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Thoughts on the Return of Peter Parker as Spider-Man…

So Peter Parker will be the Amazing Spider-Man once again in a brand-new Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April.

Last year, when Otto Octavius took over as Spider-Man, we ran a poll. The question was simple – How long do you feel the new “Superior Spider-Man” status quo will last?

32.8% of the respondents (7,444 votes cast) said that it would be finished by Superior Spider-Man #12 and 39.8% of the respondents said that it would be finished by Superior Spider-Man #24. So with a bi-weekly shipping schedule, essentially 72.6% of the voters said that it wouldn’t last a year.

Obviously, they were slightly wrong, as Peter will be returning after the finish of the Goblin War storyline in Superior Spider-Man.

Which is fair enough, it was certainly fair to guess 24 issues (or less). However, most of the people guessed incorrectly. And yet all I see in response to the news is “Obviously Peter was going to return.” Or something to that effect. Yes, I think it is fair to say that it was obvious that Otto Octavius would not remain Spider-Man forever. In addition, the whole “Peter will return by Amazing Spider-Man 2’s release” made perfect sense.

However, I think that Marvel STILL surprised people with how they handled the situation, as seen by the fact that 72.6% of 7,444 readers thought Peter would be back by now. So let’s give Marvel some credit here. They took something “obvious” and STILL surprised people with it.


I’m more than ready for Peter’s return. Not necessarily because I’m tired of Otto, but more because it’s long past the point where it’s reasonable to think none of his super hero friends think anything is wrong. I mean, he kills a guy and they just check to see if he’s a Skrull, because obviously that’s the only possible thing that can turn a hero bad in the MU, right?

*sigh* I don’t mean to bitch, I am liking the series, but come on.

OK, he did actually kill that guy in Superior 5? I wasn’t totally sure (it was semi-ambiguous), but that’s when I decided not to get the book any more.

I’ll probably eventually read the whole magilla, but that issue just really turned me off. Otherwise, it appeared to be well done, just not really my cup of tea.

Oh, The Inferior Spider-Man is back.

I predicted 12 issues and was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. I’ve enjoyed Dan Slott’s whole run: well-written comics that build on what’s gone before and build a future as well. When Peter comes back, he’ll have to deal with the consequences of all of Otto’s actions – including the ways in which he did better than Peter and benefitted Peter’s family and the city. If the concept had ended after 12 issues, there wouldn’t have been space to build that.

Have you enjoyed the run, Mr. Cronin?

I like how Dan Slott seems to be going with the idea that the super-heroes have not worked out what’s going on but are uncomfortable with some of his methods, while it’s really Carlie and Mary-Jane that know – Carlie is proactive about it, Mary-Jane is getting there.

Have you enjoyed the run, Mr. Cronin?

Yeah, I’ve enjoyed it so far.

goodbye, Posterior Spider-hole.

Maybe he comes back after Luke Cage smacks some shit out of him in Mighty Avengers!

Will be interesting too see how this affects the sales numbers. The readers in general seems to like Superior just fine.

I assume that Slott has a twist in mind so it’s not just a return to the same old, same old though.

I can only speak for myself, but any “well, duh” reaction I have to this news is born from how a small but very vocal segment of the character’s fanbase acted so outrageously and inappropriately to the status quo shift last year, it prompted trolling from the likes of Dan Slott, Stephen Wacker and others at Marvel, who stressed every chance they could at cons, in solicitations, on Twitter, etc. that Peter was DEAD and never ever ever coming back. It’s only obvious that these guys were trying to get a rise out of those who were still be highly emotional and probably weren’t even reading Superior (or reading it but hating every second of it). PS, as a longtime Spider-Man fan myself, I’m still quite embarrassed by how my “peers” acted as I don’t remember fans of other heroes acting quite so badly after controversial deaths (it’s las if these people thought being fans of Spider-Man for a certain number of years made them entitled to play into the worst stereotypes of comic books fans and Internet commenters).

