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Flippin’ through Previews – January 2014

fatale-deluxe-vol-01-43c12 (2)

A.K.A. That time when Marvel Comics finally went as nuts as DC! Yes, it’s Previews #304! Yahoo!!!

Buffy looks oddly dispassionate, doesn't she?

Buffy looks oddly dispassionate, doesn’t she?

Dark Horse:

Uh-oh, on page 50 we find Veil by Greg Rucka and Toni Fejzula. Could it be about a mysterious tough-as-nails woman? Of course it could – it’s a Greg Rucka comic! I make fun, but Rucka usually writes good comics, and as this is a mini-series, the trade will look very nice later in the year! (5 March)

Everyone loves rats!

Everyone loves rats!

Hellboy in Hell gets a trade on page 54. As I do with all Hellboy stories, I’m going to wait for the Library Edition, which might take another five years to come out. I’m patient. (21 March)

Speaking of trades, there’s a Sledgehammer 44 trade on page 56. I know I’ll be getting this! (28 May)

So Dark Horse has another “season” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer firing up on page 58. Good for them! Man, I wish Rebekah Isaacs drew comics I want to read, ’cause she’s awesome. (19 March)

There’s a new Beasts of Burden one-shot on page 60 by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson. This is a cool series – check it out! (12 March)

I like the cat in the background

I like the cat in the background

“Rising star” Brandon Graham draws the Empowered Special: Internal Medicine on page 66. “Rising star”? Isn’t Graham already pretty well established? I mean, good for him, but I wouldn’t think of him as a “rising star.” (26 March)

Over on page 69, we get Resident Alien volume 2: The Suicide Blond. Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse are doing a nice job with this concept, of an alien who becomes a doctor a small town, and I’m looking forward to this trade. (28 May)

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys shows up in trade on page 72. You can get a nice 20-dollar softcover or an 80-dollar hardcover. Yeah, I don’t need the extras, thanks. I’m still looking forward to this. (7 May)

On page 87, we find Alley Oop: The Complete Sundays volume 1, 1934-1936, which will set you back $75. I won’t be getting this, but it’s always cool when another olde-tymey comic strip gets a nifty collection. (7 May)


Now THAT’S a quality cover, DC:

I know it's COMICS and all, but did anyone ask Giuseppe Camuncoli where, exactly, all that blood is coming from?  I mean, it looks like it's more than you'd usually find in a normal body, is all I'm saying

I know it’s COMICS and all, but did anyone ask Giuseppe Camuncoli where, exactly, all that blood is coming from? I mean, it looks like it’s more than you’d usually find in a normal body, is all I’m saying

(Page 120; 19 March)

DC is finally cancelling Batman: The Dark Knight with issue #29 (page 126). I’d like to think this means they’re reining in the Batman books a bit, but I doubt that very much. Remember when books would get cancelled and wouldn’t immediately be replaced by something almost exactly like it? Good times. (26 March)

It’s interesting that DC is wacking Animal Man as Lemire leaves the title. I don’t have a problem with it, but will they “pull a Marvel” and simply relaunch it with a new creative team and a new #1? The mind reels!!! (19 March)

Bloodspell is a terrible, TERRIBLE name for the Black Canary/Zatanna graphic novel on page 140 , but it’s by Paul Dini and Joe Quinones, so it might be worth checking out. It’s a hardcover for 23 bucks, so maybe I’ll wait until the softcover. Still, it’s always nice to see DC or Marvel bring something even the tiniest bit unusual out, so this is neat. Maybe they’ll change the title before it ships, though. (21 May)

As Mike Sterling points out, Fishnets Ahoy! would have been a far better title

As Mike Sterling points out, Fishnets Ahoy! would have been a far better title

For $125, you can get JSA Omnibus volume 1 on page 147. I know many people who like Geoff Johns swear by his work on JSA, but I very much doubt I want to drop that much coin on this. Maybe I can find it cheaper someplace else. (14 May)

DC has officially given up on All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, as they give us an “Absolute” edition on page 148. I’m very tempted because it’s such a train wreck (and no, I don’t believe Miller deliberately meant it as “satire,” even if fans read it that way), but not for 100 bucks. I’m sure it will look purty, though. (2 July)

On page 150, we find Tales of the Batman: Carmine Infantino for 50 bucks. I ought to check this out, because I’ve never been a huge fan of Infantino but, to be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of his artwork. Something to consider … (28 May)

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American Vampire is back on page 153. Good for it! (19 March)

Joe R. Lansdale’s Jonah Hex stories are collected in Jonah Hex: Shadows West on page 161. Lansdale is kind of hit or miss for me, but I missed these when they first came out and have always been interested in them, so I might check this out. (9 April)

This collects those stories of Hex in the future, right?

This collects those stories of Hex in the future, right?


G.I. Joe #200 shows up on page 172. Aren’t there more than 200 issues, though? I think IDW picked up the Marvel numbering and ignored the Devil’s Due stuff. I mean, good for them, celebrating a 200th issue and all, but I wonder if they should have already celebrated it.

Meanwhile, on page 181, we get Star Slammers Re-Mastered #1. I’m REALLY looking forward to this. I’ve heard good things about it, but even if the story isn’t great, it’s Walt Simonson drawing shit. Of course I’m getting it!

Oh yes

Oh yes

Mark Evanier and Roger Langridge team up for Rocky & Bullwinkle #1 on page 187. That could be interesting. It will certainly be better than whatever animated nightmare we’re going to get this year, I’ll tell you that much.

I missed the first volume of Edison Rex (I really need to rectify that), but there’s volume 2 on page 200. I assume this is as good as everyone says it is.

Mean Streets is an interesting anthology – it collects several old IDW comics into one package. I’ve only read Easy Way by Christopher E. Long and Andy Kuhn and Fishtown by Kevin Colden, but both of them were quite good, and if you didn’t happen to get them, this is a handy way to check it out. It’s only 30 bucks for 456 pages, which ain’t bad.

I wonder if that cover has any relevance to the contents

I wonder if that cover has any relevance to the contents


I’ve wondered for years why David Lapham didn’t take Stray Bullets somewhere, especially as his profile rose, and so the news that Image is its new home is pretty awesome (page 207). I only own a few trades, so I’m getting the Über Alles Edition, which collects all the series so far for 60 dollars, which is a pretty darned good price, if you ask me. If you already have the first 40 issues, issue #41 comes out, plus a new story arc. I’m really looking forward to this! (12 March)

Starlight on page 212 “launches the much-anticipated Millarworld Universe.” I’m not sure if I anticipated it that much, but good for Mark Millar! It’s always nice to see Goran Parlov art, though. (5 March)

The idea of Real Heroes seems to be that the actors who played the Avengers have to actually save the world. Well, that could be clever, but it could also be awful. One thing I do know – with Bryan Hitch drawing it, get ready for one issue per year! (26 March)

I saw a trailer for Noah when I saw the second Hunger Games movie (don’t judge me; my wife likes the books and a friend loves the movies, so we made it a date night), and boy howdy, it looked terrible. However, the comic book version (page 218) features are by Niko Henrichon, and Henrichon is a damned fine artist. Damn, this is tempting. (19 March)

He's more Thor-y than Russell Crowe, that's for sure

He’s more Thor-y than Russell Crowe, that’s for sure

If you missed Jan’s Atomic Heart when it came out a few years ago (and I can’t imagine it was too popular), Image has a new printing, along with other stories by Simon Roy, on page 226. It’s not a bad comic, actually, and I’m curious about the “Other Stories” part of the title. (26 March)

On page 229, The End Times of Bram and Ben gets a trade for the low low price of $12.99. I think it was noted commenter Travis Pelkie who was going on about how good this comic was, and I was waiting for the trade, so here it is! (5 March)

Next to that on the same page, Fatale: Deluxe Edition is offered. It collects issues #1-10 for 40 bucks. These issues were pretty good, and the book has gotten better since then, so if you happened to miss it, check this sucker out! (5 March)

Phillips is totally fucking with us, isn't he?

