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Committed: Survey Results – Comic Gifts

Here are the results of the survey I posted last week. Thank you for all of your help and input, the next survey will be coming soon…

(Click the image below to view a larger version.)



I think I would have liked to see the results broken down by men and women separately.

Nice looking graphic! I totally forgot to answer the survey, though. D’oh!

I find it interesting that percentage-wise, the digital comics gifts were to people who weren’t currently reading digital comics as much as print readers (if my syntax makes sense, I’m trying to figure out how to say this).

I assume that means that more people giving digital comics are probably giving them to people who are already print readers, but who have gotten the fancy schmancy digital readers to read digital comics on.

“12% between 45-59…or over 49″ I’m guessing one of those is a typo. Survey results are about what I’d expect. I was a little surprised at how many people gave/received digital comics. I don’t even know how to do that.

Probably was supposed to be 45-59 and 59-death ;) for the age categories, since the other ranges are about 15 years each as well.

Fixed it!

Did only ten people do the survey? I was one of them. Proving every vote matters.

John Klein III: 605 people took the survey. (It says so at top and bottom in the graphic above.)

Dan: Yes, that was a typo.

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