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Year of the Artist archive!

Here is a listing of all the artists featured in my daily posts, “Year of the Artist.” Easy-peasy!

Day 001: Jack Kirby – Blue Bolt Comics #10
Day 002: Jack Kirby – The Strange World of Your Dreams #2
Day 003: Jack Kirby – Fighting American #2
Day 004: Jack Kirby – Fantastic Four #1
Day 005: Jack Kirby – Fantastic Four #29
Day 006: Steve Ditko – Daring Love #1
Day 007: Steve Ditko – Strange Suspense Stories #32
Day 008: Steve Ditko – Strange Suspense Stories #34
Day 009: Steve Ditko – Creepy #11
Day 010: Steve Ditko – Creepy #14
Day 011: Mike Mignola – Marvel Fanfare #16
Day 012: Mike Mignola – Rocket Raccoon #2
Day 013: Mike Mignola – Cosmic Odyssey #1
Day 014: Mike Mignola – Gotham by Gaslight
Day 015: Mike Mignola – The Amazing Screw-On Head
Day 016: Seth Fisher – Happydale: Devils in the Desert #1
Day 017: Seth Fisher – Green Lantern: Willworld
Day 018: Seth Fisher – Vertigo Pop! Tokyo #3
Day 019: Seth Fisher – Legends of the Dark Knight #195
Day 020: Seth Fisher – Fantastic Four/Iron: Big in Japan #3
Day 021: Jim Aparo – The Brave and the Bold #98
Day 022: Jim Aparo – Adventure Comics #432
Day 023: Jim Aparo – The Outsiders #25
Day 024: Jim Aparo – Batman #420
Day 025: Jim Aparo – Batman #534
Day 026: Alan Davis – Marvel Super-Heroes #377
Day 027: Alan Davis – Warrior #6
Day 028: Alan Davis – 2000AD #291
Day 029: Alan Davis – 2000AD #358
Day 030: Alan Davis – Batman and the Outsiders #31
Day 031: Bernie Wrightson – Swamp Thing #1
Day 032: Bernie Wrightson – Dreadstar #7
Day 033: Bernie Wrightson – The Weird #3
Day 034: Bernie Wrightson – Batman: The Cult #4
Day 035: Bernie Wrightson – Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #2
Day 036: Dustin Nguyen – The Authority #23
Day 037: Dustin Nguyen – Wildcats 3.0 #15
Day 038: Dustin Nguyen – Manifest Eternity #1
Day 039: Dustin Nguyen – Detective #840
Day 040: Dustin Nguyen – Li’l Gotham #2
Day 041: Kevin Nowlan – Doctor Strange #57
Day 042: Kevin Nowlan – Moon Knight #32
Day 043: Kevin Nowlan – Batman Black and White #4
Day 044: Kevin Nowlan – Infernal Man-Thing #1
Day 045: Marshall Rogers – Detective #475
Day 046: Marshall Rogers – Detectives, Inc.
Day 047: Marshall Rogers – Scorpio Rose #2
Day 048: Marshall Rogers – Justice League Europe #20
Day 049: Marshall Rogers – Batman: Dark Detective #6
Day 050: J. H. Williams III – Deathwish #4
Day 051: J. H. Williams III – Uncanny X-Men #352 and The Creeper #9
Day 052: J. H. Williams III – Promethea #30
Day 053: J. H. Williams III – Desolation Jones #1
Day 054: J. H. Williams III – Seven Soldiers of Victory #1
Day 055: Francesco Francavilla – The Black Coat: A Call to Arms #1
Day 056: Francesco Francavilla – Left on Mission #5
Day 057: Francesco Francavilla – Zorro #18
Day 058: Francesco Francavilla – Detective #875
Day 059: Francesco Francavilla – The Black Beetle: No Way Out #1
Day 060: Ming Doyle – The Loneliest Astronauts
Day 061: Ming Doyle – Girl Comics #1
Day 062: Ming Doyle – Womanthology: Heroic
Day 063: Ming Doyle – Mara #4
Day 064: Ming Doyle – The Witching Hour
Day 065: Matt Wagner – Comico Primer #2
Day 066: Matt Wagner – The Demon #1
Day 067: Matt Wagner – The Terminator One-Shot
Day 068: Matt Wagner – Trinity #2
Day 069: Matt Wagner – Grendel: Behold the Devil #2
Day 070: Gray Morrow – Blazing Combat #3
Day 071: Gray Morrow – Savage Tales #1
Day 072: Gray Morrow – Heavy Metal #18
Day 073: Gray Morrow – The Dreamwalker
Day 074: Kelley Jones – The Micronauts: The New Voyages #1
Day 075: Kelley Jones – The Micronauts: The New Voyages #14
Day 076: Kelley Jones – Grimjack #73