Phillips is totally fucking with us, isn’t he?

Image has the stones to offer a trade for Secret on page 230 even though the single issues resolutely refuse to come out. Does this mean they’re going to release the trade and never the single issues? That would be kind of a sucky move. (“19 March”)

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If you like overrated comics, the first trade of Sex Criminals shows up on page 230. Five overrated issues (two of which haven’t come out yet, but I’m going to assume they’ll be overrated, too) for ten dollars! What a bargain! (12 March)

Elephantmen #57 features a story written by Marian Churchland (with Starkings) and drawn by Marley Zarcone. I think I know a little about this issue, and I’m sure it’s going to be cool if what I know is true. Either way, Churchland, Starkings, and Zarcone is a good team! (26 March)


Okay, so according to Tom Brevoort, Marvel is rebooting all their titles because that’s just the way they do things now – people dig the #1 issues, man! Hey, that’s fine, especially if you’re going to reboot every time you change a creative team (even though that’s not quite what Marvel is doing). But did you notice that all these titles getting rebooted means that Marvel … can raise the price! Yay, price increases! Daredevil (page 2)? $3.99! Moon Knight (page 8)? $3.99! Silver Surfer (page 12)? $3.99! Ghost Rider (page 16)? $3.99! Captain Marvel (page 20)? $3.99! Iron Patriot (page 22)? $3.99! Magneto (page 24)? $3.99! Now, ignoring the fact that a lot of these characters have not been able to sustain a book for a long time, what the hell, Marvel? DC has already done a fine job driving me away from their single issues, but they do a pretty good job with their trades. Marvel’s trades are pretty much the same price as their single issues, so who knows if I’ll even get those. Dang, Marvel. I know that I buy plenty of $3.99 books from smaller publishers, and I know that quality should make price slightly more irrelevant (if Daredevil is good at $2.99, why isn’t it good at $3.99?), but, as I’ve pointed out before, it makes me more upset that Marvel, which has to be swimming in cash, jacks up their prices than when smaller publishers do it. I know it’s all about demand, and I’m upset by consumers who willingly pay those prices, too, instead of choosing to buy lower-priced Marvel books or to use their four dollars on smaller publishers’ books. But that’s the way it is. Will consumers buy Moon Knight or Silver Surfer based solely on the creative teams (realizing that the artists won’t last very long if Marvel starts double-shipping), or will that price point make them hesitate just enough that they don’t buy the book, therefore killing what could be great comics? I know I’d try Moon Knight, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, and some of the other new titles that don’t have #1 issues in this catalog (Black Widow, for instance) if they were $2.99, but I’m skipping them because they’re $3.99. Does that make me foolish? Maybe. but I’m tired of the Big Two screwing me around. Fuck them.

“Because [we] demanded it,” Daredevil (page 2) gets a new #1 (at $3.99) and moves to San Francisco. I love how, in the Marvel Universe, there are apparently four cities – New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New Orleans. I’d be much more interested if Matt moved to Denver or Phoenix or Houston or Duluth. A guy I know recently visited Duluth, and it sounds awesome. Move to Duluth, Murdock! Meanwhile, page 5 shows us the “Daredevil #1 75th Anniverary [sic] Variant.” Once again, Marvel’s editing department comes through, and while it’s Marvel’s 75th “anniversary” in 2014, it’s not Daredevil’s. Weird. Alex Ross, as we’ve seen, really digs packages:

You can't look away!

You can’t look away!

(19 March)

I’m waiting for the trade on Moon Knight (page 8), but I do hope that Marvel only ships it once a month. It’s one of those books that will probably work better with a stable creative team rather than one of those “automatic” sellers like the Avengers and X-Men books, so making sure that Declan Shalvey can at least keep up a little bit seems important. I’m not holding my breath, but it would be nice. (5 March)

Ditto for Ghost Rider (page 16), because Tradd Moore seems like an artist who would have some trouble keeping up. We shall see. Of course, I was just reading about Karate Kid in Back Issue magazine, and someone noted that if DC jumped on a trend in the 1970s, you could be sure that trend was pretty much over. Can we say the same thing about Marvel jumping on the street racing trend? I don’t know much about street racing, but I’ve heard that its popularity has gone way down since the economic downturn because it’s just too much money for upkeep. Good job being at least five years behind the times, Marvel! (19 March)

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Dang, Tradd Moore is a cool artist

Dang, Tradd Moore is a cool artist

Avengers Undercover (page 30), which I guess is some kind of sequel to Avengers Arena, is still $2.99. I don’t get Marvel’s pricing policies (other new $2.99 books: Ms. Marvel, Loki: Agent of Asgard, and She-Hulk). (12 March)

Wait, there’s a 300th issue of X-Men Legacy on page 80? First of all, that name isn’t even really for any X-Men title anymore. Second, 300th issues technically celebrate the 25th anniversary of books published monthly (which, I know, hasn’t been a thing at Marvel for a while, but still), and the title that might have become #300 was launched in 1991. Third, Tom Brevoort is making a big fucking deal about not using high numbers on books because it makes readers’ brains hurt. So what the fuck, Marvel? Did you just want to do an anniversary issue and decided to slap a #300 on it? This makes less sense than a lot of Marvel’s numbering shenanigans over the past few years, and that’s saying something. (12 March)

I was mildly interested in the trade of Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom, as I like Palmiotti and Santacruz, and then I looked at the price. That can’t be right, can it? At 4 dollars a pop, 4 issues of the book should be 16 dollars, yet Marvel is charging 20 dollars for the trade? Is it really a 5-issue mini-series and the solicit is a typo? I hope so, because that’s dirty pool, Marvel. (2 April)

The trades of Wolverine and the X-Men were a bit of a rip-off, but now Marvel is releasing an Omnibus of the entire run (with one issue, #37, missing) for 100 dollars (page 93). That’s over 40 issues, so this is a better value than any of the other formats. Now, when you get giant books like this, binding is always an issue, but it’s nice that Marvel does this. If only their issues and trades were a better value! (4 June)

I kind of want to get Daredevil: End of Days (page 115), even though I heard it was a bit of a train wreck. Does anyone have an opinion on it? (26 March)

Speaking of DD, Marvel has Fall From Grace solicited on page 116. This is a terrible comic, I should warn you, and is about as “1990s” as you can get. It’s shocking to consider how good D. G. Chichester was when he started on the comic and how bad he was when he finished, and Scott McDaniel doesn’t exactly cover himself in glory, either. Seriously – avoid this like the plague, unless you can get it for a buck somewhere and want a laugh. (9 April)

My eyes!  MY EYES!!!!

My eyes! MY EYES!!!!

Let’s move on to the back of the book! You know you want to!

On page 265, Amigo Comics brings us the original Rogues! by El Torres and Juan José Ryp. I know Amigo has some issues getting their stuff out on time, but this still should be a cool book to check out.

So ... much ... detail!

So … much … detail!

The Fox gets a trade on page 270 from Archie Comics, and I’ll have to pick this sucker up. I know Other Greg digs it, and he’s usually pretty reliable when it comes to digging nifty comics.