As a result, while I probably initially predicted 24 issues, as time went on and Slott’s story started to unfold, I honestly thought this whole “he’ll be back by the movie” angle would have been balderdash since the creators of this series seemingly pride themselves of zigging when everyone else wants them to zag. In other words, by the time Superior #9 came out last year, I would not have ben shocked if Marvel kept Superior going one or two months after the movie was released just to spite people who were convinced Peter would be back in time for his return to the big screen. With that said, based on the events of the last few issues of Superior, the series is VERY clearly reaching its conclusion, and now that this news about ASM has leaked, I’ll probably be frustrated with Marvel if the leak was bunk, or it’s just another “flashback” series, not because I HAVE to have Peter back, but because that’s where the story Slott’s telling is logically heading.

Whoops, scratch the last sentence of my long-winded rant as I didn’t realize the article Brian linked to was an updated one confirming the leak and that it’s a real-time series about Peter again. Still, my point remains that this story seems to be organically ending, which only furthers how good of a job Slott has done.

Sturdy Steve Ditko and Stan The Man Lee’s greatest creation to return in 2014?
Together with Daredevil’s 50th anniversary and Iron Fist’s 40th anniversary, it could not be better.

I always pictured that the only way for Peter Parker to return in his own body, was for the deal with Mephisto to be made undone. That means that all the stories between 2007 and 2014 never happened.

Peter should quit being an Avenger because when he needed them they failed him big time.
Will he be able to mend fences with Felicia Hardy?
When he finds out that Matt Murdock left for San Francisco will he pay him a visit?
Will the scene from ‘Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe 3′ be featured as part of Peter Parker’s return to his body?

Regardless, no matter what Otto Octavius accomplished, his redemption should be carried out in his own body and not a moment longer in Peter Parker’s.

Forgot to mention the 30th anniversary of Marvel Superheroes: Secret Wars in 2014.
With that included, it could not be better.

“Peter should quit being an Avenger because when he needed them they failed him big time.”

Clearly, Peter needs to form an Avengers team consisting of people who were failed by the other Avengers. Which would be Peter, Carol Danvers, and I sure others can come up with a few more examples.

Everything that Mark Ginocchio said. Superior brought out the worst in comic fans, and Slott and Wacker clearly enjoyed playing the heels. It doesn’t change the fact that the story was very good, and is wrapping up properly. Unlike some of Marvel’s #1’s, this one makes sense.

Peter doesn’t need to return to his body. He never left, they didn’t literally switch brains. Its Peters brain thinking its Otto. Just have to clean that up. So a big return isn’t even necessary.

there was no surprise except negative surprise, because I wanted Superior to last a little bit longer.
And what kind of surprise is when instead of 1 year it lasted 1,5 year? Really?
I would say that 72.6 were correct that Parker will be back anyway. The rest is unimportant detail.

My thoughts on Peter and ASM’s return?

I am glad it is happening. I wish it had happened sooner. I dropped Superior with 19, and only read that far because of Spider Man 2099.

I would prefer if Amazing Spider-Man returned with #701 and not #1, and I would prefer and artist besides Humberto Ramos…

I made the Anonymous below chakal’s

So there’s that.

Now when do we get the marriage and public ID back?

I’m hoping that both characters somehow stick around. I love SpiderOck. I’ve actually never really cared for Spidey prior to this run.

I’d pretty much dropped 99% of Marvel when Spidey died, so when I heard the news I rolled my eyes and thought, “whatever”. Fan outrage was overblown but, I thought, kind of understandable.

But then I read #700 and suddenly the outrage seemed ridiculous. Even if this stunt turned out a disaster, it was still clearly reversible, and I like Dan Slott enough to think that he’d make some interesting stories out of the set-up. The angry backlash was so off-putting, I now totally supported Slott in shaking things up.

From what I’ve heard, this experiment has been a huge success. Haven’t read any of it, but I’m impressed enough by the buzz that I’m going to try to order the trades at our local library, pretty much the only way I read anything nowadays.