Day 077: Kelley Jones – The Crusades: Urban Decree
Day 078: Kelley Jones – Batman: Unseen #5
Day 079: Jill Thompson – Elementals #13
Day 080: Jill Thompson – Wonder Woman #46
Day 081: Jill Thompson – X-Men Unlimited #32
Day 082: Jill Thompson – Magic Trixie Sleeps Over
Day 083: Jill Thompson – Beasts of Burden #1
Day 084: Jamie McKelvie – Phonogram #4
Day 085: Jamie McKelvie – Suburban Glamour #4
Day 086: Jamie McKelvie – Siege: Loki
Day 087: Jamie McKelvie – Defenders #9
Day 088: Jamie McKelvie – Young Avengers #2, 4, 7, 9, 13
Day 089: Steve Pugh – Grimjack #69
Day 090: Steve Pugh – Animal Man #52
Day 091: Steve Pugh – Generation X #65
Day 092: Steve Pugh – Shark-Man #1
Day 093: Steve Pugh – Hotwire: Deep Cut #2
Day 094: Yildiray Cinar – Nothingface
Day 095: Yildiray Cinar – Tales of the Starlight Drive-In
Day 096: Yildiray Cinar – Noble Causes #39
Day 097: Yildiray Cinar – Legion of Super-Heroes #9
Day 098: Yildiray Cinar – Batman/Superman #3
Day 099: Mahmud Asrar – Small Gods #2
Day 100: Mahmud Asrar – Dynamo 5 #2
Day 101: Mahmud Asrar – She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision
Day 102: Mahmud Asrar – Supergirl #1
Day 103: Mahmud Asrar – Indestructible Hulk Annual #1
Day 104: Jae Lee – Namor the Sub-Mariner #26
Day 105: Jae Lee – Inhumans #1
Day 106: Jae Lee – Captain America #16
Day 107: Jae Lee – The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1
Day 108: Jae Lee – Batman/Superman #3
Day 109: Keith Giffen – The Defenders #46 and 49
Day 110: Keith Giffen – Ambush Bug #2
Day 111: Keith Giffen – Ambush Bug Nothing Special
Day 112: Keith Giffen – Trencher #2
Day 113: Keith Giffen – O.M.A.C. #1
Day 114: Chris Bachalo – Shade, the Changing Man #1
Day 115: Chris Bachalo – Legends of the Dark Knight #64 and Generation Next #4
Day 116: Chris Bachalo – Steampunk #5
Day 117: Chris Bachalo – X-Men #189
Day 118: Chris Bachalo – Uncanny X-Men #1
Day 119: Alex Maleev – The Crow: Dead Time #1
Day 120: Alex Maleev – Batman #563
Day 121: Alex Maleev – Daredevil #26
Day 122: Alex Maleev – Spider-Woman #7
Day 123: Alex Maleev – Moon Knight #1
Day 124: Dylan Meconis – Bite Me
Day 125: Dylan Meconis – Click
Day 126: Dylan Meconis – Wire Mothers
Day 127: Dylan Meconis – Family Man
Day 128: Dylan Meconis – Outfoxed
Day 129: Walter Simonson – Detective #440
Day 130: Walter Simonson – Detective #470
Day 131: Walter Simonson – Batman #300
Day 132: Walter Simonson – Alien: The Illustrated Story
Day 133: Walter Simonson – Marvel and DC Present Featuring the Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans
Day 134: Bill Willingham – Elementals #1
Day 135: Bill Willingham – Justice League Annual #1
Day 136: Bill Willingham – Justice League International Annual #2
Day 137: Bill Willingham – Green Lantern #48
Day 138: Bill Willingham – Shadowpact #1
Day 139: Mike Deodato – Wonder Woman #85
Day 140: Mike Deodato – Elektra #1
Day 141: Mike Deodato – Batman #570
Day 142: Mike Deodato – Incredible Hulk #54
Day 143: Mike Deodato – Original Sin #1
Day 144: Juan Ferreyra – Small Gods #1 and Western Tales of Terror #5
Day 145: Juan Ferreyra – Emissary #2
Day 146: Juan Ferreyra – Rex Mundi #18
Day 147: Juan Ferreyra – Colder #3
Day 148: Juan Ferreyra – CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013 and Kiss Me, Satan! #5
Day 149: Chris Burnham – Nixon’s Pals
Day 150: Chris Burnham – Elephantmen #16
Day 151: Chris Burnham – Days Missing #2
Day 152: Chris Burnham – Officer Downe
Day 153: Chris Burnham – Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes!
Day 154: Michael Lark – Shade, the Changing Man #58
Day 155: Michael Lark – Sandman Mystery Theatre #57 and Scene of the Crime #4