The second volume of City in the Desert shows up on page 302 from Boom! The first volume was quite good, so I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

Beautiful Scars (also from Boom!) on page 303 sounds interesting. Durwin S. Talon is an interesting creator, and the story, about a grandfather telling family stories about his scars to his granddaughter, sounds both clever and a little creepy. I’ll have to check this out.

So idyllic!

So idyllic!

Fred van Lente is the writer on the newly relaunched Magnus: Robot Fighter from Dynamite on page 319. Because of course Dynamite is relaunching Magnus: Robot Fighter! (12 March)

Danica Novgorodoff has a new graphic novel out on page 341 from First Second called The Undertaking of Lily Chen. A young man in China accidentally kills his brother and is sent by his parents to find a corpse for his brother to marry posthumously. Of course the young man meets a single woman! What will happen next? Well, I don’t know, but I like Novgorodoff, so I’m going to check this out!

Story continues below

Hey, is that a skull?  How clever!

Hey, is that a skull? How clever!

NBM offers Silk Road to Ruin by Ted Rall on page 355, which is about Rall’s adventures in Central Asia. It sounds pretty neat – of course, I’m inclined to like this, so it might not be your cup of tea.

Well, that’s interesting: Christopher Mitten returns to Wasteland for the final arc of the series (Oni, page 360). The book has been good but not great since Mitten left, and it will be nice to see him help usher it out. (19 March)

Meanwhile, Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir are back with another Amy Devlin mystery, Lost and Found, on page 361. They write good mysteries, so I’m looking forward to this. (21 May)

Every day is a good day when there’s a new Jinky Coronado comic in the world, and while it’s only a pin-up gallery book, how can you resist Banzai Girls: Stripped Down on page 370 from SQP? Answer: YOU CANNOT! (Man, that publisher’s web site is NSFW, so be warned!)



Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill continue to crank of LoEG comics, with Nemo: The Roses of Berlin up next from Top Shelf on page 374. You know, I don’t know if I’ve loved one of these comics since the first part of Century, but I keep buying them. I want to believe they’ll be great again!

Well, that’s about all she wrote for this month’s version of Previews. As always, I appreciate you letting me know in the comments if I missed anything. We’re a community, after all!


“where, exactly, all that blood is coming from?”
that looks like Red Lantern vomit to me – which is generated by the ring and so is as limitless as Green Lantern constructs

Ditto for Ghost Rider (page 16), because Tradd Moore seems like an artist who would have some trouble keeping up. We shall see. Of course, I was just reading about Karate Kid in Back Issue magazine, and someone noted that if DC jumped on a trend in the 1970s, you could be sure that trend was pretty much over. Can we say the same thing about Marvel jumping on the street racing trend? I don’t know much about street racing, but I’ve heard that its popularity has gone way down since the economic downturn because it’s just too much money for upkeep. Good job being at least five years behind the times, Marvel!

I don’t know, each Fast and the Furious movie seems to top the last. Street racing may be dead as a real life hobby, but as entertainment it’s right now at its peak.

I think Marvel hopping onto a trend usually traditionally means it’s currently at its peak and is ABOUT to decline, and I think that’s still true today. When DC adopts a trend, it’s already been dead for a while. For example, look at how they waited until 2012 to jump onto the 90s bandwagon.

Limitless vomit. There’s a superpower to conjure with.

To answer your question on Daredevil: End of Days, I thought it was pretty great personally. It was a bit of a slow-burn, but the exploration of how several characters in Matt Murdock’s life are in the future as well as the mystery of what ”Mapone” is made for a rather enjoyable comic. That and it’s Bendis writing Ben Urich, which is a character he really does get right most of the time.

Love that Ghost Rider art by the way. I especially love the retro design…he’s wearing the Ploog jumpsuit!

Well, it’s the 75th anniversary of Daredevil next year, but not the Daredevil that Marvel owns.

Limitless vomit. There’s a superpower to conjure with.

Limitless vomit in general is a great description of the New 52. It’s a superpower best representative of the DC’s publishing philosophy.

The Dark Knight

January 4, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Glad I held off on buying those Wolverine and the x-men trades. The omnibus route is also the cheaper way to get the entire run of Remenders uncanny xforce as well. Marvel and their funny prices. Hopefully they’re both good .

So 5 issues of a comic that is on EVERYONE ELSE’S best of list costs only $10 in trade, and you’re complaining?

Geez, Burgas, quit yer bitchin’! *wink*

For what it’s worth, two of the better-looking new Marvel titles, Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk, are $2.99.

…but to your point, Marvel is also raising the price of Superior Foes of Spider-Man a dollar (minus the relaunch). So, you know, that’s how THAT goes.

Marvel has always had a tradition of leaping on trends as they are dying/dead, and creating superheroes based around them. Remember Dazzler coming out as the disco era was finishing? U.S. 1 after the CB fad had already died? Night Thrasher as the sk8r boy thing was dying?

John: Thanks, sir. I could, of course, have gone my entire life without knowing about that, but thanks nevertheless! :)

Hugo: Thanks. I’ll probably get it, but I remember reading some mixed reviews about it.

T.: Yeah, it’s pretty great, isn’t it?

buttler: I thought for a second that they might be referring to the Original Daredevil for some reason. I know they’re not, but I did consider it!

Dark Knight: I know, they’re weird. They’re counting on people not wanting to wait so long, but I can do it!

Becca: Well, I don’t think it’s very good, so ten dollars is ten dollars too many!!!! :)

CS: Yeah, the price increase on Superior Foes makes no sense, either. Sheesh, Marvel.

Eric: Man, I forgot about those. I mean, I knew about Dazzler, but I forgot about the other two. Marvel AND DC can’t keep up with the trends!

I will echo Hugo’s sentiments regarding DD: End of Days, I really enjoyed it too.

I completely agree with you about the Marvel 3.99 thing, I will also not be getting a majority of their “New” titles. Daredevil I will continue to buy, I’m not happy about it, but it’s my favorite big two book right now–starring my favorite character to boot; plus Waid and Samnee are just too good to jump off now.

@CS, Loki: Agent of Asgard is also on the 2.99 list, I’ll be checking out all three.

The Marvel number ones aren’t ones. They are still the same numbering from the first Marvel NOW but with a big number one in the corner to make it look like a true number one. But it is an All New Lie!!

I really liked END TIMES. Probably the funniest comic I read last year.

Also, Scarlet Spider was set in Houston.

And I don’t get the whole $1 increase as reason enough to drop a book. If you’re buying like twenty books, that’s like just $20 a month! Not that much! Are that many comics readers really that close to the edge finally that less than a dollar a day increase is that big a hit?

$1 more for no added value? No — just NO.

And, I think Hatcher has a point — limitless vomit is the perfect metaphor for the nu52. It’s really the unintended encapsulation of the entire modus operandi over there right now.

dave: Ah, yeah, you’re right about Scarlet Spider. Well done, Marvel!

And I do think the extra dollar matters. Maybe the money doesn’t matter as much, although it does with me, as I’m trying to cut back on my comics purchases. If it’s one comic you really, really like, that’s one thing, but why would I try 4-5 new books, each of which are 4 dollars and might actually ship twice a month? It adds up. And I’m not happy with the decrease in pages per issue, either – we’re down to 20 pages for 4 dollars, which is ridiculous. I could deal with the decrease in pages OR a price increase, but not both. Finally, I just don’t like the attitude of DC and Marvel, which have a lot of money but keep squeezing the readers for more. I can forgive the smaller publishers more, but it just feels greedy when DC and Marvel do it.

