of 2014 and this time I want to know if you gave or got any comic book gifts. There are only 8 questions, (and then for each “yes” there are a couple of questions about whether the gift worked or not). You’ll see, it’s pretty basic and should only take about a minute to fill out.

The survey closes at the end of the day on Tuesday the 7th of January (in 6 days) so that there is time to collect the results and design an infographic based on them. (Check out previous infographics based on reader surveys here and here.)

It’d be great to find out how many of us are spreading and getting the comic book love, so please share this with as many people as you can.

Here is a link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FB2BR37



Huzzah for comic gifts.

Yeah, I was super happy with all comic-related gifts given/received this year. I got a copy of the first new Marvel OGN, and I gave many comics, but none I’m more proud of than a second-hand Carl Barks Donald Duck christmas story collection for my nieces.


Hmm, as acidental gifts.I strive VERY hard not to buy duplicate copies,yet still,it happens now and then.Thus, my brother got a NM copy of spidy 298,and dd 87 for x mas.As well, one has to do something with old copies after upgrading to a better copy.

Also gave copies of the dr.who last special to my teen nieces.They sure liked them!

Nope, but I received a bunch. I got all 3 volumes of the Matt Fraction X-men Collection, X-men: Second Coming, Schism, Every Post-Schism X-book, Avengers vs. X-men, and AVX: Consequences.. I haven’t read X-men in years (Messiah Complex was when I stopped), but now after getting those, I’m hooked on X-men. I’ve gone out and bought every Marvel NOW! X-men trade that’s been released, and am eagerly awaiting “Battle of the Atom’s” trade release.

I didn’t give or get any comic related gifts, I don’t have any friends that like comics like that and my girlfriend hates them.

Gave and received, huzzah indeed! By the way, since I received several comics/related things, I didn’t have a way of marking whether or not I had already read some things, but not others.

bought my 16 year old cousin, a Batman/joker fan, Batman: the Killing Joke. Pretty much a must read for any batgeek.

I gave quite a few books this year. Absolute ‘Green Lantern: Rebirth’ to my besty (a fellow long-time comic reader), ‘Blacksad: A Silent Hell’ for his girlfriend (she reads infrequently but loved the first Blacksad book I got her last year), McCloud’s ‘Understanding Comics’ (for a friend who’s been slowly falling in love with comics over the last few months) and the first volume of ‘Chew’ (for someone who’s really more into art comics). I also bought someone the first volume of ‘Lazarus’ but it turned out they already had it…that was one present I was more than happy to keep for myself ^_^

Everyone seemed really happy with what they got, and it’s times like Christmas that I realize just how varied and diverse modern comics can be. There’s all sorts of great reading out there that can be enjoyed by people of either sex and of any age and interest; it’s almost the perfect, one-size-fits-all present in some ways. Also: hella easy to wrap…waaaaaaaay easier than those damn Skylanders figures, that’s for sure >_<

I got a $100 iTunes gift card from my dad. Spent it all on comics. Having kids has made it sometimes difficult to make a trip to the comic store so I really appreciate being able to read on iPad.

I got:
Animal Man (NU52) v1
Asterix and the Picts
Best of Milligan and McCarthy HC
Dial H v1
East of West v1
Fatale v1
Joe the Barbarian
Punk Rock Jesus
Saga v2
Severed v1

and a Marvel iPhone cover.

I gave a Lego Iron Man set.

Oh and I also got:
Locke and Key v1
Powers v13: Z
The Shade

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