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The Great Comic Book Cover Homage Streak: Week 67

It occurs to me that it seems like many comic book covers are homages. Which is fine with me. I have no problem with it. It just made me think, though, how long could I go before I hit a week where NO new comic book was released that had a cover that was an homage to something? Let’s find out! Here is an archive of all the cover homages featured in the streak so far!

This week we’ll go with M.K. Perker’s cover for Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth #8, which is homaging Sam Rockwell’s performance as Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2

Sixty-seven weeks down! Will we make it to week sixty-eight?


Way to blow the attribution. It’s clearly an homage to 80s one-hit-wonder, Rockwell, producer of the hit single “Somebody’s Watching Me.” This looks just like the cover to his unreleased Christmas album (“Somebody’s Watching Me – Oh Wait, It’s Santa”). Here’s the cover so you can see the similarity:


Next time, do your research before you post!

Aww, Cass.

This one wasn’t by legendary pop singer Rockwell, but this one was!

Oh man, it must be too much Shia LaBeouf news messing with my head. Sorry I accidentally plagiarized your joke, Brian. I was wrong, terribly wrong. I owe it to future generations to explain why.

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