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She Has No Head! – Ten Things

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I’ll be doing a post later this month about 10 specific “NEW” books to buy in 2014 where I talk in detail about some new series coming out that I’m excited to read in 2014 (and you should be too). However, I thought I’d do a list of more generally “comics related” things I’m excited about as well since there are a good number of them this year.

There’s a lot of Marvel on this list, guys. But what I can I say? I like the cut of their jib these days aka they’re dominating like a BOSS.

Lady=tastic Marvel

From Left: She-Hulk, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Elektra, and Ms. Marvel


Elektra, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. The definition of an embarrassment of riches, especially considering that we still have adjectiveless X-Men with its lady-tastic cast and a good number of good books with ladies taking names and kicking ass – Uncanny X-Men, All New X-Men, and various Avengers titles – though not so much with the Uncanny Avengers. :(

Also worth a look and looking interesting for ladies and as well as creative talent is the new Wolverine & The X-Men with art by Mahmud Asrar, an all new X-Factor in, ahem, All-New X-Factor with Polaris leading the team, as well as of course the ever brilliant Hawkeye, which has done a great job featuring female characters, despite being called Hawkeye.

Del Mundo Elektra

Mike Del Mundo Elektra

We lost some good lady-led books last year due to poor sales – most criminally Journey Into Mystery. Fearless Defenders was a great experiment that never quite worked for me, but I hope Marvel won’t shy away from trying something like it again. Red She-Hulk wasn’t so good and never actually felt like it was a book about Red She-Hulk, but again, points for trying. Young Avengers will of course be sorely missed, but since the creators wanted to end it and did so on their own terms I can only respect their wishes (and shed a couple little tears).

Will all of the new books be perfect books? Or books that last? Probably not, but it’s a very good time to be a fan of superheroines and a reader of comics. And I say again that I appreciate that Marvel is keeping their shoulder to the wheel. I’ll advocate yet again that they try to be mindful that building a readership for a character(s) can take some time and that I’d appreciate it if they gave these titles some room to breathe and find their footing and audience before hitting the kill switch, but so long as they keep trying, so will I.

Of all of the female led titles on the list which am I most excited for? Man. Tough call. Black Widow is certainly the book that feels like it should have the best shot, given the rise in popularity of the character paired with Phil Noto’s art (the previews looks excellent), but I confess to huge intrigue about what artist Mike Del Mundo can do with Elektra. Del Mundo’s covers are some of the best and most inventive comic covers I’ve seen in years and the idea of him on interiors? Well, color me incredibly intrigued. Already the various bits of concept art we’ve seen have been off the damn chain.

Marvel Netflix Team Up

From Left: Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist


Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and eventually a Defenders mini-series event. Is this heaven? No, it’s just earth Netflix-style. Love it. Doesn’t sound like any of these will actually release in 2014 but the year is surely to be peppered with exciting development news. Hell, some of the news out already is great (Drew Goddard on Daredevil for starters is a GREAT sign).

There’s quite frankly nothing about this Marvel/Netflix development that doesn’t excite me. The characters are well chosen for the format with slightly more limited powers (er, maybe not Iron Fist) and a generally darker tone that should be a more natural fit to translate well to television. Then there’s Netflix as a producer. If you haven’t watched any of the Netflix originals you should remedy that right away. House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black are two of the best shows I watched all year, regardless of where they were born. It all adds up to an exciting damn time for superheroes.

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Sidebar: If you didn’t already see IGN’s fun casting bit that came out in November following the Netflix/Marvel team up news, they’ve got some pretty good suggestions for each lead.

There are a lot of actors on the Daredevil list that would work, but my heart belongs to Joel Kinnaman. For Iron Fist I’d go with Ryan Kwanten. The man is so damn charming and talented he even made me love stupid Jason Stackhouse (like, a lot!). Jennifer Carpenter would be my pick for Jessica Jones even though I’ve seen precious little of Dexter. I love Amy Acker TO DEATH, but she’s just so tiny, she doesn’t have the physicality needed for the role, then again, ILLYRIA, so who knows?~ Luke Cage is the toughest for me with the choices they have selected. The Rock certainly has the presence and physicality, but his acting is still hit and miss. I’m not that familiar with their other choices though, my dream cast would probably be Idris Elba, but he’s BIG TIME NOW, so probably not a hope he’d take something like this on. Then again, Kevin Spacey stars in the Netflix House of Cards series, and he’s pretty big time himself. So you never know.


Batman art by Francis Manupul


With the exception of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman comic, The Bat-universe has been tough for me to love over the last couple years for a variety of reasons and it’s been a bummer since Batman remains my favorite comic character. So I’m excited to see some change headed our way on that front in 2014. There was of course the announcement in October that Stephanie Brown would be returning to comics in a modern fresh take that “honors the character” in Batman Eternal, the weekly comic debuting in the Spring of 2014. Most importantly however, Batman Eternal boasts Snyder as “head writer and architect.”