Man, I’m a big Marvel fan, but if there’s one thing that pisses me off about them from the past few years, it’s their insane renumbering tactics.

The back half of the Flash Thompson VENOM series was set in Philly. The Spider-Office, probably because their flagship is so bound up in its New York-yness, seems to care about the possibilities offered by cities.

End of Days was… fine. If you liked the comparatively-bad parts of Bendis’ Daredevil, you’ll probably like this about as much.

Also: Marvel Unlimited, suckers! You can get every comic they put out (six months late) for a year for less than the price of keeping up with one double-shipping series alone. The reader doesn’t even completely suck anymore! I’m enormously happy with the service.

You are absolutely right Greg and think of it this way the extra dollars you save, you can put towards those indie publishers.

DAVE: I think another frustrating thing for me is why pay that extra dollars when you can wait like Greg says and it get it cheaper ( and imo a better format) . I for one would be mad if I bought all those uncanny xforce trades at 20 bucks and then found out about this omnibus, samething with wolverine and the x-men trades above, although now that I think of it I can’t remember how much those trades cost but I bet the omnibus is still cheaper then buying them separately.

I guess it’s that time of the month for Kara! (Hey, if DC is going to publish such a gross, tasteless cover featuring Supergirl projectile vomiting blood, then yeah, I am going to go there!)

Even though I am a HUGE fan of Walter Simonson, I have so many “floppies” cluttering my apartment that I am probably going to wait for the Starslammers trade paperback. I did the same thing when IDW re-mastered Elaine Lee & Mike Kaluta’s Starstruck… although my copy of that TPB had several misprinted pages. I think those sneaky Galactic Girl guides pulled a fast one on me.

Rocky & Bullwinkle by Evanier and Langridge sounds interesting. If I have extra funds in March, maybe I’ll pick up the first issue to see how it is.

I cannot stand Marvel charging $3.99 for nearly every comic they publish. Come on, they’re the number one comic book company in the world. And they’re owned by Disney. They don’t need to charge four bucks to turn a profit.

Ghost Rider driving a car? Cue facepalm!

I’m already buying The Fox on a monthly basis. But for those who missed the first two issues, yep, it’s well worth waiting for the TPB so you can have the complete story. Dean Haspiel & Mark Waid are doing such crazy, fun work on this miniseries. Highly recommended.

My solution to Marvel’s high prices for single issues and trades is a Marvel Unlimited subscription. I’m not a big fan of reading digitally, but Marvel Unlimited has allowed me to enjoy much more Marvel stuff than ever before at a fraction of the cost and it’s been well worth it for me. I wait for the trade anyway, so the 6 month delay isn’t an issue.

Oop, just saw Elpie’s post. I concur.

Re: G.I.Joe 200, the IDW series is a direct continuation of the old Marvel title which ended with 155. Hama and IDW started the current book with 156 and it’s now hit 200. The Devil’s Due stuff and the other series published by IDW don’t count as they are different continuities/interpretations of the property.

tom fitzpatrick

January 4, 2014 at 8:12 pm

As for Marvel charging $20 for Painkiller Jane tpb, I always wondered if Marvel/DC/Image, etc. ever added a little bit more to the cost to cover for the packaging? Still, it’s a bit stiff for a four issue that does cost $4.00 each issue.

Speaking of omnibuses, (gosh – I do love them omnibuses) I got the Morrison’s THE INVISIBLES and most recently Morrison’s ANIMAL MAN omnibuses (also John Byrne’s FANTASTIC FOUR v. 2). I have to ask if there will be a Morrison’s DOOM PATROL omnibus (and/or Morrison’s JLA omnibus) this year?

I know, I’m such a Whorrison! ;-)

Somebody should have a talk with Sean Phillips about his FATALE “tentacles rape” cover. It’s actually mind-blowing! ;-)

Thanks for mentioning vol 2 of Edison Rex!

Volume 1 is actually listed as “offered again” in this month’s catalogue if you want to order it through your retailer:
Order code JAN14 0511

Might s well mention the order code for V2 which is JAN14 0510

Thanks again,

I’ve stopped buying individual comic books from Marvel and DC. I bought them every month for over forty years, but they’ve never been so crappy and so expensive. (Yeah, I know, Marvel still puts out one or two good comics. And sixty that stink like hippopotamus breath — and hippos fart through their mouths!)

DC and Marvel disgust me. The new numbering and lack of continuity leaves no connection to the heroes I was once attached to, no reason to keep buying.

All my old favorite characters have new (psychopathic) personalities that change depending on who the writer is — and new costumes — so my old favorites are now unrecognizable. The worst is the new Captain America costume. (Seems after 75 years, “Ol’ Winghead” feels the need to ditch his wings, and suddenly needs a chin strap. Is the Flash gonna dump his wings, too, and start wearing a chin strap?)

Ooh, Star Slammers! Is that old content revisited or fresh books? I would be so excited if it were the old one. I loved the series but only got four of the five issues in the Malibu series. I was always sad to not have any resolution there.

Elpie: Good to know about Venom. I can talk out my ass with the best of them!

I guess Marvel Unlimited is the way to go. I’ll keep it in mind – I still resist digital comics, but the way things are going, it might make more sense.

Ben: Yeah, car-driving Ghost Rider is a bit weird, but it’s not Johnny Blaze (at least I’m pretty sure it’s not), so there’s that.

Chris: That’s what I figured, but I didn’t know the reason for it. Thanks!

tom: I think DC has already solicited the Doom Patrol Omnibus? If they haven’t yet, it’s definitely on the schedule for this year.

Dennis: No problem. I just can’t believe I missed the first volume, because I had heard such good things about it!

Seth: The Star Slammers is the old stuff, “remastered” and recolored. Should be neat!

@Tom Fitzpatrick
Morrison’s Doom Patrol Omnibus is due out on August 5, according to Amazon. Already have my copy pre-ordered!

Sweet jeebus, that Supergirl cover. Vomiting blood is now a super power. I feel more and more like Fredric Wertham everytime I read DC’s listings these days. Keep your kids away from these comics! Bah!

And it’s nice to see those original Rogues comics being published in English. El Torres mentioned them in his editorial in the back-up of the first issue of Rogues and I’m glad he’s publishing them. I like Ryp’s artwork the more I see it. And more people (still not kids) should be reading Rogues! Great comic alert, people! Great comic alert!

Actually, that vehicle on the cover of Ghost Rider has something of a resemblance to the one seen in the 1977 horror movie The Car. Which is actually quite appropriate, given that the eponymous automobile is very much implied to be the Devil. Talk about damnation on four wheels.

I find it weird that comics are a luxury buy these days. I mean, I could head to the theater and buy a movie ticket for less than it costs to buy 3 comics. It also takes more time to watch that movie than it takes to read the comics. I understand that comics are printed on better paper and that the colors are better and stuff, but I think they’re pricing out everyone except the most devoted people. Make that the most devoted people with a bunch of disposable income. Maybe I’ll just stick to the movies.

The Dark Knight

January 5, 2014 at 12:44 am

@ P.Boz….you don’t get all doom and gloom. That’s why we trade wait, comics become cheaper that way and then you can buy more. :P

Duluth is totally awesome, but Daredevil would probably become awfully land-based if he moved there. (although I’d give real money to see someone like Chris Bachalo draw ol’ Hornhead swinging off the Lift Bridge onto an approaching freighter to whip ass on a boat full of ninjas. Why are their ninjas on an ore boat coming into Duluth? Who cares, The Hand is crazy.)