Day 156: Michael Lark – Batman: Nine Lives
Day 157: Michael Lark – Daredevil #82
Day 158: Michael Lark – Lazarus #1
Day 159: Paul Smith – Marvel Fanfare #1
Day 160: Paul Smith – Uncanny X-Men #173
Day 161: Paul Smith – The Golden Age #3
Day 162: Paul Smith – X-Men Unlimited #43
Day 163: Paul Smith – The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Friction #1
Day 164: Ken Krekeler – The Colodin Project #2
Day 165: Ken Krekeler – Dry Spell
Day 166: Ken Krekeler – Westward #2
Day 167: John Romita, Jr. – Iron Man #120
Day 168: John Romita, Jr. – Amazing Spider-Man #246 and #250
Day 169: John Romita, Jr. – Daredevil #260
Day 170: John Romita, Jr. – Uncanny X-Men #301
Day 171: John Romita, Jr. – Captain America #1
Day 172: John Paul Leon – Dark Horse Comics #2
Day 173: John Paul Leon – Shadow of the Bat #41
Day 174: John Paul Leon – Earth X #X
Day 175: John Paul Leon – Captain America #7
Day 176: John Paul Leon – The Winter Men: Winter Special
Day 177: Gabriel Hardman – War Machine #5
Day 178: Gabriel Hardman – The Batman Chronicles #3
Day 179: Gabriel Hardman – The Black Coat 52-Page Special
Day 180: Gabriel Hardman – Avengers vs. Atlas #1
Day 181: Gabriel Hardman – Star Wars: Legacy Volume II #1
Day 182: Jack Kirby – Mister Miracle #2
Day 183: Jack Kirby – OMAC #1
Day 184: Jack Kirby – Captain America #211
Day 185: Jack Kirby – Argosy #2
Day 186: Jack Kirby – DC Graphic Novel #4: The Hunger Dogs
Day 187: Steve Ditko – Beware the Creeper #1
Day 188: Steve Ditko – Heroes, Inc. #2
Day 189: Steve Ditko – Coyote #7
Day 190: Steve Ditko – Daredevil #264
Day 191: Steve Ditko – Marvel Comics Presents #83
Day 192: Rob Liefeld – Secret Origins #28 and Hawk and Dove #1
Day 193: Rob Liefeld – Uncanny X-Men #245 and New Mutants #88
Day 194: Rob Liefeld – X-Force #4
Day 195: Rob Liefeld – Orion #8
Day 196: Rob Liefeld – Hawk & Dove #1
Day 197: Bernard Krigstein – Prize Comics #34
Day 198: Bernard Krigstein – Love Diary #2
Day 199: Bernard Krigstein – Battle #23
Day 200: Bernard Krigstein – Impact #1
Day 201: Bernard Krigstein – Shock SuspenStories #18 and Uncanny Tales #42
Day 202: Adam Hughes – Warriors #1 and Blood of Dracula #4
Day 203: Adam Hughes – The Maze Agency #3
Day 204: Adam Hughes – Elementals #12 and Justice League America #39
Day 205: Adam Hughes – WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: The Modern Age
Day 206: Adam Hughes – Fables #113
Day 207: Todd McFarlane – Coyote #11 and Infinity, Inc. #16
Day 208: Todd McFarlane – The Incredible Hulk #330
Day 209: Todd McFarlane – Detective #576
Day 210: Todd McFarlane – Spider-Man #5
Day 211: Todd McFarlane – Spawn #9
Day 212: J. G. Jones – Dark Dominion #7
Day 213: J. G. Jones – Shi: The Series #2
Day 214: J. G. Jones – Black Widow #3
Day 215: J. G. Jones – Marvel Boy #4
Day 216: J. G. Jones – Final Crisis #3
Day 217: Bill Sienkiewicz – Marvel Preview #18
Day 218: Bill Sienkiewicz – Moon Knight #23
Day 219: Bill Sienkiewicz – Elektra: Assassin #1 and 8
Day 220: Bill Sienkiewicz – Big Numbers #1
Day 221: Bill Sienkiewicz – Rocketeer Adventures (volume 2) #1
Day 222: Tony Harris – Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #7
Day 223: Tony Harris – Starman #43
Day 224: Tony Harris – Obergeist: Ragnarok Highway #2
Day 225: Tony Harris – Ex Machina #10
Day 226: Tony Harris – Chin Music #1
Day 227: Norm Breyfogle – New Talent Showcase #11 and Marvel Fanfare #29
Day 228: Norm Breyfogle – Whisper #10
Day 229: Norm Breyfogles – Detective #607, Batman: Holy Terror, Batman: Birth of the Demon, and Batman: The Abduction
Day 230: Norm Breyfogle – Hellcat #2