But before we even get to that we’re getting a 75th Anniversary oversized edition of Detective Comics (#27) this month, with a slew of talented creators – including some of my personal favorites – Scott Snyder, Dustin Nguyen, and Francesco Francavilla – lending their talents to Batman stories. Following issue #27, more great change is headed our way with Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul taking over the Detective Comics title. I don’t know for sure that this will be for me, but I welcome the chance to try the book again. It doesn’t hurt that Manapul’s visuals thus far are gorgeous (see above). Of course, to buy Detective Comics #27 I’ll have to get past the super offensive Frank Miller/Catwoman cover…which somehow seems easier buying digital…but maybe it shouldn’t be? Hmmm. I’ll put a pin in that for later. But man is it frustrating that even when I have something I want to buy/support DC is still finding ways to make it hard/impossible. Did you see those covers in the “lady-tastic” #1? Do you see how exactly NONE of them are horribly offensive or off-putting? Amazing how that works, isn’t it? This is not rocket science, kids. Not even close.

But back to Batman Eternal, in addition to the rumor that Brown will show up in issue #3, DC is pitching this book as being very self-contained, and that is good for me. I’ve been slowly stepping away from DC over the last three years as the books have felt increasingly “not for me,” but I miss those characters, no doubt. So a series that I can read, that features a lot of creative talent (the opening artist, Fabok is not my favorite but I will certainly give him a chance) and that will be an engrossing (it’ll be huge at 52 parts) story that can stand on its own outside of other things going on in the DCU is a great way for me to have a chance to begin reading some DC again. We’ll see if it can deliver!


Hayley Atwell IS Agent Carter


I didn’t get Iron Man 3 for Christmas (WTH!?) and so I haven’t yet seen the Agent Carter short film that comes with IM3, but I’ve seen the teaser, and it’s absolutely fantastic. News just last week that we may be getting an Agent Carter television show, starring Atwell, and in 2014 no less, is so huge I kind of can’t process it. It makes a ton of sense, given SHIELD (more on that below) and the way those two shows COULD potentially intersect and talk to one another, and yet don’t have to  and can actually avoid getting in each other’s way…it’s all VERY INTERESTING!

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Buffy Isaacs

Rebekah Isaacs’s art for Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Ten


I have a love/hate thing going on with the Buffy comics. I have truly unabashedly loved some things they have done, but time and again, the books fall apart for me as the “season” lumbers toward its close. It happened for Season Eight (hardcore – you all know what I’m talking about – what with Buffy and Angel and their ridiculous superf***ing); and to a lesser degree it happened in Season Nine, after a really strong start and some choices that blew my mind in how right they were. But there’s no reason not to be optimistic about the creative team from the excellent Angel & Faith – Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs coming on board for Buffy Season Ten.  I am REALLY excited, guys. I’m actually trying to lower my expectations a bit, because insanely high expectations is just a recipe for disaster, but I cannot wait to see what Isaacs and Gage will do, and if it’s half as good as what they brought us for Angel & Faith, then I expect to be one happy Buffy fan!

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Everything on your list!!!

Mighty Avengers has been a blast so far, despite Greg Land trying to ruin everything. The art change is great news. You’re in for a treat, Kelly!

I’m just curious, but do you still watch Arrow? It’s been getting pretty great this season, and there’s a good amount of strong female characters (with one exception)

Of all the comics mentioned above I’m most exited for Elektra. So far, the only person(in my opinion) that was good at writing her was Miller. I hope they can pull her off.

As for Netflix, I’m super exited for Daredevil. I’m hoping they can have some glimpses of the Daredevil/Black Widow romances since she’s already in the MCU.

Although Agents of Shield has its flaws I still like it a lot. It’s not as good as Arrow but its still quite entertaining.

She’s probably too old by Disney’s standards, but Maura Tierney was always my first choice to play Jessica Jones. She’d be able to perfectly capture Jessica’s attitude, and she’d make a convincing private eye.

I still cannot emphasize enough the sheer lack of IDW output here. I’m doing my best to be a good advocate! You’ve got to try their output this year, there’s more than just their licensed material.

Congratulations on the upcoming graphic novel! That’s great news. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

Fingers crossed that the new Kickstarter goes great. You certainly deserve it to – “The Girl Who Would Be King” is a great story.

I didn’t know Greg Land was leaving “Mighty Avengers”. Like you, I was interested in the book until I heard he was the artist. I just can’t keep putting down money for things I half like (like the writer, not the artist; like the character, not the artist; etc.) and I really dislike how his character’s faces look and how stiff everything feels on panel. Valerio Schiti is excellent so I’m back on board for this title.