Marvel’s pricing policy is dumber than their numbering, and their double-shipping is making it easier and easier to drop books. Remember when a writer and artist used to have a run of 2-3 years together? Yeah, me neither…

Hmmm… where did my PREVIEWS go…? Ah, found it.

VEIL – nah. I’m rather tried of Rucka and the art doesn’t appeal to me.


Getting ABE SAPIEN #11 and BPRD Hell On Earth #117, LOBSTER JOHNSON: Get The Lobster as well, myself.

BEASTS OF BURDEN – Absofrickin’lutely. The only crime is that Dorkin and Thompson can’t seem to put this out monthly.

No BLACKOUT, Greg? Hm. I thought the intro story in Dark Horse Presents was intriguing enough to try this.

DARK HORSE PRESENTS still works for me, though it’s starting to wane.

NEIL GAIMAN MURDER MYSTERIES (2nd Edition) – missed this the first time around. (p. 78)

MANDALA TPB – If this came out in singles, I missed it. (p. 78)


I agree with you on the blood thing with the Supergirl cover, Greg, but then I’ve always said the Red Lanterns were the stupidest thing to begin with. “Oh, you mad? Whatcha gonna do, puke your internal organs out? Go ahead, kill yourself.” (And whether it’s blood or “Red Lantern vomit”, apparently nobody at DC has ever puked before in their lives and doesn’t understand that your body just doesn’t work that way. Either way, it’s just plain stupid.)

I was sort of interested in the Black Canary / Zatanna one-shot, but $22.99 is an oddball price for 144 pages and about 5 bucks more than it should be, even for a hardcover. Joe Quinones art doesn’t grab me enough, so maybe like Greg, I’ll wait for a softcover trade.

For some reason, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #11 (p. 141) grabbed my attention enough to get a question mark beside it. I think the storyline of Krypton having a Green Lantern caught my attention. I probably won’t order it, but I’ll look through it at the store.

And just thought I bring up to everyone’s attentions that DC is ripping you all off on LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #2 (p.142) – It’s false advertising, because the book’s only 96 pages. Says so right in the advert. 96 pages is not 100 pages. DAMN YOU DC! GIMME MY FOUR PAGES OF PINUPS! ( / faux indignant rage)

May get DEADMAN BOOK 5 TPB (p. 149) – I got the Neal Adams Deadmans in trades, and this is Garcia-Lopez, so at least the art should be quality, if nothing else.

I also might get the TALES OF THE BATMAN: GENE COLAN HC… it’s pricey at $39.99… I just wish I knew which issues it was collecting. (p. 151)

Anybody reading HINTERKIND from the Vertigo line? I’m waffling on getting the trade for $9.99. (p.160)


I just got the original STAR SLAMMERS oversized Marvel GN for a buck. Not sure I really want to buy the remastered edition at $3.99 a pop and multiple issues.

ROGUE TROOPER #2 I’ll be getting, if only since no comics shop in America seems to be able to get Paul Mazurek’s E.D. DIE underground comic title. (E.D. = Enlisted Dead. Think THE WALKING DEAD meets ROGUE TROOPER, and it was started in 1986 and the E.D. DIE lead character, as you might suspect, bares a superficial similarity to Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot character. Sound cool? Yeah, I thought so too. Unfortunately, Diamond won’t carry it and comics retailers are jerks who only order their stock from Diamond, so good luck finding it.)


STARLIGHT: While I really don’t give two figs about Millar, Parlov’s European style intrigues me enough that I’ll probably order it. (p. 212)

NOAH – Have to agree with you, Greg, Niko Henrichon’s art grabs you. Don’t know about the movie version and don’t really care. $30 is a bit pricey, in my opinion, but it’s got a “maybe” from me. (p.218)

JAN’S ATOMIC HEART & OTHER STORIES also grabbed my attention. For a reprint edition, I think it should be slightly cheaper, but… we’ll see. (p.226)

Not getting FATALE – Just not into that series. And did I miss the solicit for VELVET?

Marvel: Doesn’t exist, as far as I’m concerned. NEXT!

Back of the book…

SKYWARD #9 (Action Lab, p.262): Been following this from the start. Wish the Gene Ha cover wasn’t a dollar more than the regular edition; I’ll have to pass and get the regular cover. *pouts*

@ Greg Hatcher – You getting SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN SEASON SIX (Dynamite, p.323)? My inner 4 year old is geeking out, but my adult self is saying, “Really? Couldn’t sell it modernized, so now you’re trying it as a continuation from the 70s show that nobody’s seen on air in ages?”

THE UNDERTAKING OF LILY CHEN also intrigued me (and yeah the cover is cool), but I haven’t committed myself to a pre-order on it yet.

That CONAN: RED NAILS ORIGiNAL ART ARCHIVES HC book from Genesis West (p.346) is very tempting, but the price point is just too rich for my blood at $150 (though honestly that’s NOT a bad price, given that it’s a hardcover and it’s 136 pages at full comics page size – actually a bit larger than standard comics page size, today).

Have to recommend Titan Comics collecting Jack Katz’s classic series THE FIRST KINGDOM (Vol. 4 is offered on p. 372, and the previous three are likely available as back order through Diamond, or online shopping.)

I noticed there’s two Nick Cardy books available – Both TwoMorrows and Vanguard. Don’t know how much redundancy there is between the two, but you can’t get enough Cardy. (p. 376, 387) Vanguard also has a new printing of Wally Woods’ Strange Worlds, collecting his pre-EC SF works. (p. 387) If you haven’t gotten this stuff before, you should consider it.

May get DEADMAN BOOK 5 TPB (p. 149) – I got the Neal Adams Deadmans in trades, and this is Garcia-Lopez, so at least the art should be quality, if nothing else.

There’s a trade paperback of Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s Deadman work coming out! Yes yes yes! I’ve wanted to read that miniseries for so long. Thanks for the info, Bright-Raven.

I really wish DC would assign JLGL a monthly book, or at least a miniseries, instead of merely tossing him the occasional variant cover which retails for $20 or more.

Slight correction… the Hama/IDW G.I.Joe run actually kicked off with issue #155 1/2 which was a FCBD giveaway that helped to bridge the two series.

Did the fight on that Supergirl cover pass through a mudslide at one point? Because that looks like a textbook case of blueworm poisoning to me.

Louis: Blackout in DHP was all right, but when they transition to series, I tend to get the trades because they collect the DHP story and the full series. I did it with Resident Alien and will probably do it with Brain Boy, and I’ll think about Blackout.

I’m pretty sure Mandala is an original graphic novel. I think I read someplace that it was.

As I learned last time DC did a “100-page Spectacular,” they count the covers, which gives you “four” “extra” “pages.” Actually, they do it for all their comics. Ridiculous, but true!

Since the Gene Colan Batman book is already out, you can probably find what’s in it somewhere on-line.

I already mentioned the Conan: Red Nails book, but this is a re-solicit. I guess it didn’t come out, which makes me wonder if it ever will.

I got the first volume of The First Kingdom, but I don’t think volume 2 came out yet. If it did and my retailer missed it, I’ll have to pick it up elsewhere.

I really need to get that Wood sci-fi comic. I skipped it the last time it was offered, and I really shouldn’t have!

I wanted to do this thing last night, but the site was down around 530AM EST for a while. AUGH!


There are so many things I’m going to tradewait. I think the only book of anything I’m going to start new is Sovereign from Image.


Veil looks good enough for trade, and DH does damn nice trades.