Day 231: Norm Breyfogle – Of Bitter Souls #2
Day 232: Jim Lee – Alpha Flight #53
Day 233: Jim Lee – Punisher War Journal #2
Day 234: Jim Lee – Uncanny X-Men #275 plus some added bonuses
Day 235: Jim Lee – Flinch #1
Day 236: Jim Lee – Batman #609
Day 237: Steve Mannion – Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #10
Day 238: Steve Mannion – Gotham Knights #37
Day 239: Steve Mannion – The Bomb #3
Day 240: Steve Mannion – Fearless Dawn in Outer Space!!!
Day 241: Steve Mannion – Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides #1
Day 242: Jason Copland – Empty Chamber #1
Day 243: Jason Copland – Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened
Day 244: Jason Copland – Kill All Monsters!
Day 245: Jason Copland – Masks & Mobsters #4
Day 246: Jason Copland – POP #1
Day 247: Brendan McCarthy – The Electric Hoax and Vanguard Illustrated #1
Day 248: Brendan McCarthy – Paradax! #1
Day 249: Brendan McCarthy – A1 #1 and Skin
Day 250: Brendan McCarthy – Rogan Gosh
Day 251: Brendan McCarthy – The Zaucer of Zilk #1
Day 252: Stuart Immonen – X-Men Annual #1 and Legion of Super-Heroes #53
Day 253: Stuart Immonen – Superman: Secret Identity #2
Day 254: Stuart Immonen – Nextwave #10
Day 255: Stuart Immonen – Never As Bad As You Think and Moving Pictures
Day 256: Stuart Immonen – Fear Itself #7
Day 257: Milo Manara – Lo Scimmiotto
Day 258: Milo Manara – Les Nouvelles Aventures de Giuseppe Bergman
Day 259: Milo Manara – Viaggio a Tulun
Day 260: Milo Manara – Revoir les étoiles
Day 261: Milo Manara – L’odyssée de Giuseppe Bergman
Day 262: Marc Silvestri – House of Mystery #292 and King Conan #13
Day 263: Marc Silvestri – Web of Spider-Man #22
Day 264: Marc Silvestri – Uncanny X-Men #218 and #255 and Cyberforce #1
Day 265: Marc Silvestri – X-Men #154
Day 266: Marc Silvestri – Incredible Hulk #1
Day 267: Al Williamson – Adventures into the Unknown #27
Day 268: Al Williamson – Crime SuspenStories #17 and Vault of Horror #37
Day 269: Al Williamson – X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan
Day 270: Al Williamson – Classic Star Wars #2 and Return of the Jedi #2
Day 271: Al Williamson – Epic Illustrated #27 and #34
Day 272: Tim Vigil – Faust: Love of the Damned #1
Day 273: Tim Vigil – Zero Tolerance #1
Day 274: Tim Vigil – Faust: Love of the Damned #12
Day 275: Tim Vigil – Faust: Love of the Damned #15
Day 276: David Mazzucchelli – Master of Kung Fu #121 and The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #14
Day 277: David Mazzucchelli – Daredevil #206
Day 278: David Mazzucchelli – Batman #405
Day 279: David Mazzucchelli – Zero Zero #2
Day 280: David Mazzucchelli – Asterios Polyp
Day 281: Steve Rude – Nexus #1
Day 282: Steve Rude – Vanguard Illustrated #2 and GrimJack #6
Day 283: Steve Rude – World’s Finest #1
Day 284: Steve Rude – Dark Horse Presents #34
Day 285: Greg Ruth – Sudden Gravity
Day 286: Greg Ruth – Freaks of the Heartland #6
Day 287: Greg Ruth – Conan #46
Day 288: Greg Ruth – The Lost Boy
Day 289: Joe Quesada – Spelljammer #8
Day 290: Joe Quesada – Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #1
Day 291: Joe Quesada – The Ray #1 and Ninjak #2
Day 292: Joe Quesada – Daredevil #10
Day 293: Joe Quesada – Amazing Spider-Man #544
Day 294: Lee Moder – Wonder Woman #73
Day 295: Lee Moder – Batman: The Last Angel
Day 296: Lee Moder – Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0
Day 297: Lee Moder – Days Missing #3
Day 298: Lee Moder – Shinku #2
Day 299: Ted Naifeh – Shadow of the Torturer #1
Day 300: Ted Naifeh – Comics’ Greatest World: Steel Harbor #2 and Dark Horse Comics #14
Day 301: Ted Naifeh – GloomCookie #1