I’m really looking forward to there being a “She-Hulk” ongoing. Everything about that character appeals to me so I’d love to see her back in an ongoing. I loved Dan Slott and Peter David’s work with her.

Yay for 2014!

Did you not enjoy First Class or were you just not excited about it like you were the original two films? I was only cautiously optimistic but it ended up being one of my favorite movies ever. With the exception of the personalityless Emma Frost.

Land has been surprisingly tolerable on Mighty Avengers. He hasn’t traced Pamela Anderson so far and there’s nary a porn face in sight.

Still, I am more than delighted that Schitti is moving to the book, and I hope he’s a permanent addition. I have one caveat, Marvel please do not put Frank D’Armata anywhere near Schitti’s pencils. D’Armata’s colours completely neutered him on Avengers A.I. Please get Jordie Bellaire back, or someone like Lee Loughridge.

“Did you see those covers in the “lady-tastic” #1? Do you see how exactly NONE of them are horribly offensive or off-putting? Amazing how that works, isn’t it? This is not rocket science, kids. Not even close.”

I did see the homage (*cough* direct rip-off *cough*) of Supergirl #1 for Ms. Marvel #1. Oh, and the Del Mundo cover is strangely reminiscent of one of Jock’s efforts on the previous volume of Detective Comics…

As noted elsewhere, the Frank Miller cover is one of many and you need not buy that particular one. It was also only added likely because DC had already solicited a Frank Miller cover, which may have affected order numbers.

As sad as I am to have dropped so many DC books, I am really, really happy with the direction Marvel is going. So happy that the majority of my pull list is now Marvel instead of previously being DC.

I also really hope the diverse line-up of Marvel’s books do WELL, because that will prove to DC that treating female characters and readers like garbage doesn’t make bank. And I am super looking forward to Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Black Widow and Loki ongoings.

And oh gosh, Image! Can I just give a shout-out to Rat Queens, because it wasn’t mentioned but stars four female characters and is pretty much the funniest and funnest new book being published by Image. Seriously, please check it out because it is AMAZING. I work in a comic book store and have been recommending it to everyone, and those who give it a chance have added it to their pull lists :D

“Like a boss”? What type of person says tripe like this? Most bosses are morons who make too much money and are way too incompetent. Unless we are talking game bosses, in which case the objective is to beat them and move on. “Like a boss…” Really?

Vizator, “Like a boss” is a comedy reference from a funny comedy video. You don’t get the joke, fine. Move on.

Sadly, Schitti is only on 3 issues of Mighty Avengers.

Shield? But no Arrow? OK. Everything else though. Yeah!

One person’s opinion. Everyone has one. Hopefully the sheep follow their own.

Buffy and Angel’s love scenes in Season 8 were the best part of that season. You must be a Spike fan.

Vizator: Yeah, way to overreact.

Here you go, and welcome to the Internet: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/like-a-boss

Looking forward to your Kickstarter (as I missed the other).

@Danny: I tried to watch Arrow (like twice?) and couldn’t get through it. I have heard good things though lately, maybe I’ll try again.

@Acer: I’m sorry to say but i HAVE tried some IDW stuff in the last year and most of it wasn’t for me. :( I am planning to start reading Ross Campbell’s TMNT though…so maybe that will get some IDW on the list?

@Ian A.: Yesssss! Maura Tierney. She would have been a great Jessica Jones. Indeed, I think she’s about 10 or maybe even 15 years past that being viable though. Aging sucks, man.

@Derek: Thanks! :)

@Dalarsco: Well, my feelings on First Class are pretty complicated and probably too long for the comments, but in summary, despite some very good things (Michael Fassbender should be in everything!) I had huge problems with the portrayal of both female characters and characters of color. I also thought the ending of the movie was kind of a nightmare. All that said and in fairness, I was not excited for it the way I was for X-Men and X2.

@George: I’m not sure what you’re complaining about. The Ms. Marvel is clearly an homage to Gary Frank’s Supergirl #1 cover, as has been much discussed throughout the web – nobody is trying to hide it. http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2013/11/pichellis-ms-marvel-cover-gives-nod-to-franks-supergirl-1/

As for Del Mundo biting Jock’s style on Detective. That’s an extreme stretch and if you’re familiar at all with Del Mundo’s work than you’d know that creativity is not an issue.

@georgethecat: Yes! Rat Queens is a miss in my reading. I’ve heard great things and plan to dig into it this year.

Most of those Marvel ladies, i.e. all of them, will be gone in less than 2 years.


@Dewey: That is terrible news. :( Do we know what Schiti is moving to?

