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Writer Don Ferguson and artist Richard Moore did a syndicated Winnie the Pooh comic strip for ten years that still gets reprinted today. One of the notable aspects of the strip is how Winnie the Pooh and his friends often act a lot less nice than they do in their animated appearances. In this feature, I post examples of these instances of “Poohdickery.”

Read on for each of the installments so far!

1. Pooh gets territorial

2. Pooh puts Eeyore in his place

3. Pooh and Piglet critique Owl’s stories

4. Pooh is unconcerned when Piglet is placed into danger

5. Pooh is critical of how Piglet uses an echo

6. Pooh doesn’t have time for this, Piglet!

7. Pooh makes an example out of Eeyore

8. Pooh sure is nice and simple

9. Pooh has advice for Piglet on his personality

10. Pooh has advice for Eeyore on his personality

11. Piglet always thinks about what Pooh has to say. Can you guess why?

12. Piglet has some advice for Pooh regarding self-improvement


This is definitely the most hilarious thing I have seen in a long time. Good work Brian!!

Comic strip Pooh is like the cold, distant second father to whom I can never measure up.

I saw these years ago on 4chan and they remain some of the funniest comic strips I’ve ever read. Somewhere online there was an archive of most if not all of them…sadly I don’t know where anymore.

This was a joy to read I laughed my butt off! great Job!

[…] (watch out for The White Suits, soon from Dark Horse), Sloane Leong is more than a colorist, Poohdickery is here documented for your edification, or there’s this list of superhero webcomics you […]

Please, tell me that there are reprints of theses gems!!

I agree… Comics should be good! It’s actually something of a challenge to do. I do “Cal & Ozz” over at GoComics (Sherpa), with Cal (a cat) and Ozz (a dog) who are friends. They interact with each other and other characters that come along, and my goal is to make it as good-natured as possible. As I said, it’s a challenge; you have personalities that might clash and there’s room for conflict, confusion, irritation, etc. There’s no politics (which I strongly believe do not belong in the funny pages) and no references to current events, especially bad news. Comics are a break from all that. Winnie the Pooh’s apparent “evil side” is funny, sure, but it does tarnish that lovable mindlessness you expect from a stuffed bear.

Looks like Superdickery has some competition.

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