I got the first 2 issues of Sledgehammer 44 on a whim, and skipped the Lightning War mini. So I’ll probably back issue dive for that cheap, but the first 2 issues were pretty interesting.

I’m torn on the Beasts of Burden one shot, because it’s damn good stuff, from reading the first HC, but I know there’s been at least some more since then, and I think I’ll just wait until the whole meshuggah is collected again.

Yeah, Brandon Graham is definitely well established by this point. Weird copy there. I’m torn on that one too, because I’m vaguely interested in Empowered but not sure if I want to sample it with this or go for a collection. Oh, the decisions!

I have the singles of Suicide Blonde, but didn’t yet read this mini (can’t find the first one in my boxes!). I loved the first one, though, although that mystery was a bit…eh. The alien itself is awesome stuff, though.

I’ve been waiting out for the …Killjoys trade, so I should be going for that.

Only other things from DH that I’m looking at are the Nosferatu Wars thing (I really gotta start getting DHP!), SHOOT First trade, and I’m thinking about both the Samurai Executioner omni and the Lone Wolf and Cub omnis on page 90. Those I may check online for.


I assume there is a spell involving blood, no? Dini and Quinones should be good (Quinones filled in for Allred on FF for a couple issues this past year, and was just as good, although the fishnet drawings here seem a bit iffy), but I’m thinking I’ll wait for the SC, as this obviously doesn’t “count” in the grand scheme of things. Fortunately, probably.

Since DC did publish a 10th issue of ASBAR, I’m wondering why it’s not included in the Absolute Edition. Perhaps you’re a bit wrong in assuming that DC is giving up on it?

I’m thinkin’ I’ll go for the Jonah Hex trade, and maybe the No Way Back trade reoffered on pg 164. I know Hatcher loved that one, with the Dezuniga art.

Other DC stuff:

pg 119 — why is mohawk Storm fighting Superboy? ;)

That Batman LDK Super Spectacular has the story of Bruce’s youthful tour of Thailand with Alfred. No…oh god, no! Does this tie into the Andrew Vachss Ultimate Evil book? Don’t Buy Thai!

I can’t believe Colleen Doran is writing issues of the Vampire Diaries comics! (pg 144)

Scooby Doo Team Up 3 will have Scooby-Mite. Fuck yeah! Sholly Fisch rules! (pg 152)

I’ll probably go for the Hinterkind trade. Don’t know if I’ve heard anything one way or another about it, but 10 bucks for 6 issues is a good deal.


Edison Rex v1 was awesome, and as Culver mentioned, you can order that with this book too. Excellent looking, great storyline.

I’ll probably go for Mean Streets, as I dug Colden’s work on the Crow.

Other IDW:

Man, I’d like that Charles Schulz Peanuts Artist’s Edition, but I’m getting the Kirby one from last month’s book, and there’s a note saying Schulz worked so large the book won’t be at the same size as the originals. He must have worked huge, because it says the book will be 19” by 10”.

Probably trade wait Star Slammers (and hope they do a new Maxx trade). Trade wait Rocky and Bullwinkle, but maybe get the Classics trade of Gold Key stuff. That Star Trek Gold Key Archives looks cool, a 30 buck HC of the first 6 issues. Hatcher probably would dig that.

I think I’m waiting on Monster and Madman from Niles, but I dunno.

That Judge Dredd Treasury seems too neato to pass up (pg 194).


Aw yeah Stray Bullets! I think I’m going for the complete trade, since it’s supposed to be a one time deal. Only thing I’m wondering is that it apparently won’t include the Amy Racecar specials. But 60 bucks for the 41 issues is a damn fine deal. I wonder how the sales of 41 will be affected by the Uber Alles and the new series all coming out the same month?

Starlight sounds neat, actually, but I’ll trade wait this. I like Parlov, but not enough that I need it immediately. Plus I’ll wait to see if it’s particularly…Millar-y, if you know what I mean.

Real Heroes is an interesting premise, but Hitch’s art turns me off. America’s Got Powers ended up a pretty awful comic overall.

I like in the Noah preview there’s a typo of “wolrd”. It’s real teeny tiny in the 5th panel in the last page of the preview on pg 219.

I’m thinking I’ll go for the Jan’s Atomic Heart book, because I’m liking what’s being done on Prophet, even though I have no damn idea what’s going on.

I did indeed go on about how good …Bram and Ben was, although I think it faltered some. The first issue was absolutely hilarious, the other ones were pretty damn funny, but the story was a bit middling by the end, iirc. Still worth getting, though.

Does the Fatale deluxe have the back matter stuff from the individual issues? That’s been keeping me from trades of Fatale and of Criminal, the notion that the trade doesn’t collect everything from the singles. Grr.

Preach on about overrated Sex Criminals, brother Burgas! I have your back on it!!! (see, I’m extra annoyed that I’ve been getting it now, because even with a discount, those 5 issues will set me back about 15 bucks over the 10 I could have spent and been annoyed about. Although I might have enjoyed the book more all in one shot [insert cheeky sex pun here, like Fraction would!!!!]).

Secret 4 just came out…mid December, methinks? The singles are incredibly slow, yes, but they are coming out.

Other Image stuff:

As I said, I’m going for Sovereign, because I try to get any Roberson stuff after his leaving DC and since learning he’s a fan of Kage Baker’s Company stories.

I’ll probably go for the Darkness one shot written by Ales Kot, and art by Dean Ormston. He drew Milligan’s Eaters, didn’t he? (pg 223)

I’ve been getting Think Tank in trades after the first 4 issues. Do you think I should go for this one shot, or wait until it’s in some trade way off in the future?

I’m thinking about that CBLDF Liberty HC, even though I think I have most if not all of the individual issues. Augh!

That Remender Crawl Space omni HC sounds good. I have the first issue of Sorrow, and that’s early Francavilla, I believe, and the first issue of XXXombies was decent. Not sure about the other stuff (pg 228).

I’ll probably go for the Battling Boy on Tour book. I loves me some Paul Pope.

Morning Glories is now a trade wait for me, although it appears the price will be about the same in singles or in trade. Argh!

Rat Queens is in trade (1-5) for 10 bucks, so I’ll go for that, and hope that Wiebe catches my interest this time.

I can’t remember if I ordered Undertow last month, but apparently it’s a 6 issue mini.


Oh, I can’t unsee DD’s “billy club”. You’re a bad man!

The only book I might add in singles is Deadpool, and apparently next month’s issue 27 will be a big honking thing. Grr. Anything else new (or “new”), I’ll trade wait/wait for the library to get it. And is it just me, or is it rather subdued in not pushing that WARREN ELLIS is writing Moon Knight?

I’m torn on the Ghost Rider comment you made, but I can’t quite work in a Paul Walker joke. Damn. I used to be able to do this effortlessly!

Yeah, I’m annoyed that the Painkiller Jane trade is 20 bucks. Grr!

Actually, that Wolverine and the X-Men omni is missing TWO issues (36 and 37, presumably the Battle of the Atom issues). I just read the first 24 issues, and it’s damn good stuff. The Doop issue (17) alone is well worth it. Bachalo does his sideways-double page spread-what the hell is wrong with these people’s bodies? thing, but Nick Bradshaw is wonderful. You will love Broo, or you’re a bad person!

I got the first 2 issues of DD End of Days, and it was rather good. Not sure if it’s 30 bucks good, as I’ll be getting the back issues cheap whenever I get a chance.

Hey, that Fall from Grace book also has another half dozen issues! Actually, I got the Fall from Grace (319-325) in a packaged set for… I think it was a dollar store find, probably after Marvel’s attempt at their own Marvel stores. That was about the right price for it. But 45 bucks for that trade is ridiculous, Marvel!