I love lists like these, but most are lacking to say the least….stellar work on this one here, I thoroughly enjoyed it and totally agree about all of your points….I would add She-Hulk & Moon Knight to my All-New Marvel Now pulls though, really excited to have Ellis back and paired w/ Shalvey & Bellaire. I read an interview w/ Shalvey talking about how closely he & Bellaire will be working on the art, and it sounds very promising. Bellaire is such a talented person, on a roll and getting some much deserved credit, she & Shalvey should make a great team on this book and seem to be intent on pushing the boundaries of what modern comic book art can accomplish. Oh, and also, I’m a Southern Bastard, so I can’t wait for that series to begin, lotta promise for that one as well.

Brian from Canada

January 7, 2014 at 4:30 pm

Marvel’s female books would excite me were they not relaunching the same old, same old with little focus on picking an idea and staying with it — or, for that matter, making a new character based on demographic needs. (The new Ms. Marvel smacks of that as much as the latest Green Lantern: a chance to reach a group needing more representation.)

@Georgethecat: DC has had more confidence in its female-lead books than Marvel over the last decade, and while I disagree with some of the paths (Supergirl as Red Lantern is a baaaaad idea), I still think they are the company who’s done better at keeping defined female characters at the forefront. NOT every book is for everyone — but DC is about to surprise.

Personally, I think Lois Lane may get a little more focus in 2014. With luck, the one shot may lead to an ongoing. We haven’t seen ANYthing of their post-“Forever Evil” plans other than the two weeklies, so there’s lots to surprise with.

“an expanded Batman universe”? Geez, sometimes it already seems as if the entire DC line is one big Batman related crossover.


January 8, 2014 at 12:26 am


With the exception of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman comic, The Bat-universe has been tough for me to love over the last couple years for a variety of reasons and it’s been a bummer since Batman remains my favorite comic character.

<<< I only liked Batman Inc.
I found Batman – Court of Owls atrocious and cancelled it after issue 10. Hope it will improve next year.

Also, Captain ( Miss Marvel is tainted, yet they will never stop relaunching it. But no matter how good a debut arc could be, it will be relaunched and very likely relaunched all-different so why should I invest my time and money in such a book?

Anyway, snark aside, I’m looking forward to the Storykiller Kickstarter and the upcoming DH comic (obviously, this will be the thing Dark Horse needs to fill in the gap when they lose that Star Wars thing).

That Frank Miller Catwoman cover is offensive? Wha?! ;)

Count me in as someone who hopes the new movie erases X3 as well.

Kelly-But Hawkeye is named after Katie-Kate Bishop! As we all know by not, Clint Barton is the Hawkguy, not Hawkeye :P

“Land has been surprisingly tolerable on Mighty Avengers. He hasn’t traced Pamela Anderson so far and there’s nary a porn face in sight”

I was thinking about this before and then it dawned on me that the reason for this might just be that the stories in the first handful of issues have been dominated by male characters. She-Hulk hasn’t even shown up yet, Monica Rambeau has been an afterthought, and White Tiger has had a glorified cameo. Still, even the occasions he has had to draw women, they’ve been much better than his previous work. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it feels like he’s finally out of the Uncanny Valley.

What about Wonder Woman? Aren’t you excited DC/WB finally decided to not make her an afterthought.

I am getting more and more bummed about the sidelining of the X-Women in the movies. You are taking storylines that truly centered women – God Loves, Man Kills; The Dark Phoenix Saga, and now Days of Future Past and shove the awesome women aside to make it the Wolverine show.

I’m glad I was so late posting this week because now I can say the thing I’m looking forward to most this year is: Monthly doses of Dexedrine! Also Captain Marvel and KSD getting a more proper launch

You are not helping clear my queue. At all. I’ve already got a thousand and seven things to catch up on, and that number just went northerly. With no knowledge of storylines and from covers alone, I’m curious to know what’s going on with: Alex + Ada, Umbral, Velvet and Revival. And maybe Fatale. And possibly Sex Criminals.

You just had to rub it in that Buffy gets Isaacs, didn’t you? Must be nice for Buffy, being the Golden Child. Faith borrows her body once and makes a little time with Buffy’s temporary boy-toy, and suddenly she’s not allowed to have nice things anymore.

I’m not sure why people keep saying it is, but Agents of SHIELD is most definitely not a Joss Whedon show. He’s an EP and probably too busy with the movies, either prepping Avengers II or script-doctoring everything else, to be overly involved in the TV show. For better or worse, this is Jed and Mo’s baby. Plus, while I have nothing solid here, a lot of the problems I have with the show feel very Loeb-ian in nature. As for being on network TV . . . well, so is Hannibal, the first season of which was as good as, if not better than, any Season 1 I’ve seen in a while, network, cable or whatever you call Showtime and the like. Chuck was network, and while it didn’t have the expectations of a pre-existing universe on its shoulders, it was fun. And witty. And charming. And not at all a bad show for AoS to maybe take some notes from. Or possibly cast Adam Baldwin from.

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