Day 302: Ted Naifeh – Gunwitch: Outskirts of Doom #3 and Polly and the Pirates #6
Day 303: Ted Naifeh – Courtney Crumrin #9 and Batman ’66
Day 304: Lucy Bellwood Super-Duper Deluxe Edition
Day 305: Mark Texeira – Ghosts #108 and The Warlord #58
Day 306: Mark Texeira – Jonah Hex #89 and Hex #14
Day 307: Mark Texeira – Megalith #1
Day 308: Mark Texeira – Black Panther #2
Day 309: Mark Texeira – Moon Knight #14
Day 310: Michael Golden – Batman #295 and Batman Family #16
Day 311: Michael Golden – Micronauts #7
Day 312: Michael Golden – Bizarre Adventures #25 and Avengers Annual #10
Day 313: Michael Golden – The ‘Nam #3
Day 314: Michael Golden – Uncanny X-Men #273, X-Men Unlimited #31, and Daredevil #65
Day 315: Joëlle Jones – 12 Reasons Why I Love Her
Day 316: Joëlle Jones – You Have Killed Me
Day 317: Joëlle Jones – Helheim #1
Day 318: Joëlle Jones – Batman ’66 #10
Day 319: Nick Dragotta – X-Statix #20
Day 320: Nick Dragotta – X-Statix Presents Dead Girl #2
Day 321: Nick Dragotta – The Age of the Sentry #6
Day 322: Nick Dragotta – Vengeance #2
Day 323: Nick Dragotta – East of West #4
Day 324: Erik Larsen – Faze One Fazers #4
Day 325: Erik Larsen – Teen Titans Spotlight #10
Day 326: Erik Larsen – Doom Patrol #8 and #13
Day 327: Erik Larsen – Amazing Spider-Man #335
Day 328: Erik Larsen – Savage Dragon #199
Day 329: Joe Madureira – Marvel Comics Presents #89 and #92
Day 330: Joe Madureira – Uncanny X-Men #312, #316, #328, #329, and #348
Day 331: Joe Madureira – Battle Chasers #5
Day 332: Joe Madureira – Inhuman #1
Day 333: Mike Grell – Phantom Stranger #33
Day 334: Mike Grell – Superboy #221
Day 335: Mike Grell – The Warlord #49
Day 336: Mike Grell – Jon Sable, Freelance #16
Day 337: Mike Grell – Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1
Day 338: Howard Chaykin – Weird Worlds #8
Day 339: Howard Chaykin – Marvel Premiere #32
Day 340: Howard Chaykin – Star Wars #8 and Cody Starbuck
Day 341: Howard Chaykin – American Flagg! #3
Day 342: Howard Chaykin – Dark Horse Presents #1, Satellite Sam #1, and Century West
Day 343: Barry Windsor-Smith – Daredevil #51 and Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #12
Day 344: Barry Windsor-Smith – Savage Tales #2
Day 345: Barry Windsor-Smith – Marvel Fanfare #15
Day 346: Barry Windsor-Smith – Uncanny X-Men #205
Day 347: Barry Windsor-Smith – Storyteller #4
Day 348: Frank Miller – Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #27 and Wolverine #1
Day 349: Frank Miller – Ronin #5
Day 350: Frank Miller – Elektra Lives Again
Day 351: Frank Miller – Dark Horse Presents #114 and 300 #5
Day 352: Frank Miller – Fanboy #5 and The Dark Knight Strikes Again #3
Day 353: Jim Steranko – Strange Tales #154, 157, 165, 166, and 167 and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, 2, and 3
Day 354: Jim Steranko – Captain America #111 and #113
Day 355: Jim Steranko – Heavy Metal vol. 5 #3-4, 7, and 10
Day 356: Wallace Wood – Amazing Adventures #1, Crime SuspenStories #1, and Eerie #2
Day 357: Wallace Wood – Shock SuspenStories #8 and #9, Two-Fisted Tales #34, Weird Science-Fantasy #23, and MAD #13
Day 358: Wallace Wood – Daredevil #6
Day 359: Wallace Wood – Blazing Combat #4
Day 360: Wallace Wood – Vampirella #12, Sally Forth #4, and Cannon
Day 361: Joe Kubert – All-New Comics #10, Black Cat #2, Hollywood Confessions #2, Son of Sinbad #1, The Hawk #2, Three Stooges #1, and Meet Miss Pepper #5
Day 362: Joe Kubert – The Brave and the Bold #1, Our Army at War #104 and #162
Day 363: Joe Kubert – Tarzan #220
Day 364: Joe Kubert – Detective #500, Batman #400, and Tor #3
Day 365: Joe Kubert – Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965