I’m considering the Rawhide Kid MMW trade, as well as the trade of Marvel Knights Spider-Man that Kindt wrote (which, at 17 bucks for 5 issues, is a deal). I’m also pondering the Aaron Punishermax omni. 23 issues for 100 bucks seems a bit too pricey, but I’ve heard it’s really good.

back of the book!

Way back, I’m considering that cute Tiny Titans Kroc tee shirt on 431. Comics are tasty!

And my wallet’s kinda falling apart, and I’ve been getting into Doctor Who, so the Van Gogh exploding TARDIS wallet on 482 is tempting.

Comics-wise, I may get the Princeless trades, as I missed them first time around.

Big Feminist But — great title! (pg 263)

I opted not to get volume 2 of Rogues since volume 1 was so slow coming out, I thought I’d trade wait, but I haven’t seen any Amigo trades offered yet. Of course, Rogues 6 is just coming out next week, so, who knows?

I haven’t read the Fox yet, but Archie’s been doing a great job with stuff. I’m kinda regretting not waiting for the trade, because I hope the variant covers would all be included. *kicks self*

And hell yeah I’m getting the Pepoy cover to Afterlife with Archie 5. Get the trade of this when it’s offered, Greg. Great stuff.

I’ll wait until next year’s Top Shelf sale for the new League book. I hear tell that Century is getting collected in one HC. I still need to find the good, original HC of Black Dossier (I bailed on the copy my shop was ordering for me because I thought the omni or Absolute would have the 45 record. NO! Bastid DC! So then I passed on getting the copy my shop had gotten, AND passed on a half price one that was at the shop for awhile — when I wanted it, I discovered someone else had bought it! AUGH!)

Annie Bonnie 1 sounds ok, and I’ve been liking the Accelerators (pg 290)

My Rush fan friend, who’s not a comics guy, will love it when I tell him about the Clockwork Angels book Boom’s doing on 295.

Suicide Risk TP 2 on pg 301 — I loved the first one, although I can’t quite remember why.

I’ve been waiting on Dynamite trades (thanks, Hatcher — I think I’m sincere there, but it might be snarky, given how much I’ll be spending on them ;) ), and the Shadow/Green Hornet and the Tarzan/John Carter crossover books are out in trade (328 and 332).

pg 337 — White Cube sounds funny to this Art History major. (I got a BA in it, but it should have been a BS, amirite?)

Fanta has, on 342 and 343, new Peter Bagge collection, Henry (that weird, bald, mute, kid.), and a new Barnaby book, as well as a new Young Romance collection by Simon and Kirby.

pg 346’s Leo Roa sounds interesting, and 347 has Metal Hurlant collections of the comic done in the early 2000s with Busiek and other US guys doing stuff too.

Is that Green Lama novel on 354 actually just 7 bucks? Damn Hatcher, writing about pulp stuff and making it sound awesome!

355’s All Star GN appeals to me because of the time period, as well as the baseball subject matter. Hmm.

366 — why must PS Artbooks offer their stuff in hard to resist packages? The 3 HCs of the Heap for 95 bucks? Damn you Roy Thomas!

pg 372 — I don’t think I need to get the Weirding Willows HC (as I think it’s the stuff from A1, which I’ve been getting), but I think I’ll go for Chronos Commandos, as that sounded neat.

386 — nuValiant tempts me with a big collection of Bloodshot. Hmm.

390 has Ranma 1/2 in 2 in 1 editions (uh, is that a math problem?). I’m intrigued, as I am by Phantom Thief Jeanne on 393. I likes some manga!

395 has Eisner books tempting me, and an interesting sounding book Transreality.

Jeez, I was going to look at some other posts on the site, but me tired now!

Supergirl vomiting a fountain of blood really is the perfect image to encapsulate DC right now, isn’t it?

Travis: Yeah, the site was down Friday night/Saturday morning AND Saturday night/Sunday morning. Weird.

Man, I can’t even comment on all of your stuff! I didn’t realize a 10th issue of ASBAR had come out. Strange that they’re not including it.

If you liked Colden’s work on The Crow, you should check that out. You can probably search this very blog for my review of Fishtown!

The solicit for Fatale is a big vague, but it sounds like they’re including the back matter. There’s some talk of “Jess Nevins essays,” which sounds to me like it’s the back matter from the issues, but maybe they’re not reprinting all of them?

Ah, I forgot that Secret #4 came out. It was on my retailer’s shipping list, but for some reason, Diamond didn’t ship it to him. I’ll have to ask about it.

Ormston did draw The Eaters, unless I’m completely misremembering.

I do like Broo. I read the first trade, after all, and I would have kept up, but the price point was too ridiculous.

I have something to say about Afterlife With Archie, but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is!

You really don’t need The Black Dossier. Really masturbatory stuff.

Michael P: You said it, sir. You said it.

“A superhero whose superpower is puking blood” is right up there with “The Great Gatsby 3D” in the category of “Things That Once Would Have Been Jokes.”


“I got the first volume of The First Kingdom, but I don’t think volume 2 came out yet. If it did and my retailer missed it, I’ll have to pick it up elsewhere.”

Vols. 2 and 3 are for sale on Amazon, so presumably they have?

Louis: That’s odd. According to Titan, volume 2 was out on the last day of the year, but I’m not sure if it actually shipped. I guess I’ll have to head on-line!

As a resident of Duluth, it would be awesome to see a DD story set here. I would have to agree with Josh though, that Matt would be grounded by the lack of tall buildings(Amazing Spider-Man 267 comes to mind). Plus, with the negative temperatures, I don’t know if spandex would be warm enough.

Terrible-d: Yeah, but ASM 267 was brilliant, so there’s that.

Too true. David at his comedic best. I wouldn’t complain if it was a more humorous story, I would just hope for backgrounds that actually look semi accurate (JRJR’s Minneapolis from Enemy of the State comes to mind).

Buffy looks oddly dispassionate, doesn’t she?

Duuude, you’re the only one looking her in the face!

did anyone ask Giuseppe Camuncoli where, exactly, all that blood is coming from? I mean, it looks like it’s more than you’d usually find in a normal body

Did the police ask you where, exactly, you got so familiar with how much blood there is in a body?

Bloodspell is a terrible, TERRIBLE name for the Black Canary/Zatanna graphic novel

Unless they vomit blood too.

As Mike Sterling points out, Fishnets Ahoy!

As Howard Chaykin points out, better to sleep with the fishnets than with the fishes.

If you already have the first 40 issues, issue #41 comes out

STRAY BULLETS #41? Holy cow, this time it’s fer shure: MIRACLEMAN #25, STRANGEHAVEN #19, FELL #10, TYRANT #5, BIG NUMBERS #3, and POGOSTICK #3 must be just around the corner!

Phillips is totally fucking with us, isn’t he?

Fatale is totally fucking with Cthulhu, isn’t she?

Image has the stones to offer a trade for Secret on page 230 even though the single issues resolutely refuse to come out. Does this mean they’re going to release the trade and never the single issues?

Secret #4 was 18 December, but yes it’s three months late. I think the problem with that sort of occurence is that the contents of a Previews issue is set in stone 3 to 5 months in advance: theoretically, the final #7 should have been out last month (as solicited in October), and this month people would have been able to read online reviews of the complete series and decide about ordering that trade — but this sort of staggered planning had to be set in stone months ago, and Previews can’t be changed if the series starts running late: all Image could do is to cancel all orders for the trade and resolicit it later.