In any case, I echo the “hats off” to Slott and co. for defying expectations and churning out some fun, interesting comics in the process.

Right or wrong, what’s significant is Peter’s COMING BACK. That’s matter most.

@dhole: Great comment man. The point wasn’t whether Parker would ever come back or not It was”Can we make this interesting and tell good stories about what has occurred.”

WOW! I do not mean that in regards to Peter coming back but rather the reaction from “fans”. So many people dropped Marvel because Peter died? Why? Don’t you want good stories? Most everyone who has ever been in high school knows that things can only go forward with conflict. I know I am in the minority here but when you are dealing with comic book characters that have been around for 30, 40, 50 or more years you need the change. We do not love all the changes (see clone saga, though I did enjoy it!) they are needed. I also think that people need to realize the characters are just as good as the writer writing it. It took only a good writer to take Iron Man from nothing to one of Marvel’s big guns. Superior Spider Man was/is a amazing read. It has been smart and fast paced. It has used guest stars in FANTASTIC ways (I am talking about Spider Man 2099) and given us throw away characters (Stunner) and made powerful honest stories. We know in comics all things will reset. It does not matter if it is Captain America, Iron Man, X Men, Avengers, Superman ,Batman or any others. To borrow the famous quote “Were you not amused?!” I for one say yes, and Thank you to everyone who did it.

I don’t see why this would surprise anyone. They always put these characters back in their natural state right before the movies come out.

Maybe Wolverine, who’s new mutant power is hypocrisy, will sit him down and tell him he has to straighten up or he can’t be an Avenger anymore. The sheer laughability of it will snap Otto’s mind and Peter will take back control of everything.

Electric Suerman caused even more outrage and it too lasted longer than most thought it would. And, just like now, I liked the change and was sad to see it undone so soon. Slott’s so good, but again I wish companies didn’t feel desperate to return to the status quo.

It does feel like it’s gone on a bit too long, but I’ve been really enjoying Otto Spiderman.

its way over due for peters return mostly besides the new film coming has him as spider man . and there is only so long one can read about doc ock posiing as spider man before a some one figures out what he did and he gets caught. besides the spider universe deserves an octopus running around too

Slott did a pretty decent job with the Superior Spider-man run. But the art was too mediocre to actually buy any issues.

So I just waited and borrowed the trades from the public library.

I can only hope that we now have years of endless cheap shots about Spidey-Ock not being the one true Spidey and pointless debate of which Spidey is a better, more interesting Spidey.

I’m just sad that they didn’t drag this out long enough for enough fanboys to get together and form a group that buys ad space in print media in protest (though if they did, maybe they’d make Spidey sacrifice himself to stop Galactus or something). Maybe next time.

Myself, I liked it as a change of pace, even knowing it was never going to last.

I’m interested on how Dan Slott will handle Anna Maria once Peter comes back. Hopefully he won’t kill her!

@John Trumbull et al – Can anyone remember when they left a title character in some strange limbo as a movie about them came out? The last big “he was dead” was Cap who they brought back just in time for the movie. I’m sure one o the X-Men probably wasn’t in full movie status as the movie came out, but certainly not someone like Wolverine.


If memory combined with a brief check of series proves right, Elektra had nothing going on when they released her film. Granted, it may be a minor example, but I think she had nothing central to her when the film released.

Yeah, I think Marvel had a bunch of Elektra stuff come out the year BEFORE the movie came out. Maybe they had given up by then. Or knew the movie wasn’t going to be seen by enough people to draw anyone to the title.

After reading all the various comments about it and the break down of Superior..I’m actually interested in getting this adventure. Sounds like Superior Spider-Man was a great concept that delivered.

Well, Barry Allen was quite comfortably dead for the entirety of his TV series, which was interesting.

They took Wally West’s girlfriend at the time and put her in there, so there was some merging with Barry, but yeah, he was dead dead. That might be the last time.

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