Hey Greg-

I have a fun request/idea for this feature, something for you to build up to for the end of 2014 (in case you haven’t already decided how to end it)…

For the last ten days of the year, or even just the last week, I think it would be cool if you picked your all-time favorite 10 (or 7) comic book pages, and really analyzed those pages. Think of it from this angle: If you could own any ten pages of original comic art (to keep forever, not because of their resale value), which ten pages would they be? Then show us one page each day and really break down why you think it’s such a perfect page that you’d want to own.

Just an idea!

Daniel: That’s not a bad idea. It would be hard, I think, but at least I have several months to think about it! Thanks for the suggestion – now I have to start figuring it out!


Really enjoying this series. Can’t wait until you get to Keith Giffen, who has taken some definite left turns in style throughout his career.

Hoosinole: Thanks! I will definitely get to Giffen eventually, and I’m sure I’ll have some fun with him!

Here’s hoping we get to see two of my favorites, Matt Wagner and Sean Phillips!

Chris M: Definitely Wagner. Probably Phillips, but I’m not as sure about him as I am about Wagner.

I eagerly await Walt Simonson’s appearance.

I was reading some old Levitz/Giffen LSH comics recently, and it was pretty funny reading some of the letters complaining about Giffen experimenting with his style. “Why can’t he just keep drawing like he used to?!”

Black Doug: Simonson is certainly going to show up!

buttler: Nothing ever changes from comics fans, it seems.

Bill Williamson

March 22, 2014 at 3:24 pm

Any plans to do David Mazzucchelli? He’s certainly an interesting one in the sense that, as far as I can tell, he’s total chameleon when it comes to art styles.

Bill: Yeah, I have plans for Mazzucchelli. I have to check how much of his art I own, though – it might be a short series, but his evolution is very interesting!

Speaking of major style changes, Stuart Immonen has got to be on tap sometime, right?

Becca: Definitely! :)

great series.
Mazzuchelli: his style evolution is a lesson for anyone who wants to understand the medium.

Tanks for your posts.

enckboaz: I’ll probably get to Mazzuchelli, but I don’t own a ton of his stuff. It’s a good reason to get more, though!

Thanks for the nice words.

Any plans for Jim Lee and/or Alex Ross? Lee is my all-time favourite artist, and it would be interesting to see his work on, say, X-Men in the 90s compared with his recent Justice League stuff. I find Ross’ work absolutely fascinating, too.

Travis Pelkie

May 7, 2014 at 2:40 am

Hey Greg, day 124 has an unclosed tag that’s making the rest of the page funky.

Mattmadeacomment: I do have plans for Lee, but I have to check my collection for his early work. I might have to go search for some to make sure I have a comprehensive group of his stuff. The same holds true for Ross – I’m more likely to feature Lee than Ross, but I have thought about him – as the earliest work by him that I own is Marvels, and his style was really set in that going forward. But yes, I plan to get to at least Lee, and probably Ross, too.

Travis: Thanks! Fixed it.

Will you do anything on Mark Bagley?

Imraith Nimphais

May 13, 2014 at 4:56 pm

Bill Sienkiewicz
Barry Windsor-Smith

..nuff said.

spidergeek2000: Maybe on Bagley? I own quite a bit by him, but I’d have to find his very early stuff and see what’s what with it. He hasn’t changed too much, but he has evolved a bit, so there’s stuff there to write about.

Imraith: I’ll probably get to both of them, although I have pretty much zero Windsor-Smith stuff from the 1970s, and that’s pretty crucial. He’s one of the artists whose work I’m trying to buy before the end of the year so I can feature him!

Do you have any plans to feature John Romita Jr.? He’s certainly an artist who’s evolved greatly over the course of his career.

Randy: Probably. I devoted a lot of time to him two years ago, when I did the first pages of comics, but I don’t mind doing his work again. I’m sure I’ll get around to him, but I’m not sure when.

What, no Greg Land?