(And now for a Machiavellian alternative. Imagine your series is selling poorly and you’re anxiously wondering whether everybody’s waiting for the trade, or nobody. What you may do is slow down production and let the trade be solicited, just to peek at preorder numbers: if good, you resume producing issues #5-7 and release that trade later; if bad, you can cancel everything before losing more time and money. Of course that’s entirely my own cynical fanfic, no publisher would ever dream of pulling that in the real world, right?)


Isn’t that rebranded Disney Heroes yet?

I’m tired of the Big Two screwing me around. Fuck them.

For some reason, it reminds me of that STRANGERS IN PARADISE moment when Katchoo says to Francine, more or less: “You have that look of good people who suddendly realize they’ve been taken advantage of.”

Move to Duluth, Murdock!

The Call of Duluth? Sounds like Lovecraft.

Alex Ross, as we’ve seen, really digs packages

Alex Ross digs for the corpses of Norman Rockwell and Tom of Finland.

Let’s move on to the back of the book

Without a wink at the trade of FLEX MENTALLO? I’m glad it’s there at very long last, I’ve never read that.

Danica Novgorodoff has a new graphic novel out on page 341 from First Second called The Undertaking of Lily Chen.

She also has 16 wonderful sample pages at http://danicanovgorodoff.com/comics-graphic-novels-/the-undertaking-of-lily-chen (tho it’s lacking consecutive pages of sequential art, a lot are 3-panel wordless views).

I have to keep hope for this one, because of how her graphic novella SLOW STORM was promising but flawed. I mean, I found it beautiful but not entirely mature in the difficult art of balancing a quiet story. So I preorder hoping that 6 more years and twice more pages will have converted that flower into a fruit.

I don’t know if I’ve loved one of these comics since the first part of Century

Not even NEMO: HEART OF ICE? I found Moore and O’Neil’s weaving of EAP and HPL alluring, despite some pedestrian Photoshop coloring instead of O’Neil’s watercolors. (For a straighter yarn, check out last year’s very good adaptation of HPL’s THE SHADOW OUT OF TIME by INJ Culbard, with impeccable art and coloring apparently inspired by Tardi’s ADÈLE BLANC-SEC.)

As always, I appreciate you letting me know in the comments if I missed anything.

What about Robin Hood without all that stealing-from-the-rich commie stuff, but “After the same biker gang who murdered his father leaves Rob Hood for dead, he returns to seek revenge on an epic, blood-soaked scale”? (Sherwood, TX #0 FCBD) Or what about Star Wars rewritten in iambic pentameter? (William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back, p. 412) Oh, and nobody mentioned “Before Watchmen” traitor Mozzarello and his shameless rehash “Brother Lono”? Good.

But then:

– No love for Hate? Fantagraphics has Peter Bagge’s BUDDY BUYS A DUMP on p. 342. (Of course, if you’ve never read the first two volumes, it’s better to start laughing with BUDDY DOES SEATTLE…)

– JOE & AZAT GN by Jesse Lonergan from NBM p. 355: okay, technically it’s “offered again”, but since this came out only once in 2009 and was quite overlooked, and is not a Star-code item, it may be your only second chance. A fine and funny story that’s like a fictional Guy Delisle travelog or reverse Joe Sacco (or a lighter version of Josh Neufeld’s A FEW PERFECT HOURS, or Justin HALL’s TRUE TRAVEL TALES). It’s based on Lonergan’s actual experiences in the Peace Corps, though the new solicit trimmed that bit:

“Joe is an American in the strange land of Turkmenistan who finds a good friend in Azat, a Turkmen dreamer whose optimism knows no bounds. With tales of doomed desert cab rides, nights of endless vodka shots, unlikely Turkmen business schemes, and secret girlfriends, Lonergan captures not only the bizarreness of living in a country where the president for life launches copies of his poetry books into space, outlaws gold teeth and renames the months and days, but also reveals that there is hope in seemingly hopeless situations.” (104 pages, $11, with http://www.nbmpub.com/comicslit/flower/flowerhome.html for pull quotes and a 5-page preview)

– Last and mebbe least, I’m mulling THE WITCHER #1 (of 5) p. 77 at Dark Horse, of all things. On the one hand, it’s a tie-in set in the universe of a medieval-fantasy videogame, itself based on a 1990s Polish book series and franchise — which should herald garbage… On the other hand, the authors aren’t unknown hacks, Tobin said he was let free to write his own self-contained story — and regardless of genre I’m a sucker for a good closed-setting story:

“Traveling near the edge of the Black Forest, in the land of the Angren, monster hunter Geralt meets a widowed man whose dead and murderous wife resides in an eerie mansion known as the House of Glass, a place of endless rooms where horror waits around every corner. Geralt will have to use all his witcher prowess to solve the manor’s mystery and survive.” (There’s also an interview at http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=49946 with two sample pages.)

I mean, I’m not expecting something as excellent as Josh Simmons’s HOUSE or such, but people like Brian Holguin, Bendis, or Rick Veitch have been able to write some good self-contained stuff for the spinoffs of the Spawn and Kiss franchises, after all! So I’m getting this #1 as both a sampler and a touchstone to see which online reviews to trust, towards possibly ordering the trade.

I’m assuming that the 10th issue of the Goddamn Batman is missed out because issue 9 ended a story arc and 10 started a new one making it a bad place to stop.
Of course, there was also the problem with the ****ing Batgirl in issue 10. Recalling and pulping the issue cost DC money. If they made a similar mistake with a collection it would be worse.

Simon: All right, let’s address your points! :)

I forgot that Secret #4 had come out; my retailer got shafted by Diamond, so my copy is arriving this week. I certainly don’t blame Diamond for running the solicits, I just wonder why Image, which knew the book was hopelessly late and probably would continue to be late, didn’t wait a little bit longer to solicit the trade. I’m not sure if I buy youor cynicism, but it’s certainly possible that they think like that!

I’ve already actually reviewed the trade of Flex Mentallo; this is a new printing. So I decided not to mention it. It’s definitely worth your time, but DC, in its infinite wisdom, recolored it to make it far less crazy and Day-Glo and more “realistic.” In other words, they missed the point completely. Still, the story is excellent and Quitely’s pencils are excellent … it’s just too bad a big part of the book has been altered so poorly.

Slow Storm was quite good, but you’re right that it was a bit flawed, too. It’s why I have high hopes for Novgorodoff’s new book, because I hope she was gotten better since it came out, even though she was pretty good back then, too!

Maybe I’m just sick of Lovecraft, but Heart of Ice, while entertaining, seemed a bit less amazing than it could have been. Technically, it’s clear that Moore and O’Neill are still at the tops of the game (especially the out-of-order sequence), but I didn’t like the Lovecraft stuff and I feel like Moore’s writing should, I don’t know, mean more. He can write an entertaining comic, but in the end, that’s all it was. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it didn’t dazzle me like so much of his older stuff did.

I’m not sure Shakespeare doing Star Wars is the best idea. I don’t know how the first one turned out, though, but I didn’t feel the need to mention it!

I’ve never been a big Bagge fan. I haven’t read very much of his work, but it leaves me cold. I don’t know why. Some day I should try to figure it out.

Thanks for pointing out the Lonergan book. I missed it, but it sounds like something I’d like. I’ll check it out!

I saw The Witcher, but decided to wait for the trade if it got good reviews. I don’t generally like comics based on video games, but I agree that the creators are good and it does sound intriguing. But I’m still trade-waiting!

Thanks for commenting – I can’t spot everything, so it’s helpful!

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