Funny Guy: You laugh, but I have him on my list! Whether I’ll get to him or not I don’t know, but I do want to look at his development, such as it is. I’m not necessarily going to look at people who get better, just how they change!

Wonderful series! Do you plan to write for Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver, Stefano Caselli, Leinil Francis Yu, Chris Samnee, Paolo Rivera, or Sara Pichelli? I’m very interested in their recent works and would love to hear what you have to say about them. :D

C’mon, get Stuart Immonen on this list.

Andre: I’ll get to him! I still have six months! :)

Greg, just looked through the different wishes …some will be easy to find..others less

Bagley: won the Marvel try-Out book, with his page published in marvel age, then Newniverse’s Nightmask, then strikefoce Morituri, Then New Warriors, then Amazing Spiderman in quite a few years

Adam Hugues would be a little more hard (Maze Agency, JLI … )

But there are artist that are a little harder ; Ron Lim (Ex-Mutants, Badger, Silver Surfer .. ), Dale Keown (many covers for Malibu / Aircel , Dragon Force, Wartlock 5,, Hulk ..) Paul Pelletier another artist that had is beginnings at Malibu on Ex Mutants… (writing this … i see a trend emerging…. )

ollieno: Yeah, some artists I won’t get to just because I don’t have their early work and can’t find it, so their development was already finished by the time I got to them. I do have The Maze Agency and some other early Hughes work, so I’ll get to him, but the others … I’ll have to check some of them out. I own Bagley’s work on Morituri, so I might be able to feature him, but I’m not sure about the others.

Is John Cassaday worth a look?

David: Cassaday is on my list – I have to check to see if I own his earliest work or if I have to track it down!

Joe Kubert!

danno: Oh, he’s coming. I just had to find some of his Golden Age stuff, but I have now, so I’m going to write about him pretty soon.

How about some Ladronn.Ealy to late.

Twin1todd: He’s a good choice. I don’t have any of his early stuff, but I’m sure I can dig it up. We’ll see.

Any chance of Paul Pope? He’s a real rockstar and destroyer of comics.

Atticus: He’s on my list. I have quite a lot of his stuff, so I’ll probably get to him.

I’d enjoy reading your experiences regarding Sam Kieth, Rick Veitch, Simon Bisley, and Bryan Talbot. But either way, a great column, thank you very much!

Victor: I’m planning on Kieth and Talbot, but I’m not sure about Veitch and Bisley. I don’t know if I have enough of Veitch’s work, and I have to check if I can find early Bisley stuff.

Thanks for the nice words. It’s quite fun!

This is a tremendously fun series; I didn’t get around to actually reading it until now, but I’m just plowing through the backlog here.

Also, Howard Chaykin. I’d love to see you do Howard Chaykin.

Mikki: I’m glad you’re liking it! And I recently managed to get some 1970s Chaykin, so I’ll probably be featuring him pretty soon.

Where’s Gene Colan in all this?

There’s three months worth of artists left to go! :)

Frank: The problem I have with Colan is the same I have with a lot of artists from the time period – I don’t own a lot of their very early work. I have Colan on my list and want to write about him, and I’ve been looking for his very early work, but I might have to bite the bullet and not worry about that. But I do plan to feature him!

That would be nice, Greg. Gene Colan was one of the greats and sometimes I feel he’s under appreciated and doesn’t get the recognition he should. I know he did some Atlas war comicbooks in the fifties. Then Daredevil to Iron Man. Go from there to Howard the Duck. And who can deny his definitive take on Dracula? No one has done Dracula like Gene Colan.

How about some P. Craig Russell?

Lane: It’s possible. I picked up some of his earlier work recently, but I know I have to find even earlier stuff, because he got so good so early!

My vote is Michael Golden!

Please don’t forget to add him. ;-)

With no John Byrne or Frank Miller in the archive, it’s looking like a fascinating end to the Year of the Artist.

Mike: Miller is coming, but with Byrne, the earliest art I’ve been able to find by him looks pretty much like his art today, so I’ll probably skip him. Sorry!

I’m Filipino (warts and all, I don’t care of your stereotypes about us), and I really have this nasty feeling why this list doesn’t include a single Filipino artist who is working and well-known in the mainstream industry. Whilce Portacio, F. Leinil Yu, Stephen Segovia, Lan Medina, Romeo Tanghal, Carlo Pagulayan to name a few. Why, Burgas or Brian? Why such “omission” on Filipino artists? You analyze Latinos (Mike Deodato and Francesco Francavilla) and even Asian-Americans like Jae Lee, Jim Lee and Nguyen, but NO FILIPINOS. Please, tell. me. I. am. wrong. here.

Paul: I’m not sure what stereotypes I have about Filipinos – are there ones that non-Filipinos usually have? You’re right, though – I’m not going to have any Filipino artists this year. It’s not really any bias against Filipinos, if you’re wondering. Of the names you list … I had Portacio on my list, but because I wanted to feature others, I just ran out of time, so I skipped him. I have a lot of artists like that. I love Yu’s work, but I really don’t own a lot of his more recent stuff, because he’s been drawing a lot of Marvel comics that I don’t read, so I don’t know if I’d do him justice. I own very little of Segovia’s, Medina’s, Tanghal’s, and Pagulayan’s work, and definitely none of their very early stuff. It has nothing to do with them being Filipino – the only one I knew was Filipino was Portacio, actually. I’ve bought some stuff over the year to fill in some blanks in my collection, but just not enough from those guys. So I don’t know what to tell you except that it wasn’t deliberate in any way – it just worked out that way. If I do this again (which I might, but who knows), I’m planning on trying to find more work by foreign artists, especially early work, so I’ll probably be better equipped. But I just don’t have enough by those artists. Sorry!

It’s funny, I was just going to ask what your agenda is against Croatian comic artists.

I think that on January 1, 2015 Greg Burgas is going to go to sleep for 24 hours straight in order to recover from 2014 :)

buttler: I know you’re joking, but Edvin Biukovic was Croatian, and I had him on my list – but like a lot of others, I just didn’t have enough and I ran out of time!

Ben: Well, probably not sleep – I’ll never get enough of that thanks to the children – but I might stay off the Internet for a day or two. That would be a radical move for me! :)

I figure at this point, you’ve probably got the rest of the year mapped out, but I just realized that I’d love to see you do Curt Swan, Greg.

There are few artists who altered their work less over their long careers than Swan, so I think he’d be a bit of an ill fit for this particular feature.

Mikki: Brian’s right, but it’s a moot point because, as you noted, I already have the rest of the year mapped out, and I don’t own enough of Swan’s work. I have some from the end of his career, but nothing from the beginning. So it wouldn’t be comprehensive, as well as the fact that Swan, from what I can see, didn’t change too much over the decades.

Well, it’s certainly true that after a certain point, he pretty much found his style and stuck to it for decades, but what little I’ve seen of his much earlier work looks quite different, and even within “his style” there’s quite a bit of variety between his early Superman work and what he eventually settled into. Some of it is due to the inkers, of course — you can really see George Perez’s hand in something like Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, for example.

Anyway, fair enough. =)

To Paul Garcia: as a fellow Filipino and lifelong comics fan, I find your protest wonky, pare. The Latinos and Asian-Americans you list obviously weren’t chosen because of their race; read the pieces and it’s clear Greg, this being his column, chose them because thought he could do justice in studying and commenting on their artistic development over 5 days.

I’d even go farther afield and say that of the artists you name, only Romeo Tanghal is an artist I think is worthy of this study in comparison to most of the other artists listed, and his stuff can be tough to find (I also hate Portacio’s art, myself, though of course this column hasn’t shied away from dislikable artists :D ), but that just goes to show to each his own, and race have nothing to do with it. Just the comics we like :)

No Byrne?

Greg tries mostly to spotlight artists who have evolved a lot. Byrne hasn’t as much as others (besides his earliest, earliest works, but Greg doesn’t own those).

Were those his late mid 70s works on iron fist or had he done much before then, on black and white oversizeds, or even work for another company? I own a few of the iron fists he did and am impressed enough with his skill then that if I could trace back further I think I would enjoy as well

Charles: Yeah, sorry – I’ve seen his very early work, but I don’t own it, and since he hit the big time, he really hasn’t changed too much.

s!moN: He did some work for Charlton in 1975, and the stuff I’ve seen – from Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch – is very cartoony, but I don’t know if that’s just because it was a Hanna-Barbera thing and Byrne was changing his style. But then he began working on Iron Fist, and the rest is history. I don’t have the Charlton work and I couldn’t find enough on the Internet to make it worthwhile.

Thanks, Greg, I m always attending pick through fifty long box conventions and a lot of the Charltons and such don’t feature creator credits on the cover so I sometimes bypass them, I ll have to keep a keener eye out now that I know what I’ve been missing

This is a fantastic list! Besides the rockstars like Kirby and Ditko, you’ve captured a nice sample of more obscure comic book artists that I thought noone appreciated except for me! My list probably would have thrown in Dave Stevens, even though his career was short and mainly about covers. Thank you for all the great ideas of new artists to explore.

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